Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Ramble of Things on the Brain

Things currently on my brain on a Tuesday

Kate Middleton is becoming my "How to be a lady properly without stuffiness" icon

This lavender gown looks gorgeous on her
Will also pulls off formal wear with ease!
Would not expect anything less!

Kate Middleton Wears Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Lavender Gown in L.A.
Kate Middleton Wears Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Lavender Gown in L.A.

Hehe, matching waves -"Hello!"

Chanel Le Crayon Khol in Black Jade

Been wearing this every single day-absolutely in love, wish it was waterproof!
The first thing I ever purchased that actually made my brown eyes "pop" so many claim it, but this looks soooo good on the waterline - Chanel, waterproof it please!
Chanel Le Crayon <span class=

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Limited Edition TOM shoes caught my eyes this week - I think these would look amazing with black skinny jeans and a sheer black top - but they kinda remind me of my grandpa!

The Row for Toms Shoes in dark plaid

Lusting for the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl and I think this is the perfect consistancy to mix with foundations!! Not thick at all

Pictured below is the lilac shade

But I also received a sample of this, and am considering Violet!!

Currently planning my vacation which will involve this! - No plans finalized yet, but I AM going on vacation! (at last)

Lusting after a brand that is too expensive for my current poor self -SUQQU~

Waiting to watch this! I have not seen any Mission Impossible movies :O but the previews looked exciting!

Whats currently on your brains? lol


  1. Kate Middleton looks gorgeous. She carries a lot of poise for someone so young but I guess it comes with the position. ^^

    The TOMS are cute. LOL I'm really ignorant, what is the city you're going to vacation at?

  2. Kate Middleton is gorgeous and I love her style!! :) She is quickly becomming a style icon to me :)

  3. I love her style! :O Must take notes :P
    Those toms look similar to what my grandpa wears too hehe
    I heard those becca products are really nice. Especially for the natural/no-makeup look. If you try it do post about it ^__^

  4. yup will do! becca products seem nice but theyre quite $!

  5. right??? so classy while still being young and fresh, we need more women like that

  6. Kate really does carry herself well, very princess like! It's charming!!!
    You are not ignorant that picture is very random hahaha I am going to the Formula 1 race in Singapore\ =)

  7. Ohhhh very cool! Formula 1 is so much better than Nascar. Much faster and more exciting. ^^Plus shopping in Singapore! Exciting. :)

  8. you are going to singapore?! that's where I am from!:) that's the night race right?! are you going there just for the race? omg i can't believe i didn't see that from the picture. Do you have friends to bring you around? Let me know if you need recommendations for stuff!:)

  9. We are in synch! Kate Middleton is so classy without being uptight. I love her style! Annnd I want to go on a vacation too! Can't wait for you, so happy!

  10. Those TOMS are sooo cool. Very slipper chic. I think I need them in my life to be happy - lol. Great post!! Love Natalie xx. www.roxanneoak.blogspot.com

  11. thanks i have been waiting MONTHS to go on vacation!! ill take alot of pics for the blog! =D

  12. aw thanks!~!!! those TOMS really are cute! i just picture myself walking into Starbucks with them haha prob bc theyre from the Olsens ;)

  13. Yup the night race!!!! if u have any suggestions PLZ do tell bc the bf and I have no idea wat to do there but the race =P


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