Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dior Lifting Amber 642

For a few years I have been collecting shadows here and there, but my go to palette was actually a free bee from Lancome. Recently I hit pan on all the shadows and noticed the palette was pretty much going to be done soon. Thus started my search for my new "go to" palette. Creating quads from MAC, and scouring palettes from all brands, but then I saw this, did a double take, came back as soon as I could, and my new go to palette has been found

For work, and everyday, I really prefer a palette. I like how all the colors are picked out and you know they should work together. Pick and choose which shade you want, or use them all.
I saw this in the department store and did a double take! *Cue in the angels*
I really love Dior eye shadows, but most of the palettes have a pink shade, which is ok....but you know when you have a palette and don't really love 1 shade, for me it's usually the pink.

I tried looking up reviews of this palette while still in the store (anyone else do this?) but saw nothing! It seems like no one has spoken of this even though it was part of Dior Summer of 2011!

Dior had come out with four Lifting Palette in the Series.
Lifting Ivory, Rose, Grey, and Amber

The palette is quite different from other palettes which are part of Dior's line. When I looked at the display and saw this palette, I asked if this was old, the lady informed me it was part of the summer collection. I asked her " So why does it look so old???" the middle shade looked DESTROYED. I touched it and thought it was a cream shadow, she informed me it was actually a Dior eye base!

I could not find too many details, but apparently the base + shadows holds over 40 active skin care ingredients that would be beneficial for the eyes, infused in their formulas. I knew Dior skin care always seemed to work on me, so to my ears this was promising.
I honestly don't picture much happening to my eyes with these added ingredients, but it's always nice to have an extra boost

I apply the cream over my eye lid primer, the cream is not a primer and does not keep shadow on. It may sound like an additional step but I have noticed the colors seem more vibrant when adding on the cream

There is a highlight shade, a peach shade which when applied on my lids looks like a very light amber color -not orange (whew), strong brown, and a brown gel liner!

This palette comes with a cream, three powder shadows, and a gel liner - this sounded like the complete package to me and I was sold!
I thought, I wouldn't need to carry around a separate liner, it's in the palette, which was unbelievably convenient

The peach and highlight shade are not very pigmented in comparison to most Dior shadows. I liked this. In the morning, it's a whirl wind in my house. I am flying around the house, eating toast, probably late, coffee brewing,and ironing my skirt WHILE wearing it -multi tasking

Make up kinda of just happens...when you are ironing clothes as you wear them you are a bit distracted and heavily pigmented shadows can easily go less pigmented shades are fine by me. The brown is beautifully pigmented so I have to be careful with that, and the gel liner is an amazing espresso shade that does last all day. It states the gel can also be a brow liner, but I have never used it for this purpose

I apply the peach to the inner 1/3rd of my eyes, the brown at the corner and blend in the middle. Highlight my brow bone, and whack on the gel liner. If my hair is up, I kitten flick it for an uplifting eye look, if my hair is down, I apply brown liner on the lower lash line - a mental balance thing...

Below are swatches, I did not swatch the eye cream as it goes on pretty clear
R-L (White highlight, Peach, Brown, Gel Liner) - The gel liner goes on darker when applied on the lash line, looks lighter here as it has been spread out

The swatches were taken with indoor lighting, since our weather has been crap...the peach shade did swatch very pink but I assure you on the lids it looks like a light amber! also since it has a warm amber tone, in dim lighting, or candle lighting, you can see it has green micro shimmer! Sooo flattering, orange and green are complimentary on the color wheel and perfectly match each other. It is not as apparent in normal indoor lighting, but a pleasant surprise!
*These shadows last all day on my eyes with primer*

Do you have a go to palette? I have found mine!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Holy Grail Moisturizers

I'm pretty much a skin care whore. I love make up but when I reach a limit I tend to stop myself, with skin care, the ceiling seems endless...

I currently have one new moisturizer left to try in my skin care drawer, from La Roche Posay. Once I finished that item off, I am pretty much set for the next few years on this subject. I now know all the moisturizers I can live by all year long for the indefinite future - quite an accomplishment for a tester fiend like myself!

Summer Moisturizers
Light, while hydrating is what my combo oily skin needs in summer months. I get pretty slick during the day so gel formulas work best for me when the temperature rises

Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel : My second bottle! I had used the lotion version for years, but the gel is what my skin needed and is an absolute dream for my skin type.
If you have oily skin, and find yourself getting oilier through the day (more than 1 blotting sheet a day) you may not be moisturizing your skin enough. With this gel based formula 2 pumps is more than enough for my face and neck. When I use this in the summer I know my skin is hydrated because on no make up days when I look at my skin, I don't see shine! After hours of application, if you still look pretty shine free, your skin is balanced and happy. This is my go to summer moisturizer for perfect balance.

