Friday, August 5, 2011

My Kind of Thursday

You guys seemed to like Follow Me Around Posts, so I snapped a huuuuuuuuuuuge amount of pictures these last few days, so let's take a walking tour around my city

I don't go to many tourist hot spots (on purpose), this is just me, living my life

My Thursday

All photos were taken with my iphone so I could just snap and go while I am on the move - hence some crooked pictures!!

I tried a new bronzer, The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in Medium - I like this more than Guerlain, but it does need to be built up a bit

Been trying to get in better shape for my upcoming vacation so breakfast looks more like this now
Spinach, mango's, strawberries, and almond milk!

I commute to work and once I get there I need a little pick me up~!
I have been going to the same coffee guy for about seven years! He definitely knows how I like my coffee!

We love our bagels!!! FOR REAL - I believe it is one of the city's official foods!
I did not buy a bagel - trying to stay strong!!

Walking by this, the Flat Iron. I passed this for years and never even looked up. I took hot yoga in this building once, never went back HA

During my lunch break I took a walk. I found out my friend works in the Farmers Market! so to Union Square we go!

Is anyone going to see this movie?

For art information, a number is provided, how convenient

Farmers Market! It was SO HOT that day

Cool dressed girl~! Note to self: Buy a skirt this color!!

Lunch was from another cart!!! Lobster Cart of Red Hook!
This was not worth SIXTEEN DOLLARS!!! WTH

4PM lull means I need a pick me up for energy!

Why is this drink 5 bucks??? Why do I keep buying 5 dollar drinks!?
Getting fruit in the easy way

After work on Thursday is a gym day! if you follow me on twitter you will know I am probably always complaining about my attendance =P

Spinning Class
Got to get it tight, got to get it right!
More than half my class are tri athletes!! You should see them in class, they look like they're going to bike it off the stand!!

We are on the second floor so it would be an ET moment!!

Once class is over I head over to Union Square again to stretch the legs and grab some dinner

Every time I see this building I always think it's going to fall, seriously...

Yes, we have alot of over priced cabs

Thank you for protecting our streets!

Quick stop to Sephora led to a new perfume purchase!

I love the scent! but it's not long lasting at all! BOO

Off to get some vegetarian dinner!

Interesting decor - world wide chain

After being full on falafel I head to Whole Foods but never make it because I got side tracked by street performers

Yikes! Already time to head home! I have work in the AM, I never made it to Whole Foods but the next time I go I will snap a picture. It's pretty hilarious...a man stands there with a sign stating "Line ends here" and there are hmmm 5145584415477111254 people in front of you...nice

Time to go home!

My metro card ran out of $ =(

Refilling!! -Charge that train ride!

The BEST way to travel around the city is the Subway, the map is not as intimidating as it looks, ignore the man looking for the huge red circled "You are HERE" sign

Subway Art

Saw this on the way home, everything needs a disclaimer here

And with that I am finally home in my not so glamorous gym clothes, New Balance Sneakers, and time to sit back and watch some of New New York!

- I do not recommend New Balance Sneakers if you plan to run more than 3 miles at a time, because they BURN *ouch*

Friday's Follow me Around Post should be coming up tomorrow!
Please tell me if you like these types of posts! They are picture heavy...but I do try to take pictures of things not found in tour books

Continuation or not, thanks so much for reading!!!


  1. I LOVE these posts! So interesting to follow you around and see NYC the way you see it! It's settled. I am coming there. SOON.

  2. come come come!!!! i'll give u a tour of anything! SAKS, Bergdorf, you want to see sights? I actually dont know that as much!! =P

  3. I could use a bagel off that cart. Loved the whirlwhind tour, NYC is def a vibrant place .

  4. glad you liked it!!! =D
    Those bagels are soooooooo good in the morning with coffee mmmm

  5. I LOVED THIS POST!!! Everything about it! I want to go to NY now.

  6. I really want to visit New York! It's crazy how many things are always going on everywhere you go. =)

  7. i LOVED this. i have always wanted to venture to NYC...i have never been! im a little intimidated though...ive always grown up in smaller towns aka not used to traffic, subways, etc. but i LOVE the city. i live in a much bigger city now...but NOTHING like NYC of course. i love seeing the places you venture around all the time with the neat buildings and cool sights.

    that lobster sandwich looks BOMB but...not worth 16 dollas! sheesh. i have always always wanted to try food trucks! but there are none where i live (i dont think anyway). i love food posts so when you go out and eat snap your food :)

    you are so healthy! spin class, fresh fruit, running! wish i had your motivation and drive

  8. COME!!!!!!!!!! it will be fun!!!

  9. hehehe i love living here despite all the ppl traffic, pollution, and tourists. Ur right, always something going on!

