Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sunday Blurb

It seems like every Sunday I never have enough time to do what I need to do. Not enough time for blogging, gym, laundry, bills, LUNCH - I think that's why I post randomly on Sunday - it's all I can handle!

Saturday: I FINALLY after weeks of waiting got to go APPLE PICKING!!! my excitement is captured in the CAPS unfortunately this happened

On the road!

Going to

the destination...

It didnt rain by some miracle - but there was not a single apple, pepper, eggplant, or corn left on the orchard we went to =(

$80 bucks in gas, and $75 bucks in tolls and all I have to show for it was a tummy ache after eating a Nathans Hot Dog

My wonderful boyfriend knew I was pretty sad about the apples so we had a very yummy lunch re do!! Forget Nathans!!! *drooool* are you drooling??

So Saturday night I thought - TOMORROW will be a better day!!!
I purchased the book - "The Happiness Project" on Saturday night, I was on my way!

Fast forward to Sunday and me oversleeping and missing both the gym and the bank because they close at 1pm - What kind of gym closes at 1 pm on the weekend!?

It's ok, head up! March onward, least there is sun! So on to a very haphazard OOTD!!

FOTD first

Concealer: Clé de Peau - this sample is lasting me months!!
Eyes: Armani in Gold Blitz and Mac's Powersurge
Perfume: Joe Malone Red Roses
No other face make up - damn skin - just tinted lip balm and a top knot to keep the hair out of my face

Quite English today...

Coat: H&M - inspired by the lovely Laura
Shirt: J Crew
Jeans: BDG
Necklace: Vintage
Boots: Doc Martens
Bag: Mulberry

My beautiful new shoes...HURT MY FEET SO BAD in about 2.5 hours I walked a total of 5 blocks right before walking funny and crying in pain - oh yes, I was doing the hobble

I spent 40 minutes in the drugstore to stall for time as my feet somehow attempted to come back from being shocked from quality English leather and shopped around - the store had to be 100 degrees by the way...

Walked away with a few items...of course

Jessica re invoked my love for skin care so I have been quite focused on that lately, oh and yes, my skin is still quite nuts. It is just now healing from my plane ride back to the states where it basically went biserk, aka 3 WEEKS AGO

Avéne Gentle Gel Cleanser
Naruko Clay Acne Cleanser - Apparently Fuzkittie's new HG acne cleanser
Essie's Mink Muffs

While in the drugstore I saw some girls trying on the nail polish. Ugh that makes me sooo mad. This is not a salon!! - rant over.

Back home, and feet resting, I look outside at the chilly night and cant help but remember a warmer place, I would like to be again right now

Blurb, rant, OOTD, FOTD, trip randomness, and food gawkers.
Another Sunday post


  1. Those doc martens are amazing! one of the best i've seen

  2. Those are such beautiful Doc Martens: you're definitely tempting me with those shoes (despite the pain). Thank you for the shout-out, I'm a total skincare nut all of the sudden ... I wish I could find Avène in a drugstore around here!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. np! u cannot find it? Here it is in CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and our local drugstore. There are samples/testers and a separate SA. That is not fair =(

    Derm store carries Avéne with free shipping, hope this helps!!

  4. awww thanks so much!!! i think they look good too!!

  5. How can tolls be $75 bucks my small Canadian town self asks?! Holy moly!

    Love your outfit! Especially the Mulberry bag - totally completes the look!

  6. Even though I live in a big city, apparently we don't merit good drugstore skincare in the Midwest! I would go nuts with joy if I could get Avène in CVS here!

    I have an insane derm store wishlist. You're leading me down the dangerously expensive skincare path haha.

  7. I don't know what exactly that food is, but I want it. Thank you for the never ending food pictures. They make me happy =D

    Any thoughts on the Cle de Peau? is it as amazing as it's supposed to be?

  8. cute outfit :)
    i like ur bag~~ im looking to get a bag like that for myself too

  9. hahah on the way to the VERY NEXT STATE we pass 3 tolls at about 12+ dollars each, then of course we had to come back! the tolls in the city are really incredibly high esp since 2 of them were barely a mile apart!!

    aww thanks! its my favorite bag for the chillier months!!

  10. yes to foodies!!!

    the concealer is pretty...incredible...the consistancy is opaque but incredibly blendable. It does amazing over just about any RED spot. It's not the best on anything scabbing but seriously we shouldnt even be bothering those thing. I have used it every single day for 2 months? and i havent even grazed the surface. The actual tube should last a life time but..i am still debating on purchase. The shade i have beige works for my skin i can get it to match but its not a perfect match, and I would not use this under the eyes - personally.
    Many ppl have stated the hour glass concealer is just as good at half the price, I did test that one but in my opinion the CdP one is superior, and not as creamy as the hour glass, aka it wont budge.

  11. If you like Clarins, MACY's is currently having a pre sale! I have already went over to try me some!!

  12. aww cute outfit.. i have never done apple picking before, must have been fun!

  13. I adore your random posts! How annoying is breaking in new shoes, argh! I want another Jo Malone fragrance, they are so beautiful

  14. hahaha this year was not as fun but it REALLY is! that is why I got so excited! we go late every year! darn!

  15. I love all my Joe Malone colognes! worth the $ for me!
    yes about the shoes! omg...cut me up real bad =*( hahaha hopefully they get softer soon!

  16. Love the outfit and the vintage necklace~

  17. Great photos! I love pics of the sky! Love your outfit, especially the pretty necklace!

  18. I just ordered their Beauty Flash Balm. I'm very excited to try it out!

  19. such sweet comments!!! thank u!!!

  20. i ordered that as one of my free travel sized gifts!! super excited!

  21. Aw, sorry there were no apples :( But the lunch look super yummy, and your outfit is adorable :) Those shoes are really cute :)

  22. awww thanks for commenting girl =) u sure have some amazing outfits urself!!

  23. How does the MAC power surge work? Does it give smudge?
    Food and place look wonderful,tho.
    Like your posted :) Thank Q


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