Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finished Products of July

Finished Products of the Month time!!

Skin Care First! The above! because the make up is far less impressive in terms of completion


I wear a Sports Sunscreen whenever I run outside or for re application throughout the day if I am walking around

This month I tried Neutrogena's and Coppertone's
Of the two, Neutrogena is far better! The Coppertone balls up like CRAZY - gross!! will not be repurchasing that one again. Both absorb quickly and leave no white residue that you have to rub into the skin


Vichy Normaderm: I scrub my face every morning. A gentle daily scrub to remove the built up oil I accumulated over the night - I have oily skin and in the AM I look like I have puddles on my face! (TMI much??) To fight clogged pores I use a gentle scrub, followed by a cleanser.
This scrub has a small percentage of acne fighting ingredients, 0.5%
This scrub smells good, and lathers decently, but I would not repurchase as I do not think this was worth the price I paid ($14) I can find something just as good for cheaper down another aisle of the drugstore. I would repurchase if this was on sale in the drugstore-which I have yet to see

The Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser: You guys should know I love this by now. This is tube number 2 down. Small review can be found here. The toner and the moisturizer are ok from the line but I would not buy them again, the cleanser on the other hand, I am on tube 3! It's rare that I use something so consecutively! the down fall is this tube finishes so fast!!! I finish them in about 1 month which I think is quick for the cleanser. I stock up during sales! =P

Laneige Multi Cleanser: Believe this is my favorite make up removing cleanser. This must be my 6th tube? I try others, but I always come back to this. Lathers beautifully, slight beads, and doesn't strip my face when I wash to remove all my make up which this does quite well. A tube lasts me months, so I really do enjoy this one!

Estee Lauder Make up Remover Cleanser: A sample, this sucked, glad I got this for free. I hated the way it felt slimy on my face and was not a fan of the lack of make up removing power it had. It did a terrible job of removing my mineral make up of all things. I cant imagine what it would be like against a heavy duty long wearing foundation. (Estee Lauder Double Wear comes to mind!) Would not recommend to anyone


The Body Shop Seaweed Toner: It's nice, it's good for oily combo skin, it's..nothing worth a repurchase. I think it works very well in conjunction with the other items from the line, but I don't think I would purchase this as a stand alone difference maker. I think witch hazel has similar effects to this toner, but if it was on sale, I may buy another, just as a filler toner, until I found something more promising. The price really helps with a product like this.

Dior Snow Toner/Lotion: They call this a lotion but that is what people in Asia call toners. THIS toner is a difference maker! I really trust the Dior Snow line for what it claims and I believe, does deliver! I purchased this to help fade some older acne scarring and it works! Don't expect miracles, I mean I only purchased the toner. I think if you purchsed the whole line, overall skin evenness would increase at a far greater speed. The lotion absorbs a bit slowly, but the effects are evident after about 2 months. A good thing about this lotion is, even though it is expensive, it lasted me 5.5 months!!! I have NO IDEA why it lasted so long but I am glad it did.

If you had acne and now have it more or less in control, and need to help fade your former scars, the Dior Snow line I recommend whole heatedly. The line is not cheap but everything I have tried has absolutely worked aka RESULTS, and all the products are amazingly long lasting in terms of product life

Eye Creams

Khiels...a brand I keep trying, because I want to love them, but they keep letting me down!

Avocado Eye Cream: Mainly just moisturizing benefits but no real other effects. Quite thick but a tub does last a long time. If you have dry skin around your eyes this may be your savior. For normal eyes, this is just meh.

Abyssine Eye Cream: Complete FAIL. I have used Clinique's All About Eyes for years and this was my first diversion. Within THREE days I had developed prominent crow's feet which never disappeared until I STOPPED using this. My new eye cream within three days have helped drastically reverse what this did. ( Review coming soon)
Total Fail for me

Treatments and Moisturizer

IQQU Acne Serum: I bought this sooooooooooooooooo long ago and used about 75% Saw no difference and put it away. I just wanted to finish it, so here it is. I did not see any difference with this product in my own experience and will not be repurchasing.