  10. Dont be scared!!! actually, Im REALLY scared of going into towns...hahaha
    If im not surrounded by ALOT of ppl and noise and buildings, I get really nervous!! I don't know how to drive, and I have a terrible sense of direction!!! I really need to leave my city bubble for a while and take a peek around the rest of the states!

    I know 16 bucks!!!! food here is $ even if it comes from a truck!! no food trucks in your area? I will try to snap more of the ones here then! we have so many there is even a yearly food truck award called the Vendy's! hahaha vendor awards haha I have tried foods from all the top competitors!

    Haha I try to be healthy but I def slack on the weekends, if i didnt, id go crazy
    Most ppl that I know in my life ( I cant say the whole city) try to go the gym and eat healthily. The city life is actually not that healthy with pollution and alot of crap processed foods along with too many office jobs so everyone in my office tries to keep on top of it.

    My gym is pretty crazy though, if your not a model, ur prob a triathalon competitor, or a muscle builder. I'm just a Joe Schmo there haha

  11. Really enjoyed this! Please make it a regular thing :) It's a great insight into other people's lives and I've been dying to visit NYC!! Your average day looks pretty eventful x

  12. Great post!! I loved looking at the pics and reading the descriptions. Continue for sure!!!!!!! =D

  13. I LOVE posts like these. I love how you narrated every photo; I felt like I was taking a peak into your life.

  14. lol hate hate hate maoz!! love love love unions square farmers market. i have been here a year now and I have not bought anything from food trucks at all. Are they really that good here?

  15. awww i used to live in union square last year and all your pictures are giving me memories! <3

  16. I love these posts. The morning smoothie looks great, good luck on your fitness before vacation. I def. like these picture heavy posts, so metropolitan and it's like a travel guide to a different city. That lobster roll looks awesome but too bad it wasn't worth the money.

    I love Maoz! Their salad bar and sauces is yummy. I love Futurama, my favorite show. My boyfriend used to work there and he worked on the most recent episodes.

  17. My kind of thursday seems so boring comparing to yours :)
    Great pictures

  18. I love this, you live in a beautiful city! The buildings are amazing. You prefer the body shop bronzer to guerlain!?!?! I'm definetely going to have to check that out x

  19. I really enjoyed this post, think it's a great idea!x

  20. i only recently tried the Guerlain bronzer, the one with the mosaic pattern, and found it too orange and sheer for my personal taste. The Body Shop one I did not like initially, but I have grown to like it! more brown which I prefer! Still looking out for an HG but this is nice for now
    I hate orange bronzers! lol

  21. awww thanks dear! im glad some ppl dont mind picture heavy posts, i know some ppl hate the load time.
    The lobster roll was ok...but it was SO SMALL it fit on 1 piece of toast, thats not a roll.. that's a piece of toast!

  22. Really? Where are you now?
    I go there all the time, I guess you will all see soon lol bc it is so close to my job I went back to the next day! lol

  23. hahahahaha do you hate maoz? I def CAN'T eat it everyday but I have it like once every other month, i like it! lol
    Alot of food trucks are NOT all that, but if you have a guide it helps. Have you read the site "Midtown Lunch" ?
    I do like many dessert trucks i have seen! i prefer the street vendor over trucks for food though, better track record!

  24. Thanks! I am considering if I should lose the narration to make it shorter...but then I think many ppl may not know where I am haha

  25. Aw thanks so much dear your input and THANK YOU so much for reading through it! =D

  26. Awwww thanks so much!!!!!
    Does it? Maybe bc I took so many pics and there are always things around me but i basically went to work, took a 5 minute walk ( bc I dont actually have a lunch break, its def ZERO) 5 min walk back in the sun, then worked out and ate out lol
    I guess it is a perspective thing

  27. If you took the pics of your day I would prob be like WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

    My life is not that exciting, I guess I just have a great background lol

  28. "it would be an ET moment!" I literally laughed out loud :D That's sort of what the subway maps look like in Chicago, but I don't think I could ever figure out the NY subway system. I've never been, but it looks HUGE!

  29. Wish I could just "stop by Sephora"! Of course, if I did that I wouldn't have much of a paycheck left - guaranteed. Love the post!

    <3 Sidd
    *giveaway posted!*

  30. oh im jealous of your follow me around days. so much better than the UK boooo

  31. I love these posts! What a coincidence as I know exactly where that bagel/coffee cart is (The H&R Block is next to a Starbucks and Hallmark store)! I go to school right in that area so I'm always walking around those few places XD Maybe we'd bump into each other one day and not even realize! You get a lot done in one day! I cannot fathom how anyone can hit the gym after work >.< Just going to class makes me super tired already!

  32. This was awesome! What great pictures. I wish I didn't live in suburban Detroit (bet you can imagine how interesting that would be to document, blehhhh). Those bagels looked amazing, the tomatoes looked even more amazing, I'm gonna lose sleep about that building about to fall over :P ... really cool post!

