Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Wardrobe

Forgive me ladies, but I have not done OOTD's ( at all ) because I have been procrastinating on a new set up for them with my new camera.

It seems now all I upload are iphone pics!!! ( This will be changing soon-next week!)

Until then I thought it would be fun to post what I wore this month. A mix of work clothes, gym clothes (I wear this very often), and vacation leaisure outfits

Work outfits - Enviorment: Office - Conservative

1. Polka Dot blouse: Korea, Skirt: H&M, Watch: Michael Khors (MK), Shoes : Steve Madden
2.Tank: H&M, Skirt: Club Monacco, Blazer: Urban Outfitters, Watch: MK. Shoes: Steve Madden

Blouse: Korea, Skirt + Belt: H&M, Same watch and shoes (everyday)

I thought I took more, but I realized I started this at the middle of the month, and before vacation!

Leisure/Weekend - Vacation/Tourist Clothes!

Last days in NYC! Getting ready for warmer weather!
1. Jeans and T: BDG, Flats: JCrew, Bag: H&M, Belt: AF, Jewerly: Jewelmint, MK (Daytime)
2. Boots: Madewell, Bag+Scarf+Coat: H&M (Night) same day!!! it got pretty chilly

Vacation time!

1. Blouse: UO, Short: AF, Flats: JCrew, Bag: Dorathy Perkins
2. Top: F21, Shorts: H&M, Bag: Dorathy Perkins, Flats: JCrew - I lived in these shoes...

1. Blouse: Korea, Shorts+Belt: AF, Flats: JCrew, Bag: H&M, Jewelry: Jewelmint
2. Blouse: Korea, Jeans: BDG, Flats (we all know) watch (we now all know this too)
Typhoon day - booo
-New iphone cover!!

1. Dress: Monki, Shoes: Korea ( my boyfriend begged me to change shoes!) Bag: Dorathy Perskins, Belt: AF ( I only brought 1 belt on this trip)
2.Sweater: Korea, Top+Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Flats+Bag: Same

These photos were taken the same day. I bought two things from Monki in HK
(this dress included) I was so happy in this dress - fast forward 30 minutes with me at Toast Box (of course) eating curry - Yes, you can see what's happening here...
The potato was so soft it broke apart on my spoon landed in the soup and my dress...I wore the dress for about 30 minutes before heading back to the hotel to wash it in the sink and hang it on the shower line.

Complete glamour, that's me. NOT!

Gym Clothes! - Not exciting but something I wear often! haha

Just about everything is NIKE!!!! cept my sneakers which are New Balance (hate them)
- Need to work out my arms!! Have not lifted a weight in months ( I hate weight training)

*Wardrobe Closing Now*


  1. I love the billowy blouses! The dusty rose one and the black. Where can I find those? Seriously! I love your style!

  2. Urban Outfitters, F21, H&M and Zara - You just gotta browse!

    Love ur blog btw!!! Your Mama J pasta and sauce always looks so *drool* worthy!

  3. Swoon. *raids your closet* Love all the outfits you put together! Shedding a tear for the vacation clothes...not going to see those temps for a loooooongggg time! lol.

  4. Your outfits are so cute and I wish I had your lovely blouses in my closet :D I especially love your outfit that you transformed with the H&M Coat and scarf. You should post more OOTDs :)

  5. i know it girl!!!! I wore a fall wool coat today and kept it on in the office, FREEZING, the weather said 60 degrees - LIES felt below 40!

  6. hahaha working on it >< I actually just changed buildings and floors so taking work bathroom pics ( as glamorous as that setting was...) seems much harder now!

  7. so cute!! i need to invest in some madewell boots. so nice. i love the korean burnt orange/brown button up. and i love your workout outfits. i always envy ppl who look so cute at the gym ha.

  8. madewell boots are seriously comfy and worth the $ i think! hahaha maybe cute in the beginning but i leave looking WRECKED haha! cactus bun on the top of the head, red faced, and all haha

  9. I'm feeling remarkably un-trendy in comparison :P

    I love the clean lines of outfit #3! especially the blouse.

    I could also use that leopard print bag that keeps popping up on your blog too!!!

  10. i always buy those kind of flowy blouses because they are perfect for work and casual days, i dont like tight clothes on top - I need room for my stomach when I eat!

    Haha I purchased that bag out of necessity from my vacation but i love it bc I wanted something leopard print! I tried to find it online but i think it's old stock, but I never tried Dorothy Perkins before, I just went to her site, cute purses!!!

  11. I love your style! I'm a flats girl, too. :) I love that you have a Rilakkuma face when you hold up your phone in a lot of these pics. hehe :)

  12. he's my FAVORITE!! hahaha! flats rule!!!

  13. Aww, you are so fashionable! I love all of them, but leisure/tourist outfits might be my faves! I LOVE weight training! How can you not? It burns calories even AFTER your work out, so I can eat more McD's..... Just sayin' LOL

  14. I hate weight training, my husband is always like " you're can't lift anything, you've got to strengthen your arms" but I really prefer cardio... sigh ;) I love your soft-structured blouses!

  15. I love those blouses from korea! They're so cute!

  16. Great outfits. Love that F21 top in your second vacation time pic.

  17. great outfits - comfortable and chic! Love the black blazer :)

  18. Lol, I always feel awkward taking OOTD pictures outside whether it be at a clothing store or my apartment lobby >.< You manage to take pretty good pictures in a bathroom! ^^

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  20. Great outfits. You always look so chic and cool. I love button down and pencil skirt combo! The skinny belt is perfect. I need to work out more too. I hate weight training.


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