Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Weekend in Iphone Photos

I take Iphone pics of EVERYTHING - here are some I took this weekend - I had more but the post was getting too long!

Friday: Commuting to work on the train, I always see this ad, and I swear the girl looks like she was in the Benefit Cosmetic Ads
You can't see in the photo but she has quite a bit of eye make up - looks like "Eye Bright" in the inner corner lol

Friday night dinner (date night!)
I had the lamb - it started to POUR so the lighting was terrible and I couldnt take a picture =(

Saturday I went to the gym in the AM and saw my girl crush of the moment in W magazine
Her eyes are amazing, she can pull off the most amazing smokey eye

I picked up a new sunscreen and saw the new Mabelline mascara which I did not purchase
-excused the chipped nails

Traveled to New Jersey to eat this!
Japanese food court mmm

Had to rush to a dinner with High School freinds and sat in WAY too much of this...

Yes the light IS GREEN, and YES that is us NOT MOVING, because so many cars are in the way (ugh, idiots)

Saw these along the way -how OLD is this car??

I need a vacation...

Finally on the way home!

Dinner was noodles again!

Dashed out of dinner to catch Captain America - I liked it! I would recommend it!
I cried three times, because I am a movie sap! Luckily the 3D glasses hid some of the tears lol

Sunday is my do nothing day

After my AM run

I always see these guys at the park!

Now it's time to 1. nap 2. take blog photos 3. eat alot of Trader Joe trail mix (obsessed) 4. catch up on "reading"

Beauty blogging will continue starting tomorrow, but you know I love my Sunday Random posts!
Do you guys like posts like these too?

How was your weekend?
Let us all gather strength for Monday *sigh*

Weekends are always too short

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Top Shelf

Lately my favorite new blog to read is Into The Gloss, especially their Top Shelf category! The newest entry shows Emily's make up routine, and I have re re read that I don't know how many times!

So, I thought you guys already know pretty much all about my make up, time to show my Top Shelf in Skin Care

These are all the items I currently use on my skin on and off.

I have a drawer full of new skin products to try out later on in the year but here are my current products. I am quite into skin care, if it was not clear - I don't know what you guys hold, this may be little to some, but skin care to me is important.

If your skin looks good, your make up is going to look good, period.

Unlike make up, I am pretty experimental in my skin care, and constantly switch out products. I rarely re purchase anything. This curiosity many people have pointed out, may be the reason why my skin is quite sensitive, but I really don't care.

I've tried so many brands, from Clean and Clear to Chanel. I treat them all with equal interest and hope. I am not brand loyal in this department.

There seems to be an obsession with me and finding HG skin care products. The journey continues

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's in my Make up Bag

Part 2 of what's in my bag! Part 1 can be found here

I'm going to be honest, I do not re apply make up like ...ever. During the work day I just blot once and powder once, and apply lip balm non stop because I hate chapped lips but other than that, nada.

I try not to carry too much make up or reapply it in public, especially at work. I don't want to be known as that woman who is always re touching, I usually blot frantically UNDER my cubicle during lunch, when no one is looking

Many of the items in my main make up bag are utilized after work on Friday nights, when a lil bit of pepping up is needed before heading out for the weekend!

Spilling Contents!

Dior Lip Glow: Been looving this lately. It's the perfect watery pink color, I do find the more I re apply the more fuscia it turns, granted a wearable fusica, but at 10:45 AM on a Wednesday at work is not Fuiscia hour, so I need to control myself from re applying this non stop
(not easy! bc I love it, SPF to boot!)

Rimmel Pencil Liner: This is not that special. I just carry around a retractable pencil liner ( no sharpening) to fill in my lower waterline when I look dead, it makes a huge difference!
More of a Friday thing, I don't wear too much liner in the office

Ralph Lauren Romance: Always nice to give yourself a little scent that is not over powering before meeting someone! Roller balls are great for that. You are able to try many perfumes without the commitment of a huge bottle

Mirror: Forever 21, I've had this for years! Best $3 dollar investment ever

Dior Sculpting Concealer: I tend to rub my eyes a lot ( a habit I am working on) so I usually rub off my concealer and this is quick and easy! I like doe foots because you can just sweep it on. This also can help with minor spots if you are in a bind

Dior Inimitable Intense Mascara: Mascara of the moment and loving it

NARS Dolce Vita Lip gloss: I love putting this on Friday nights before dinner. Darker than a normal everyday color, but not over powering like a red. 6pm in the summer is still bright out, so you don't need to be Queen of the Night with the lipsticks
This is effortless and a beautifully pigmented gloss

MAC Taupographic Shade stick: I like having an eye shadow where I don't need to carry around brushes. Just apply this on your finger, and blend it out, easy!

