Thursday, August 25, 2011

La Roche Posay Looking My Way

La Roche Posay, I think I like you. I really do.

You may have notice your local pharmacy shelves sprouting up the French brand of La Roche Posay. I have tried two of the products from the line and am quite smitten with the overseas import.

Anthelios 60 Sunscreen

For years I have been devoted to my Dior Snow Sunscreen but it has taken a back seat this summer once trying Anthelios 60 Sunscreen. My new go to summer screen!
I have heard that this is a multiple award winner through the years in various European magazines and polls.
I love the fact that it is categorized slightly depending on skin type, I chose oily sensitive skin. Perfection!

The consistency is very runny. You shake the bottle up to mix the ingredients, and when you release it from the top funnel design it pretty much rushes out. It has a very thin consistency and once applied to the face rapidly falls downwards. Time to rub it in, fast!

I found applied right after moisturizer it leaves a satin finish which turns matte in about 5 minutes. When used after letting moisturizer sink in already for 5 minutes, it turns matte instantaneously.

-Various formulas to suit different skin types
-Fairly accessible
-Dries to a light and matte finish
- Absorbs quickly without any residue left on the face
-Water resistant
-No breakouts or clogged pores due to usage
-Have use over and around eyes with no adverse effects

-Semi Pricey $30
- Due to the runny consistency even if you get a good amount of product in the bottle, it runs out fairly quickly, I would assume
-No real directions on how much to use on your whole face, the first time I accidentally applied a boatload =X
-Due to the packaging & consistency, not clear when you are running low, or nearly out of product
-Smells like sunscreen (this fades a few minutes after application)

I still love and will continue to use my Dior Snow Sunscreen for the cooler seasons (thicker consistency) but I love the light fluidy formula La Roche Posay have developed which makes this my ideal sunscreen for summer

Active C Eye Cream

Going to have to thank gorgeous blogger Blushingloves for this one. Her review convinced me to give this a shot when I was looking for my next eye cream

In short, I was using Khiels and in about 3 days I had developed out of no where crows feet...I used it every single night and nothing happened they just got worse. I assumed it was *gulp* age and tried to just face it, but I knew I hated the eye cream I was using. I finished it because it was costly admit tingly, and will probably never go back

Active C was next in line. I knew I wanted something to help my fine lines and prevent new ones. After 3 days of using Active C, my crows feet greatly diminished, and the lines were no longer as wide spread? on my eyes. They were actually getting shorter after only 3 uses ( I only use this at night)

I have continued to use this with far more faith. After the initial and thankful miracle happened to my eyes, no real further progression has passed, but no further damage either.

I think if you are young-ish (mid 20's +) this is an excellent preventative eye cream. It comes out in a semi glazed gel, and is easily absorbed.

-Fairly accessible
-Price is fair $40 - not outrageous in the world of eye creams for anti aging
-Non irritating
-Seemingly positive results and a good preventative measure for someone attempting to cease early signs of fine lines

-Results can be a bit slow to notice ( this is not 100% a bad thing, so long as results happen)
-Unaware of results after fine lines have been deep set for an extended period (Personal con)

After Active C I will try to look for another eye cream, but if I am stuck deciding between products, I would gladly repurchase this. I think the price is fair, and the results are for my current needs quite satisfying

Due to the success of these two products I have also picked up the Daily Mattifying Moisturizer, and the Effaclar K Gel Cleanser to try in the future

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Have you tried anything from La Roche Posay that you have enjoyed, or not enjoyed?


  1. Sounds like pretty good products. The only thing stopping me from getting the sunscreen is I prefer physical over chemical sunscreens :\
    Can't wait to hear about the new products you got though! ^___^

  2. I really want to try the sunscreen. I see this brand all the time, but the price is what keeps me from buying it :p I STILL have to try Dior snow!

  3. I'm glad you posted on this; one of my friends asked me if I knew anything about LaRoche a while back and I drew blanks.

    PS I think only you can make otherwise boring tubes of stuff look pretty in photos =P

  4. Thanks for your review. I only tried a $75 tube of skin lightener from this brand because I saw it in a magazine that it would help with dark circles... it didn't LOL it only stung. But I've heard good things about their sunscreen and high PPD. I really like the packaging, I might have to revisit this brand soon. :)

  5. Great review! I wanna try their sun screen.. The one I have is a lil too heavy for me atm..

    Great review on the eye cream! I'm on the hunt for a good one for my fine lines too!