Clinique's Moisture Surge: I actually don't use this as a moisturizer alone. I use this on top of moisturizer throughout the year whenever I have flakiness. Flakiness for me, happens when I am a bit over zealous with the acne creams and pretty much bomb my face with the stuff. Even oily skin can flake with those crazy potions, I dab this on, and flakes be gone!

Spring and All Around
When cold weather turns warmer, the skin is going from dry to oilier and this lotion brings everything to it's center of balance

If I could only choose 1 moisturizer out of this bunch to use all year, the best all around moisturizer is hands down Olay Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin -Formerly Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin

This has stood the test of time. It's changed names and packaging, but many grandmothers swear by what used to be called Oil of Olay

This stuff is AMAZING. I have like 3 new ones stock piled on my shelf because I will never be without this.

If my skin is oily, I just put a coin size amount to my entire face for complete hydration
In the winter, I apply a more generous portion, and tend to estimate in the spring.

When I went on some crazy acne treatment and my skin went bizerk this stuff saved my life in a matter of mere days. When my skin was drier and flakier than any one's I had ever seen this light, gentle, and fast absorbing formula was something my skin pretty much drank in like holy water and fixed in an instant.

Great things don't mean they have to be expensive, this is my ultimate Holy Grail.

If you can only buy 1, buy this one!!

*If you have drier skin, I would recommend the original formula which seems more rich, but I personally can't stand the smell, so I opt for sensitive*
* I have heard mixed reviews on the version with SPF*

Winter Months
Thick, creamy, and a WHOOSH of hydration is what I'm looking for when my skin is parched

Estee Lauder's Hydrationist for Dry Skin:
Yup, dry skin formula, you read right. I have tried the formula for combination skin, and found it a bit..slippery...the dry skin formula is more absorbent. It smells very fresh, and is not heavy or greasy. It's a lotion cream that feels whipped and absorbs into the skin making it look very healthy, and glowing.
Also when using this, my make up always seems to glide on better, as if the base was an improved texture for application

*If you actually have dry skin, the dry skin formula I think would not be hydrating enough, despite the name. *

Creme de la Mer:
Probably one of the most famous moisturizer in the world
Yes, I succumbed to the stories and bought this. It has over 1000 reviews of being perfection!
This cream is very good. I mean very good, but you have to have the right skin type to use it.
You will only see the complete manifestation of the power this moisturizer has, IF your skin is dry.

If you have generally oily skin or combo oily skin in the winter, you can skip this and save your money. If you have dry skin, or normal-dry skin this may be the last moisturizer you will ever use in your life.

The price is pretty steep, but you only need the TINIEST amount for your whole face. I only use this in the winter, when my skin is pretty red, and is flaking off (gross I know) but I literally use less than a pea size for my whole face. I have had this 1 oz tub for going on 3 years! (again I only use this in the winter) but when your skin is red, raw, peeling, flaking, apply this and in the morning, be prepared for some normalcy. Even though I only use this sparingly, and during a small part of the year, the fact that it has lasted me so long, and the results I achieve when I am in a SOS state, makes me run to repurchase this when I am out.

When I'm a bit Spotty...
It happens, and when it does, I turn to this

Burts Bees Natural Acne Solutions
I have tried a few Burts Bees items, but this is the complete stand out product
Many acne moisturizers, are not very moisturizing. They assume the consumer has oily skin, so creates a light formula with acne treatments that can easily ball up and can be difficult to spread.
This is light,actually hydrating ( just enough) and delivers acne aid
In terms of miniaturization, I only use this at night, and need about 2 pumps
It doesn't deeply hydrate, but it leaves combo-oily skinned comfortable enough, I sometimes wish it did add a bit more moisture, but the formula is JUST barely reaching adequate levels of moisture for the night. I use this because this is best acne moisturizer I have found which actually works, while moisturizing on a decent level
Salicylic acid of 1.0% is not high, but layered with acne washes, or acne creams, it really can give problematic skin that extra boost

*I only use this at night because when I apply salicylic acid on my face during the day, and expose myself to the sun, my acne marks get darker, regardless of how high, or how much spf I apply for protection*

There you have it. My exhaustive long list of HG moisturizers. Who says you can only have 1 HG? Skin changes all year. Have you found your HG moisturizer(s)?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

La Roche Posay Looking My Way

La Roche Posay, I think I like you. I really do.

You may have notice your local pharmacy shelves sprouting up the French brand of La Roche Posay. I have tried two of the products from the line and am quite smitten with the overseas import.

