Monday, September 19, 2011

One Color All Over - Guerlain Terrecotta Light Bronzer Review

During my bronzer search which seemed to have been my make up obsession of the summer, one of the bronzer's I purchased was the Guerlain Terrecotta Light Bronzer in 02 Brunette

Gorgeous packaging with the famous Guerlain Mosaic Design

This bronzer gave me issues. Not due to the fact that it was a bad product, I just didn't know how to use it.

The color was more of a peachy brown, and it had shimmers. Also the pigmentation was pretty light. This seemed more like an "Almost Bronzer"This is not something I would contour with - which is a big reason why I buy bronzers.

This bronzer is best used to give your face an all over color. Best applied with a MAC 150 ( in my humble opinion) Get a big brush and whack it on all over.

Because the shade is a peachy brown, whenever I was feeling lazy (often in the summer) I would apply this over my temples, jawline, and below the hollows of my cheeks, but also on my cheeks, across my nose, chin, and a bit on the eyes. Sounds like too much? Nope!
If the color is not super pigmented, and it has a tinge of either peach or pink, wearing it all over gives you a warm collective breathe of color which is evenly distributed on the face.

I became quite obsessed with these bronzers with a bit of color in them to skip the blush step, and make contouring look obvious.

Other products I would recreate this look with was Benefit Dallas : Review can be found here
Dallas is on the right

Also Dior Aurora (Past Limited Edition)- review here

Swatches: Bottom-Top: Guerlain, Dior, Dallas

More affordable alternatives can be the Physicians Formula Blush Bronzer Duo which I enjoy in the winter

Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin 2-in-1 <span class=

And a new product I have recently seen in drugstores

<span class=

Let's take a page from Rachel Bilson's Beauty Book shall we?
Add dark liner, and some red tint to the lips, and the look is complete

What is your favorite fast face product?


  1. Try Physicians Formula Happy Booster Light Bronzer! It has a heart of pink in it you can use on the apples of cheeks, smells nice, and looks like a Sailor Moon transforming compact. It's got to be one of my favorite products to come out this year.

  2. I've long been interested in the Guerlain Terracotta bronzers, but I always back off right when I'm about to purchase due to all the shimmer. I don't mind shimmery bronzers (I do own Terra Inca which is the glitziest of them all) ... it just seems like the shimmer isn't very finely milled.

    Do you think it's too obvious when applied to the face?
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Yes, I don't think I would get another Guerlain bronzer =( maybe matte? I do think the shimmer is a bit obvious on a paler face, you are NC 20 correct? I personally would not wear this outside summer bc it may be too obvious when my skin becomes paler, i think it would look semi shimmery. In the summer it's fine, but since it was so light in pigmentation, I was pretty much pounding it on!

  4. thanks for the tip! i have the powder and the blush from that line and love em!

  5. I love the amber brown casing :) I don't think I have a fast face product. In a pinch, as long as I have mascara and brows I'm good!

  6. My go-to is the Lancome star bronzer. It's the perfect amount of color, and there are 3 different shades to choose from. There is little shimmer and has glowy and pretty :) I'd be very scared to use the Guerlain one myself, but I do think it can be worked out somehow. Having 3 colors in one is so neat!

  7. My favorite fast face product is concealer for my dark circles, wakes up my entire look. Your post makes me want to go get some bronzer, having face color is a def. must.

  8. this looks so pretty! My favorite fast face product has to be bronzer. I actually do what Rachel does and I sometimes use it for eye shadow!

  9. Thanks for the recommendations! They all sound great. :D I'm loving the sound of the Guerlain bronzer...skipping the blush step. heh. So convenient!

  10. Love the idea of sweeping bronzer across the lids to warm up and glow up your whole face. My favorite fast product is Chanel's bronze universel. I can use it all over to enhance my glow and give me some deeper color. Plus it smells and feels divine! :) That Guerlain one looks very pretty!

  11. oh i envy u!!!! i always skip mascara!!! on or off it looks the same! lovely doe eyes would be amazing! with long lashes

  12. oh lancome star bronzer, i am a big fan of lancome but when I saw that bronzer I was wondering if I would carry it around, i might check it out if u say it's ur go to!

  13. concealer is DEF A MUST for me! more important than bronzer hahahaha without that I look like a ruddy mess!

  14. There is nothing wrong with having a few of Rachel's tips and tricks! she always looks amazing!

  15. It really is!!! Hope u find something that works for you! this look is amazing and ez in the summer!

  16. AH u know I own Chanel Bronze Univeral and have YET to touch it >< I am waiting until I finish up my mineral make up before going back to liquid, but i am DEF using it when I switch over again! its a cult classic, and I want to see why! =)

  17. i just bought this cuz im going crazy over bronzers as winter hits up >_< just curious which do you prefer? this or the dior aurora? that's on my list next cuz i just found out my counter has some still! XD

  18. I prefer aurora bc it has more pigment and also looks nice on the apple of the cheek, the guerlain one just has no color for the price and I have to pound it on


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