Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Review, and a few Favorites

The Bronzer search continues on, with contender number 2. Bobbi Brown's Bronzer in Medium

Going to say straight out, since trying this, I havent touched my Body Shop Bronzer
I originally purchased a Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer Duo. The blush I could have lived without, but the bronzer was something worth looking into

I returned the duo, and purchased the full sized bronzer that same day

This bronzer comes in a few shades, but I chose Medium. They had a few lighter shades, but when swatching them, they looked too reminiscent to my Body Shop Bronzer, so passed on the lighter options for something a bit stronger.
This actually has a rosy tinge to it. A natural tan supposedly is more red with skinned with a bit on tanning effect, not orange.

The bronzer is very pigmented, especially this shade on my skin tone (NC25) so I tried this with a few brushes. I use bronzer for slight contouring, and to warm up my face. I have settled with using the MAC 150 brush with this, to give myself an overall warmth, contouring is a bit trickier with this shade, but not impossible

I also find that I must blend out my edges with a kabuki, or it's just obvious I have tinges of red brown on scattered portions of my face

A down fall of this, is this bronzer is far more powdery than the Body Shop version, 1 swipe of the brush gets alot of product on the brush, but a slew of remaining powder in the compact, so it can get a bit messy, and I have been tapping off the large amount of excess from the brush before application, to make sure the color does not come out too strong

Regardless of its powdery factor, I really prefer this bronzer of the Body Shop one. The tinge of red really helps it look far more natural, and I think this looks better on me than Laguna did.

Unfortnetly this bronzer contains Bismuth Oxychloride in it's ingredient list so I have been checking daily to see if this has been reacting badly with my skin. No word yet, as it is under the (+/-) section of the ingredient listing. If this does break me out, it's unfrotunetly going to go back, but loving it so far!

The reason why I returned the bronzer blush duo was because the blush in the duo "Peony" was a bit too cool toned for my liking, and I had recently purchased "Apricot" which is far more flattering on my undertone

Yes, it's quite a shocking pink, but it is a warm pink with a bit of coral in it, to compliment warm skin tones. It's quite pigmented, and has a lovely texture

I would recommend Peony for cooler toned ladies, and Nectar if you are neutral
Has anyone else noticed Bobbi generally sells mainly pink blushes??

A duo with this blush, and bronzer, would have been ideal for warm skinned ladies =)

Last Bobbi Brown Favorite is the only gel liner I own of her's. Black Mauve Shimmer ink. It is a black with brown and purple in it. Dark enough to define, but not to be stark. The shimmer is micro, and I have no problems when I tight line with this, regardless of wearing contacts or glasses

I have never been a Bobbi Brown Girl, I have tried things from the brand which I was not too fond of, especially for the price, but the above, are all products I really recommend. She also has a GORGEOUS green gel liner which looked phenomenal, but I knew I would never get use out of that, so I regrettably passed, but if you have time and swing by a counter, do have yourself a look.

What are your Bobbi Brown Favorites?


  1. wow that blush looks amazing please give us an update ....I might have to get it

  2. these look so divine. i like her pot rouges. but i realllly want to try out her concealer to see what the hype is all about. and her powder blushes. i tried her bronzer once but i gave it up in a swap a long time ago. i dont remember which shade it was, i think it was too light for me.

  3. What are you wearing on your nails in the first picture? I love sparkle nails but I need to find a more subtle sparkle for work and whatever is on your nails looks perfect! I'm new to Bobbi Brown; I only own the two Tortoise Shell palettes so far but I absolutely adore them. I've been meaning to try out some other products but they just haven't wowed me enough to shell out for them. I've been considering a liner though; I hear such good things about them!