Anthelios 60 Sunscreen

For years I have been devoted to my Dior Snow Sunscreen but it has taken a back seat this summer once trying Anthelios 60 Sunscreen. My new go to summer screen!
I have heard that this is a multiple award winner through the years in various European magazines and polls.
I love the fact that it is categorized slightly depending on skin type, I chose oily sensitive skin. Perfection!

The consistency is very runny. You shake the bottle up to mix the ingredients, and when you release it from the top funnel design it pretty much rushes out. It has a very thin consistency and once applied to the face rapidly falls downwards. Time to rub it in, fast!

I found applied right after moisturizer it leaves a satin finish which turns matte in about 5 minutes. When used after letting moisturizer sink in already for 5 minutes, it turns matte instantaneously.

-Various formulas to suit different skin types
-Fairly accessible
-Dries to a light and matte finish
- Absorbs quickly without any residue left on the face
-Water resistant
-No breakouts or clogged pores due to usage
-Have use over and around eyes with no adverse effects

-Semi Pricey $30
- Due to the runny consistency even if you get a good amount of product in the bottle, it runs out fairly quickly, I would assume
-No real directions on how much to use on your whole face, the first time I accidentally applied a boatload =X
-Due to the packaging & consistency, not clear when you are running low, or nearly out of product
-Smells like sunscreen (this fades a few minutes after application)

I still love and will continue to use my Dior Snow Sunscreen for the cooler seasons (thicker consistency) but I love the light fluidy formula La Roche Posay have developed which makes this my ideal sunscreen for summer

Active C Eye Cream

Going to have to thank gorgeous blogger Blushingloves for this one. Her review convinced me to give this a shot when I was looking for my next eye cream

In short, I was using Khiels and in about 3 days I had developed out of no where crows feet...I used it every single night and nothing happened they just got worse. I assumed it was *gulp* age and tried to just face it, but I knew I hated the eye cream I was using. I finished it because it was costly admit tingly, and will probably never go back

Active C was next in line. I knew I wanted something to help my fine lines and prevent new ones. After 3 days of using Active C, my crows feet greatly diminished, and the lines were no longer as wide spread? on my eyes. They were actually getting shorter after only 3 uses ( I only use this at night)

I have continued to use this with far more faith. After the initial and thankful miracle happened to my eyes, no real further progression has passed, but no further damage either.

I think if you are young-ish (mid 20's +) this is an excellent preventative eye cream. It comes out in a semi glazed gel, and is easily absorbed.

-Fairly accessible
-Price is fair $40 - not outrageous in the world of eye creams for anti aging
-Non irritating
-Seemingly positive results and a good preventative measure for someone attempting to cease early signs of fine lines

-Results can be a bit slow to notice ( this is not 100% a bad thing, so long as results happen)
-Unaware of results after fine lines have been deep set for an extended period (Personal con)

After Active C I will try to look for another eye cream, but if I am stuck deciding between products, I would gladly repurchase this. I think the price is fair, and the results are for my current needs quite satisfying

Due to the success of these two products I have also picked up the Daily Mattifying Moisturizer, and the Effaclar K Gel Cleanser to try in the future

La Roche <span class=La Roche-<span class=

Have you tried anything from La Roche Posay that you have enjoyed, or not enjoyed?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Blogging - Table of Contents

Back to Beauty Blogging! I have a lot of catching up to do since P10P and my blog sale is over (Thank you to everyone again who helped!!)
I have purchased a few things with some more coming in the mail, but not a huge list. A how to survive P10P post will be coming around in the future, but until then, let's see what I have on my "To Post List", shall we?

Upcoming Posts for the next few days :

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl

This person is so cute right? Her little fan is like she is pointing at the products, like those glamour girls on the Price is Right

Rimmel 8 Hour Color Mousse in Glitz

Some La Roche Posay goodies

Bobbi Brown Blush in Apricot

New Dior Eye shadows in Lifting Amber

Get ready for some reviews everyone!!!!
Even bloggers can get lazy on a Monday, sorry for the nada post, I just wanted to show case the little fan girl =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lancome's Hidden Gem of a Foundation

OK, the title is pretty wrong. This is by no way a hidden gem in Lancome's eyes. This foundation is their most sold foundation (ever) probably because it's been around for over 20 years, and was recently listed as one of the brands top 10 innovation products. So why is this a hidden gem? Because I don't ever hear anyone talk about it! And I have no idea why. So it's time to give this powder some blogging spot light

My one and only powder foundation. I don't even look at other powders in stores because of this baby.

I have been pretty dedicated to Lancome's mineral foundation all summer but one day, I got freaking tired of adding mineral veil into the powder to keep me matte, so I dabbed on concealer and whacked on this powder with a huge powder brush, and left. Period.