  33. Hi Hi! are you from Chicago? I have always wanted to go!!! I heard your pizza rivals ours!!! haha yea ET moment those guys are CRAZZZY in class
    The map is no where near as hard as it looks

  34. hehehe no worries it's pretty bad that I just stop by there a few times a week!!! ><
    Thanks for reading!

  35. If you made a follow me around post about the UK Im pretty positive I would be jealous of everything!!!!!! I have always wanted to go to damn Boots and Superdrug of all things! and eat at Nandos!!!

  36. oh really!!! there are a few schools there. SVA, Baruch, some HS's I went to school around there too! that's why I have had the same coffee guy for so many yrs! i wonder if he thinks I never graduated or something?????
    Do I? hahah I just walked around. I hate sitting around.
    I go to the gym 5x a week but after work only 3x a week, it's not so bad, you get used to it. I look forward to the gym after work lol it's a good stress reliever! If you ever see someone holding a cart coffee cup wearing raybans and looks like my profile picture, please say HI! lol

  37. HAHAHAHAHA don't worry about the building!!! It def wont fall I just think bc it looks so thin against the others in that particular neighborhood it would fall. Sometimes I hear tourists look at the buildings and say omg its going to fall! lol
    Detroit suburbs? I want to see!!! Do you have a lawn and parking garage? I DONT SEE ENOUGH of those! haha my entire block of apartments shares a single tree!
    The bagels are a def yum and a big treat when I have had a bad week. The tomatoes are fresh and mmmmmmmmm
    Glad you liked my day! =D

  38. This is a great post...I love looking at all your photos! I really want to go back to NY now :)

  39. I loved this post! (And yes, I plan to see Crazy Stupid Love!)

  40. OMG thanks for that website!!! I am such a noob seriously. And what is the difference between a street vendor and a food truck? Do you mean those brick and mortar delis? Again, I am such a noob! And I dislike maoz because I dislike falafels in general I think. The one time I saw many people lining up for maoz, I was like wow this must be good. But I took one bite and I was like, rabbit food!!! Needless to say I bought myself another dinner lol.

  41. btw, continue! You are improving my quality of life with each increasing post of yours:D

  42. What an awesome post! My dad worked in Manhattan and he loved it there! It looks so lively. Haha about the spin class, I know how you feel. Everyone in my lab does marathons and half-marathons!

  43. You have come before? Come back!!! I would love to see Dublin!

  44. Hahahaha thanks!!! tell me how it is! I am a Ryan Gosling fan! =P

  45. Oh, did he? Awesome!!!! Manahattan workers are all over and prob drained lol
    I know!!!! when i first attended i felt like SUCH A NOOB lol

  46. Street vendor are those like hallal guys, food truck are the guys that drive around and have a different location all the time, you usually have to follow them on twitter to get their location. Trucks are like the NYC treats truck, cupcake truck, red hook lobster truck, moishe's falaffel truck, Taiwanese tasty truck, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, and the Korilla Taco truck - there are more but those are the ones near me

    Street vendors are like the hallal guys, waffles and dinges, Hallo Berlin, and the Jamaican Dutchy.
    So many! we even have street food awards! If you google the Vendy awards of NYC you can see the best and try em out

    There are alot of websites like midtown lunch, unfot I don't work in "midtown" but when I go i can reference lol midtown lunch also makes alot of references within his site to other ppl who have similar sites in NY but outside midtown

    Hope that helps! Happy eating!

  47. I personally like the Big Gay Ice cream truck, Hallo Berlin if he is not on vacation, and the Hallal guys of 53rd and 6th? They have a lunch crew but the NIGHT CREW are the ppl to go to after 7:30 pm -2 am
    I have been on the line with 50+ ppl in the RAIN in the WINTER hahaha the hot sauce is so hot! so be careful, luckily Magnolia bakery is a few blocks away ( over rated) but you need something to cool down the mouth!

  48. I go to Baruch btw :) I can see how working out can feel good because of all the endorphins and whatnot but my laziness prevents me from exercising regularly :( Maybe one day.... If I ever spot you, which I doubt I will amongst the students and tourists, I'll definitely say hi! :D

  49. Please do so!!!!! I dont know any other beauty bloggers in person =)

  50. I haven't tried many bobbi brown items but I really like their shimmer wash eyeshadow in heather mauve (shimmery silver taupe) and their lip gloss in Rosy (candy coral pink in jelly finish), though that lip gloss applicator was a PIA.

  51. Oops, I think I replied in the wrong post...

  52. This was soooooo much fun to look through!!!! I loved it :) I seriously I felt like I was in NYC again since as a tourist I've been through some of the spots you've taken photos of :D I'd love to visit again! By the way I've been obsessed with those KIND bars too, and who is to blame for it? Birchbox! haha They are so yummy!


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