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Lancome's Hidden Gem of a Foundation

OK, the title is pretty wrong. This is by no way a hidden gem in Lancome's eyes. This foundation is their most sold foundation (ever) probably because it's been around for over 20 years, and was recently listed as one of the brands top 10 innovation products. So why is this a hidden gem? Because I don't ever hear anyone talk about it! And I have no idea why. So it's time to give this powder some blogging spot light

My one and only powder foundation. I don't even look at other powders in stores because of this baby.

I have been pretty dedicated to Lancome's mineral foundation all summer but one day, I got freaking tired of adding mineral veil into the powder to keep me matte, so I dabbed on concealer and whacked on this powder with a huge powder brush, and left. Period.

Dual Finish is a matte powder foundation. You can apply it a few ways, hence the name dual finish. Wet or dry.

Dry - Can either be applied over liquid foundation/Tinted moisturizer, as a setting powder, or used alone over concealer and according to their instructions "well moisturized skin" for a soft matte effect
You don't stay matte, I blot in about 4 hours, but I don't need to re powder, once I re powder I get oily again with this foundation
(Too much powder, creates more oil)
I blot once, and that's the end of it.
I like that I don't stay matte, adding a bit of shine to the skin is more natural, I just don't want to look like a grease ball, but if you like the matte look, a touch up is easily done

This powder comes with a poof which I have never used - I have no idea how to clean a poof...

If you over powdered- Fix + or any other hydration product can fix that in a spritz

Wet - Take a damp sponge with water squeezed out, and spread it into the powder. It will turn into an almost cream foundation and apply over your face for a more full coverage look
The powder also comes with a sponge, which I have never used. I just use disposables

In the winter, I spritz my face with fix + after primer to give the powder something to stick to, spritz the sponge with fix + ( I think it is more long lasting than water this way) and spread an even layer over my face.
Perfect. My skin looks sooooooo naturally clear, almost porcelain like?

It does NOT look fake. I asked a few people and everyone thought I was wearing nothing (win!)

Of course if you go to town with the sponge, you're going to look like a cakey mess. The coverage can be built to high, but I prefer a thin even layer over the face to get rid of general ruddiness

It comes with a ginormous mirror, and one of these compacts lasts a ridiculous amount of time because you get .62 oz of powder (huge)

I have read numerous reviews on this powder and have noticed just about all the negative reviews online were due to 1 reason. The smell. Granted, I recently went to the store and took a whiff of what everyone was complaining about and ugh.. they're right! It has a super strong baby powder smell which I hate - I believe the industry term is "classic"

Well, you may be asking, why I just recently went and took a smell at a powder, which I already own?
Because I read reviews on this before I purchased, and took the route which I highly suggest to anyone who is sensitive to smells, or has sensitive skin

This is the secret

They sell Fragrance Free
(added fragrance adds oils to products which is not needed)

Fragrance Free is only available at Lancome Counters, Sephora sells the original version with Fragrance

You have heard me sing praises in the past about Maybelline Dream Matte powder (which I love to blot, if I touch up) but this powder looks less powdery, and has more coverage - I will continue to repurchase both regardless. They're both winners in my book

The pictures above look new because I recently picked up a back up of this powder. Yes, a repurchase, a rarity in my life.
My first powder lasted about two years with regular use, and it's still going!

This post was scheduled for today because !!!

Lancome currently has a current Gift with Purchase at MACY's for any products over $35, this, is $35.50 =)

Free 7-<span class=

Do you have any powder foundation favorites?

PS: Just wanted to THANK YOU!! to all who participated or promoted my blog sale!!!!
Special shout out to Christine, who went above and beyond!!!


  1. This is killing me because the whole time I was reading this I was remembering how I tried it, years ago, and despised the smell! So funny! Maybe this is worth revisiting after all!!

  2. Fragrance Free is the way to go!!! =D

  3. Hmmm...I might give this powder a whirl. I've been looking for something new for the summer. My face tends to get that oily look after a couple hours, soI want a compact to give me more of a natural look. I 'm going to Macy's tomorrow.. :)

  4. Wow that's pretty cool! Does the powder not get ruined even if you stick a wet sponge in it? I'm surprised this doesn't get talked about as much! How's the oil control when it's used wet?

  5. nope, the powder dosent get ruined it looks weird for a few minutes, but once it dries, u can just use it as a powder again
    When wet the oil control is better because there is more product on, i only get only bc I apply a sheer layer on my face

  6. that's awesome! totally going to macy's tomorrow to buy this... and get a free gift! moahah, i love free stuff. thanks for the heads up! also, i love your blog. very helpful and yay for living in NYC! *high five*

  7. yay for the city girls!! I hope you like it! they have a nice arrange of colors, and i was so happy about the .50 cents!! haha

  8. I've actually never used a powder foundation, because I have dry skin so never really considered it as an option. I should try it one day though.

    I HATE strongly scented cosmetic products, and particularly baby powder smells. Glad they have the fragrance free version.

  9. dry skin? hmm unsure i have oily skin but i blv if you moisturize well, or add a hydrating primer this could work easily. I know mineral make up is quite umm...almost liquidy feeling (i know that sounds weird ) but is actually very nice on dry skin and almost hydrating due to the ingredients. Laura Mercier's mineral make up is the most hydrating I have found, if you are not sensitive to the ingredient bismuth oxychloride (which is why i stopped, bc she does use it and lancome uses a lesser %) i would give it a whirl
    Lancome also makes a mineral foundation which I love and looks great on the skin, in case the powder foundation does not work out, you can try to exchange it until you find something your skin is happy with =)

  10. Wow that's pretty cool, it sounds like a truly dual product if you can use it all year round! :) Thanks for doing this post!

  11. I think Michelle Phan uses this powder in pretty much every single one of her videos lol. Your review makes me really interested in trying it out but I still have two powders at the moment and a Mac MSF Natural which I have yet to open.... It's going to be awhile before I need a new powder XD But I'll keep this one in mind!

  12. Yes i really like this one! It's the only one I go to
    I tried MSF Natural and broke out terribly =*( which was a shame bc the powder was beautiful!


  14. Hello! it is the Kevin Beauty Maker Pu Pu Cheek blush =) Hope that helps

  15. Which products do you wear underneath when you use it as a dry powder, please? Sounds worth trying...

  16. The instructions say to use it over moisturizer for a soft matte effect. If i wear it alone as foundation i apply moistuizer, suncream, primer (sometimes) concealer then powder, or I would wear it as a setting powder of liquid foundation
    Hope that helps!


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