Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bourjois Review

I recently have become quite interested in a little brand called Bourjois

Some of you may remember seeing Bourjois in Sephora and Ulta, ages ago, but they have since, left the US, and are a bit harder to come by which is an absolute shame!!
Due to the incredible good fortune of knowing a lovely blogger in the UK 25FLondon, I was able to to grab a hold of a few of these goodies for review

Boujois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer : Shade 52

I was incredibly interested in the Bourjois foundation and concealer. It is rumored that Boujrois products come out of the same factory as Chanel. The quality and ingredients differ, but the chemistry, and science behind these foundations, their main principals, should remain the same.

I actually ordered these two off ASOS.com (free shipping to US) so this brand is available for my American girls.

Foundation: I first saw this foundation featured on a few blogs, and the girls who featured this foundation had gorgeous skin, who doesn't want some of that?

This foundation is semi thick, and I applied it with a wet sponge
(my favorite method)
It is scented. It smells reminiscent to apricots? The foundation claims the name Healthy Mix due to a mix of fruits infused into the formulation of the ingredients to add benefit to your skin.

After application I could see, an incredibly luminous finish, not dewy, just luminous on the high points of the face. I did powder, and lost a bit of the charm but as the day progressed it peeked through again due to the skin type I have ( combo oily). I always finish with a spray of Fix +

Every time I wore this foundation, and no matter what time I looked in the mirror, be it 3 hrs, 5 hrs, 8 hrs after application, my conclusion was the same. My foundation looks perfect.
Be it slightly powdered, peeking with a little bit of mid day shine, or end of day work face, I grew in luminosity (I chose to blot minimally) but the foundation never separated, never blotched, or dissipated throughout the day. It looked perfect all day

This is not the kind of foundation where people are fooled into thinking you have naturally flawless skin. You do look flawless, not in a mannequin fake way, but you do look as if you are wearing something. You don't look as if you are wearing too much but you are definitely being helped. The Fix + in my opinion adds to the " this is my real skin" effect so that is a must for me.

For drugstore, this foundation is excellent. It is not super light feeling on the face, but not suffocatingly pore clogging. You are aware that you are wearing something though. You are aware you are wearing foundation, but it never feels heavy. The wet sponge method I chose to practice helps in this non heavy feeling, I have never used a brush and applied it straight to the face as I believe it may be too much coverage than what I generally prefer, and I do believe that method would feel quite heavy on the skin

The coverage is medium and can be built, this is the kind of foundation I would sheer out, due to it's coverage properties, but if you have more troubled skin, this can cover problem areas well, redness, scars, and minor spots, and the added ingredients are quoted to help the skin as to just sitting on top of your face

Pros: Looks perfect, Coverage is build able to very high medium coverage, claims to contain ingredients that are beneficial for the skin, pump works very well!
Cons: Not many shades available, not readily available in the states, feels like foundation on the face
Neutral: Scented

Concealer: I am a complete concealer fiend, and I had also seen this as a favorite of the lovely Anna of the Style Diet

I think this concealer is ok. I actually prefer the foundations, and when I wear the foundation, I need minimal concealing due to it's coverage. I have worn the concealer alone with powder but it seems to be a bit thick for my taste for under the eyes. It has the same consistency as the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer so a bit thick for concealer. It does cover redness well, but not the best for blemishes. Blends seamlessly, but with a primer on oily-ish skin, requires touch ups

Pro: Blends well, great redness coverage, a lot of product in the tube
Cons: Does not seem to last as much on oily skin but lasting power is about 5 hrs ( with primer)
Neutral: Scented

I have the shade 52 in both concealer and foundation, but when looking in the packaging, the concealer is significantly lighter than the foundation but both blend well into my NC 25 skin tone. The 1st picture with the items together is the best representation of the color

Blush and Bronzer

Bronzer: Shade 52
The famous Boujois "Chocolate" Bronzer
It really does look like Chocolate!!

