Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shopping...and mini updates

Hello ladies!

Just as a catch up, I wanted to say, I miss everyone on blogger!!!

Currently in Hong Kong:
I am very sleepy-yet can't sleep!
My skin is a bit dead looking
I am still semi jet lagged
I am discovering that blogger on Apple is VERY DIFFERENT
Wifi is not free in my hotel -WHY??

But it's all ok, because I am with my boy friend, and I hauled Shu Uemura =)

Photo courtesy of horrible hotel night lighting and iphone with photo stretching - gotta love it

View from my hotel room!

Hope everyone is well!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Hello All!

I'm sorry I have not been answering any comments or being on Twitter, I don't think I officially announced I would be on vacation and am currently traveling!

I am leaving Singpore today and am en route to Hong Kong!

Will be posting on my travels upon my arrival, my current internet connection is limited but wanted to leave a snapshot of some of the items I bought while being in the beautiful Singapore!

Hope everyone has a great week and hopefully will be updating again soon!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Travel Make up Bag

If I timed this correctly - my first "scheduled post" this should go up when I am either flying or landing in Singapore. Crossing fingers here!

Travel Make up Bag - From Muji

My make up bag is lumpy and bumpy - I am kicking myself for forgetting to buy mini mineral powder containers at Sephora. The containers are taking up too much space, grr

My travel itinerary includes destinations which are now A LOT warmer places than the now COLD NYC - so let's see what I packed


Mineral Make up: More ideal in warmer weather, looks great even when you are sweating through it! Lancome+ Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil
Travel sized BB cream: in case I get tired of mineral make up
NARS Primer: Trying to finish this up!
Two eye palettes: One is a mini palette which is I am trying to use up, one is just full of soft colors perfect for everyday. I have not used this in a while so I wanted to give it some love
MAC Luster Drops: Mini highlighter
Paul and Joe Eye Glosses: Slick these on lazy days
Boscia Blotting Sheets: A MUST
Revlon eye brow gel
NARS Dolce Vita Gloss, Dior Lip Glow, Dior Lip Gloss in Apricot Clouche, Estee Lauder's Red Velvet

Maybelline and Chanel: Waterproof mascara for day, higher impact mascara for night
Bobbi Brown Gel liner: Trying to use this up!
Dior Concealer: My under eye savior
Sonia Kashuk concealer: My current go to concealer with mini powder for setting my under eyes
Clea De Peau sample concealer: Testing this out to see if I want to buy it
Mini Bare Minerals Foundation: In a very very dark shade to use as a travel bronzer
Lorac Palette: I don't use anything in palette except 1 shadow, but it's my favorite, so it goes!

NARS O and MAC Peaches: A pink and peach option - I never wear NARS O, but always seem to wear it on vacation!
Anastasia Brow Pencil: Trying to finish this up!
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil: For if Anastasia is complete mid trip
Sephora Black Liner, MAC Teddy Liner (Brown), MAC Brick Lip Pencil
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner: Almost done with this!
*Not shown- Mabelline Dream Matte powder for touch ups*

Things to think about, realize, and decisions:

A few things I realized when packing is: I know I am bringing way too many eye products. I will probably choose 1 thing and use it the whole trip, but the whole "you never know" factor kept creeping into my brain - I like having choices!

Many of the items I could bring 1 of, I brought several because they are on their last leg. I have so many lipsticks and chap sticks I am bringing because they are all 90%-95% done. If I just brought 1, I wouldn't have enough.

I avoid bringing limited edition items. I will miss it but I must have some dupe I can use in the mean time! because losing or breaking something like that, would make me pretty bummed!! (sad as that sounds)
And I don't want to pay some crazy $ for an ebay replacement!

Avoiding baked items - prone to cracking/shattering into 54515124001033 pieces!

Hopefully I finish some of this stuff during my trip!

What are your travel essentials?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mighty Mini's!

I'm going on vacation!!!! I hop aboard a flight during the wee early morning hours of Wednesday so I am currently packing last minute

Thought it would be fun to show my toiletry bag. This was the time to bang out all those mini samples that have been piling up for usage!
*Please note the body wash + body lotion are an estimate amount for two people- that's why I brought so much- estimate time 2.5 weeks*

Now is the perfect time to also pull out all those free GWP bags to store all these things!