Clarins Lip Perfector in 01: Gloss I have yet to use, but will be using over my Dior Lip Glow once I am out of my current lip balm as a topper, gorgeous light pink, moisturizing gloss

Tide Stick Pen: If you don't have this, GET IT! Nothing is worse than wearing white ( oh yes, it WILL be white) before a meeting, and droplets of coffee before a presentation! One of those, today can't get any worse, but at least this helped me survive
Many people I know don't seem to use this correctly. You have press down on the spot, and the pen will retract and release the liquid soap, no water needed!

MAC Fix + To go! Love this to re freshen the face, again once work is over, and if you re powder and were a bit over zealous

NARS O Illuminator: I need a highlighter in my bag, for sure! it wakes up the face!! Another Friday night secret, are you seeing a pattern with me and the reapplications?

Rose Bud Salve: Sheer and pink, it does not last long, but I love the tin, and the rose scent.

Sephora Electro Liner in Copper
Somehow this was hiding in my bag during the initial pictures! This is perfect for the lower lash line for me! I don't wear black on the waterline during work, I think it looks a bit harsh, but THIS, this is perfect. I apply this and it just adds a bit of definition so I look like I actually posses lower lashes, and since the color is not strong, even if it smudges or fades, it's not a big deal, it just blends seamlessly

Love this! One of my co workers swears by the Khaki colored Electro liner and it looks AMAZING on her, I must get that next!

I carry two make up bags, but one is teeny tiny. I use this mainly to separate out my oily skinned needs, and on the weekends I add in a lip gloss, and this is all I carry around

As minimal as I get

Bag: Japanese Magazine Free Bee Pouch, MAC Ample Pink Plush glass, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Boscia Blotting Linens (HG), Eco Tools mini kabuki

What's in your make up bag?

Monday, July 18, 2011

What's in the Bag

What's in my bag? Is a tag I never get tired of watching on Youtube. I think it's pretty damn fascinating for some BIZARRE reason. What a person carries in their bag shows a lot about what kind of person they are, and the things they carry to face the world

Here is what is in mine

Bag: H&M, Han kerchief (Japan), Raybans, Coppertone Spray on Sunscreen, Body Shop Cooling Mist, Tote's mini umbrella, Make up bag, Tissues from HK, Iphone with Rilakuma Case, Body Shop Vitamin E spray, Card Holder, inhaler (unfortunately), Powder bag (Japanese magazine free bee), Anti Bacterial Wipes, Card Holder, Change Purse

Not shown: Keys, and a constant bottle of water!

The Card Holder was a gift from a friend of mine when I went to visit her in Korea
Change Purse is from Top Shop, I used to carry a wallet and it was just JAMMED pack full at all times. Now I just carry a card holder and change purse, and life is far simpler!

Rilakkuma is my favorite, period.

I own quite a few purses, but the one I use around the most is a very plain black tote from H&M for $10 dollars I bought once when the line was too long, and I just chucked it in last minute!

Han kerchief to mask my ahem *glow* when it's 95 and humid, and I just have a bit too much of it going on...

I usually carry around sunscreen in a tube but the aerosol cans are soo convenient! I don't normally carry around cooling mist but I have lately to just use it up!

Make up Bag contents are coming up next!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Currently in the Rotation

A Sunday post of what I am currently using/trying this week

The make up front

Lancome Ageless Mineralé Foundation: I have worn mineral foundation exclusively for a week (long for me) and my skin is breathing, thriving in humidity, and skin is getting ever so clearer!

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Secret Agenda Concealer Palette: Wow, that's a mouthful! This is probably the only time I have ever used a concealer with a green undertone and I LOVE it. Previously I had always used a peachy corrector then a concealer, but the green concealer is soo much better!

