Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finished Products of September and October

It's finally happened, I finally posted one of these Finished Products Post BEFORE the end of the month! Hmm considering I am a month behind and combining the two, the efforts may have backfired!

Hmmm quite a pile of...well garbage now =P

On to the reviews!

Skin Care!

I think I'm just done with Khiels. I want to like this brand, but it's just not working!

Khiels Rare Earth Toner: Claims to Mattify Skin and Minimize Pores. Used the entire bottle up, and saw neither of these claims happening. Took about three months and saw zero change. I got just as oily everyday, and did not find this helpful in combating the daily combination skin problems.
Will not be repurchasing.

Khiels Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser: In the summer, I like to use a daily exfoliator as a face wash. This is probably one of the finest daily scrubs I have tried. The scrub particles are very fine, and do not feel damaging on the skin in the least. I actually loved the texture! The only problem is, I didn't feel like this did anything in the long term outside give myself a bit of scrub in the AM. It didn't feel deep pore cleaning to me, in fact, I used a cleanser after this step just to feel the deep clean. For this reason, I don't think I would repurchase this.

I tried the Rare Earth line because I did enjoy the Rare Earth Deep Pore Mask. I had high hopes for the rest of the line, and I am sorry that these did not perform to my expectations. I would repurchase the mask.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion: Used to calm down and prevent cystic acne from coming to the surface ( the BANE of my existence) This product works, sometimes. You have to do it VERY early in the cyst's existence. If you wait to long, and long not being long at all! it's going to come out, and this does well...nothing. This is a shake up item and is very very watery. When you apply it ( I use a Q tip) it drips right down your face. Also I hated the fact that I had to use a Q tip. I tried using my fingers, but after a few days noticed my fingers were all peeling. Using the Q tip prevented this, but it absorbed alot of the product.

Although this offered results, I prefer my Clinique blemish solutions, which does the same thing, is slightly easier to find, is cheaper, and a gel, so does not drip, and I have no issues applying it with my fingers.
Will not be repurchasing.

Oxy Maximum Strength Cream: I know you're not supposed to use high dosages of Benzoyl Peroxide to combat spots ( this one being 10%) but this REALLY helps bring down my spots, and prevents not cystic acne but more normal pimples and white heads from becoming issues.
I have already repurchased this.

Lancome High Resolution Refill 3x: A sample that has lasted me about 4 months? I really like this!!! Unfortunately if it has a long name like that, it usually means its expensive. This is a moisturizer used to prevent wrinkles. I don't really have a wrinkle problem yet, but have noticed some lines on my neck, also when I am very tired or stress, I seem to develop deep laugh lines. These really age you! I would apply this on my neck and a bit on my laugh lines every night, and I can confidently state this has diminished them.
The lines on my neck have faded, I also moisturize that area in the AM with a normal moisturizer, and the laugh lines are all gone!
Luckily I have another sample of this to last me a few more months, but I think I would purchase the full size product once it is out, as I have found results with this cream. I don't think I would use it all over my face, but if that is a worry of yours, this is very fast absorbing, and although it is a cream, does not feel greasy at all.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash in Pink Grapefruit: Another one of these down! I used to use this after the Khiels Daily Cleanser. I have repurchased this several times. I am now using it again, but the green version which calms down redness. I had realized within this Acne line the soaps are all slightly different in severity on the skin. The original Orange, no scent version seems the harshest in my opinion, pink grapefruit being in the middle, and the current green no redness being the most mild. If you like this line, but found it being too gentle or too harsh, maybe try another product in the line to suit your needs, but still remove the spots.
Repurchase? Yes.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub: Sample from my vacation. This feels and smells very nice! I prefer this over the Apricot version because the grains feel finer, and the result is just as refreshing! St. Ives is a very well priced brand, and I would repurchase the full size.

Hand + Body Creams

Neutrogena Hand Cream: Did not like this at all. It was very sticky, and felt like solidified glycerin. Hard to absorb and left what looked and felt like white slime all over my hands.
Was happy this was done. Would not repurchase.