This is a very nice bronzer. I think if you never had a bronzer, and have access to Bourjois, try this first! Especially for the younger girls. The texture is smooth, and the powder is pigmented. You only need a few swipes to get the proper color to show on your face. This bronzer on me, does have a tan almost orange color. It's not orange, it's more of a brown golden??
It's definitely brown, but when I look at my face in the sun I see more of a golden brown on me not a tan brown which I more accustomed to. It does not look fake, but requires just a bit more blending of the edges on the contours of the face. This is scented of sweets but not of chocolate.
I love the packaging and how thin it is, and it seems easy to travel with, especially since it is so light. I wish it came with a mirror, but I think this is quite a good bronzer, especially for drugstore, and pretty fool proof for those who are scared of using bronzers

Pro: Semi Pigmented, Semi inexpensive, easy bronzer to wear
Cons: Few colors
Neutral: Scented

Blush: 34 Rose D'Or

This blush gives you the glow

Isn't it cute?

I love this little thing! I had previously reviewed it in short here
My feelings have not changed
This blush gives an amazing glow, and I love it

Pros: Amazing color and glow
Cons: Hard/Scratchy Texture, very small for the $, Comes with a very lame brush, develops a frost easily
Neutral: Scented - Conclusion is, all Bourjois products seem to be scented

Foundation, Concealer, Bronzer, Blush

Blended in

Does anyone have any Bourjois Favorites?


  1. I'm an absolute fiend for this concealer! (And most Bourjois products!) Every time I'm in France/Europe I go insane and buy as much as I can, and this year won't be different. If you'd like me to bring anything back let me know :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I haven't tried anything from Bourjois yet but you make the foundation sound great! Too bad about the concealer too. The bronzer and blush both are super cute. I wish there was an Ulta closer to me so I could check out the brand. Thanks for the swatches. Also on a non-related topic, big fan of your photography style. High quality and up close but I don't know, better and with a personal touch. :)

  3. thanks so much dear! i may take u up on that offer!!! i think I will go mad when I go to Asia! concealer heaven for my yellow toned skin!

  4. heya!!! I dont think Bourjois is in Ulta anymore either =(
    Concealer was good for drugstore but I have just tried a few better, but I will still use it up I think!
    Aww thank you soooooo much!!!! I was gifted with a new camera recently and am still working the functions but I am so happy you appreciate the photos!! =D

  5. totally jealous. i remember when this brand was at ulta and i am so angry at myself for never trying any of it!! the blush and foundation look amazing.

  6. The foundation sounds amazing! Only thing I've from bourjois is their eye pencils.. And they're pretty good..

  7. Hey! I got the foundation off ASOS and the blushes go there periodically, with free shipping to the US it was sent to me =) I know buying stuff online can stink sometimes though esp with foundation colors!!

  8. Yup I really like the foundation! It's excellent quality for drugstore or not. I have heard the Boujois pencils are quite soft and nicely smudgy, I have also heard good things about their mascaras

  9. Bloghopped through Tiffany and I've been back reading your posts. :)

    Thanks for the Bourjois review. I've been lemming for the healthy mix foundation and the review helps me decide with the shade to get since I'm also NC25 asian skin tone. I've read about Shade 52 having pink undertone and 53 having yellow undertone. Did you notice 52 looking pink on your skin?

  10. I have this foundation, haven't tried the concealer though! I always go high end for foundations so I can't really compare with other drugstore foundations. I don't love it it but it's not bad either. One thing that is a staple from bourjois has to be the so laque nail polish in beige glamour! I have 3 bottles of that.

  11. The blush is one of my faves, great choice in Rose D'or :D

  12. I have a pressed powder and a blush, both are really good, but they smell very strong. The bronzer is cute..altought we have Bourjois here I didn't see the bronzer yet.

  13. Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect is my absolute favourite foundation, I have really dry & tired looking skin but it works really well even on me :). I love the blush too!

