Friday, August 12, 2011

Currently Obsessed with...

Bronzers! specifically Day Dream Luminous Bronzer by Edward Bess, oh yes, this will be mine

There are not many photos of this bronzer online, and I did not want to take the image from another blog so for those of you who don't know what Edward Bess looks like, it's quite a sight...
This guy, just looks like he knows beauty, right?

He is also incredibly young to have such a make up line - inspiring!!

Edward Bess

Also on my list is Chanel's Terre Ambré which I hope to pick up in Duty Free!

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Girl Crush of the moment, Miss Emma Stone! She looks amazing both as a blond and a red head, but I prefer her with darker hair, seems more striking

I have actually never seen any of her acting...

Lipstick I am obsessed with this week
Sephora Rouge in R15 Decolette

Natural Skin Care

I am in one of my phases and am purchasing all natural skin care to try next. First up being Korres White Tea Cleanser! Will be trying this soon!

White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser

Maxi Skirts!!

I have tried on a few but have yet to find one that fits properly grr! Damn my shortness!

Alexander Wang Emile Tote

Yes, it's not very flashy but the Rose Gold accent makes it a bit different, I love how the label is very well disguised, and I know this would be the perfect bag for work

What are your current obsessions/lust items?

*Please be reminded that I will be hosting a blog sale on Sunday 8/14/11 starting 12:00 noon New York Time! *

Please come and take a Look!


  1. ooo i love emma stone and the alexander wang bag! i like the rocco more though (totally on trend but whatever i love studs) i had no idea edward bess was that young!! i want to try out his products so bad because of beauty look book. esp his bronzer and cream blush

  2. isnt emma cute? she looks adorable in the new commercial for crazy stupid love! He IS so young!!! i think he launched his line when he was like 24!~ or somewhere in that range. It's pretty CRAZY lol

  3. Edward Bess has such nice items and packaging, first heard of it on the awesome lux blog Beauty Look Book. I love Emma Stone, red or blonde. I like her movie Zombieland but she did a Scarlet Letter type teen movie and it wasn't very good lol. Cool, will check out your blog sale. :)

  4. Emma Stone is quite the "IT" actress these days. She's in so many movies! heh. Agreed though, she can definitely work the light and dark hair colors.

    The Sephora lippie looks gorgeous!! And so does the Alexander Wang bag. Love that gold accent~ so pretty!!

    Looking forward to your blog sale!

  5. I need to try something (anything!) from Edward Bess' range! You should try watching some of Emma Stone's films too, she's way better than I expected her to be :) x

  6. the Beauty Look Book is like the one of the mecca website's for lux brand intros like Edward Bess. love it.
    Oh yes...easy A or something..looked like something not for me lol
    thanks for coming if u do on Sunday =)

  7. thanks so much! i wish i could pull off colors so easily!!! Hope you see something you like on Sunday =D

  8. oh really? then maybe I can rope the bf into Crazy Stupid Love !!
    I need that bronzer, I have heard so much about it with the affiliation of HG it just makes me curious beyodn belief

  9. Edward Bess, I wasn't sure it that was him or so beautiful woman. Is he wear the bronzer on this photo?

  10. hmm not sure of what make up he is wearing in the photo, sorry =(

  11. Emma stone looks beautiful as a red head - more so than being blonde IMO!

    Do this Edward guys is a makekup artist?!

    Love the Alexander Wang bag, it is perfect for work!

  12. hehehe Edward has his own line of make up available in Bergdorf Goodman NY and has a semi cult following for his niche brand
    I know when I first saw him, i was like...thats him!!??
    so young right?


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