Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Last Few weekends

Sunday random post! Catch up time on the last few weekends!

Prepare for a post of random pictures - Super long post of random pictures, 100% non beauty! You've been warned!

A few weeks ago was Hurricane Irene and NY had their first (that I can recall) mandatory evacuation - everyone in my neighborhood seem very un phased but I went out and bought "supplies" anyway

Sustenance is vital during these kinds of events. Ramen and tea was all I really needed...

Think there is enough?

This guy is famous in Korea! He does not have 1 role, he's on like 10 shows at once! and he is on a show with 5 other dudes who are also on 10 shows at once. Sometimes you flip through the channels and you cannot escape!

Everyone knows this guy

There is a tea for everything

But I just bought green tea with brown rice....$100 bucks in random groceries later I slept at home for 2 days to find out 1 tree broke in our area...back to work!

The weather for the following 5 days after the hurricane was PERFECT not a cloud in the sky!!! but I was working...and Saturday rained again =(

A glimpse at the perfect weather: NY-ers PATIENTLY waiting for Shake Shack burgers - I only come here when it snows, the reason I think is *cough* pretty obvious...

I did ATTEMPT to wait on this thing, but I left within moments, I dont have the patience for a hamburger
Here is how far in line I got =\
Spoke to a wonderful girl from Poland, asking me about hamburgers, and studying in NY

Spotted this girl and loved her splash of color and outfit!
I looked for sandals like that all summer to no avail

That night I saw my first indie movie on the Lower East Side

Saturday morning before the gym involves smoothies, made with aloe vera - I need to try to improve my skin, inside and out!

Later on in the day

Now it's time for the mall!

What I think, every time I run outside...

We always stop by the pet store!

On to the following Friday...rain...AGAIN, seriously??

More car art, hello!

We decided to eat the famous hallal cart, more lines in the rain, but always worth it!

Luckily due to the weather, the line is pretty short!

Saturday we had dim sum for brunch

It's always crazy busy and loud

Decided to drive to NJ for ramen, need to go through Manhattan first

Eye on the Prize~!

Going on to next Friday night

Times Square again??

How cops give directions in Time Square


This week


This is not my car btw
I always just think yellow cars are hilarious, they all remind me of taxi's!

Cell phone case shopping

The boyfriend and I took a drive up to the mountains for some scenery and R&R

Getting there first ... this post should be called on the road again...

View was worth it!

The mountain is only a few minutes away from the shopping outlet where we saw this adorable band

Finally today

And want to wish everyone who had been able to make it to the end of this post a belated

On Wednesday I will be boarding a flight to get away from all this!!! lol

Let's see how much I can blog since I wont be bringing my larger camera, and will be borrowing the laptop...I will try!!!

Hopefully you will enjoy random posts when the background has been changed to Singapore, Hong Kong and Tai Pei! =)

Thanks for reading! You guys must be exhausted by now!


  1. Hi, I was just in NYC over Labor Day weekend and went to the same dim sum place in Flushing. It was sooo good! Also got some bubble tea, yum. BTW, we went to the Shake Shack at Theater District and the line moved pretty fast. Hope you have a great trip, can't wait to see the pictures. I moved here from Taiwan when I was 10!

  2. I love these posts :D
    Yeah..the hurricane was not as destructive in my area as everyone made it seem...We just ended up having a lot of excess food haha
    That's the first time I've seen Kang Ho Dong's potrait on a Ramen package!
    Every time I pass by Shake Shack the line is pretty long...I wonder if I beat the crowd I could try it on a nice day? xD

    Have fun on your trip!

  3. I love these posts :D I recognize a lot of the places haha. I've been to that dimsum place a few times but I go to another one a couple of blocks away and I think its better. It's called Tung Yi Fung or something like that :) My boyfriend and I love to go to pet shops too! But only to look because it's better to adopt ;) Can't wait to see what you'll be doing on your vacation!

  4. So much good food and awesome pictures. Seriously, New York looks amazing. I really want to visit one day. I love Nong Shim Ramen, it's my favorite, but sorry that you had to get it because of Hurricane Irene. That puppy is so cute, I hope it gets adopted. I'm looking forward to your travel posts.

  5. Haha loved this post, it makes me excited to explore the city =) Where were the mountains that you went to? It looks gorgeous! Jealous of your vacay, you're going to have so much fun.

  6. It was so fun looking at all your pictures~

    I have a box of the Shin Ramen~ hehe. And I love how cooling fresh aloe vera is on the skin! Looking forward to more of your random posts hun! =D

  7. seriouslyyy im sooo jealous!!! new york <3 hahaha wen i went to shake shack the line was nowhere near that long and honestly i don't think it would be worth that wait >_< In-n-out is better imo ^^ i LOVE halal guys though!! so frigggin good hahah

  8. I love these kind of posts!

    That rilakkuma cell phone case was too cute, huge, but still cute :D

  9. LOVE these photos =) Have always wanted to live in New York but I feel i can live vicariously through you now ! haha

  10. Aww, I always have to stop at the pet shop, too! I want the rilakkuma phone case. I've never seen such (bulky yet) awesome phone cases before! Sweet post, thumbs up :)

  11. I loooove following you around in NY! I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip dear!!!! Enjoy every minute of it! :)

  12. Great random pics! i love korea 3-min ramen noodles, used to eat them so much when i was a student. the spicier the better!

  13. awesome food pics! im drooling haha.. have a lovely vacation!

  14. I was there the same weekend!!! ur food was good? ours was bad!!! =( prob bc the table we were at was very far from the kitchen so just scraps left boooo

    Ah the one in times square i have seen it. is the line faster? I dont think the hamburgers are that great to be honest! hype!

    I will try to take alot of photos =)

  15. going to be honest, i think its good, i dont think its GREAT or worth that line, i have had it a few times.

  16. oh i know which place you are talking abt and yes i like it better! but we were just here and closer to this one and decided to have dim sum there =P
    Pet shop puppies are so cute! my bf and i would adopt too, we go there for eye candy =)

  17. i hope to take alot of photos and post when i travel! ahh np about the ramen, i have not had it in a while and did not mind having some during the hurricane =)

    Visit here! =D

  18. We went to Bear Mountain! now that you live here take a your!! =D

  19. aw thanks so much! im glad u enjoy these post! Shin Ramen!!! ^^

  20. u are right, in and out is better!!!!!! the line is not worth it haha i have only had it a few times and only generally go when it is SNOWING so the line is very short i dont think tit's that great, so i left the line hahaha
    Hallal yea baby!

  21. they are hard to carry around and pull off but every girl would semi want one!

  22. awwwww thanks! u should come visit!

  23. yeah my neighborhood is really all about the bling bling cell phone cases! i woudl get one but i dont think my boss in my office would appreciate this thing ringing lol

  24. i hope to!!! thanks for the well wishes!

  25. awww thanks dear!!! i will try to keep everyone updated on travels outside the city! =D

  26. heck yea!!!! SPICY!!! if i ever want to try a new ramen and cant read it, I go for the RED PACKS hehehe

  27. I loved ur mini break photos too!!!! i love food pics! heheh

  28. Great pictures!! HAHA, Kang Ho Dong! I know him. You're right. He's on a ton of shows. And Jacky Chan!

    I miss New York now. Dang. The line for Shack Shake was that ridiculous? D: LAME.

    I'm glad you had a great vacay none the less. Happy Belated Harvest Moon Festival to you too!


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