Thursday, September 15, 2011

Currently in the Rotation

Current things I have been testing, trying, and loving

A few new favorites

La Roche Posary Effaclar Duo: I LOOOVVVVVVVVVVE this. Ok? LOVE this. La Roche Posay has been on quite a role in my bathroom cabinet.

5.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide with absolutely no drying effecting - ok tad drying but I was overzealous and layering on twice a day from the get go - but my skin is ok with it now and this is this is a new staple!
I like this more than my Rx prescribed cream. I apply a thin coat all over my face at night, every night, that I feel spotty. If my skin is not looking so great, repeat in the morning. Apply a nice amount of moisturizer on, and the magic starts. Remember SPF if you wear this out in the sun!
It only takes a few days to see the results. Not harsh, more readily found, and effective - A new HG people!

Did I mention my acne scars fade faster with this stuff??

MAC Tinted Lip Coniditoner in Petting Pink: One of the few SPF lip balms that does not dry my lips out. I hit pan on this, whenever I hit pan on something, I NEED to use it. I love seeing the bottom get bigger and bigger. Been applying this non stop. Not much color, but soothing, and spf.

Dior Lifting Sculpting Concealer shade 2: Not sure why I had not mentioned this earlier, as I have been using this for months, but another current staple. Banishes my dark circles, with a better consistnacy than Bobbi Brown's correctors in my opinion. I love the doe foot applicator for easy dotting on those bags. If I am in a rush, this is a pretty decent spot concealer. I apply it on my clean hand first, for no cross contamination.
Does not leave the make up bag!

Korres White Tea Gel Cleanser: On the fence with this. On week 3 and still on the fence. This bottle will probably last months, smells very clean and nice. Lathering power is minimal because it is a soapless cleanser. I opted for a more gentle cleanser, to try to balance out my combo skin which is now getting dryer due to the fall weather -Yes, it has arrived here.

This reminds me of a natural, scented version of Cetaphil.
If you enjoy Cetaphil, but want to try something different, with more natural ingredients, I think this would be an excellent substitute. I do believe it can be used on all skin types, but better on oily/combo skin, as it seems to help balance the face.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Medium: Review can be found here

Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle: Ok, I'm probably the LAST Beauty Blogger to try this. Raves, awards, and countless mentions finally got me to try this product. I dyed my hair recently and it needed a boost after the chemicals did their job. I LOVE the way this smells, like Pina Coladas!!! So far I have used it about 3x a week for 1 week and it has helped, but I have tried better deep conditioners. I think if your hair is in pretty good shape already, this stuff would be amazing, if you have some damaged locks, you may need to give this a few weeks to heal your hair

Lauderée is still very "in" in my book

What have you been trying recently?


  1. i actually own the effaclar k (which i have no idea where it is rite now) but i felt like it worked well for a few weeks and then my skin got immune to it >_< have your tried it? i was debating btwn that and the duo but sounds like the duo works well for you. maybe i should try that nxt xD and i feel like ive been seeing the aussie 3 minute everywhere but i have too many conditioning products rite now so mayb if i use up all of it i will try it nxt ^^

  2. Oh i totally miss the 3 minute treatment!!!

    Have you tried Effaclar K? The formula might be weaker - contains salicylic acid. It's really effective. I'll do a review on it soon! but I agree, their anti-acne range seems good!

  3. I'd love to see a review of the Korres cleanser once you've made up your mind. Also i was looking at your bronzer review and the bobbi brown blush is GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it :)

  4. HG acne product? :O Must go see it for myself soon! All the ones I've tried in the past didn't seem to do much for me =\
    Can't wait to hear your finally opinions on the cleanser though. Soapless ... sounds interestin!

  5. AH! I need the LaRoche. Sometimes I have stuff that lingers around forever when I just want it to go away. I never know what to try. I did have an Rx retinoid once and it worked, but I'm also pretty sure it aged my skin and gave it fine lines. Maybe I applied too much? Anyhow, I need something new. Where can you buy this brand? I've never seen it on shelves before.