Korres Body Butter in Guava: Used this on my vacation. If you have very dry skin on your body, I would consider looking into this product. Very dry patches would be soothed by this thick cream. Because I don't have dry skin on my body, I found this incredibly hard to blend and absorb. I was unaccustomed to using such a thick cream, and for myself this is not what I needed, so I would not repurchase, but would recommend for those who had different needs.

Bath and Body Works Coconut Vanilla Body Lotion: The types of lotions I need are very easily fulfilled by BB&W. I love Coconut...I constantly purchase Coconut body lotions to the great dismay of my boyfriend who can't stand the smell. I would not run out and purchase this, but I do think these scents are great for fall and winter.
Repurchase? Only if it was on sale. I think the original price is not worth the product.

Sabon Hand Cream: Not this is what glycerin hand creams should be like! Light, pleasant smelling, non sticky, and absorbent while healing. Will gladly purchase more of these!

Hair +Body Care

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Wash: I was sooo excited when I received this from Sephora. I have always wanted to purchase Philosophy bath products because they smell amazing!!! Unfortunately my love was quickly lit out. Vanilla birthday cake scent from the bottle? Definitely. In the wash, NOT. Every time I used this in the shower it smelled like BURNT Vanilla Birthday Cake. I couldn't escape it. It came with every use.
This was quite a disappointment and has made me hesitant to purchase from the brands bath line. I did find out on the very last day of use, it made a decent bubble bath.
Would not repurchase the full size.

Sephora Nail Polish Remover: Some of you may not buy "higher brand" nail polish removers, but I hate the ones they sell in drugstores. 5 cotton pads later and mass amounts of scrubbing and you have 1 hand done. Forget glitter polishes completely.
I really do like the Sephora Nail Polish remover, and I do think it is worth the money for the fact that I only need 1 cotton pad, and almost no effort for removal.
I have already repurchased this item.

Fresh Shower Gel: Got this free in a gift set. The smell and lather is nice, but I don't think I would ever spend the money to buy a shower gel from Fresh
Would not repurchase

Moroccan Oil: A completely hair must have for me. More details can be found on my Top 10 post.
I have already repurchased this! I would have bought the bigger bottle, but could not find it.

Make up

Quite a pile this time!

NARS Silicone Free Primer: This product is discontinued, so I will not go much into it. I liked this primer, it did not break me out, and lasted me over a year (1.75 oz - almost 2 foundation sizes!). I had heard they removed this from the market because it was sold as Silicone Free, but later found out it did contain Silicone?? I don't know. I would have purchased this again, but I still prefer the Laura Mercier Primer.
Repurchase: If not discontinued I would have.

NARS Eye shadow Base: This lasted me about 7-8 months with almost daily use. I did prefer this to UD Primer Potion- which to me feels like wet cement...It has a nice gel consistency, is pretty easy to blend, does not dry out too fast on the lids for application, and is clear which I did like.
Repurchase: I would buy this again

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose: My second tube. I lost my first one when I went away to Las Vegas and repurchased there. This has a beautiful color, it looks very red in the tube but after application, the color is just sheerly perfect. I did like that this had SPF which is now a requirement of mine, but I would not buy this again. I think it's too expensive for what it is, and a bit too waxy.
Repurchase: No

Sephora Brand Blush in Coral Frission: Uhhhhhhh...internal debate on this product. I liked the color of this blush I did, but I hit pan on it after about 7 uses...The pigmentation on the finger was fine, but on a brush was not...I hit pan because I had to pack this stuff on with a MAC 109 to get as much color as I could. I finished about 75% of the product, and one night noticed I had some powder on the rim. I blew away the powder and the thing exploded in my face...
They do not sell this shade anymore, but I know a co worker who had a different shade, and was insanely pigmented! I think the blushes are hit and miss, the packaging is flimsy, and my co worker's blush also broke, so they are not held together well.
Repurchase: No.