Clinique's Moisturizing Gel: I am so sad this is gone!!!! I absolutely have come to love it this summer!!! Absorbs quickly, feels light on oily skin, and moisturizes extremely well! The jar lasts forever and the price is very reasonable for the amount of time it takes to finish the product. I will be repurchasing!


Laura Mercier Hand Cream in Fresh Fig: During the Holiday Season I purchased a LM hand cream set. I used this flavor first because I liked it the least and wanted to save the best for last. Over time I grew to like this scent. Very warm and nice for winter, except it was July. I keep these hand creams on my bed side table due to their price, and found them pretty moisturizing but I don't think I would repurchase.
I am now using the flavor Creme de Pastiche - which was in my opinion the best flavor, and I couldn't save it for last lol

Pacifica Blood Orange Perfume: I loved this!!! I don't really like flowery scents nor sweet ones, I like light, fresh, and citrus-ey. This fit the bill and my purse pockets! Will definitely be repurchasing this

Anti Bacterial Gel: Do I need to explain this?

At long last the Make Up

A ahem, much smaller pile...but I am SO PROUD

NARS Laguna Bronzer: All I can say is FINALLY

I bought this over 3 YRS ago and used it about 6x a week since then! Exclusively! How people state they can finish this in 6 months is BEYOND ME. I have a boatload of bronzers to now try!
I have been trying a few and realized...I really like Laguna!!!! so many orange bronzers out there *shudder*

Back to Laguna: Fool proof, not ridiculously pigmented, original color is the perfect tan for lighter to medium skin tones. It looks dark in the pan but just apply with a light hand if you are more on the fair side. It does have shimmer, but it does not translate to the face and I did contour with this, without looking un natural. I think this is an excellent first higher end bronzer because it is so easy to use, and I would repurchase this!

My first finished powder product! :D

Rose Bud Salve: Another for the FINALLY pile. I don't even want to recall when I first purchased this! I know.. so unsanitary...when I purchased this it did not have the tube form yet, but I love the vintage tin!!!!
The scent is of roses, the color is sheer, super spreadable- basically pink Vaseline.
I actually would not repurchase does not hydrate well in my opinion. If keeps whatever level of hydration your lips has to that level but adds nothing further. If your lips are particularly dry, I don't think this would be something for you.
Still love the tin

WHEW~! ok that's it for this month! Bit more length to my reviews this time around -ramblings mainly.

What have you all finished this month?


  1. Major props to all of these! I know what you mean about Laguna. It's one of my Project Pan items and even after an entire month of using it 4-5x a week I'm only just now making a dent in it.

  2. thanks!!!! 1 month? it took me over 3 yrs!!! if you have a dent, then kudos to you!

  3. Wow so proud of you girl! Can I just add that there is something refreshing about seeing an empty NARS compact?? :) I feel like they are just impossible to finish! I have finished 3 body scrubs, some hair products and shaving cream :D Finishing all these products make me feel so accomplished, I love it! Since I've been doing the finished products posts, I swear I've actually been looking forward to finish stuff up :)

  4. YES!!! these posts makes me really want to finish things!!!! Just so I can have it empty and feel satisfied! An empty NARS container I nv thought I would see the day! i had seen it on Youtube with this bronzer especially and I would always be like wow, ....HOW!?!?!?!?! hahaha

  5. I'm so impressed by the number of items used up; if only I could manage that! I love Laguna too, but I don't see that being used up for at least 10 years =P. I actually used up a sample tube of the Estee Lauder take it away; I actually miss it! I think since I ran out, I must not be cleansing my foundation as well since my skin is unhappy. Funny how everyone's taste is so different!

