Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last Friday Night

First, thank you ALL for commenting on my last post! I had no idea you guys would enjoy iphone pics so much on my daily non exciting life! So here is the following day. I won't do these as often because I think I take too many pictures and get carried away, but maybe more of a weekend thing. This is a beauty blog after all =)
The continuation~!

Friday!!! work's BEST day in my opinion. Monday obviously being the worst. Everyone seems happier on Friday's at work, you noticed? Woke up to see some bad news...this is one of those free newspapers for the City, the author must have really wanted to get to the point

My Coffee Guy is MISSING!!!!!! I hope he is not sick!!! So 711 had the daily cure, and the main message

I was sooooooooooooooo tired. I drank damn iced tea at Maoz and could not sleep all night ( I am sensitive to caffiine at night)

The things that I got me through the day

Lunch time!!
I literally grabbed some take out sushi and ate it on the run, I just ate it standing up with my fingers while waiting for the train. It's true what they say, everyone here is in a rush!

I have no lunch break, everyone is entitled to one, but no one takes it in my office. I take a 15-20 minute walk after eating to digest, but I have to come back right away so all my lunch time snaps are taken when I am walking as fast as my legs can go!

This is the bag I leave at work and carry with me when I do little errands during my walk

A Good Will find!

Along my walking route

I have NEVER noticed this white building before taking a picture of it for my blog. I passed this street hundred's of times too...

Reminds me of France

It's the Empire State Building!

Beautiful day!

Sorry I won't get closer than this, it's a mad house in front of the building with tourists and tour buses

Like these lol

Passed by Korea Town
Did not go in sorry, next time! I am in a hurry

A new law in NYC passed recently

311 seems to have the answer to everyone's questions...has anyone actually ever called??
I never did

Everyone needs a break sometimes

This was my destination! Probably the scariest most un kept shoe section I have ever seen in my life. Do not come during a sale unless you are fully prepared to fight for those shoes
Seriously, start working out now...

Every time I come here someone asks me "Where is MACY's?" You mean the place with the HUUUUGE red sign that takes up the entire city block?
I just point lol

Once a woman asked me that question while being INSIDE Macy's! We were on the 4th floor, like huh!?
I never got over that...

Moving on, speaking of shoes...
Eh, not for me

The new Bobbi Brown Glosses are out!
Too shimmery for me, but definitely eye candy! YUM

The Bobbi Brown Counter, I came here to return something (ugh). A present I bought for a friend. I have had terrible luck with Bobbi Brown items, anyone have some favorites from the brand outside the gel liner and shimmer bricks? Or the eye concealer/correctors?

Back to work! Made it within 20 minutes, score!

4 PM Snack - Currently obsessed with these, too bad theyre $2.75 each!!! RIP OFF

Work is over and it's time for dinner out with the bf. Off to University Place (NYU hub bub) but neighbor to Union Square, yes again!

These guys were so nice! I asked if I could take their picture, it's funny because they're all sitting outside Victoria's Secret!!

They said they are currently renovating the inside. Tough job they said =)

Farmer's market again. The brown building is the biggest Barnes and Nobles in the country? I know it's the biggest in the city. Right next to Sephora! =D

Kids are loving the weather! That girl is so cute! she is on some kind of leaning pole like a pond reed haha

This building blows smoke, I have no idea why. It's been doing that for years

At the restaurant I see these guys while I wait for my boy friend. I loved Finding Nemo!

Passed by Ralph Lauren's Rugby Store

After dinner we take a walk to digest and saw this fellow

"The Andy Monument"

Likes to shop at Bloomingdales!

Ended up in Paragon, if you have a man in your life, who is into Sports, this will probably be his nirvana. Four floors of just sports STUFF

We are looking for the weights...
Grr to the blurr, I'm telling you it's snap and go!

This is a great position if you have a back or leg ache

Something I have FAR too many pictures of in my phone

NYC pride!!!

Why are those Boston Caps RIGHT next to the NY ones...mentally crop those out please

Just found out the Yankees won last night! Yay!

NYC is trying to become more of a bike town. I would be SO SCARED to ride my bike here. You can only ride it on the street instead of the side walk, so this is still a new concept for me...

Waited for our bus home in the Fashion District and am now ready for the weekend!

HAPPY WEEKEND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Ending Note*
Next Sunday 8/14/11 12:00 NOON NY Time I will be hosting my first blog sale!!! so please do come take a look!

Thank you for reading this loooooong post!!!!!

Also a big shout out to Tiffany who interrogated me on her blog!!!
Thank you Tiffany!!
Check out the link to see my answers to her questions!!