MAC Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink: I bought this because it had SPF and the color was so cute! This is surprisinly hydrating, and had a nice faint vanilla scent. It does not last very long on the lips, but they do sell a small variety of shades, and have new ones pop in random collections throughout the year. I have 2 back ups of this product in different shades so they are fun to buy as a quick lip product with some lip balm benefits.
Repurchase: I already have, but don't think I would buy many more unless the color was very very nice

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder: My first completed face powder...and it's from Maybelline! Surprisingly good stuff! Quite fine for drugstore, and is probably my HG blot powder. I have one at work, one at home, and one in my purse. I use it mainly as a blot powder, but on it's final days I just wore concealer, and this powder as my "Foundation" and it held up very well with a spritz of Fix +. It did slightly oxidize with this method, but it was not drastic to me.
Repurchase: Most definitely!

Ok, omg... this was incredibly long, for those who stuck to the end, I commend you!!

What have you finished this month?


  1. I actually finished a Graham Webb Conditioner- it was called Ice Cap and was so refreshing on my hair! I also finished my Walgreens version of the pink grapefruit acne wash...well, tonight will be the last use I think. I am dangerously close to finishing my XL bottle of UDPP (WHY did I purchase the BIG size) and will be trying out the NARS one next as I have heard so many good things. Impressive!

  2. Hi! I can see (though I am probably spottier than you) that we have a lot of the same issues with skin/etc. One of the reasons I love your blog :) This post was really helpful for me. I got that Maybelline powder to try because of you but I'm currently working my way through a Rimmel powder first. The products I've tried of the above I agree with your review 100%. Thanks for this post, I found a few new items I'd love to try!

  3. I know you also finished ur Skindinavia spray =D which is on my list to try!!

  4. Awww thanks for reading my posts! I am glad you have found a similar point of view that is helpful! I have also tried a Rimmel powder, I blv it was called Stay Matte? I think the Maybelline is superior, and you will be happy! thanks again for reading, I love feed back!

  5. Really enjoyed reading this and well done to you for finishing so many things this month! I haven't yet tried the Nars eyeshadow base but have heard many people raving about it so it will certainly be my next primer purchase. Re Philosophy Birthday Cake - I haven't tried any of the Philosophy shower gels yet as they are quite pricy in the UK and I'm not sure how different they would be from other highly scented bath and shower products for the price. Interested to see you weren't overly enamoured with this one.

  6. Wow, that's a lot! I'm especially impressed with the makeu products!

  7. Again, I'm impressed by the sheer quantity of finished products!! I was actually wondering how you finished a whole blush pan, but then you answered my question... I think I'd be extremely upset if that blew up in my face!! I'd probably rampage back to Sephora and demand something =)
    I'm surprised that the Philosophy Happy Birthday smells like burnt cake to you. To me, I'm not sure if it even smells like cake! It smells like vanilla extract (sort of). The problem I have is that I can't really smell it well in the shower. I have to hold my scrubby right up to my nose!

  8. I really did enjoy the NARS primer and would recc it well over TFSI and UDPP. I was pretty surprised that I did not like the Philosophy bath product as every time I see them and smell them I am quite enamoured with how well they captured the fragrance

  9. thanks!!! i was pretty happy too when I saw the final count!

  10. Hahaha my first finished blush and I had some help on the way with a lil whistle. Yup when it exploded in my face I was 1. Shocked, like wth just happed??? 2. pissed haha I didnt go back, I was like w/e! Let me just tell all my followers to be weary!!!

    Ahhh right up to your nose??? I thought the entire bathroom smelled like a burnt oven I was trying to escape! haha

  11. good work! i love these posts. i will have to try out that pink grapefruit cleanser. i am using la roche posay right now but it is a mini version. i like it a lot but i wish it had some scrubbing action in it. i have used biore in the past and i dont really care for it. i NEED to try out some moroccan oil!

  12. I'm always amazed by how long your finish products lists are! Nice to see the products you use since I think we have similar skin problems.The neutrogena wash sounds like a great drugstore product for acne sufferers..Maybe I should try that next! But does the green version not help towards acne or only good for redness?
    You've actually finished the MAC lip conditioner?! How long did it take you?