  6. mmmhmm i know acne products can really age the skin which is why i am attempting to look for more gentle yet effective products. Also I try not to apply this every night (attempt), only when my skin looks like trouble is a brewing!
    No La Roche Posay? It is sold in Walgreens, CVS, and Duane Reade (NY drusgtore chain) Maybe Rite Aid, but Rite Aid is rare to see here =P

  7. I will have a review on the korres cleanser when I finish it, as part of my completed products of the month. That way I get to bang out a bunch of them with short and quick jist reviews which ppl seem to like =)
    Apricot is soooooo *purty* lol

  8. Yup my favorite one I have tried so far as a preventative measure, also effective at getting rid of those pesky spots at a faster speed with no irritation or dryness!

  9. Oh I cant wait for your review! I did not try Effaclar K but I have heard of it all over! I was debating on it. I had previously been using salicylic acid products, but I have recently been sticking with Benzoyl P as it seems to have a more effective results on my skin, still cant wait for the review! u know i love trying new skin care!

  10. Hello! yup I have heard of effaclar K but did not get it, I was debating on it too!!! haha recently i have been buying more benzoyl peroxide products as they seem to have a better effect on my skin - faster too! than salicylic acid which is why I chose the duo. Currently you can purchase the full size duo with a mini cleanser!

    Yes, alot of acne products seem to become immune with regular use. I try to not use this every night but only when I se my skin getting a bit lumpy.. once spots have come full force I do apply it 2x a day, but if my skin is fine I use my less potent Rx items so my skin does not get accustomed to La R P products

    Hope this helped!

  11. I have been wanting to get the effaclar duo for ages! I really just need to go out and get it.

  12. I don't know what I'm waiting for... I need Effaclar Duo in my life! It sounds amazing :) So you only apply this on days where your skin isn't feeling so great? It's kinda intimidating to put an acne medication all over my face lol.

  13. I personally put it on my face when my skin looks like trouble will soon be coming up! But you can use it everyday. I have heard ppl do that, when my skin is crap, I use it 2x a day all over. A very sheer layer but i avoid my cheeks bc they never give me issues just on the T zone, pores, and chin
    Bc this product is not heavy it dries quickly and feels weightless on the skin, but if you are uncomfortable you can place it on only the infected area, but I usually apply a thin layer, and at night apply spot pimple cream on top of a particularly nasty bump=( but if it's not a problem yet this product seems to do the job alone =)
    hope that helped!

  14. Eh!? CVS and Walgreens? Clearly I haven't been looking in the right places. (Probably because I'm usually ogling nail polish or lipstick). I've always thought Duane Reade was the oddest name for a drugstore. I also have no idea how they so effectively took hold of the NYC drugstore market :P

  15. Great products~ I haven't tried any except the Bobbi Brown Corrector. Initially I thought it was the corrector as a pendant because of the way it was placed, I am so silly, haha! Does the Dior Concealer crease under your eyes hun?

  16. what are some deep conditioning masks you recommend better than the aussie??

  17. What makes you on the fence about the Korres cleanser? I love the packaging! (Okay, very bad reason to be interested in a product but we've all done it before right :P)

    I'm really tempted to try the La Roche Posay cream, but I'm more interested in the Dior concealer! I've heard Tiffany rave about it too, and I've been looking for a good liquid concealer to replace my Bobbi Brown Correcter - precisely because of the formula!

  18. Dovey asked my question for me! I need this, have you seen my skin? LOL

  19. oo more details on the la roche posay cream? i saw it in a cvs and i was thinking that i heard great things but i dont really know what it is known for doing. only for clearing up acne? or does it improve skin texture/reduce pores? i like the aussie repair conditioner too but i agree, i feel like there are prob better products out there (whats your fave hair conditioner treatment?)

  20. LOVE the Aussie hair conditioner. If my hair is feeling like straw it's the perfect item to perk it up a bit and give me my soft, lustre again! Is the lip conditioner a permanent shade? If you like it, it must be good: I've never had any luck with their permanent lip conditioners so it would be interesting to try this out!

    ♥ Jessica

  21. Weirdly I haven't heard about a hype over the Aussie 3-Mins Miracle. But I am going to try it out now after reading this!

  22. Just found out about your blog today! I love it. :)


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