  14. Hello and welcome! I think the shade 52 was def leaning more yellow than pink, I also thought 53 may have been a but too dark but when applied to te face I did not notice any real lean in shade towards pink, hoe thy helps!! :)

  15. I agree it's not the best I ever tried but Its one of the best drugstore ones I've tried by a mile, haha I have been curious of their nail polishes since the royal wedding! Lol is that dorky? Lol :P

  16. Yes, I love this color and am so satisfied with the choice, I do wish it was a but bigger :/

  17. Hi Anna! Which country are you in? I guess thu do not offer the whole line to all the countries they are in? The bronzer is part if their perm collection and I know this summer they have a new bronzer which looks very cute! Ur lucky to have the brand in your country though, I'm jealous!

  18. I have eardrum equally amazing things about the ten hr sleep effect and love to try that too!!

  19. I really like the bourjois bronzer too! It's become my everyday product! PS I tagged you for a blog award! I hope you come on over and check it out!

  20. The bronzer is great! So easy to use!! Oh thank u so much for that, far far far too kind of u, and I def will!

  21. oh i will have a look when i go back to the UK. thanks so much on this review!! I have checked out their foundations before and it's usually too pink... fingers' crossed!

  22. I love Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and their blushes! Great reviews, dear! :)


  23. Thank u so much for commenting during ur vacation!!! How are all the countries? I hope u are taking many photos for the blog!

  24. Thanks for responding about the Ray Ban shades yday! So...I walked into the store with the intention of buying a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers or aviators. I ended up getting a pair of Ralph Lauren aviators instead and got a ton of compliments (from girls and guys!) on them already! Here's the link in case you're interested (I remember you said you wanted some aviators this season): http://www.sunglasshut.com/sgh/pdp.jsp?upcs=805289303763. They fit much better than the Ray-Ban ones and are sturdier in my opinion. Then again some people are loyal to certain brands. I still want a pair of tortoise shell wayfarers though!!

  25. wow i like those too!!!! very reasonably priced too!!! will shop around! thanks for sharing the link too!!! so nice of u!

  26. i hope you find a match!!!! *crossing fingers*

  27. The bronzer actually looks like chocolate! Haha. The blush looks really pretty too! :)

  28. The bonzer is so cute! the blush pot is SUPER cute and the color is too pretty!!! i just wish the color payoff was a bit stronger in the blush to match the quality of the bronzer

  29. I love reading your reviews lady!! :) So much info packed into one post. I've wanted to try the Healthy Mix foundation for the longest time! I'm def going to check out Asos now :) YAY!!!! :) And the chocolate bronzer looks so cute. I've seen them on other people's blogs and they're pretty much HG items for a lot of people :D

  30. I should really try more Bourjois products. I only have on bronzer from them at the moment, but it's lovely. You make the foundation sound like nice to try as well, though right now I'm to the brim with those so I will have to wait until I've finished some of them up. I'm still on the fence with the blushers given the smell and somewhat difficult nature of working with them. But I may have to bite the bullet and try one because it looks so pretty!

  31. This brand is so easily accessible to me, so I have no idea why I have never tried any Bourjois products! I think I'll start with the foundation. Great reviews!

  32. YAY!!!! i was super happy Healthy Mix was on Asos too!! i think i actually prefer it more in winter rather than summer is because it is a bit thick and more moisturizing!!! i hope u like it!

  33. i like the foundation but i know what you mean about owning too many.. they do go bad and I have yet to even finish ONE in my life ( naughty) so no more for a while...I agree about the blushers! they have alot of cons and outside this one I own and love I dont think I would get another

  34. oh is it??? Oh man so jealous!!!! i hope you like it but i do prefer the foundation more in the winter than summer as it is a bit thicker and more moisturizing formula, so I do sheer this out with a wet sponge =D Plz come back and tell me if you enjoyed it!

  35. I also bloghopped through Tiffany! :) Bourjois is pretty accessible to me too, I live in Greece and I'd say you could find this almost anywhere..I have had my eyes on this foundation for some time and I think I'll just go get it and see how it goes :) Thank you for your lovely reviews!

  36. o no problem!!! plz tell me how it goes, i think it is a bit thick of hot weather but i love the dewy finish!


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