Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Fall Shoes

I had a hankering...I saw a pair of shoes on a fashion blog, and thought
"Yes, I would like a pair too"
So off to Soho, NYC for my first pair of Doc Martens - YUP, that's right Doc Martens!

On the walk to the Doc Martens Store...

Halloween is coming

This caught my eye!

You need energy before shopping! PB&J cupcake! needs milk but mmm

Back to the goal...


My brand new Burgundy Doc Martens!

-They are not traditonal Doc Martens - I dont think those are my style...
-The color is perfect for fall! it's coming up more plum here but I assure you it's burgundy
-I think they look quite smart, and ... ENGLISH lol
-These are leather shoes, and they HURT SOOO BAD - you have to break them in but ouch!
(Is this what men go through with dress shoes???)
-I would recommend going a full size down, even a size down they are a bit loose
Still love em!!

Leaving you with last night's dinner as food snashot
From Fatty Fish Sushi!

I also purchased two new perfumes (yes, I am bad - nodding my head in shame) and a Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill today *happiness!!!* - Review coming soon!

Do you have a go to fall shoe?


  1. Awesome new shoes. I remember my sister loving Doc Martins in the 90s and I love the pair you got. The sanrio version is so cute. Oh what perfumes did you get? I totally want to get Jo Malone thanks to your blog now. :) The sushi looks yummy.

  2. I purchased TWO MORE Jo Malone's!! hahah I purchased Wild Bluebell (new scent) and Red Roses which I had wish listed for a while
    The sushi was GOOD but i think they made a mistake on one of my rolls, which is a shame! but still good!

  3. I had Doc Martins back in the day as well. I had a pair that I loved to death (ie some of the straps fell apart). They were so comfy! I like the pair you've chosen--- burgundy is always a good color, and they look a bit different than the typical DM!

    Wish I had a peanut butter cupcake too =)

    As for Jo Malone that you're discussing below--- I wanted to try some out, but felt nervous not sniffing first. It seems to be a well loved brand, but some of the makeup alley reviews make me nervous! I suppose the solution is to find it in-store!

  4. I love them! The style you chose is very you, and I absolutely love the shade. I have a pair of their boots and I've worn the heck out of them and they don't show it one bit! Another plus: I can tromp through winter ice, snow, and salt with ease!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. those shoes are perfect for you! The burgundy is perfect for fall/winter too. And I bet not a lot of people have that color either! Great buy!

  6. the cupcake was so good!!
    glad to know doc martins wear in well! I cant wait for them to soften a bit so i can live in them!!
    DM-ed you on twitter btw =D

  7. YAY! more DC love it seems everyone has had a pair in their life??? Glad I finally joined the club!!! i love the color! i think it's perfect for chilly and weary weather that is soon approaching!!

  8. awww thanks i LOVE the color!!! i wanted oxfords or brouges earlier this year but never found a pair that was flattering, but this is a nice compromise that is sturdier for cooler weather =D

  9. Love your pictures. I feel like I went to all these places w/you! LOL I love a nice mannish boot during the cold season :)

  10. thanks! i take all those pictures so you guys can see my world lol - sometimes it's pretty dull though!!! yup! def need a sturdy shoe for the NE winter!!

  11. I love the "whirled peas" board! That bake shop looks amazeballs... what fun and funky shoes :)

  12. Oh! Sushi looks absolutely delicious. Fabulous pictures of New York City.

  13. Nice shoes! Doc Martens aren't my style but they look cute on your feet :) Mm the sushi looks good! I went to Fatty Fish last year for a friend's birthday and the food was alright but we waited a good hour for our food.... Can't wait to see your new purchases!

  14. whirled peas got me laughing too!!! hehehehe

  15. thanks so much!! the sushi was YUM!

  16. Yes I dont go to the Fatty Fish in Manahttan bc I cant stand the wait - I personally dont think it's worth the wait, so we go to the branch in Long Island, I think it is near ....I dont even remember but if you look up Fatty Fish Sushi they have 2 locations, the LI one is far more low key though!!

  17. I loveeeeeee your new shoes. they are so cute hehe.. I just thought you;d get boots then I scrolled down and saw those! aww great colours too. Yummy food pics!

  18. The shoes look great on you. Dying to know what is on ur list for the Sephora Friends and Family Sale. You are my inspiration. The Olay HG lotion you recommended is awesome! My skin has never looked better.

  19. thanks!!!! yup everyone thought i would get the classic DM boots but i personally dont think i could EVER pull those off haha

  20. oh so sweet =D!!!!

    Im happy the lotion is working for u!!! *high five* i have been using it and my skin looks so plump and almost translucent, does that make sense??? it's addicting!!!!

    My FF list which I just placed was: Guerlain 4 seasons bronzer, clarasonic brush heads, Tarte Exposed blush, a kabuki brush, Bare minerals matte ( to try) and Fresh Twighlight Glow face primer - are you getting anything from the sale?

    Thanks for reading!

  21. What a great list. I placed my order almost immediately after the deal went live. I got: NARS Danmari Blush Palette, Tarte Lipsurgence Set, Benefit Feeling Cheeky Minis, Dior Amber Diamond (wish I had gotten the Rose Diamond after I read your post, might exchange it), and Tarte Ring It Cheek Stain Set.

    Can you tell I am obsessed with blushes? I love the glowy skin look. Have you tried the Fresh Twilight face primer? Is it good? Tempted to place another order. =)

  22. thanks so much for the compliment =D

  23. Ah nice list!!!! The NARS palette is nice but i have many of the shades =( the lip set i also wanted!!! the benefit set s good too!! but i owned alot of it hmmmm seeing a pattern??? Tarte had some amazing sets up for sale!

    Blush is my favorite make up product too! i have been trying to buy less of them bc after u surpass like 30 you go..hmmm...

    I have never tried the Twilight primer and do not see as many reviews on the product as I would have liked BUT I have tried their High Noon Primer and really loved that when mixed with the olay moisturizer as a base for mineral make up.

    Since I purchased Bare minerals matte ( combo/oily skin is me) but I HATE matte I thought I would mix the twighlight with the matte so i dont look too flat

    Here's hoping! it seems many ppl are interested in the Twighlight primer! but have yet to try. The High Noon one I had gave an AMAZING glow, so i have high hopes for this one. If it's too shiny the matte mineral make up should off set it. Here's hoping!

  24. I LOVE these posts from you!!! Even when I'm busy and don't have time, I still make sure to look at all of your pictures :) Your doc martens look awesome on you! Totally your style :)

  25. awwwww Tiffany!! missed u so much!!! thanks for making time to see bits of my life! =D means alot


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