Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - A Review

Since finishing NARS Laguna, I have been on the hunt for my next "Go To" Replacement Bronzer. I could repurchase Laguna, but I want to try something different. I aim find one that I like enough to use exclusively, and use the rest on a later date.

First contender that I have been using for a few weeks is The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer (mouthful) in the shade Medium

I am currently an NC 25 and quickly losing whatever tan I had developed this summer. I purchased this in the 3rd darkest shade out of 4. If you are someone of fair skin, looking for a bronzer that is suitable, I would head over to the Body Shop. If you are above NC 35? This may not have been the bronzer release for you

It comes with a sizable mirror and the pattern on the bronzer is of a honey comb to represent the collection name

This is a completely matte bronzer, so excellent for contouring. It is admittingly a bit powdery when you swipe your brush across the top, so there is a lot of excess powder flying around. It is decently pigmented, but since the color is more of a honey bronzer, you may want to swipe your brush across a few times

The color is not orangy, it is more of a honey brown with a tinge of ashyness, not as grey brown as Benefit Hoola, but not as medium brown as NARS Laguna. This is more of an amber honey brown with a bit of ash, to keep it from going too warm into the orange/peachy category

The packaging is attractive, but semi flimsy. I have only had this for about 2 months, and the name "The Body Shop" imprinted on the front is already rapidly fading, and the hinge on the product is quite small. Anna Saccone of The Style Diet uses this same bronzer, and I had seen her mirror portion had completely snapped off. She did mention it may be because she taps off the excess product ( which this does create) but I would think the structure would be more sound

Ideal colors for paler skin tones
Reasonable price, and easily found

Limited edition for summer
Semi powdery
Not the most study packaging

Have you checked out anything from the Honey Bronze Summer Collection? - I say this in September! =P


  1. God I could just eat this thing! It looks so cute :) Ever since I've seen it on Irene's (blushingloves) post, I've been wanting it but every time I go to TBS I forget about it because I am so obsessed with sniffing all the body scrubs and lotions and whatnot. You two keep convincing, or should I say enabling me about all these products, first the la roche-posay eye cream and now this honey bronzer! :p

  2. Haven't checked those things yet but I love the packaging it looks so sweet just like honey. :)

  3. I have the same problems with my Honey bronzer from TBS! Mine is in shade 02. The gold imprint has faded completely, it is a little bit powdery- but the colour is fantastic and it has grown into a favourite! Although I'm not sure that the Honey Bronze collection is LE, I think the sales assistant told me that they're permanent and replace the older bronzing powders in the gold packaging ;)


  4. love your reviews, you are always so thorough. i havent tried this but i went to the body shop yesterday and i was checking out their makeup. i got overwhelmed and looked at skincare instead haha. didnt get anything tho. this looks nice but i dont think i'll try it, just because i want a darker shade. too bad the packaging isnt too sturdy! :( i like the honeycomb imprint though

  5. I tried out the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil which I didn't really like I was hoping it would sort of make my skin look like it had a bit of colour to it but it was too watery. When the light hit my skin it just looked like it was covered in glitter. I also don't think it would last very long.
    I like the honey-comb print but it annoys me when things like that, as soon as you use it, disappears!

  6. I've never had success with bronzers before. I always feel like it makes me look dirty. I must be doing something wrong.

  7. Me too, I need a lesson in how to apply it.

  8. I like the honeycomb design on it! So pretty! Most things I have tried makeup wise from TBS have been really good, so I will need to try a bronzer from there soon!

  9. For tips on how to apply, this video may help =)

  10. ohh yes, the honey comb pattern does fade in about 20 uses? which is a shame =*(

  11. muddy eh? I felt the same way about Benefit Hoola, it may be the shade. I am not a fan of grey/ashy browns, and I hate orange browns but I need a warm brown, I like it with a tinge of pink. Haha that may sound very specific but bronzers out there come in all shades of brown. I do like NARS Laguna and the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium. The Body Shop bronzer has a tinge of ashy-ness to it, but I never feel muddy
    It may also be your application? What brush are you using? Maybe an all over sweep on your 3 zone, then build up the color if need be?

  12. The Body Shop make up is surprisingly not bad! I remember thinking the same of their skin care not too long ago. Not too sure why they dont have a better rep! I know you love your peach shimmer strip! =D

  13. I know! when im in the body shop im torn btw looking at the skin care or looking at the make up! this bronzer actually was hard for me to get! I went to a few shops and all sold out of this shade! I had to buy it online, but the body shop make up, the few things I have tried from them, have been surprisingly good!

  14. oh is it not LE? I thought it was. Yes, boo to the packaging I wish it was stronger!! Im a bit scared to tote it around for when I go traveling =(

  15. arent they? reminds me of that Honey Collection MAC had

  16. it's so cute! a nice way to incorporate the collection theme! =D reminds of me of that Honey MAC collection a while back, Naked Honey as it?

  17. heheheh I feel the same way about your TS Chocolate Soilel bronzer! evertime u post it, I want to eat it! I have heard from many ppl it tastes like cocoa! Blushing loves has been on a roll =D


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