Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Travel Make up Bag

If I timed this correctly - my first "scheduled post" this should go up when I am either flying or landing in Singapore. Crossing fingers here!

Travel Make up Bag - From Muji

My make up bag is lumpy and bumpy - I am kicking myself for forgetting to buy mini mineral powder containers at Sephora. The containers are taking up too much space, grr

My travel itinerary includes destinations which are now A LOT warmer places than the now COLD NYC - so let's see what I packed


Mineral Make up: More ideal in warmer weather, looks great even when you are sweating through it! Lancome+ Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil
Travel sized BB cream: in case I get tired of mineral make up
NARS Primer: Trying to finish this up!
Two eye palettes: One is a mini palette which is I am trying to use up, one is just full of soft colors perfect for everyday. I have not used this in a while so I wanted to give it some love
MAC Luster Drops: Mini highlighter
Paul and Joe Eye Glosses: Slick these on lazy days
Boscia Blotting Sheets: A MUST
Revlon eye brow gel
NARS Dolce Vita Gloss, Dior Lip Glow, Dior Lip Gloss in Apricot Clouche, Estee Lauder's Red Velvet

Maybelline and Chanel: Waterproof mascara for day, higher impact mascara for night
Bobbi Brown Gel liner: Trying to use this up!
Dior Concealer: My under eye savior
Sonia Kashuk concealer: My current go to concealer with mini powder for setting my under eyes
Clea De Peau sample concealer: Testing this out to see if I want to buy it
Mini Bare Minerals Foundation: In a very very dark shade to use as a travel bronzer
Lorac Palette: I don't use anything in palette except 1 shadow, but it's my favorite, so it goes!

NARS O and MAC Peaches: A pink and peach option - I never wear NARS O, but always seem to wear it on vacation!
Anastasia Brow Pencil: Trying to finish this up!
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil: For if Anastasia is complete mid trip
Sephora Black Liner, MAC Teddy Liner (Brown), MAC Brick Lip Pencil
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner: Almost done with this!
*Not shown- Mabelline Dream Matte powder for touch ups*

Things to think about, realize, and decisions:

A few things I realized when packing is: I know I am bringing way too many eye products. I will probably choose 1 thing and use it the whole trip, but the whole "you never know" factor kept creeping into my brain - I like having choices!

Many of the items I could bring 1 of, I brought several because they are on their last leg. I have so many lipsticks and chap sticks I am bringing because they are all 90%-95% done. If I just brought 1, I wouldn't have enough.

I avoid bringing limited edition items. I will miss it but I must have some dupe I can use in the mean time! because losing or breaking something like that, would make me pretty bummed!! (sad as that sounds)
And I don't want to pay some crazy $ for an ebay replacement!

Avoiding baked items - prone to cracking/shattering into 54515124001033 pieces!

Hopefully I finish some of this stuff during my trip!

What are your travel essentials?


  1. I love this kind of post. Always give me heads up of what I need to carry in the future :) I love everything you have in your travel kit :)

  2. I like your travel bag a lot! I just bought my first one from Target and had to remind myself, that just because there is room doesn't mean I have to fill it up with stuff. I hope your flight goes well. My travel essentials are acne medication, blot paper, concealer, loose powder, brow powder, and chapstick. Hope you finish up some products. :)

  3. That bag is great for travelling! Plus the things you bring are great products dear. :D Adores your travelling musthaves!!! :) Great post. Always love these kinds of posts. :)


  4. Wow, a lot fit into that little bag! Bringing things on their last leg is smart so you can use them or lose them =) I probably pack too little makeup for wherever I'm going. I usually use a lesportsac bag and a purple quilted Nordstrom makeup bag I got as GWP a couple falls ago. I really want a blag nylon bag like yours someday!

  5. Great post! Seems like you've got all your essential covered as well as some variety to choose from while you're away from home. I love how everything fits in that Muji make-up bag of yours too. So convenient!!

    Safe travels to you!!

  6. hey girl i hope you got my previous email about recs for singapore? have lots of fun and eat lots of yummy food!;)

  7. oooh i really love that makeup bag! Where can i get that brand??

  8. I love your make-up bag! All the products you're taking look fantastic too and I think it's definitely better to over pack than to not take enough! Hope you have a great trip away x

  9. I would love to raid your make up collection! The make up bag looks great x

  10. very organised! very impressed. love how everything is tucked away in it's lil own pockets in the travel bag. must invest in one =)

  11. This makeup bag is fantastic for travel! Everything is organised in its place, I'm so jealous! Why is so difficult to find a nice makeup bag like this one when you need it? :/

  12. Haha spillage! Looks like a good amount but not overboard. I always overpack makeup!

  13. I suck at packing make up when I'm going away, i always pack way too much! However this doesn't look too bad, i mean it fits nicely into a reasonably sized bag so why not!
    I hope you have fun! :)

  14. Wow you have a lot of makeup for travel! But it looks so organized!

  15. I adore your posts. Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing pictures and amazing products! I also seem to only wear NARS Orgasm when I'm on vacation. I think bc the gold shimmer feels very slightly OTT for school or work, but is perfect and easy and quick to throw on when you're traveling during the summertime.

  16. I think you put my organizing to shame ^^ I hate packing make up and I'm quite bad at it LOL. These days thank god for bb creams - one less thing to pack! I'm very particular with my skin care though... so I can do without certain makeup.. but these days I like to pack my fiberwig mascara, shiseido lash curler, lip balm, brow powder or pencil and a cream blush for good measure!

  17. Love the travel bag! I soooo need a new one. My travel bag sucks lol.

  18. I hope you're having tons-o-fun on your vacation!! Seeing your recent posts have made me want to get some Estee Lauder lipsticks :)

  19. Hahaha somehow it's pretty nice if we can put everything into our bag. But just because the condition, so pretty make us feel so upset sometimes :P

  20. Hahaha somehow it's pretty nice if we can put everything into our bag. But just because the condition, so pretty make us feel so upset sometimes :P

  21. Hi, I really love your travel make up bag! I need a new one so, can you tell me which model is this?? Or the link of the page of this bag... I saw the website but I can't find this! ...Thanks a lot! xxx


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