Sunday, July 17, 2011

Currently in the Rotation

A Sunday post of what I am currently using/trying this week

The make up front

Lancome Ageless Mineralé Foundation: I have worn mineral foundation exclusively for a week (long for me) and my skin is breathing, thriving in humidity, and skin is getting ever so clearer!

Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Secret Agenda Concealer Palette: Wow, that's a mouthful! This is probably the only time I have ever used a concealer with a green undertone and I LOVE it. Previously I had always used a peachy corrector then a concealer, but the green concealer is soo much better!

MAC Brunette MSF: Been wearing this as a blush non stop. It's a rosy bronze, and unfortunately limited edition, but I have found that MAC's Warm Soul (permanent) is a good dupe!

MAC 182: A recent purchase, and worth the $. I have heard mixed reviews but I have had no problems with shedding, it's super soft, and I have been using it for everything! It applies my mineral make up more sheerly, and is so big it can be done in a few swipes

Ojon Glossing Mist: A Sephora 100 point perk, the only thing I have not been loving. I apply this to the ends of my hair to give it a boost at the end of the day, and I am not loving the texture it leaves my hair in. Will not be purchasing the full size

Nail Polish

OPI Skulls and Glossbones: Saw this on Laura's blog and picked this up today. Loving it! I know I will be using this over and over
Opaque in two coats ♥

Ze Skin Care

The Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cleanser: I am still utterly in love with the Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser. This is tube number 2. Since starting this new tube, I no longer need the line's mattifying moisturizer because my skin does not get nearly as shiny as it used to. The only down side of this product is that it seems to finish quickly. I can finish a tube in 1 month, which is a bit of a shorter life span than I would like, but since the Body Shop always seems to have sales, I stock up, and is more reasonable in that sense

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I have switched moisturizers to something that is not as mattifying because I am no longer an oil slick! ( knock on wood) I have been using this lotion/gel hybrid and my skin has been glowing - These bottles last forever~!


MK Gold Watch: I have been wearing this non stop. I have always loved this watch but it looks best in the summer. Whenever I wear this, I always get compliments. This goes with absolutely everything

Hauling Skin Care

Since I am still not buying any make up I have stocked up some new skin care which I can't wait to try! I still love my Body Shop Cleanser but, it seems like you always want to look for something else? I still have several Body Shop Seaweed Cleansers stock piled in case these do not work! Eeek

Health obsessions

Fish Oil and Cliff Bars: Does it seem like everyone tries to get in shape for summer, and when summer hits, you still try to get into shape? Recent health obsessions have been two tablespoons every other day of fish oil for body and skin benefits, and Cliff Bars. I consume them every day I go to the gym for a protein and energy kick
They don't taste the best, but they do the job!

What items are currently in your rotation?


  1. So far, so good with the Seaweed line for me! So thankful you recommended it! Also, Skull & Glossbones is a total WIN! Love that shade, its not quite nude, not quite grey, not quite white. It's lovely!

  2. Great post! I go in rotations with hauling, too - makeup, skincare, body, clothes, accessories, home... lol I used up my tube of Kiehl's Rare Earth cleanser, and I really liked it. I like anything that's a little gritty! I got the Rose Petal toner this past week, too! I also got Cod Liver Oil, but I got it in the pill version, because that way I can pop them in the freeze and they lose that awful taste. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on your new skincare buys after you've tried them! :D

  3. i hope the line works for u!! =D if it does, it's quite affordable! Skull & Glossbones even though incredibly new is instant love! u just know that you are going to LOVE some shades, this is one of them! yes, it's hard to pin point the color, but its got to be the prettiest grey on the nails I have ever seen! - never though I would say that!

  4. Ohhhh good to know you like the cleanser. I tried the Rare Earth Masque and liked it!! now i am going to try these two I passed on the moisturizer bc it had some lousy feed back! I always want to love and try khiels! have you tried the toner? I wanted to buy cod liver oil but ended up buying fish by accident T.T but it's ok fish is good for you too. It was really hard to find the liquid form of Cod Liver Oil for some reason...I think I may get the pill version once this fish oil is done. To health dear! =D
    I bought the oil in lemon flavor so it's not bad! You can even add it to salads ( not that I ever eat those..) haha

  5. Whoa, you REALLY love that TBS seaweed cleanser, huh? I can't believe I wasted my money on the one I got when I should've gotten your gel one! I LOVE that nail polish color on you too!