  13. Amazing work! I wish I had your discipline. I agree with the NARS e/s primer; it's the best I've tried.

  14. Wow, this is a lot of stuff! So much MAKEUP! I find them almost impossible to finish. :-/ Great job -- I love reading these empties posts!!!

  15. Dang girl! Good work! I LOVE the Maybelline powder! I'm using the Neutrogena hand cream as well and I agree, it's not the best. I love this kind of posts. :)

  16. heh like everyone im super impressed with the sheer number of products you finished in the last month or two O_O and im kind of surprised you didnt really like the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. It's on my list of products to try soon xD i'm trying out the drying lotion right now and it's not bad so it gives me hope to try out the other one. and OXY is another one on my list to try but i dont think ive really seen it around, although i haven't really been looking i guess. which neutrogena cleanser do u prefer? i think the pink one is on my list. apparently i have a big to try list -_-" and have u tried the st ives green tea cleanser? and im sorry the philososophy body wash didnt work for you, im getting mine this month hopefully lol and which drug store nail polish remover have you used? i recently tried one and it wasnt too bad although the one i had previous to that sucked. and i feel like the maybellline dream matte powder has been getting such good reviews i plan to get it as soon as maybelline goes on sale lol

  17. I've always wanted to try the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. Now I'm hesitant because you said it was quite watery. I totally agree on the Philosophy body wash. The smell was so weird- definitely not a sweet cake smell. And I LOVE Moroccan Oil (on my second large bottle). I'm currently trying Macadamia Oil and I'm not sure if it will replace my Moroccan Oil yet.

  18. i tried the la roche posay cleanser too, the mini one. We bought the same set! I like it! It really makes my combo skin more controlled! I nv tried biore, but yes you NEED to try moroccan oil!!! u won't regret it!

  19. Hola mandy!
    The green version for redness I find dosent really assist redness much....Im going to be honest. It's the mildest formula so I feel it dimishes my spots at a slower pace than the grapefruit but i know it is much more soothing to my face bc it has chamomille, they do deliver the same results but i think the green one is a bit slower, and I saw no diff in redness really...
    The lip conditoner i purchased LONG ago, but i did not seriously start using it to finish, until about 4 months ago. So about 4 months-5 months i think 1 can be complete
    LONG TIME! lol

  20. Not disciple! a shop o holic that just needs to finish items before expiration! lol

  21. i think the make up was pretty big bc it was 2 months but i was super happy to be done with some of those items!! feels cathartic almost!

  22. thanks so much for reading em! glad im not alone abt the hand cream! will never buy that again!

  23. Hello!
    Yes the buffering lotion though complete, i was not 100% sold on. It def is as watery as water! I think the drying lotion is far better in terms of results. For drugstore spot help I really prefer the oxy over the others i have tried including cleasil and clean and clear. Also Neutrogena's I did not like as much as this oxy one.
    I think after trying the redness soothing version, if i had a SPOTS problem I would def get the grapefruit bc it seems to deliver faster results. If i have super red, super sensitive and damaged skin with alot of open skin i would buy the green version. I think they both deliver the same end result but bc the green version is more mild the results are admittingly slower but im sure more calming for the skin. Since it is winter, I may be more inclined to try the cream formula over the gel which is more suitable for warmer weather. But i have yet to try the cream kinds...
    I have tried the green tea cleanser from st ives. My mini review is here! finished products of May, it was bottle number 2
    The drugstore nail polish removers i have tried i blv were all cutex and i refuse to go back!
    I recc the dream matte powder! i think it is a better blot powder than even some high end ones i have tried! Def get it on sale =D I do!

    Hope this helped!

  24. Yup! the buffering lotion I SWEAR is as watery as water! it literally drips down ur face....Moroccan oil for the win! I tried argan oil and while the smell is better ( not a fan of the Moroccan oil scent) it was still superior! Have yet to try macadamia oil, do you like it so far?