  1. i LOVE fresh Citron de Vigne- great scent that I rarely see other bloggers rave about!

  2. I just bought it Thursday! I bought a mini set, I really like it!!!! but it is not too long lasting! I am going to try to put on a non scented body cream then spray this over, to try to make the scent linger

  3. Your days seem so nice :) My day is extremely boring and last semester it consisted of commuting to school, going to class, commuting home. My boyfriend goes to school in Long Island so we don't get to hang out much :( But I recently got a job so perhaps I'll have more reasons to wander around the city like you! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of job do you do? It seems extremely stressful and serious because you don't take a lunch break 0_0

  4. hahaha when I was in school I did the exact same things I do now but with more window shopping! I commuted everyday and still take the same train to the same stop! I rem I had SUPER long breaks btw classes and just walk around, I guess I should have been studying =X
    I work in Finance =)

  5. That is Andy Warhol, one of the most famous artist ever! I can't believe you have never heard of him.

  6. OH Thats him????? The Can Soup Painting!! I really could not recognize him by the statue at all! I dont think the face is a very good representation, now I feel like a dork! lol =P

  7. I haven't had too much of an issue with it fading on me, but I am always sure to spray a bit on the back of my neck and the scent seems to linger in my hair. I will have to try the lotion trick though!

  8. Getting my city fill from all your day to day posts :P
    I'll be getting lots of this when school starts hehe
    It doesn't look boring at all! Looks like you traveled a lot by foot..

  9. Haha the subway rides are getting too expensive for quick trips so I just rather foot it if I can!

  10. haha - Andy Wathol! (:
    Love the coffee cup message / your bag!

  11. Are you korean ? :) Kam sam ni da. LOL my korean...well, the few words I know are a bit rusty ^^

  12. yup thanks! I know who Andy Warhol is hehe I hope no one thinks I don't, I just could not tell by the statue
    Aww thanks dear =D

  13. hehehe thats good! im half korean half chinese =D my French is just as proficient as your korean haha

  14. swoonnnnn. I love your NYC pics! These posts are tha bomb!!!!!!!

  15. awww thanks dear! who knew iphone pics would be such a hit! back to beauty blogging on Monday =)

  16. once again, great post! just a quick question: does macy's carry chanel makeup? what other brands do they carry?

  17. Larger Macy's carries Chanel but not all do. They also carry Bobbi brown, YSL, Origins, MAC, benefit, shiseido, lancome, philosophy, clarins, dior, clinique, and something called "POP" beauty which carrries Bare minerals, Too faced, Smashbox, and Urban Decay

    Hoped that helped! i hope i did not fgt one!

  18. How fun!!! =D I have honestly NEVER wanted to visit New York until seeing your pictures. If I took pictures of my day you'd just see a LOT of grass, trees, and sky. Maybe some cows. VERY boring. Maybe I'll wait and take pictures for my next weekend in Milwaukee. Those are MUCH more interesting! I freaking LOVE those Kind bars but I do not like the price tag on them. =/ I wonder if they're cheaper if you buy in bulk online?

  19. lol on the red sox. Didn't realize that NY cared about them. thought it was the other way around =P

  20. The Red Sox are the number 1 rivals to the Yankees it's a HUGGGGGEEEE thing here! HUGE haha everytime we meet someone from Boston its like..o..ic.. haha

  21. WAT take pictures!!!! I want to see cows! I have only ever seen one when I was in kinder garden and milked one!!!! I would be like OMG COWSSSS at ur post!!!! INCREDIBLE

    Yup those KIND bars are tasty!!! They are cheaper in bulk like from Trader Joe's its just the deli right across the st from my office is over priced everything in there, it's just paying for convenience.

  22. Haha! I'm going to the state fair this weekend so I'll take lots of pictures of cows and deep fried foods on a stick. =D

  23. That would be interesting to me!!!! id prob go mad there and point at all the cows like an absolute loon with my huge camera!! I have NEVER been to a state fair, EVER

  24. Aww! I will definitely document my day there. I think I'm going to start doing some non-makeup posts too!

  25. AWESOME PICTURES! Dang, you've made me miss NY even more. haha.

  26. I love those KIND bars as well, and yes they taste so good but they are expensive. I found it 's cheaper to get it from Amazon, a box of 12 for $15.50 and free shipping!

  27. thanks for reading this long post!!

  28. yup the place i get them is def over priced! i am going to buy in bulk in the future!

  29. Thanks for the guided tour ;) Definitely want to visit there someday!


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