Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Weekend in Iphone Photos

I take Iphone pics of EVERYTHING - here are some I took this weekend - I had more but the post was getting too long!

Friday: Commuting to work on the train, I always see this ad, and I swear the girl looks like she was in the Benefit Cosmetic Ads
You can't see in the photo but she has quite a bit of eye make up - looks like "Eye Bright" in the inner corner lol

Friday night dinner (date night!)
I had the lamb - it started to POUR so the lighting was terrible and I couldnt take a picture =(

Saturday I went to the gym in the AM and saw my girl crush of the moment in W magazine
Her eyes are amazing, she can pull off the most amazing smokey eye

I picked up a new sunscreen and saw the new Mabelline mascara which I did not purchase
-excused the chipped nails

Traveled to New Jersey to eat this!
Japanese food court mmm

Had to rush to a dinner with High School freinds and sat in WAY too much of this...

Yes the light IS GREEN, and YES that is us NOT MOVING, because so many cars are in the way (ugh, idiots)

Saw these along the way -how OLD is this car??

I need a vacation...

Finally on the way home!

Dinner was noodles again!

Dashed out of dinner to catch Captain America - I liked it! I would recommend it!
I cried three times, because I am a movie sap! Luckily the 3D glasses hid some of the tears lol

Sunday is my do nothing day

After my AM run

I always see these guys at the park!

Now it's time to 1. nap 2. take blog photos 3. eat alot of Trader Joe trail mix (obsessed) 4. catch up on "reading"

Beauty blogging will continue starting tomorrow, but you know I love my Sunday Random posts!
Do you guys like posts like these too?

How was your weekend?
Let us all gather strength for Monday *sigh*

Weekends are always too short


  1. I love this kinda post. Especially since you live in NY I love seeing pictures of the city. You should do more of them!

  2. Thanks OMA! i think i will! I blv alot of ppl like "real life" posts sometimes, and since I take so many iphone photos, it should not be a problem! thanks for your input!

  3. I think these kind of posts are so much fun! We all live in such different places and have such different lives so I always enjoy seeing a little slice of someone else's life. =)

  4. omg the food is making me xtra hugry!

  5. I love this post! I have never spent any extended time in NY. I *need* to go.

  6. I agree! where are you from? I love to follow both intl and domestic bloggers

  7. Oh I love these kind of posts. I try to take weekend pictures too but I always forget. XD That ad is hilarious and that girl def. has MU on. I love on in movies all the starlets go to bed with a full face of MU. I love Mila Kunis too, gorgeous and funny. The noodles look good and I heard Cap America is good. I like these kind of posts and hope to see more coming. :)

  8. hehehe weekends I let my inner fatty go =)

  9. yes you need to come! I may continue to do these posts bc i take so many photos of random things to me but i think you guys may enjoy some of the places i visit =)

  10. awwww thanks! i did like the capt america movie! ( the ending was a bit abrupt though, but the rest i liked!) I cried 3x!! i usually hate noodles but for some reason in the summer i eat them non stop
    I will try to post more of these =)

  11. I loved this post ... I may have to put one of my own up next week :) I agree with you about weekends: going back to work on Mondays is probably the hardest adjustment I've had to make as a 40 hour a week girl!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. thanks!!!! i think no one every gets over coming back to work on Monday no matter how many yrs of work they do =P

  13. Love these posts, they're like a touch of reality; but it's so different from person to person. I've been drooling over the food photos---- especially since it's around dinner time =P. Love the bridge photo too, very city.

  14. I'm loving your random Sunday posts :) I love where you run... it's so serene!

  15. Thanks!!! i think I love Sunday posts most of all!

  16. hehehe i just ate MORE noodles only this time it was just ramen haha not fancy at all!
    Glad you are enjoying my pics!!! it's like a semi driving tour =) I will try to do more of these!

  17. Major Mila Kunis girl-crush over here too! I'm telling you, IT'S HER EYES. Transfixing.
    Also what kind of noodles/ soup is that? Looks spicy and delicious?!

  18. Her eyes are almost hypnotizing!! talk about benefiting from khol liner!! its curry beef noodle soup =)

  19. i love posts like these! i just did a post like this on my blog too :) but i love mila kunis! i think she is so hot. and younger sister reads yotsuba! she loves it.

  20. I loveeee these sunday kinda posts :) Please, keep going haha.

  21. Yotsuba is so funny haha I read it on te train and laugh like a loon!

  22. Awww thank u!!! I will try to keep em coming!!

  23. Yes! I likey your Sunday posts! gives me a view of another part of the world.. =)

  24. thanks!!! glad i can show parts of my everyday! =D

  25. I love picture posts! So fun to take a peek at what someone else's life looks like through the end of a lens ;) Thanks for sharing!!!

  26. thanks i took more pictures today for next time =) it's like exploring my own city i usually pass some places i nv think abt but you guys may like to see =D


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