Dual Finish is a matte powder foundation. You can apply it a few ways, hence the name dual finish. Wet or dry.

Dry - Can either be applied over liquid foundation/Tinted moisturizer, as a setting powder, or used alone over concealer and according to their instructions "well moisturized skin" for a soft matte effect
You don't stay matte, I blot in about 4 hours, but I don't need to re powder, once I re powder I get oily again with this foundation
(Too much powder, creates more oil)
I blot once, and that's the end of it.
I like that I don't stay matte, adding a bit of shine to the skin is more natural, I just don't want to look like a grease ball, but if you like the matte look, a touch up is easily done

This powder comes with a poof which I have never used - I have no idea how to clean a poof...

If you over powdered- Fix + or any other hydration product can fix that in a spritz

Wet - Take a damp sponge with water squeezed out, and spread it into the powder. It will turn into an almost cream foundation and apply over your face for a more full coverage look
The powder also comes with a sponge, which I have never used. I just use disposables

In the winter, I spritz my face with fix + after primer to give the powder something to stick to, spritz the sponge with fix + ( I think it is more long lasting than water this way) and spread an even layer over my face.
Perfect. My skin looks sooooooo naturally clear, almost porcelain like?

It does NOT look fake. I asked a few people and everyone thought I was wearing nothing (win!)

Of course if you go to town with the sponge, you're going to look like a cakey mess. The coverage can be built to high, but I prefer a thin even layer over the face to get rid of general ruddiness

It comes with a ginormous mirror, and one of these compacts lasts a ridiculous amount of time because you get .62 oz of powder (huge)

I have read numerous reviews on this powder and have noticed just about all the negative reviews online were due to 1 reason. The smell. Granted, I recently went to the store and took a whiff of what everyone was complaining about and ugh.. they're right! It has a super strong baby powder smell which I hate - I believe the industry term is "classic"

Well, you may be asking, why I just recently went and took a smell at a powder, which I already own?
Because I read reviews on this before I purchased, and took the route which I highly suggest to anyone who is sensitive to smells, or has sensitive skin

This is the secret

They sell Fragrance Free
(added fragrance adds oils to products which is not needed)

Fragrance Free is only available at Lancome Counters, Sephora sells the original version with Fragrance

You have heard me sing praises in the past about Maybelline Dream Matte powder (which I love to blot, if I touch up) but this powder looks less powdery, and has more coverage - I will continue to repurchase both regardless. They're both winners in my book

The pictures above look new because I recently picked up a back up of this powder. Yes, a repurchase, a rarity in my life.
My first powder lasted about two years with regular use, and it's still going!

This post was scheduled for today because !!!

Lancome currently has a current Gift with Purchase at MACY's for any products over $35, this, is $35.50 =)

Free 7-<span class=

Do you have any powder foundation favorites?

PS: Just wanted to THANK YOU!! to all who participated or promoted my blog sale!!!!
Special shout out to Christine, who went above and beyond!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Currently Obsessed with...

Bronzers! specifically Day Dream Luminous Bronzer by Edward Bess, oh yes, this will be mine

There are not many photos of this bronzer online, and I did not want to take the image from another blog so for those of you who don't know what Edward Bess looks like, it's quite a sight...
This guy, just looks like he knows beauty, right?

He is also incredibly young to have such a make up line - inspiring!!

Edward Bess

Also on my list is Chanel's Terre Ambré which I hope to pick up in Duty Free!

<span class=

Girl Crush of the moment, Miss Emma Stone! She looks amazing both as a blond and a red head, but I prefer her with darker hair, seems more striking

I have actually never seen any of her acting...

Lipstick I am obsessed with this week
Sephora Rouge in R15 Decolette

Natural Skin Care

I am in one of my phases and am purchasing all natural skin care to try next. First up being Korres White Tea Cleanser! Will be trying this soon!

White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser

Maxi Skirts!!

I have tried on a few but have yet to find one that fits properly grr! Damn my shortness!

Alexander Wang Emile Tote

Yes, it's not very flashy but the Rose Gold accent makes it a bit different, I love how the label is very well disguised, and I know this would be the perfect bag for work

What are your current obsessions/lust items?

