Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and Jill Stuart Eye Jellies

Oh yes ladies, I have graduated into the big girls club of cream eye shadows. The first "Armani" item of my life

Couldn't be any prettier

The buzz about these shadows were hard to miss in the beauty world. "Nothing like it" "Incredible" "Absolutely amazing" praise like this, raises the curiosity in all beauty lovers, myself included!

The color I chose is #5 Gold Blitz

It almost looks like a pigment in the photo!

I have heard many people consider this a boring shade. Many of the Eyes to Kill line have gorgeous multi color glitter in them, but when I swatched them as stunning as they were, I knew they would not get any shown love from me.

The SA and I decided on #5 for my skin tone, as it made me look brighter than the bronzer counter part #15, which is beautiful as well.

Gold has been my complete eye shadow obsession this fall.

Texture: It feels very smooth but hard. As if a NARS cream eyeshadow had a bit of touched hard marble added to the formula. When you rub your finger along the surface, you wouldn't expect the product payoff you receive. Yes - I confirm, it's pretty incredible. Incredibly pigmented with the swipe of a finger, you only need 1 swipe!

Wearability: I always use a primer and these things don't seem to budge at all. 8+ hrs, Pashaw, no test for these shadows

Blendability: I do find when I apply these with my finger I have to be pretty quick to soften the edges out into a very soft smoke effect

Would I recommend this: YES! I don't think I would go out running to buy all the shades because while there are the safer colors which I magnetically gravitate towards, the more party fun colors make you go ooo000000ooo! A color you see in confetti, and birthdays, but wouldn't believe someone could capture in an eye shadow - amazing, you got to at least swatch em!

This one tub will prob last me forever...I used it a few times this week, and I don't even see the lines on the product, because that is how little I used. If this is something for you to put on everyday, you will be getting your money's worth in regards to the time it will take to finish one of these babies

While on the topic of cream eye shadows, another brand recently caught my eye, I think we all know what I'm referring to...*sigh* beautiful

ILLUSION <span class=

Reviews and praises have recently arisen for the now loved Chanel Illusion D'Ombre, and I myself felt the calling of the gorgeous taupey Illusore 83 (pictured) but when I swatched it in the store it looked, familiar....love/hate when that happens...

Hate not having a pretty new Chanel item to play with but...

LOVE to rediscover a gem in my collection

The Jill Stuart Eye Jellies

Left (new packaging) Right (old Packaging) same # of product

Jill Stuart, her packaging gets me, so princess like! Her powder eye shadows are far too much fall out for me, but her eye jellies, well they're just love!

Left: Vintage Decore #10, Right: Antique Amber #10
Unsure if these exact shades are still available, JS adds in new colors semi regularly

Vintage Decore, my collection dupe for the beautiful Chanel.

The Eye Jellies have the most "fun" texture of any cream eye shadow I ever tried. A hybrid between the Rimmel Color Mousse eye shadows with more whipped air and the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes.

OK- best description I can sum up: When you have a cake frosted in fresh properly whipped cream, and you run your finger across the top, and you create an indention where you see the cream below the surface with mini air bubbles? THAT layer with the bubbles, is the texture which reminds me most of these shadows.
-Strangest make up description in the world....good job...T.T

I am REALLY struggling to explain the exact texture, but to sum it up, they feel pretty damn cool!

The wearability is not as long as the Armani but you should be able to get through a work day with a good primer, but 8 hrs. is pushing it.

They are slightly floral scented which is not lingering

L-R: Vintage Decore, Antique Amber, Gold Blitz

What cream eye shadows have you been loving?


  1. SO pretty! Those Jill Stuart jellies look like SO much fun to play with.
    I've been a total Paint Pot fiend lately thanks to all the wonderful shades MAC has been releasing.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I just know I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy an ETK or two! Love the shade you got! I've never seen those Jill Stuart jellies but the packaging alone has me lusting after them. =D

  3. The ETK is gorgeous!!!

    I'm not really a cream shadow person as of late. I think I just can't get over the idea of in imperfect application =) I purchased a Bobbi Brown metallic cream shadow recently but it seems too holiday for me lately. I don't even own a paint pot, though my interest has been piqued, thanks to Jessica.

  4. Gorgeous!!!! I have been really into cream shadows lately. Just picked up another ETK (obsessed with that formula) in the color Rock Sand, which is a peachy shade. It's an every day shade, but the gold you picked out looks pretty wearable too. I am looking forward to the three new shades launching in the GA holiday collection (I have my eye on the gold/silver mix) and it's coming out soon!!! I also have my eye on the Purpura shade from the regular line which I have heard is a purple/taupey mix.

    Those Jill Stuart ones look so pretty in that packaging!!!

  5. So pretty! These eye jellies are luscious!!

  6. oh man, vintage decor is gorgeous! Where can i get it??

  7. I love the Illusion D'Ombre's, I have the green shade Epatant and adore the texture:) I have checked out the Armani shadows a few times but am yet to take the plunge, though the colours they are able to capture in there are amazing

  8. So gorgeous! Beyond gorgeous!!! Ahhh why can't there be a negative post for these Armani eyeshadows? Then I would have a reason not to include them on my wishlist...

  9. I feel silly but I didn't realize my Eyes to Kill shadows qualify as cream shadows :-P I need to play with them more because I have swatched them lovingly several times since I got them but I haven't worn them on my eyes yet! I love Jill Stuart's new packaging vs. the old.

  10. I haven't really been hit by the cream shadow bug yet - I'm just using my mac paint pots for now!

  11. I'm definitely lemming after at least one of these cream shadows and I MUST get my hands on Illusoire and possibly Epatante from Chanel... It's a pity that I'm a broke college student with only a part time job :( I think I'm going on a no-buy for November and perhaps I'll allow myself to indulge for my birthday in December :) The Jill Stuart shadows are right up my alley! Vintage Decore looks stunning!

  12. I always want to try the JS one, but they seem kinda hard to find

  13. aww that is what I have been hearing...I bought mine in Asia but i know they have store in NY, so they may ship?

  14. hahaha dont worry i rem bring a broke college student!!! I am lucky i was not into make up into my 20's!!!! this stuff is dangerous! dont worry girl someday soon ur going to spree!

  15. i recently hit pan on bare study it took like 2 YRS!!!! i was like is that the bottom!?!?! lol

  16. If you go Armani or JS u are bound to hit on a gem of an eye product =D

  17. haha i know!!!! everyone raves about them and i have to agree!!!! sorry about that, but I must preach the truth bc this stuff is pretty AWESOME

  18. truely Armani has created something special with his multi colored creatins!!! but have to admit i bet he was a bit afraid when Chanel came out with their beauties!

  19. I know JS has a store in NYC, so they may have a website where you can order from?

  20. luscious!! that's the perfect word to describe these guys!

  21. Don't tell me about the Holidau Collection!!!!! AHhh i need to control myself but the colors ahh they really get me!! rock sand sounds DIVINE

  22. Ahhh no cream shadows? Well Armani would be an excellent starter ;) I have yet to try the BB ones, but i own a few paint pots, u need some cream eye wear in ur life girl! just a quick swipe, whatever is messy just smoke out with ur fingers. Easy as pie!

  23. ETK is like AMAZING, maybe drop by a counter around holiday time ;)

  24. the JS eye jellies are quite diff from the PP which are a bit drier, but im glad we all share some cream shadow love!


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