Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's in my Make up Bag

Part 2 of what's in my bag! Part 1 can be found here

I'm going to be honest, I do not re apply make up like ...ever. During the work day I just blot once and powder once, and apply lip balm non stop because I hate chapped lips but other than that, nada.

I try not to carry too much make up or reapply it in public, especially at work. I don't want to be known as that woman who is always re touching, I usually blot frantically UNDER my cubicle during lunch, when no one is looking

Many of the items in my main make up bag are utilized after work on Friday nights, when a lil bit of pepping up is needed before heading out for the weekend!

Spilling Contents!

Dior Lip Glow: Been looving this lately. It's the perfect watery pink color, I do find the more I re apply the more fuscia it turns, granted a wearable fusica, but at 10:45 AM on a Wednesday at work is not Fuiscia hour, so I need to control myself from re applying this non stop
(not easy! bc I love it, SPF to boot!)

Rimmel Pencil Liner: This is not that special. I just carry around a retractable pencil liner ( no sharpening) to fill in my lower waterline when I look dead, it makes a huge difference!
More of a Friday thing, I don't wear too much liner in the office

Ralph Lauren Romance: Always nice to give yourself a little scent that is not over powering before meeting someone! Roller balls are great for that. You are able to try many perfumes without the commitment of a huge bottle

Mirror: Forever 21, I've had this for years! Best $3 dollar investment ever

Dior Sculpting Concealer: I tend to rub my eyes a lot ( a habit I am working on) so I usually rub off my concealer and this is quick and easy! I like doe foots because you can just sweep it on. This also can help with minor spots if you are in a bind

Dior Inimitable Intense Mascara: Mascara of the moment and loving it

NARS Dolce Vita Lip gloss: I love putting this on Friday nights before dinner. Darker than a normal everyday color, but not over powering like a red. 6pm in the summer is still bright out, so you don't need to be Queen of the Night with the lipsticks
This is effortless and a beautifully pigmented gloss

MAC Taupographic Shade stick: I like having an eye shadow where I don't need to carry around brushes. Just apply this on your finger, and blend it out, easy!

Clarins Lip Perfector in 01: Gloss I have yet to use, but will be using over my Dior Lip Glow once I am out of my current lip balm as a topper, gorgeous light pink, moisturizing gloss

Tide Stick Pen: If you don't have this, GET IT! Nothing is worse than wearing white ( oh yes, it WILL be white) before a meeting, and droplets of coffee before a presentation! One of those, today can't get any worse, but at least this helped me survive
Many people I know don't seem to use this correctly. You have press down on the spot, and the pen will retract and release the liquid soap, no water needed!

MAC Fix + To go! Love this to re freshen the face, again once work is over, and if you re powder and were a bit over zealous

NARS O Illuminator: I need a highlighter in my bag, for sure! it wakes up the face!! Another Friday night secret, are you seeing a pattern with me and the reapplications?

Rose Bud Salve: Sheer and pink, it does not last long, but I love the tin, and the rose scent.

Sephora Electro Liner in Copper
Somehow this was hiding in my bag during the initial pictures! This is perfect for the lower lash line for me! I don't wear black on the waterline during work, I think it looks a bit harsh, but THIS, this is perfect. I apply this and it just adds a bit of definition so I look like I actually posses lower lashes, and since the color is not strong, even if it smudges or fades, it's not a big deal, it just blends seamlessly

Love this! One of my co workers swears by the Khaki colored Electro liner and it looks AMAZING on her, I must get that next!

I carry two make up bags, but one is teeny tiny. I use this mainly to separate out my oily skinned needs, and on the weekends I add in a lip gloss, and this is all I carry around

As minimal as I get

Bag: Japanese Magazine Free Bee Pouch, MAC Ample Pink Plush glass, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Boscia Blotting Linens (HG), Eco Tools mini kabuki

What's in your make up bag?


  1. Great post. :D I don't really carry a make-up bag...but if I did I'd probably carry minimal, but similar things. ^^

  2. i love 'what's in your makeup bag' posts. so interesting.
    completely agree, even as a beauty blogger and makeup lover - i rarely put more make up on throughout the day. just a bit of lipstick and powder but that's about it. i think good makeup should last all day. been reading great reviews about the maybelline matte powder - will have to check it out x

  3. Love what you carry with you! Rosebud Salve also sit nexts to me on my nighttable ;) Also, I had to get that mini bottle of Fix+ because it was too darn cute! ;) Annnd oil blotting sheets are a must!

  4. i Love your picks. My feeling are the same with the lip gloss. Like yesterday, I don't know what happened but I forgot to wear blush haha... but that was okay the lip glow help brighten my face nicely. It's really, really long lasting too. I don't reapply makeup unless they are lip products or even a concealer for a touch up. I also carry the rosebud salve everywhere (i have a squeezable tube) My makeup is pretty empty, which is good because I carried a ton of stuff before and it feels a bit lighter now :P Thanks so much for sharing!! great post :D

  5. Oh that mini Fix + is fantastic...didn't know they did a mini one! I love Ample Pink Plushglass too and I kinda want to try that Dior concealer now!