  6. True I do recall liking the estee lauder eye make up remover quite a bit! the sample of the make up remover i only had for 3 days and for me, i was just not a fan =\

  7. I'm always impressed by the number of products you finish every month! Good job. :)

    I've tried the Avocado Eye Treatment too and found it just meh... However, when Fuz mentioned she liked it, I wanted to try it again. LOL Even though I didn't like it the first time! XD I only had a sample of the Abyssine Eye treatment and it stung my skin!

    Woah you even finished a NARS bronzer. I have never hit total pan on anything makeup. Thanks for the reviews. I've heard nothing but bad things about IQQU.

  8. Whoa. I don't think I've ever seen an empty NARS bronzer before. Nice job! Ugh, I didn't like the Avocado Eye Cream either. Way too heavy on me. =\ I use Coppertone but not the spray. I like the Water Babies line. :P

    (You can try it at Sephora =)

  9. Congrats on finishing the bronzer! I'm with you, how people can go through the whole thing in 6 months is beyond me. They must be using it everywhere! x

  10. i love this! hmm i want to check out that dior snow line now...i have acne scars i want to fade. i have heard lots of people loving the clinique moisturizer. i hate the estee lauder makeup remover as well (got it for free too!) it basically is only good for people who wear only eye shadow, i swear. and now i need to check out that body shop seaweed cleanser review of yours....

  11. oh btw...congrats on finishing laguna!! i am amazed...three stinkin years? well at least you can say you really got your money's worth. i have the exact same thoughts on laguna as you, i really like it as well and i will prob repurchase when (more like if...i have so many bronzers...puh) i finish it. finishing one means buying another...right? :p i kid i kid (kinda).

  12. I love these posts! Congratulations on the Laguna bronzer. I have been willing mine to hit pan for months but no such luck haha. I've had it for a year now and have been using it almost daily. In Winter I use MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden and I hit pan and used that one up so, so quickly compared to this one. Laguna is good value for money I would say...

    Wow all that skincare used up, you must be so happy! I too am using up mine fairly well, to the point where I don't have any backups. Bath that's a different story and I still have so much to go through thanks to Philosophy's enormous bottles.

  13. haha wow u wiped clean those products!!!

    I've been wanting to try the DiorSnow line for my acne scars but went with avene and dermalogica instead.. We'll see how those work first.. But DiorSnow does sound very promising..

    You're a very dedicated to using up your products.. Very impressive.. I barely make dents in mine.. That's how bad of a makeup junkie I am =P

  14. OoOH now i really want to try the dior snow toner! have some really annoying-won't-go-away acne scars around the mouth area and think this could def. help. want to try the laneige cleanser too. thanks for sharing - and you should be very proud, that's a lot of stuff!!

  15. I'm always so amazed by how much skincare you finish. I never finish anything! This month all I finished up was Suave dry shampoo, Covergirl Natureluxe foundation, Origins VitaZing! and a deluxe sample of Purity cleanser. =)

  16. Wow, congrats on finishing the Laguna! No way I could use anything exclusively for longer than a few weeks ;) The only color powder product I've ever finished was a UD Deluxe e/s in Shag, years ago when it was my one non-drugstore makeup item. I was surprised by all the skincare you finished. Kiehl's has been meh for me, too.
    I like posts like this (feels a little like digging in someone's trash, though... but a lot more sanitary), great job! I'll be trying that Dior Snow out if my acne ever gets under control.

  17. You should try the Avene soothing eye contour cream! I love it... favourite eye cream I've tried, and that includes the Clinique All About Eyes Rich and Biotherm ones. It's just great on sensitive eyes and it's really moisturising! Also it comes in a little squeeze tube with a really precise nozzle dispenser so you can really control the amount of cream you use :) It's also only around £10 I believe! x

  18. Rosebud salve takes forever to finish! Great job! I love the clinique gel too - it's my HG moisturizer. I've never tried the NARS laguna but I think I'll have to now!

