Monday, July 4, 2011

Finished Products of June

Finished products of the month seems a bit short in this edition...

Skin Care

Olay Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin: I LOVE this, this saved my skin when I did some insane acne treatments that made my skin more dry than any desert on the planet. After 2 applications my skin was cured! This will be constantly re purchased, the only down side is this is a bit hard to find in most drug store ( sensitive skin version ) they keep selling some new potted version, but I refuse to use any other form. I will definitely repurchase this in the fall and winter. I can slather on pounds of this and it all gets absorbed beautifully into the skin, and whatever foundations I use on top, always look seamlessly perfect with this moisturizer. Love , love, love!

B liv Off with those Heads: Blackheads and me seem to have a long term relationship...This is marketed to target blackheads ( because I want a break up, like now) I used it as an acne treatment for the AM but saw absolutely no difference. The up side of this product is I used it daily and lasted over 4 months, the down side is it did not seem to do anything...the fact that I have to order this from Singapore, pay shipping, and the product itself does not seem to deem any effect, quickly, or over time leads me to put this in the, will not re purchase category

Swedish Skin Apple Treatment Serum: I believe this is aimed to target fine lines...this kinda first I applied it all over my face with minimal to no results, after watching a few videos I heard this is excellent for laugh lines. I had been applying it to my laugh lines at night and in the morning they would be diminished but if I ever skipped a night the second day the lines would return. This seems more like a short term solution, and would not repurchase
This does though smell wonderfully of fresh apple puree, for people who enjoy skin care with scents

The Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cleanser: The white horse of the month. This is surprisingly effective on my skin. Especially when worked in conjunction with the clarasonic. At first, and still even though I have gone through an entire tube I continually have broken out into small bumps around my pores since using this product. I am purging slowly but surely and slowly removing excess from those hard to reach pores. I have finished this tube, and have already repurchased a few more during the Body Shop sale. This cleanser is light, non drying, and I deem it effective for those who suffer with oily skin. I will continue to use this product, as it is the first after a long line to have a potent and evident effect on the improvement of my pores
( a constant battle people!)

Body Care

Body Shop Twilight Woods Body Lotion: I don't recall how many things I bought of this scent. At first whiff I went back and bought practically the whole section and have been weeding down my line. I am not the biggest fan of Bath and Body Works but I love this scent, especially in the winter and fall. I do have a few more bottles of this left but I think I will wait until the winter months to use up the rest of the stash

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Body Wash: Another bottle down. I am so hapy when I finish these because it means I must have worked out all month!! This really helps to fight off potential spotting on areas other than your face. I always use this after the gym or working out. Lathers well and smells great! Will keep repurchasing for a long time to come!


DKNY Be Delicious : Yay to TJ Max and discount perfumes!
This is mainly fruity, I picture more High School girls loving this, but I spritzed it on everyday regardless. This scent is no doubt cheery, and easy to wear for spring
This smells deliciously of apples and candy

Make up

Two more for Project 10 Pan

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait: A no fuss, no weird glitter pink. Easy to wear and apply and best lip gloss formula MAC makes in my opinion -believe this was limited edition

YSL Touche éclat : When I first purchased this I thought it was HG! now that a few years and concealers have gone by, I realize it's not. Mainly because unless the color is right for you, you can get reverse raccoon eyes. I only recently found out YSL has finally developed more shades of this. My main issue was with the coloring but for the price I don't think I would buy this again. I want to try to Milani version which I heard is excellent!
I wore shade 2 in YSL and I believe if you are an NC 20 this would look amazing on you. Since I am an NC 25 and now with a bit of color, it just looks all wrong, and I am glad it's done to be honest

On a Last Note:

Hope everyone has had an AMAZING 4th of July!!!!


  1. Congrats on tackling two more for P10P. I'm going to be starting one up on my blog next week and am super anxious! Any tips for success?

  2. Hi Alex_Kay!
    Hmm I have not completed P10P yet so I am not sure about success =P
    I have learned this month ( 3 months in) if you actually sit down and use the same prods over and over ( can get boring) Make up actually gets finished super fast!! I am on the last leg of 4 items so I hope i can get those out of the way soon! P10P can be hard but u realize how much you really have and how much you really need, when I fin p10p Ill try to do a post on lessons learned
    Good luck with your own P10P I wish u great success!!!

  3. I love the twilight woods scent! It's one of my favorites :D

  4. I love your finished products posts! Please never stop doing these!

  5. yay *high five* my fave B&BW scent by a mile =D

  6. awww thanks so much!!! its a good way to keep track of what I actually consume and many quick reviews, im glad u like em!!

