Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dior Lifting Amber 642

For a few years I have been collecting shadows here and there, but my go to palette was actually a free bee from Lancome. Recently I hit pan on all the shadows and noticed the palette was pretty much going to be done soon. Thus started my search for my new "go to" palette. Creating quads from MAC, and scouring palettes from all brands, but then I saw this, did a double take, came back as soon as I could, and my new go to palette has been found

For work, and everyday, I really prefer a palette. I like how all the colors are picked out and you know they should work together. Pick and choose which shade you want, or use them all.
I saw this in the department store and did a double take! *Cue in the angels*
I really love Dior eye shadows, but most of the palettes have a pink shade, which is ok....but you know when you have a palette and don't really love 1 shade, for me it's usually the pink.

I tried looking up reviews of this palette while still in the store (anyone else do this?) but saw nothing! It seems like no one has spoken of this even though it was part of Dior Summer of 2011!

Dior had come out with four Lifting Palette in the Series.
Lifting Ivory, Rose, Grey, and Amber

The palette is quite different from other palettes which are part of Dior's line. When I looked at the display and saw this palette, I asked if this was old, the lady informed me it was part of the summer collection. I asked her " So why does it look so old???" the middle shade looked DESTROYED. I touched it and thought it was a cream shadow, she informed me it was actually a Dior eye base!

I could not find too many details, but apparently the base + shadows holds over 40 active skin care ingredients that would be beneficial for the eyes, infused in their formulas. I knew Dior skin care always seemed to work on me, so to my ears this was promising.
I honestly don't picture much happening to my eyes with these added ingredients, but it's always nice to have an extra boost

I apply the cream over my eye lid primer, the cream is not a primer and does not keep shadow on. It may sound like an additional step but I have noticed the colors seem more vibrant when adding on the cream

There is a highlight shade, a peach shade which when applied on my lids looks like a very light amber color -not orange (whew), strong brown, and a brown gel liner!

This palette comes with a cream, three powder shadows, and a gel liner - this sounded like the complete package to me and I was sold!
I thought, I wouldn't need to carry around a separate liner, it's in the palette, which was unbelievably convenient

The peach and highlight shade are not very pigmented in comparison to most Dior shadows. I liked this. In the morning, it's a whirl wind in my house. I am flying around the house, eating toast, probably late, coffee brewing,and ironing my skirt WHILE wearing it -multi tasking

Make up kinda of just happens...when you are ironing clothes as you wear them you are a bit distracted and heavily pigmented shadows can easily go less pigmented shades are fine by me. The brown is beautifully pigmented so I have to be careful with that, and the gel liner is an amazing espresso shade that does last all day. It states the gel can also be a brow liner, but I have never used it for this purpose

I apply the peach to the inner 1/3rd of my eyes, the brown at the corner and blend in the middle. Highlight my brow bone, and whack on the gel liner. If my hair is up, I kitten flick it for an uplifting eye look, if my hair is down, I apply brown liner on the lower lash line - a mental balance thing...

Below are swatches, I did not swatch the eye cream as it goes on pretty clear
R-L (White highlight, Peach, Brown, Gel Liner) - The gel liner goes on darker when applied on the lash line, looks lighter here as it has been spread out

The swatches were taken with indoor lighting, since our weather has been crap...the peach shade did swatch very pink but I assure you on the lids it looks like a light amber! also since it has a warm amber tone, in dim lighting, or candle lighting, you can see it has green micro shimmer! Sooo flattering, orange and green are complimentary on the color wheel and perfectly match each other. It is not as apparent in normal indoor lighting, but a pleasant surprise!
*These shadows last all day on my eyes with primer*

Do you have a go to palette? I have found mine!!