    From La Roche Posay, I really wanna try their Mela-D line for dark spots! Heard it really works on acne scars...

  6. I want the sunscreen! But its too pricey for my budget right now =(

  7. I love LRP! I have been using Effaclar cleanser for several years now, and their Lipikar moisturizing line is really good too. I love the Toleriane face moisturizer in the Winter as well. I have been using their Redermic eye cream for a few months now and so far I am not impressed...

  8. I'm curious to try out some La Roche Posay products but I'm not sure why I haven't picked anything up yet. I hear amazing things about their Effaclar Duo treatment and other things from their acne line. I can't wait to see how the new products work for you :)

  9. so glad you liked it hun!!I love it for my black under eye circles!the more u use the better results!!
    Hugs and kisses!!


  10. oh i have yet to try many physical sunscreens bc i have had such a realtionship with Dior. Do you have any favorites for physical SS?

  11. Yes the price is a bit off putting for drugstore, but LaRP is still 20 dollars cheaper than Dior's sunscreen!

  12. thanks!!!! I love trying new things !
    and i think you take the most amazing photos which include shadow!

  13. ohhhh 75!! sometimes i use eye creams and i thought they stung but i realized, I applied toner first, then eye cream. Whatever residual toner was left on my fingers had transferred into the cotton pad and onto my fingers. When I applied my eye cream and created circular motions on the corners of my eyes with the cream I was embedding my skin with my toner! which was way too harsh for the skin around my eyes!
    Now I apply eye cream before toner, and the problem is fixed!

  14. oooh i wanted to try the Mela D line too but i saw the price and i hesitated!! lol maybe in the future!

  15. Yes it is a bit expensive, for a cheaper option I do like Neutrogena's sunscreens but i have found they do leave my face looking a bit greasy after application, but i still use it every time i jog outside

  16. oh thanks for the tips!!! will look into the Lipkar line and the Toleraine moisturizer in the future! Will also rem to avoid the Redermic eye cream!! =P

  17. Oh i have heard great praises on the effaclar duo which I wanted to try as I saw it in a set, but im currently maxed out similar products to that effect, but may try it in the future!

  18. Really? will start spreading it more around my eyes towards the dark circles! u are just full of tips!!

  19. I use the new formula Anthelios XL Melt-in Cream (for dry skin) and it is quite good!!!! it is thicker consistency and smells like sunscreen which I don't like but it fades. I think it protects my skin a lot! :))) A lot of girls swear by the Oily Anthelios XL formula, too! :)

    and wow I never thought about La roche posay eye cream!! Oh my,I'm currently using a Kiehl's one , the avocado eye cream!!! which one did you use and got crow's feet, oh no! You got me kinda worried now haha...

    I've also used the gel cleanser in the past (2 bottles!), it is really good but a bit drying on my normal/dry skin, because of it's gel formula I suppose. I think the prices are okay considering it's a pharmacy brand heehee :) Nice review!!!

  20. Do you find that when you apply it, at first it goes on bluish white like most sunscreens? Or does it feel like a regular moisturizer?
    By the way, I hope you're ok. I heard NYC is practically evacuating because of the hurricane! :(

  21. hihi!
    the khiels eye cream that gave me issues was the abyssine eye cream, a mini review can be found here

    oh i bought the gel cleanser and will use it down the line, most likely in conjunction with the moisturizer, and i have good hopes for it! many ppl have said it was their favorites! i hope it works for me and thanks for sharing ur skin history!

  22. hi dear! when i first apply the sunscreen, it is white in formula but once you rub it into your skin it goes on with no white cast at all and looks like a well moisturized face with matte effect that comes in a few minutes!

    thank you for ur concern! only low land areas have evacuated but due to the population of the city that encompassed almost 70,000 ppl =P but in actuality that is only areas near the water. I am more inland but have been home all day and cannot leave of course. I have 100000 pots of boiled water and taped up all my windows and have to sleep away from them tonight, but we will be fine!! the city has done alot of planning, the only bad part is commuting will be a nightmare on Monday but in retrospect that is a very small issue

    thanks for checking up on me =D

  23. I need to check these out the next time I finish a skincare product. I have heard great reviews, thanks for giving your expert take on it (you are a skincare expert girl, don't deny it) ;)

  24. I didn't know they had an eye cream out.. I'll be looking out for this! I love their effaclar K .. will pop open my 2nd tube soon ;)


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