Thursday, August 11, 2011

Currently in the Rotation

The things I have been reaching for this week

August has been quite a mix of skin care and make up experimenting

Khiels Are Earth Feep Pore Daily Cleanser:
Current daily exfoliator. The texture of this is amazing. If you are scared to scrub your face everyday, but want to amp up your weekly scrub, try this. It's not your typical scrub partical. It's soft, like French clay mixed with water, as if super soft non course sand. It's hard to explain, this fizzles more than foams, but again, another product which does not seem to be doing the job for my skin at the moment. I am also using the corresponding clay toner, and have the same feeling as the cleanser. Khiels, a brand I want to love, and keep trying, but I just get no love back...

Just my intiaial reaction, it's only been a week, I think skin has to get a bit worse before it get's better. Constant purging, fun...

Origins Get out of Trouble Mask
Current mask of the moment. This is not bad, but I prefer Khiels Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Kind Bars: Food obsession of the week. I have now tried about 9 flavors and anything with an orange edging as a wrapper get's a huge thumbs up from moi!

Origins Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Lotion
A new product in my regime for sensitive skin, this is not bad, but I just don't think it suits my skin at it's current state, and may blog sale this, which is sad.
I swear Origins, I want to love you, but you just hate me, don't you?

Fragrance of the moment is my new Fresh Citron de Vigne
Inspired by Champagne. Crisp and clean with feminimity.
I wish the lasting power was longer on this, I really do. I would buy the biggest bottle they sell if it did

My Current Go to Bronzer

From the Body Shop, review is coming up!
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - Limited Edition for Summer
In short this is amazing for people of paler complections and I am in shade 03 Medium, and could even go for the darkest shade at my NC 25 state.

Every girl needs a little Chanel

Winter Night's Palette. I was stuck between this and Regards Perle. I ended up with this and could not be happier. I have not even had thoughts of going back to get Regards Perle because I am too smitten at the moment with this beauty. For office ladies out there, the below is a nice investment. Demure sophistication is how I describe these shades

And the Pencil to go with it
Black Jade, great name. A black with a shimmering green undertone. Not like the new MAC Smolder, this green is more dark emerald and add's just the right amount of hue to the waterline to really make brown eyes more bambi like. Does smear a bit though. Something I did not know, all Chanel khol pencils come with a sharpener. I thought that was a nice touch haha

Small Obsessions

Sabon Hand Cream in Lavender and Rose (Violet Shown in picture)
I have been taking out all my best hand creams because I got tired of waiting to use them. I bought these things to enjoy not stare at. Sabon makes amazing body products, and their hand creams smell subliminaly divine

Dior Apricot Clouche Gloss 436
My only Dior gloss but it's amazing! Non sticky, perfect shimmer ratio, peachy apricot color laced with a tinge of pink. I have been so satisfied with this, I have not even felt a need to buy another Dior gloss until this is complete. Can't expect much less from Dior. Everything I have tried from them has been a complete winner


Sephora Rouge Lipstick in R15 Decolette
This color looks natural but still stands out, I hope that makes sense. Another color to add to my appropriate for work pile. Quite creamy in texture, but make sure to use balm first, it does seep into lines, eek

Winter Nights, Bronzer, Sephora Lipstick, Dior Gloss

What have you been reaching for this week?


  1. I have Winter Night and I nevvvver reach for it! I need to put this baby on! :D Awesome post! I am so nosy, I love to see what people are wearing!

  2. My favs of the week have been my Buxom Stay There shadow in Collie and Joe Fresh cream blush in Melon. That Chanel palette looks sooo lovely! Thanks for swatching it too! ;) Also, Dior gloss looks fresh and juicy! May need to get one of those. I got one of those Kind bars in my birchbox (well, they forgot it and sent one to me) I had to put it in the fridge bc it was all melty...well the boy found it and ate it on me :( LOL!

  3. i love to see what other ppl are using too, im nosy with women and their make up bags in the bathrooms hehe

  4. Collie seemed pretty and the Joe Fresh color looked AMAZING! so vibrant! The chanel palette has a great texture but not the most amazing payoff in 2 shades but i am still super smitten! love it more than YSL shadows (glitter city)
    The Dior lipgloss is so pretty!!
    The bars are yummy!!! if u see em, get one! esp with an orange edging!

  5. I'm obsessed with KIND bars! They're so yummy. I've always been interested in fresh fragrances, but I can't find a counter near me.

  6. the chanel quad looks really pretty, esp that blackened gold shade. i have never tried any dior glosses! i am trying to use up all the glosses i have now...or at least finish some...before i splurge on any more! it looks very lovely. who makes your fave glosses?