  1. *GHASP* This is so beautiful! I cannot believe it was overlooked for so long! I'm in LOVE!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. these look so gorgeous! I've never bought anything from dior (shock, horror!) but these look absolutely stunning. :D

  3. Right!!! i have no clue why NO ONE spoke of it!! when i saw it i didnt recognize it at all! its love

  4. Dior is an excellent brand! i have never been underwhelmed with any of the items i have tried from the brand -outside Dior show! lol

  5. Thanks for the pretty swatches. I don't have a to go palette b/c I'm an eyeshadow noob unfortunately. Christian Dior gives you a lot of variety and potential looks with four color shades though. :)

  6. I agree that sometimes it is nice to have less pigmented shadows on hand when you're in a rush. I don't have a go to palette but 3 single shadows, my plan is to find dupes from Inglot or MAC and create my own go to;) So thank you for the reminder that I need to do so (and try some Dior goodies!)

  7. I wish I had a go to. I'm a wanderer from season to season. Lately I just keep digging into the current season's NARS duo. I'm usually running late so not much time to layer =P

    This palette however looks very go-to worthy!

  8. Ha! to think Dior carries a palette containing both an eyeshadow base and a gel eyeliner, that's completely unexpected. Urban Decay and the rest, take note!


  9. I haven't had a go-to palette in so long! I'm really tempted to have one!

    This is SUCH a perfect palette - everyday shades with eyeliner and brows and a 'primer'. That's actually amazing, I bet it works out cheaper than buying individual products!

    I also love your mental balance thing lol I'd definitely give it a shot, it sounds good to me!

    I've actually recently been looking into Dior eyeshadow (despite vouching that I'd try not to look into Dior as their packaging always upsets me for being too OTT :P) but this is the best all-round one I've found yet! Do you know if it's LE?

  10. Oh! I have heard amazing things abt ingot!! Except their naming system! Hope u find ur Mac dupes dear, having a go to really saves alot of crazy mornings!!

  11. Nars duos are are also excellent! I have a few but have yet to find the perfect one. Imagine if try made quads? *swoon*

  12. I know! So handy! Can other brands notice! All in 1 convenience is sure to attract quite a few ppl! Dior is certainly full of surprises

  13. Glad u like this! The base I sill use a primer under neath but it feels good an makes the shadows seem brighter? The gel liner is amazing and lasts all day on me, I don't kno if I would use it on my brows but I would try if I was late enough!! No regrets on this palette! Nope I'm not sure if this is LE, I did not see much info of these palettes for some reason - annoying
    OTT really? Hmm I guess but I dont bring my palettes out of the house in fear of breakage and already amazing lasting power but it would be strange to just whip it out with huge DIOR on the front =P

  14. It's a lot to shell out but if it's worth it I may as well save! I did a tiny bit of research, doesn't look like they're LE I don't think so hopefully that's time to save haha.

    Lol for me it's a bit too extravagant, just a bit too much unnecessary decor - maybe I'm just a bit hippy and boring ;P But I totally know what you mean about breakage haha I do that when I travel with brushes!

  15. Maybe most bloggers who wrote about the Dior Summer 2011 didn't get free press samples of just this palette? ;) It appears the be dark side of popular beauty bloggers!
    I do like the color combo in this palette and I'm always attracted to multi-use palettes (so convenient to have the liner in there) but I always have to remind myself not to get a palette with creamy/gel products next to powdery ones because I can't stand the cross-"contamination"! That said, I bet this is beautiful on you :)

  16. I've been following a while but this is my first comment :)
    My go-to palette is wet n wild trio in Walking on Eggshells. I find myself reach out for it more than my MAC or even Naked Palette for no-brainer makeup days :)

  17. Gorgeous! Like I said on twitter, such a great palette for your travel makeup bag! I tend to take a pencil liner with me, and my go to palette of course, changes like the wind xD

  18. aww thats too bad, but i do hope u find the palette for u!!! i try to keep my palette clean by using seperate brushes and giving the palette a good sprtiz with alchol sprray every once in a while to keep it clean

  19. oh walking on egg shells seems very popular with many bloggers! really need to get my hands on it, i never even touch my naked palette haha

  20. i like pencil too! but sometimes it can be a bit smudgy on my eyes, i prefer gel, so this was like HEAVEN



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