  19. OMG You have used up a BRONZER! I can't believe it ahaha I have never ever used up a powder makeup product!

  20. Im about to finish Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream and I was thinking of getting Abysinne one, but now I'll think twice before I'll buy it. Can't wait to see what's your new eye cream :)


  21. Yes I did not like the Abysinne one, I forgot to mention Abysinne stung the skin around my eyes! :O

  22. This was my first completely used up powder product!!!! i NEVER thought I would see the day!!

  23. Laguna is awesome!! seriously!!! The rosebud salve took YRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! def worth the minimal cost they sell it for in comparison! I love the Clinique gel, I will def repurchase

  24. o thanks so much!!!!! I think I will try that on your recommendation!!! Love to try new things and have heard nice things about Avene

  25. hahaha digging through someone's trash made me laugh so hard!
    I finished Laguna bc before blogging i only owned 1 bronzer but as I bought more I never used them bc i knew the min i started i would never finish laguna so i just kept at it, and then poof! gone!

  26. You finished alot of things too!!!! haha I finish alot of skin care bc I use alot at once I wish my make up pace would be at the same pace as my skin care!!

  27. I think if you wish to fade some acne scarring, the Dior Snow Line would be of great assistance! It wont be fast but the results will come!!! I think if I purchased the moisturizer it would have been faster, but the Dior Snow sunscreen is my HG!

  28. hahaha did you see my make up list? 2 things after yrs! my make up rate is no where near as fast as the skin care. I really have come to trust and love Dior Snow's line enough to recc them. You can see I have tried alot of skin care and Dior Snow really showed effects in my personal experience! i hope you find something that works for you also!!! scars suck!!

  29. Thanks!!!! once I hit pan I was super happy but then...actually finishing it took YRS after that pt @.@ def worth the $ paid~!
    I have LOADS of skin care that I need to try for later lol
    How are the philosophy bath products? I am interested in trying some bc they smell soooooooo good~!

  30. Seaweed Cleaner, Dior Snow line, and Clinique Moisturizer are all WINNERS in my book!!!! I hope if you try any of them, they work for you too dear!!

  31. hahahaha I actually only had 1 bronzer for YRS then I met so many bloggers and started buying them slowly! But it was killing me to not use them at all, I knew if I cheated on Laguna I would never go back so I just kept at it. I dont know if im going to throw away the empt NARS's just so satisfying to know I can finish something like that hahaha how sad!!!! but truthfully i dont think Im going to be repeating that anytime soon! haha

  32. i KNOW!!!! when I hear ppl say that Im just thinking... HOW!??!?!?!

  33. Oh thanks for the suncream recc!! I did not know they sold Coppertone at Sephora!
    I have seen some empty NARS Laguna's and never knew how they did it, but I feel so proud I am now added to the club! haha

  34. ahh, I really want to purchase the laura mercier hand creams too... the pistashio flavour literally smells good enough to eat!!! mmm... but they are rather pricey and I think I'd finish them up too quickly! haha

  35. So many empties!
    I think I should look into the Dior Snow line when my acne is subdued and wallet is full hehe
    So that's how others reapply sunscreen when they have makeup on...xD Why didn't I ever think of that =X
    I still have quite a lot of the rose bud salve as well. And I got it a while ago...should definitely try to finish that off. Been lazy with taking care of my skin last month >__>;;
    It's always so exciting to see empty makeup products! Is your P10P still going on?

  36. i know! i always wanted to buy the pistachio body cream but it's so expensive! thats why i researve these for night time so i only use it once a night!

  37. yes I really recc the Dior Snow line!
    The rosebud salve took me like YRS but i nv used it regularly...
    lazy with skin care? hahaha if im like that my skin goes CRAZZZZY
    8 items down 2 to go! =D

  38. Sorry for only replying now! I love the variety of scents of the Philosophy bath products but I do get quite bored after using the same shower gel for a while. They make a lot of foody scents which I love in Winter but I like to turn to some more fresh or relaxing ones once in a while and I haven't found that in Philosophy. Where I live Philosophy isn't available so I buy them online. Worth a try to satiate your curiosity! :)


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