  7. The Swedish Skin Apple Treatment Serum didn't work wonders for me either.. But it did smell lovely!

    Also Twilight Woods is my favourite B&BW's scent!

  8. Thanks for sharing your finished products. The Olay Sensitive Skin sounds great and you're right, seems hard to find in drugstores because I never see the sensitive version. Sorry the B liv Off With Those Heads didn't work. Happy Fourth of July!

  9. YAY! You finished a lot of stuff!! :) I love the Olay moisturizer too! Classic is always in :) I've used that for a long time. I think Costco sells the sensitive skin one from what I remember, in 2 packs but it could be a limited time thing :p

  10. I use that Swedish Skin serum too and I agree with what you've said...I like how it smells like apple sauce though :) I really need to get that seaweed gel cleanser though. I really don't like the one that I have but still force myself to use it in the mornings (it's not good enough at night when I might have makeup residue on my face) because I want to use it up. Your Boy Bait looks so pink in the photo! I can't wait til I finish up a lipgloss...I don't think I've ever done that before :-/

  11. Hi there! I just found your blog after Tiffany's blog ;)

    The Seaweed range from TBS is so underrated, IMO! The scent is amazing, the formulas are so friendly to oily skin, love it! I personally haven't experienced any big improvements on the appearance of pores, though- could it be the Clarisonic that works wonders, instead?


  12. Shame about Swedish skin, it seemed so good but live and learn :/ yay to twighlight woods fans!!! Got to bring it back out in the fall

  13. Yup the sensitie skin version is hard to find, but worth it!! I kno in the past play has taken it off the market but due to meters and emails the company keeps brining ir back, I'm not sure why they want to do something that obviously has a following, I have seen it online but that seems like a hit of trouble to order :/

    Thanks so much for commenting an I hope ur 4th was great!!

  14. Thanks for letting me know!! I don't live near a Costco but I will try the BJ's near me thanks!!! How r u dear? Have not heard from u in a bit :)

  15. Haha I wonder if we both bought it due to HRH collection? Booo to that cleanser, sorry that did not work out for you! I tried changing my skin care this weekend, big mistake!!! Am going back to the seaweed range tonight, should not mess wth a good thing! Haha before p10p I nv finished a gloss either!!! I was like wow... Haha
    Just saw ur newest post, thank u soo much!! I hell yeah to ur twitter links too!!!

  16. Hi welcome!! 100% agree about the body shop skin care! Thanks for commenting and I hope u enjoy it in the future

  17. I've been meaning to purchase that olay moisturizer. Hope drugstores have a sale soon :P
    Hmm I think MAC made the cremesheens permanent in a collection not so long ago..But then again I could probably be wrong hehe
    How is your P10P going along? Congrats on two makeup products finished! Those are so hard to finish. I've tried the Milani one and I didn't really like it =\ Medium was already way too dark and peachy for my skintone. And the product never seemed to like to come out of the tube. But when it does, because I pressed it so many times to get it to come out, the product doesn't really stop coming out >__< Idk if mine was just defective of not but I've stopped using it because of the frustration =X

  18. Thanks! I've never actively tried to use up a product so maybe it will be easier than I think. Please post lessons - I feel like I'll need all the help I can get!

  19. I def need a back up of that moisturizer!! Oh no u did not like the Milani? Well at least it is cheaper than the YSL which is pretty expensive! Under eye concealer search continues

  20. Thank you for the gallery of cosmetics! I enjoyed it. If we are using such great products then we must also take care about our Acne treatment Now . Besides this i really loved this post! Thank you! :)

  21. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this month's finished products - I love these posts! How is it that you finish perfume so fast? I've been trying to work my way through some of mine but I'm not even close to finishing them!

  22. Hello! Do finish perfume fast? It took me months to finish this one. I generally have 4 perfumes in my whole collection at all times and just pick one to wear all the time, I don't switch them up I just wear one until it's done then go on to the remaining three. I am usually left with 1 to no perfumes bf I go out and buy like 3 more the same day hahaha I have semi control over perfume purchases prob bc thy can be a bit heavy to carry. I just spray some on in the morning and keep a rollerball with me of a diff scent, but they generally take about 4 months of daily use to finish for me , rollerball like a yr! I always fgt to re apply

  23. Holy moly! You never fail to fascinate me with all the products you finish every month.
    If only I could complete such a feat! Keep on truckin'. :)

  24. Thanks! I always want to finish products also because every month I dont want to post a big fat zero on my blog haha motivation!!


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