MAC Brunette MSF: Been wearing this as a blush non stop. It's a rosy bronze, and unfortunately limited edition, but I have found that MAC's Warm Soul (permanent) is a good dupe!

MAC 182: A recent purchase, and worth the $. I have heard mixed reviews but I have had no problems with shedding, it's super soft, and I have been using it for everything! It applies my mineral make up more sheerly, and is so big it can be done in a few swipes

Ojon Glossing Mist: A Sephora 100 point perk, the only thing I have not been loving. I apply this to the ends of my hair to give it a boost at the end of the day, and I am not loving the texture it leaves my hair in. Will not be purchasing the full size

Nail Polish

OPI Skulls and Glossbones: Saw this on Laura's blog and picked this up today. Loving it! I know I will be using this over and over
Opaque in two coats ♥

Ze Skin Care

The Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cleanser: I am still utterly in love with the Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser. This is tube number 2. Since starting this new tube, I no longer need the line's mattifying moisturizer because my skin does not get nearly as shiny as it used to. The only down side of this product is that it seems to finish quickly. I can finish a tube in 1 month, which is a bit of a shorter life span than I would like, but since the Body Shop always seems to have sales, I stock up, and is more reasonable in that sense

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I have switched moisturizers to something that is not as mattifying because I am no longer an oil slick! ( knock on wood) I have been using this lotion/gel hybrid and my skin has been glowing - These bottles last forever~!


MK Gold Watch: I have been wearing this non stop. I have always loved this watch but it looks best in the summer. Whenever I wear this, I always get compliments. This goes with absolutely everything

Hauling Skin Care

Since I am still not buying any make up I have stocked up some new skin care which I can't wait to try! I still love my Body Shop Cleanser but, it seems like you always want to look for something else? I still have several Body Shop Seaweed Cleansers stock piled in case these do not work! Eeek

Health obsessions

Fish Oil and Cliff Bars: Does it seem like everyone tries to get in shape for summer, and when summer hits, you still try to get into shape? Recent health obsessions have been two tablespoons every other day of fish oil for body and skin benefits, and Cliff Bars. I consume them every day I go to the gym for a protein and energy kick
They don't taste the best, but they do the job!

What items are currently in your rotation?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recent Skin Care Woes, and Remedies

Any of you all ever "play" with your skin care?

Even when you find something that works for you, curiosity tends to consumes me when the newest miracle product hits the market. People always seem to want better, firmer, younger, the list goes on! (me included)

Sometimes ladies, curiosity kicks you in the butt...the punishment? A face full of problems from experimenting. I've had it all, swelling, redness, dryness, scars, and then some, even all at the same time. Even my eyelids were peeling! (vivid picture much?)

You would think I would learn my lesson? =P

I had recently ran out of my skin care which was working perfectly fine, but due to a backlogged queue of items in my skin care drawer just to "try out" mixed with constant curiosity, and admitting some damn annoying blemishes that appeared, I ended up really messing up my skin last week

Because this is not the first time this has happened my bathroom looks more like a pharmacy skin care aisle. Items for dry skin, masks for oily skin, creams for aging skin, etc.

You name it, it's probably in my bathroom!

Back to last week, I ended up using a combination of products that led to a red and slightly swollen/puffy face resulting in complete dryness and peeling, even on my eyelids!

I normally have combo oily to oily skin so this was a complete 180, not a problem , due to unfortunate experience I am going to share some of my skin care tips and tricks to get your skin back to normal

Lil Lady Life's SOS Skin Care Plan for Dry Skin - Red Skin

Dry skin is just…ugh. Sometimes I hate having oily skin due to spotting and constant blotting but dry skin is pretty annoying too. Make up sticks to it and makes dry patches look so much worse. Your skin is in a fragile state of dehydration and a complete submerance of moisture is in order.

Tip 1: Yogurt Mask: If you have dry skin try a hydrating Yorgurt mask. This is cheap, natural, and 1 tub can last multiple uses. Whatever you don't use in the tub can be eaten so there is no waste

(Night Time) After cleansing your face, instead of moisturizer apply a dallop of plan natural yogurt all over your face (chilled) Grab yourself whatever is on sale. Brand name is not necessary here, just make sure it's natural

For some reason I have a feeling full fat is better, but the lower fat was on sale...