  7. KIND bars are yummy!!! They sell Fresh perfume in Sephora but not in the perfume area, in the skin care section for some reason?? lol

  8. that bloack olive shade is love! i love using it wet as a liner!!! my favorite glosses are Dior! yes i only own one, and i know it is my favorite! the formula is great! =D

  9. I like these posts! They're kind of like weekly hits and misses, if you will. I always wanted to use that phrase "if you will" haha.
    I have a lot of trouble finding skincare products that work for me too with my oily and acne prone skin. I can be really picky with products as I don't want ingredients such as alcohol in my skincare and I also can't afford to shell out insane amounts for something that may not work. The Chanel quad looks beautiful :) I've been really lazy lately and reaching for my Rimmel Smokey Brun quad a lot lately for a quick work appropriate eye.

  10. yup ur right! beauty bloggers can be finicky with their products bc we have to rotate. These are like my hits and misses for the week. All skin care were like prob bc theyre new. I always tend to break out when i try new skin care but I always think my skin is just purging and the new skin care is working. So i give it a few weeks.
    We have the same type of skin =)
    I am in love with Chanel this week but I am equally in love with some drug store palettes, this week Chanel was just the winner =)
    Ur good! when i was in school i didnt even wear make up! lol ur effort is outstanding to me

  11. I've been thinking about trying that Mushroom lotion when fall (and my super dry cold weather skin) rolls around. What don't you like about it? Have you tried out VitaZing? I really like it.

    This week I've been reaching for lots of bright lip colors! I've been tired and having allergy issues all week so I've been trying to limit my eye makeup, which for me always means a brighter lip! MAC Milan Mode and Cockney, and Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach were all in rotation this week. I also used Tarte Exposed blush almost every day this week, along with the Sleek Contour Kit. =)

  12. Origins just is not for me. I have tried Vitazing twice and it makes my face look greasy i have oily skin which may be the reason why. If you purchase the mega mushroom line I def recc the cream over the lotion as I personally dont feel it is very hydrating (lotion version)
    Your list this week sounds AWESOME
    Such a mix esp with the Sleek items!!! and Tarte Exposed is on my list to try!

  13. The Kiehls rare earth cleanser didn't work for me either! It wasn't the miracle product that I thought it would be, just another cleanser. I really want to pick up that perfume!

  14. Thanks for sharing what is in your rotation. I love Fresh scents, I have their lychee scent. ^^

    I want to try Kind Bars, first heard of them in a Birchbox review of all places. LOL I want to try everything in Kiehl's, great packaging and so many products. ^^

  15. That Kind bar looks delish! I've never heard of them before...where do you get them? Whole Foods or something like that? And I checked out those TBS bronzers when they were first released and I totally almost bought one! They all seem so nice :)

  16. I just got that Body Shop bronzer too! in the same shade. I love the honeycomb print on it.

  17. I have the same Dior Gloss)
    I like it!

  18. I like these mini reviews! easy to digest hehe.. sorry to hear some of the products haven't been working so well. origins stuff doesn't work well on my skin either! I've been reaching the same old :P I don't really change unless I run out of something or there's a problem with a skin I need to work on. I haven't worn eye-liner in a month... that's gotta be a record for me hahah! Great post!

  19. That Chanel palette is *drool* :) I love Citron de Vigne but also bemoan the lasting power. I suggest when Fresh puts out a holiday set with a mini vial of it, pick up one of those (maybe with a Sugar Rose treatment? The prettiest tint!) and then you can carry it around almost weightlessly for touch-ups.

  20. Oh bummer! I'll definitely try out the cream then. Tarte Exposed is gorgeous! I highly recommend it. It's my favorite blush at the moment.

  21. Oh no! You don't like the Origins mushroom serum? I've never tried it but I was thinking abt it for a long time. I have the Origins youth cream and it has a funky smell.
    I love your mini reviews on everything... gives me inspiration to try new things, and I love your photography :) I love Fresh scents!! I remember sampling the lychee one awhile ago. It smells like lychee in the tube but once it's on my skin, it has a whole different smell. Their bottles are soooo beautiful though! :)

  22. You have such an extensive set of skincare. I really need to take a leaf out of your notebook.

  23. I wanted to try the body shop's Honey Bronze but went with NYCs sunny instead... haha :) What do you think? Worth the extra $$?

  24. Just discovered your blog off christine and I've gone through almost every page today! lol. Great reviews & certainly helpful! :) Keep it up


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