Panoxyl Face Bars, Fix +, NARS eye shadow primer, CLEAN sample perfume, St Ives Green Tea Scrub, Fresh Citron de Vigne Shower Gel and Body Lotion, YSL Parissienne Shower Gel, Korres Guava Body lotion, Clinique Acne Solutions Gel, Lancome Bi Facil, Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Boscia Make up Cleansing Oil, Josie Maran Argan Oil, La Roche Posay Effeclar Cleanser, Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair, Lancome Genifique

*Not shown*
Mini Lancome wrinkle cream, band aids, inhaler, eye creams. sunscreens

Monday, September 19, 2011

One Color All Over - Guerlain Terrecotta Light Bronzer Review

During my bronzer search which seemed to have been my make up obsession of the summer, one of the bronzer's I purchased was the Guerlain Terrecotta Light Bronzer in 02 Brunette

Gorgeous packaging with the famous Guerlain Mosaic Design

This bronzer gave me issues. Not due to the fact that it was a bad product, I just didn't know how to use it.

The color was more of a peachy brown, and it had shimmers. Also the pigmentation was pretty light. This seemed more like an "Almost Bronzer"This is not something I would contour with - which is a big reason why I buy bronzers.

This bronzer is best used to give your face an all over color. Best applied with a MAC 150 ( in my humble opinion) Get a big brush and whack it on all over.

Because the shade is a peachy brown, whenever I was feeling lazy (often in the summer) I would apply this over my temples, jawline, and below the hollows of my cheeks, but also on my cheeks, across my nose, chin, and a bit on the eyes. Sounds like too much? Nope!
If the color is not super pigmented, and it has a tinge of either peach or pink, wearing it all over gives you a warm collective breathe of color which is evenly distributed on the face.

I became quite obsessed with these bronzers with a bit of color in them to skip the blush step, and make contouring look obvious.

Other products I would recreate this look with was Benefit Dallas : Review can be found here
Dallas is on the right

Also Dior Aurora (Past Limited Edition)- review here

Swatches: Bottom-Top: Guerlain, Dior, Dallas

More affordable alternatives can be the Physicians Formula Blush Bronzer Duo which I enjoy in the winter

Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin 2-in-1 <span class=

And a new product I have recently seen in drugstores

<span class=

Let's take a page from Rachel Bilson's Beauty Book shall we?
Add dark liner, and some red tint to the lips, and the look is complete

What is your favorite fast face product?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Last Few weekends

Sunday random post! Catch up time on the last few weekends!

Prepare for a post of random pictures - Super long post of random pictures, 100% non beauty! You've been warned!

A few weeks ago was Hurricane Irene and NY had their first (that I can recall) mandatory evacuation - everyone in my neighborhood seem very un phased but I went out and bought "supplies" anyway

Sustenance is vital during these kinds of events. Ramen and tea was all I really needed...

Think there is enough?

This guy is famous in Korea! He does not have 1 role, he's on like 10 shows at once! and he is on a show with 5 other dudes who are also on 10 shows at once. Sometimes you flip through the channels and you cannot escape!

Everyone knows this guy

There is a tea for everything

But I just bought green tea with brown rice....$100 bucks in random groceries later I slept at home for 2 days to find out 1 tree broke in our area...back to work!

The weather for the following 5 days after the hurricane was PERFECT not a cloud in the sky!!! but I was working...and Saturday rained again =(

A glimpse at the perfect weather: NY-ers PATIENTLY waiting for Shake Shack burgers - I only come here when it snows, the reason I think is *cough* pretty obvious...

I did ATTEMPT to wait on this thing, but I left within moments, I dont have the patience for a hamburger
Here is how far in line I got =\
Spoke to a wonderful girl from Poland, asking me about hamburgers, and studying in NY

Spotted this girl and loved her splash of color and outfit!
I looked for sandals like that all summer to no avail

That night I saw my first indie movie on the Lower East Side

Saturday morning before the gym involves smoothies, made with aloe vera - I need to try to improve my skin, inside and out!

Later on in the day

Now it's time for the mall!

What I think, every time I run outside...

We always stop by the pet store!

On to the following Friday...rain...AGAIN, seriously??

More car art, hello!

We decided to eat the famous hallal cart, more lines in the rain, but always worth it!

Luckily due to the weather, the line is pretty short!

Saturday we had dim sum for brunch

It's always crazy busy and loud

Decided to drive to NJ for ramen, need to go through Manhattan first

Eye on the Prize~!

Going on to next Friday night

Times Square again??

How cops give directions in Time Square


This week


This is not my car btw
I always just think yellow cars are hilarious, they all remind me of taxi's!

Cell phone case shopping

The boyfriend and I took a drive up to the mountains for some scenery and R&R

Getting there first ... this post should be called on the road again...

View was worth it!

The mountain is only a few minutes away from the shopping outlet where we saw this adorable band

Finally today

And want to wish everyone who had been able to make it to the end of this post a belated

On Wednesday I will be boarding a flight to get away from all this!!! lol

Let's see how much I can blog since I wont be bringing my larger camera, and will be borrowing the laptop...I will try!!!

Hopefully you will enjoy random posts when the background has been changed to Singapore, Hong Kong and Tai Pei! =)

Thanks for reading! You guys must be exhausted by now!

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