Distribute it all over your face for about 15 minutes then wash it off. Your skin should look more hydrated, supple, and soft. Repeat for 2-3 days and pro long if necessary until flaking ceases. Follow with your toner and moisturizer of choice

Tip 2. Vitamin E

If you normally use more harsher or stripping toners, when you have dry skin I recommend switching to a toner or serum that contains Vitamin E. It will hydrate naturally and is gentle to use. My favorite and a very convenient brand to buy Vitamin E items are from The Body Shop. Vitamin E toner for AM and PM and whenever your face feels a bit tight and needs a refresher, the mini spray to go is just what the Dr. ordered, Ive gone through so many bottles of this stuff

Tip 3. Aloe Vera

If your face is red and irritated due to products you are using, switch out your moisturizer at night for a few days with pure Aloe Vera Gel. It has natural soothing properties to gently calm the skin down and bring down redness. When my skin is irritated I slather this on my face. It looks like hair gel but will absorb into the skin. If I spending the day at home I will periodically every few hours apply aloe vera gel all over my face throughout the day

(make up less day of course) to give my face a boost of gentle soothing agents

Aloe Vera Gel is also claimed to assist with scar turnover

Tip 4: Gentle but Hydrating moisturizers

Olay Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin - I SWEAR BY THIS. Whenever my face has become dry, like SUPER dry, enough for it to literally crack I run to this. I would apply this day and night and apply a generous amount, maybe 2 quarter sizes and apply it all over my face and neck. Initially it looks greasy but it always always get 100% fully absorbed. Every time my skin gets dry I use this for about 3 days and I am completely cured. This is a complete HG item for me. I prefer this over my La Mer~!

Olay does make a non sensitive skin and more hydrating version but I think this version is very greasy and would 100% endorse the sensitive skin version.

I also did not like the smell of the original formula

When applying moisturizer to extremal dehydrated skin, you can feel a burning sensation. If you had used the moisturizer previously and never experienced the stinging reaction, it means your skin is 100% parched and any form of moisture is going to give a slight burn. You are going to have to clinch your teeth and just rub it on. The sensation should not last long and after a few days of your new routine the burning should stop

Tip 5: Aquaphor: Yes this is greasy but in small dosages, this has an unbelievably effective. You have to be careful, this stuff looks and feels like Vaseline. Place this on your most stubborn dry patches and not all over. Just on those stubborn sections

I use about a penny sized amount for the entire face's worth of dry patches

Tip 6: Water: DRINK THIS. We all know it, we all should do it. The more water you drink not only flushes out your system of any crap really, but also brings a more healthy color to your face, and creates a glow only H20 lovers achieve.

I aim to drink about 1 gallon of water a day. I definitely do not make this goal daily, but some days I do go over. Another reason to the huge list on why water consumption is a MUST. Parched skin needs hydration inside and out

If you do not like water plain, spruce it up with a slice of lemon, splash of cranberry juice, or drinking it with caffeine free herbal tea, hot or cold mmmm

Tip 7: Non harsh spot treatments: I know, I know, when you get a spot you just want to ..DESTROY IT. Let's be real, it needs to be removed ASAP. I have and still admit tingly do use harsh spot treatments to try to get rid of burdensome spots, but the best and least drying way to get rid of a blemish is a low percentage acne treatment. I recommend the Neutrogena treatment as it is only 2.5% benzoyl perixode. 2.5% is enough strength to diminish spots, without the harsh after effects of dry peeling skin around pimples - ever conceal these? not pretty!

Tip 8: Thicker Eye Creams: If the delicate skin around your eyes are dry, it's painful! It's a very sensitive area of the face and I do admit when I am dry there and moisturize, it hurts! It means the area is severely dehydrated, and needs to soothed. I recommend a thicker eye cream, it doesn't mean a heavy eye cream, but something with more oomph to hydrate. The current eye cream I am using and recommend is Khiels Creamy Avocado

That's it ladies, my SOS plan + tips using simple products that can be found in any pharmacy and kitchen

In about three days from my own experience all flaking stops, skin is supple and soft again, and most of all hydrated

What are your SOS dry skin care tips?

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