Friday, July 8, 2011

Bring on the Shimmers!

In the summer it seems as if everyone is looking for something to give you that *glow* I on the other hand in the summer seem to be attracted to all things shimmer!

Not a glitter fan in the least, but shimmer, I love. Some people consider is tacky if you have too much of the shiny stuff ( and I agree )

Here are some of the items that I have been wearing and loving to give myself the shimmery sheen for summer


Been bringing out products from my forgotten make up stash now that I have received some color on my face. A little tan can really change your make up look

Been shopping my stash recently and came out with these two babies

MAC Cream Color Base in Improper Copper

My only CCB, for some reason I don't hear many people talking about this shade. I was persuaded into buying this from probably the one time I had a friendly MA in the MAC store. I always carry a mini highlighter with me in my everyday make up and this has been added to the mix lately, mainly because the size is convenient

This has more of a golden peachy sheen than copper in my opinion and looks very nice on my new semi tanned skin

MAC Brunette MSF -Limited Edition

This color looks very scary, it actually looks reminicent to terricotta. I own a few of these gradated MSF's and they never seem to last on my skin so I always put them away...I recently have been wearing this as a blush using my favorite blush brush found here, and it lasts!!! Unfortunately the red head MSF did not have the same results, but at least I got to salvage this baby. This gives a more rosy tan shade than pinks and peaches which I was beginning to get a bit tired of

Physicians Formula Shimmer Bronzer

This product packaging is pretty ridiculous...its 99.9% you see in the packaging where it states Physicians Formula? THAT is where the bronzer starts...the rest of it is a brush. The mirror is on the bottom which I am scared will crack if I carry it around...

I initially put this away when I bought this, but have brought it back out recently. I have the shade light-medium, and it has pretty much no color...its just light shimmer...I tend to wear this on top of my bronzer to give a more multi dimensional effect. It is nice...and I will continue to use it for the summer... but I really cant recommend this product outside the summer season

L-R: PF Bronzer (yes no color, just sheen really), Improper Copper, Brunette MSF


I am been obsessed with shimmer body products this summer. I wear a skirt almost everyday to work and a lil shimmer on the legs make them look as if you just showered and moisturized. Nice sheen

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Dry Oil : This smells just like the NARS dry oil. Many people describe this as the scent of summer. It's quite a warm scent. Although the color looks quite dark in the bottle, when applied to the skin, it gives off almost no color...I was pretty bummed about this to be honest...but it just gives a very natural, super natural sheen to the skin. Don't just this product by the color in the bottle like me

The Body Shop Shimmer Lotion in Coconut: I love anything coconut and this lotion is no different. Unlike the dry oil, this stuff has pretty obvious shimmer!!! When you apply this all over your legs and arm, you WILL sparkle like a Cullen ( sorry couldn't think of a better reference!)

Since I'm crazy over getting that healthy sheen, I mix both the coconut lotion and the dry oil. In the sun you should see how they look!!!! so sparkly! I love it!!! haha It's really only obvious in the sunlight, indoor environment don't have near the same effect, so you wont look crazy at work

Body Glow to Go

In the morning, when getting ready for work, I'm really just rushing around. Toast in 1 hand, shoe on 1 foot, sweater on 1 arm, you get the slapping on two body shimmers skips my mind as I am running out the door

When I get to work I just create my own body shimmer lotion

Mix a bit of hand cream, which many women have lying around their purse or work, and I mix in a bit of NARS O illuminator (sample size)
You don't need this illuminator, any liquid shimmer product will do. Mix the two together quickly and rub in areas you want the glow to be

This looks subtle and pretty on the decollete also

How have you ladies been bringing on the summer glow?


  1. i've been eyeing MAC mineralize blush in 'warm soul' to add a bit of sun kiss - but think i'll definitely have to check out the MAC brunette MSF too!!! thanks for sharing x

  2. I've been dabbing the NARS O illuminator on my cheekbones; however I haven't tried the lotion trick yet! I should though =)

  3. oh no! i fgt to mention brunette was limited edition =(

    I have warm soul and it is GORGEOUS

  4. nice way to make it multi purpose but it looks best as a hihlight for the face in my opinion =) but the real size illuminator is HUUGGEE so i wouldnt mind rubbing it on my body =P

  5. Thanks for sharing all your shimmer products. Too bad about the Body Shop dry oil, looks great in the bottle. The PF bronzer is so sheer! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts on these products and the swatches.

  6. Yes both the body shop dry oil and PF bronzer have lil color so i use them more for overall effect, dont want to waste this stuff!

  7. I have a wedding to attend tonight, and I was going to do the same with my body lotion and MeMeMe illuminator! :)

  8. Such a good blog post! I agree, I love a bit of shimmer, except for the time I picked up my Soft & Gentle MSF instead of my Medium MSF Natural, and powdered heavily.. you can imagine the stares! I looked like an alien!

    I love the idea of the hand cream. I absolutely love a bit of sheen on arms & legs in summer, makes you look much more healthy!

  9. that sounds like a great idea!!!! i hope it worked out well

  10. hehehehe so funny about soft and gentle! i have that MSF i dont think i could wear it all over! lol
    the hand cream idea is easy and convenient =D

  11. I love a good glow! I wish I could of found MAC Brunette MSF.

  12. yup glow is the way to go!!!! i paid overpriced on ebay for mine =(

  13. I've never heard of the Body Shop dry oil - I must check that out! Thanks!

  14. Hi Kelly! it's part of their summer collection, check it out! it does the same thing as the NARS dry oil only at a better price!

  15. Love all kinds of face and body highlighters! Fantastic post as always!


  16. Thanks so much for always visiting and commenting!!

  17. I am *totally* adding improper copper to my wishlist thanks to you! And I love your idea of mixing shimmer in with regular lotion. I do have one or two lotions with shimmer in them, and it looks so pretty! Need to use those again :D Oh, and I like shimmer too, not glitter on the face. I like glitter on my nails though and when the occasion calls for it, glitter on my eyes for a party or something. Other than that it's not glitter for the face please, for me too!

  18. Improper copper is more subtle than the other CCB esp when you have a tan so it's nice!!! i want to try Hush next through, but I NEED to have a highlighter in my everyday bag, i just need it before i leave work to see people and look alive again ! =D

  19. Haha, whoa, that Physician's Formula bronzer packaging really *is* like 99.9% brush! How funny. I really want to try TBS Coconut shimmer lotion now! I've been loving the body shop lately :D

  20. Yes this yr the body shop has really come on my radar!!! I slather that shimmer all over my legs with the bronze one but I think the coconut one is more obvious, the dark one is incredibly subtle

  21. Please follow my blog! New blog post is up!

  22. great post :) ive been having my eye on the honey bronze, but they are always sold out when i go. I heard that sephora has a similar product in their line though.


  23. Yes, I could not find the Honey Bronze in stores either, so I ordered it online! Sephora brand has one similar? Did not know that, theyre make up is very fairly priced

  24. i was playing with my make up and found a good dupe for Brunette MSF is Warm soul blush by MAC, i remembered ur comment, and wanted to let u know! ^^


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