  4. hey kayla, on my nails I was wearing a very sheer nude wash of China Glaze Sensuous, but it really looks like no color at all, topped with Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. I know you have been loving your palettes =D I def know wat you mean by not being wow-ed by Bobbi Brown, I have 2 of her shimmer bricks and they can easily be passed....her lip producs also dont seem exciting lol

  5. o i have heard goo things about the pot rouges! I recently tried her under eye correcter, EH, I prefer my dior sculpting lifting cocealer for the eyes, but thats just my opinion. Yes I picked the 3rd darkest shade? The other two looked fine on me, but Im happy with this choice, its quite dark on me though! so i need to be careful

  6. hmm not sure if I will dedicate a post to the blush but i really like it. Any questions, shoot em over and Ill be happy to answer whatever I can =)

  7. Oo! I have Teenage Dream. I'll have to give that a try. I really need to shut up about my darn palettes. Total strangers are going to start coming up to be and being like, "Hey you're that blogger who never shuts up about her Bobbi Brown palettes, right?" LOL!

  8. that means they were well worth the $$ amazing first products from the brand!

  9. Gorg gorg gorg!!!!!

    I need to try more Bobbi Brown products!!!!

  10. the gel liner is already famous, i want a diff colors once i finish this one ( i want to finish 1 in my life!!!) haha but the bronzer and blush are super nice quality, but the bronzer does have alot of powder flying around which sucks, but i can deal!!

  11. I'm def fond of Bobbi Brown foundations, and lipsticks/glosses. I do think the products are a tad bit expensive (okay, VERY expensive) but invest in an item or two once or twice a yr :p The bronzer looks really nice though! And i'll have to check out the gel liners, especially the green one!

  12. yes i do blv the price is a tad more than i think is worth, but things like her bronzer and gel liner should last so incredibly long the price in the long run if you actually finish the product seems well worth the investment

  13. Ah! I'm a die hard Bobbi fan. A lot of her collection is probably geared towards an "older" crowd, but I love it anyway. I don't think anyone does basic neutrals as well as her. My favorite products would have to be the eyeshadows and lipsticks. The shadows are so well pigmented and textured; the shade renditions all look so natural against skin. I love nude lippies, so it's no surprise that I like her lipsticks as well. I think people find them dry, but I actually find them less drying in the long run than other formulas that start out moist then dry down. Love, love, love! I'm so glad you posted on this =)

    Also, it's interesting that you mentioned Bismuth Oxychloride. I just found out about that ingredient, and suspect it doesn't work with my skin. Too bad it's in almost everything! I love my BB bronzers but I'm cautious for the same reason. And of course, I'm allergic to the blush.

  14. Oh my goodness! YOu just totally made me want a Bobbi Brown bronzer! Thanks a lot! :P



  16. Hi! Hmm I have replied before, but the bow tin is kevin beauty makers love pu pu cheek blush, hope that helps!

  17. Haha success!! I hope you like it ! She has a few shades so u should be fine picking one perfect for you :)

  18. Wow a die hard fan!! Lol I have yet totrh their eye shadows though they look lovely they look big! Lol I nv looked up te size so they may be regular sized but I don't know if I will ever finish one. I have so many lippies, well for me, I say this before I am about to B2 Mac for 2 more haha oops

    Yes that ingredient reacts to my skin and results in cystic pimples, not cool!! Now whenever I buy make up I look for it in the ingredients,and it's in almost everything I agree! But if I see it on the latter part of the ingredient listing and near the +\- symbols then I may purchase with precaution and ask what the return policy is! Hehe

    I have found lancome base make up does not use this ingredient ad much as other brands which is why I own so much lancome base make up with absolutely no adverse effects

    Good luck on your search girl!

  19. ohh that bronzer is pretty! I think I'm the only person who doesn't work well with bronzers.. the only one that looked ok on me was maquillage from the face creator palette but the bronzer part is tiny lmao.

  20. I have Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Truffle Pink and it's nice. I think she has good products but her prices are really high. Thanks for your review, I hope the bronzer doesn't irritate you. I'm not a loyal fan or anything of the line either. I see more exciting colors at other counters usually.

  21. hmmm it seems that most ppl have the same feeling towards BB's line as me... not the biggest fan =P
    thanks for your concern on the bronzer, i think so far its been good!!

  22. no bronzer? i cant live without a contour or warmth to my face. Sometimes if im in a rush I wear only blush, which i think makes me look more youthful but i miss the lil contour effect haha they do have bronzer colors for very pale skin tones, but yes I have tried a few that makes me look muddy, they go incredibly unloved in my collection lol

  23. I love BB apricot Blush! It brighens up my complexion instantly!


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