  6. YES I do!! I really recommend both items!! Loved your last dupe list!

  7. I must get the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette and Skull and Glossbones! I have seen way too many rave reviews to resist.

  8. The SK is nice and creamy but I cant blv I love the green shade the most to balance out pesky redness post spot! Skull and Gloss bones, get it!!! most wearable grey I have seen, and great transitional color when fall rolls around

  9. i really want to try the moisturizing gel from Clinique, I am almost out of the lotion type. Great haul.. I have that watch too and love it :)

  10. The gel is just a bit lighter sometimes I use the lotion version in the winter. If you get the gel and find it is not hydrating enough, two pumps can do the job =) The bottle is huge so it def takes it's time to go down, even with 2 pumps
    Stylish ladies =)

  11. ahhh I want the opi after seeing on laura's blog too!! It's such a pretty color that's fairly unique as well! I'm obsessed with my Clinique gel! I've had the same bottle since January, and I could still go at least another 2 months with it!

  12. the color of the OPI is very unique while being wearable! leave it to laura to find it =) i know the clinique gel is great value for $ imho

  13. Oh it sounds like I need the 182! I've switched to mineral foundation recently too (I'm a liquid foundation kinda girl) and my skin is clearer / and more normal with it on. I wouldn't even call my skin type oily anymore. :) It's a miracle.

    Right now I can't get enough of Fix+ Rose. I use it to freshen my skin after a long bike ride and it really does the job. I know some people who break out from it but thank GOODNESS I don't.

  14. omg u got fix + with rose?? from rose romance? I wish i did!!! this was before i liked fixed +
    I have been obsessed with my fix + with lavender from the Champale collection?? Ppl are allergic to it? oh no! MAC breaks me out loads but THANKFULLY their fix + dosent *high five*
    Mineral make up I think really is helping to normalize my skin! its awesome! which brand do you use?

  15. Yes, the one from Rose Romance. :) I hope they bring it back soon, because mine's running dangerously low. It smells amazing.

    I use a compact mineral foundation actually. Similar to Jane Iredale's. The brand is Pure + Simple from an all-natural spa here in Toronto.

  16. You have some really interesting products here, i didnt know lancome did a mineral foundation xx

  17. OMG, I'm such a creeper that I actually go through other people's posts and read comments they get, haha! *embarrassed* But anyway, what I was going to say was that I'm so jealous you guys both have special Fix +'s! I only have the regular one, although I like the way it smells when I spritz my face (I feel like there's a faint scent?).

  18. oh you should try the kiehls rare earth masque.. it's amazing! Gives u instant results..

  19. I love that nail polish. I love Laura's blog too. Oh fish oil, I took it for a while but I think it broke me out. Lots of health benefits though. ^^ Love the skin care haul. I bought the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette a long time ago but threw it away bc it didn't work. Now I think I was too hasty and wish I had it still lol.

  20. thanks for reading! i have tried a few mineral foundations and found I am sensitive to bismuth oxychloride which is found in many but Lancome has a very small percentage so it is excellent for sensitive skinned ladies!

  21. oh i have tried that masque and really liked it! used up the whole tub! dec to give the skin care line a try bc i have a few too many masques to use up at the moment, but I would def repurchase!

  22. the fish oil broke u out? Oh no!!! i try not to consume too much of it so have it every other day or every 3rd day ( i fgt...) i only recently started using the SK palette, i dont think it's HG but it is nice for now and I am content =)

  23. i really need to try out that sonia kashuk seeing it everywhere! same goes for the skulls and glossbones polish. im liking the look of that mac looks so soft

  24. i love the mac kabuki!!!!! I dont regret buying it at all and have used it daily since this post! the nail polish is awesome and the concealer is pretty good for "drugstore" if ppl consider that Target but I mainly just use the green concealer. The best green concealer i know of. The rest are just as creamy but i mainly just use that =P


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