  6. Love this post. I need to get a Tide pen. I have Oxy clean spray and it does not work. T_T Your MU bags make me want to clean out mine and minimize what I carry too. I always carry blotting sheets and chapstick for sure. If I do wear gloss, I will bring the one I'm wearing for touch ups but it's rare. The F21 mirror is cute! Love the mini Fix + too. I have a few facial sprays but they're huge.

  7. Your makeup bag contents look so chic (even the Tide To Go haha)! I don't carry many actual makeup products with me because I don't like applying makeup in public, partially due to germaphobic reasons. I have a few lipglosses, sometimes a lipstick, lipbalm with SPF, blotting paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, eye drops, a mirror with a comb, hand lotion, and travel perfume vials. :)

  8. I'm obsessed with the rimmel liners! For me, they're very similar to the mac power point liners. I also carry a tide to go pen with me everywhere! My family nicknamed me the cleaning lady because I always use this when someone spills!

  9. I am lemming on Dior Lip Glows at the moment~

    I really like what you carry around in your makeup bag =)

  10. lots of adorable things! do you like mac's ample pink glass? i have heard lots about that color. and do you find that the maybelline dream matte powder controls oil well?

  11. I love this post, it looks like everything is so organized! LOL on the blotting under the cubicle.

    I like the idea of separating skincare stuff from everything else. And your peacock mirror, and the darker gloss for nights (why didn't I think of that?) AND carrying around a little tube of NARS O. Thanks for all great ideas!

  12. hehehe most of the items i really use are in the little bag the rest are really more for date night =)

  13. yup i def blv in primer, if you have a good base you really should not be re apply much but powder is a must esp in the summer! my skin has been less oily due to my skin care routine, but as you can see i hit pan on the maybelline so i like it!

  14. isnt the fix + cute??? thats the biggest anticipation item ive had from MAC for a while! I am almost done with Rose bud salve!! it took forever!!! im like crazy proud for some bizarre reason! Boscia blotting linens are the best!!

  15. hahahha i know i carry alot of stuff i really should just carry that mini bag and bring the big one on Fridays before seeing my bf! Dior lip glow is easy, moisturizing, and i have yet to see a person who has a bad color come from the product!

  16. the mini Fix + is semi new and can be found at MAC counters near the register. When I am finished, I am going to refill it! i mainly got it for the bottle for re filling! i love ample pink too! best mac gloss i have tried! the concealer is quite nice! i have been on the look out for an HG concealer, the search is never ending! i want to try cinema secrets next

  17. The tide pen is gold girl!!! i always buy like the packs of 3!!! haha do u carry alot of stuff? i am always chucking things in but then i take them out bc i dont want to carry my collection around lol

  18. hahaha thank you! tide pen's can be chic! during the day i actually just blot once and chapstick all day i really cant be bothered re applying, but what you carry is very practical and useful! =)

  19. hahaha what a funny name! just bc you had the tide pen!? once my co workers saw wat it did everyone ran out to get one!!! the rimmel is one of the best of drugstore i have found, i just look for whatever is retractable lol

  20. thanks so much!!! Dior Lip Glow is excellent for summer, esp with the spf and the shades of pink it turns the more you layer so it's multiple shades!

  21. thanks! i REALLY like the ample pink plush glass!! it has a tingling sensation but nothing noticable but the color is perfect over any pink lipstick! it looks a bit dark and mauve in the tube but i swear it goes on sheer with just the perfect amt of color. I am DEF repurchasing. It's the only mac gloss i have said that for. The rest of the shades i have tried just gather dust...
    Maybelline dream matte controls oil pretty well, prob about 3.5 hours?( i use to blot only, i set with bare minerals, mineral veil) the coverage is very sheer but the oil control is def there. When you open the powder it's pretty fine for drugstore but there are bumps in it, i don't know why but it does not effect the powder at all. I like this powder so much i have one in my make up bag, one at work, and one at home, so i can always retouch no matter wat!

    hope that helped!

  22. hehehe i swear im under my cubicle when all my neighbors step away and i try to do it super quick!!

    i seperate the skin care so i can just grab and go instead of rummaging around. I love that mirror, and yes a dark gloss for nights is a 1 step wonder! I don't darken the crease of my eye shadow, or add more make up... im way too tired for that haha

    Highlighting at the end of the day gives your face an absolute boost! Mini highlight is a must for me
    All fast steps to a fresh face, that's what I look for!

  23. oo i will be sure to check out ample pink! you have me convinced. and good to know it is good at oil control. i really love mac's msfn but it does NOTHING for oil control. thanks for your detailed and helpful input!

  24. oh the serphora pencil looks stunning!!!!

    You've got one too many lip balms.. hehe I carry like 3 or 4 in my bag =P

  25. me too! I hate carrying around a sharpener with me, so I just pop the rimmel in my purse.

  26. i love that liner! hahaha do i carry too many =P ?

  27. i agree! i don't often reapply my makeup because I don't want to seem high maintenance. i have really oily skin, so i have to blot too! tide to go pens also are amazing-i always have one because i am so messy! love this post :)

  28. I need that mini fix+! I love Dior Lip Glow as well, I have one in my makeup bag and one in my purse. It's amazing stuff, and yeah hard not to just pile it on because when it gets too can be a little scary :) Love your mini makeup bag! Oh and I agree on the Tide pen..those things are invaluable.

  29. That mini MAC Fix+ is super cute!!!x


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