  25. Wow, you finished a lot!
    I too wanted to try Mario B. products since I heard so much great things about them from beauty gurus on youtube.
    Thanks so much for your honest reviews.

  26. I try my best to be honest bc there are alot of great products on the market and it's hard to widdle it down! but i do like the Mario B drying lotion. Almost done with my 2nd bottle!

  27. A massive lot of products, well done! Really want to try the Philosophy products, but burnt birthday cake doesn't sound tempting at all! I want to try the Sugar lip balm so bad. I've been using the Dream Matte Powder lately too, love it

  28. omg how do you finish so many products in 2 months! I would probably take 7-8 months for this whole lot lol.
    I totally agree with the Vanilla BIrthday Cake Wash. In this case I think it totally backfired on Philosophy - It was my first product and I was excited about it given its branding and packaging. But this was kind of a "meh" product to be given as a freeebie and turned me off the the brand for quite a bit till I got a Purity cleanser sample.

    For handcream I use burt's bees almond milk beeswax handcream. It smells foul and isn't rated too highly on makeupalley lol. But is my holy grail so far - I have tried loccitane, neutrogena, crabtree & evelyn (love the smell) and jurlique. This one is especially great for super dry hands/weather. It feels more waxy than greasy, and while it takes a little while to be absorbed, when it does it stays moisturizing for longer than most hand creams I have used. And today in instyle i read that rachel Bilson uses it too lol.

  29. very helpful thx! i wish i could try a sample of the buffering lotion although i suppose i could always get it at nordstrom and return it if it doesnt work for me. i would think the buffering lotion would be better on a larger area then since its less thick? ive been putting the drying lotion all over my face and it looks a little funny haha ill prolly wait on the cleansers until i finish the ones im using. do you go through all your product before buying a new one? just asking since it seems like you go through a lot. i think i still have cleansers from a few years ago that im struggling to use up xD and oo i hated the st ives green tea cleanser. it was a product i just threw away even though i barely used it. and you should try Sally Hansen remover. I tried it and i was pretty impressed. and it was only $1 or possibly 2? ^^

  30. I know! i was super bummed about the birthday cake wash!!!! the sugar lip is a bit of a cult product but i personally think it is a bit waxy =( the rose shade is very pretty though!

  31. Ahh glad im not alone on the bath wash! i really want to try Purity but just never got around to it. The smell is also very...basic? lol
    It's good that it takes you 7-8 months that means you dont have to keep buying and spending $ like me!
    Ahhh Rachel Bilson is my favorite! - not really for acting... but everything else! hahaha
    I have tried that hand cream, i did not think it smelled bad, i thought it smelled like cherries, i liked it! yes it was a bit thick, but i used it at night and it def did the job!
    I buy Instyle just bc she has like a 1 page 1 paragraph worth of text in it! haha love her!
    thanks so much for reading!

  32. Wow that's a lot of products, I've only managed to finish my John Freda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and that took me a few months :-) these kind of posts are my favourite to read, fab job !!!!!

  33. thanks so much for reading my long exhaustive post! hehe

  34. wow really impressive with all the products you've used! I have definitely not used anywhere near as much as you! LOL. now you have ea good excuse to shop :P

  35. I am now wanting Lancome High Resolution Refill 3x and St Ives Green Tea scrub after reading your post. Really love how the 'beauty community' is sharing what they finish up. Feel so much more genuine and helpful. As many of the times, you can't judge products (esp skin care) after a few uses - sometimes it take months to make up an opinion!


  36. You and me think the same way! ;)

  37. Wow! What a handful! Good job :D
    Thanks for the reviews! Def. going to try out some of these products~

  38. i have been using purity for the past week, and my skin has been the best it has ever been for the past 6 months, literally. but then i also switched to three other new products (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Perricone MD Face finishing Moisturizer and Vichy Purete Thermala Hydra Soothing Toner) I can't tell which is the one that is working out till I start switching one out:)

    Yes i love rachel bilson too, acting included. I think I am just drawn to her nasal voice lol.


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