*Please be reminded that I will be hosting a blog sale on Sunday 8/14/11 starting 12:00 noon New York Time! *

Please come and take a Look!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Currently in the Rotation

The things I have been reaching for this week

August has been quite a mix of skin care and make up experimenting

Khiels Are Earth Feep Pore Daily Cleanser:
Current daily exfoliator. The texture of this is amazing. If you are scared to scrub your face everyday, but want to amp up your weekly scrub, try this. It's not your typical scrub partical. It's soft, like French clay mixed with water, as if super soft non course sand. It's hard to explain, this fizzles more than foams, but again, another product which does not seem to be doing the job for my skin at the moment. I am also using the corresponding clay toner, and have the same feeling as the cleanser. Khiels, a brand I want to love, and keep trying, but I just get no love back...

Just my intiaial reaction, it's only been a week, I think skin has to get a bit worse before it get's better. Constant purging, fun...

Origins Get out of Trouble Mask
Current mask of the moment. This is not bad, but I prefer Khiels Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Kind Bars: Food obsession of the week. I have now tried about 9 flavors and anything with an orange edging as a wrapper get's a huge thumbs up from moi!

Origins Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Lotion
A new product in my regime for sensitive skin, this is not bad, but I just don't think it suits my skin at it's current state, and may blog sale this, which is sad.
I swear Origins, I want to love you, but you just hate me, don't you?

Fragrance of the moment is my new Fresh Citron de Vigne
Inspired by Champagne. Crisp and clean with feminimity.
I wish the lasting power was longer on this, I really do. I would buy the biggest bottle they sell if it did

My Current Go to Bronzer

From the Body Shop, review is coming up!
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - Limited Edition for Summer
In short this is amazing for people of paler complections and I am in shade 03 Medium, and could even go for the darkest shade at my NC 25 state.

Every girl needs a little Chanel

Winter Night's Palette. I was stuck between this and Regards Perle. I ended up with this and could not be happier. I have not even had thoughts of going back to get Regards Perle because I am too smitten at the moment with this beauty. For office ladies out there, the below is a nice investment. Demure sophistication is how I describe these shades

And the Pencil to go with it
Black Jade, great name. A black with a shimmering green undertone. Not like the new MAC Smolder, this green is more dark emerald and add's just the right amount of hue to the waterline to really make brown eyes more bambi like. Does smear a bit though. Something I did not know, all Chanel khol pencils come with a sharpener. I thought that was a nice touch haha

Small Obsessions

Sabon Hand Cream in Lavender and Rose (Violet Shown in picture)
I have been taking out all my best hand creams because I got tired of waiting to use them. I bought these things to enjoy not stare at. Sabon makes amazing body products, and their hand creams smell subliminaly divine

Dior Apricot Clouche Gloss 436
My only Dior gloss but it's amazing! Non sticky, perfect shimmer ratio, peachy apricot color laced with a tinge of pink. I have been so satisfied with this, I have not even felt a need to buy another Dior gloss until this is complete. Can't expect much less from Dior. Everything I have tried from them has been a complete winner


Sephora Rouge Lipstick in R15 Decolette
This color looks natural but still stands out, I hope that makes sense. Another color to add to my appropriate for work pile. Quite creamy in texture, but make sure to use balm first, it does seep into lines, eek

Winter Nights, Bronzer, Sephora Lipstick, Dior Gloss

What have you been reaching for this week?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting For Something Special - YSL Créme de Blush 1 - Velvet Peach

Have you ever had things in your collection just too nice to use? You buy it, look at it, are super happy but never touch it. "It's too pretty" "I'll wait for something special"

This was in my make up collection for a while, IN THE BOX, never being used. I have come to realize in P10P
Everyday is special. That miraculaous incredible meeting the President, while having your wedding, while curing cancer all in the same day is not coming, so let's celebrate today, shall we?

While being on P10P I have created a "To buy once this is over" list. Not is such blunt words, but that is the jist of the situation. On the list was MAC's Something Special BlushCreme. Lemming and google photos aside I realized... don't I have something like this... and isnt mine..YSL???

That finger print is KILLING ME - how did I not see that during the photo shooting??

I finally got the guts to pull this baby out of it's precious looking gold box, slowly dabbed my finger in for application, and used it. I used my something special, and have been using it for a few days.

It's a beautiful natural peach color with just the tiniest bit of pink. On the skin it barely translates the pink. On the skin it's incredibly natural, dries to a powder finish, more like the Top Shop cream blushes than NARS, and is very nice.

This picture is heavily edited in lighting to try to show the EXACT color you will see if you see this product in person

I doubt I would buy any more of these, the price is quite high. I think you are paying for the little packaging really. The color is perfect for work, and au natural days, and though I like it, the fact that I realized today was special enough to use it, a Wednsday of all days, makes this something special indeed. ~Cue in the cheesy music~

Indoor's by a window lighting? haha
Please excuse the mini spots, my new skin care products have not been loving me

Do you have items kept away, waiting for that oh so appropriate moment to bust out?
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