Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dior Snow BB Cream - A Review

Words could not describe how *excited* I was to try the Dior Snow BB cream, a complete surprise gift. Don't you love it when people give you a gift you never asked for it, and it's something you actually wanted?

Ahh isn't it beautiful. I was a devoted fan of the Dior Snow sunscreen which I used exclusively for years, so when I heard they had created a BB cream, well the expectations were sky high. This is Dior

Basic facts: Comes in a 1 fluid oz tube, SPF 50 PA+++ ( just like the sunscreen), nozzle type pump distribution ( love), and only comes in 1 shade ( HUGE CON)

The pump is extremely hygienic, easy to push down without any weird resistance. One squirt however I find is a bit too much for my daily application preference so there is some waste. I usually use that on my neck...

For those interested in the ingredients

Coloring, as stated previously this only comes in ONE color ( c'mon Dior, really...) I cant really blame them, BB creams are not exactly famous for their color selection, and I believe this is an Asian exclusive.

For reference this is a complete and perfect match for an NC 25
Usually an NC 25, my natural color, but since fall has arrived, I am more of an NC 23 going down to NC 20 but my hands are still NC 25

1 pump

Spreading it out

Though it looks dewy, once set, it dries to a more satin powdery finish

Now that the specs are done, here are my thoughts.

I hate this BB cream. (Pains me to say)
I have used it about 5 times? during the last 4 months? and it just absolutely stinks on me.

First attempt
BB creams claim to be an all in 1 product, though I usually wear primer, sometimes I'm just in a rush and neglect it. Usually I grab a BB cream, set it with powder, and it's decent throughout the day. Not this.
By 11 o clock I had patchiness all over my face, the middle portion of my face was soo oily and the sides were drying and cracking quickly - I ended up taking a make up removing wipe during lunch and just got rid of all of it before it just started to look ridiculous. I would rather be make up free, than be a patchy oily mess at work, and with 7 more hours to go, who knew what it would look like.

Try number 2 (lesson learned) primed and applied.
Even with a primer, my T zone got suspiciously extra oily, but the cheeks looked far better than the first time. Over a few days I tried numerous primers but always received the same results. I came to the conclusion this product makes me overly oily.

Try number 3
I decided to set it with a very matte powder. Concentrating on my T zone. Another reason I did not like this BB cream, was the fact that it never really seems to set and sink in with your skin. Granted they advise after about 30 minutes, it synergies with the skin to create the overall flawless look.
Hmmm how about 5 hours later, and it still looks like I pasted my face with something? It just never seems to meld into the skin to look like skin.
I always set my make up with a setting spray, but for this product it did extremely little.

I had come to the conclusion that
1. My skin just doesn't like this product, I don't really enjoy using products that seem to draw in shine, that is not part of the highlighting family
-I did try this over a span of season where my skin used this product during it's combination period, and more normal period. Results were the same.
2. I'm not a fan of this constantly separating on my face, regardless of primers or setting sprays
3. The part I can't live with, is the fact that this regardless of powder ( colored, or translucent) or no powder, this just never seems to meld with the skin to look seamless, or even close. It always looks like you have something somewhat sticky on your face, and just never seems to set.

Please bear in mind that these opinions are my own, and what does or does not work for me, may be HG to you, but sorry to say, this was a disappointment.

Product Rant over.

Bioderma - The stuff of make up removing legend

Bioderma, the overseas cult make up removing product that us girls in the USA have only heard rumors of it's incredible ability, and for the rest of the world, you probably have access or own it - DRAT

To kill the little suspense you have gathered from my non descript title, this post will be a product rave.

This was a MUST GET item on my overseas wish list, and when I saw it in the drugstore I grabbed the biggest bottle I saw. I was pretty confident I was going to like this, I am now kicking myself for not stuffing my suitcase with this liquid gold.

In short, this stuff is AMAZING.

The fact that it can be found world wide in drugstores only add stars to this already wonderful product.

This removes make up like an oil, but feels like a water. 1 cotton round, and the day's worth of make up is easily removed with a few quick swipes. All of it.

It feels like water on the skin, which is a huge plus, and I have no idea how they did it. I had recently been using a cleansing oil to remove my make up, and while I don't mind the oily feeling, since I know it's only on my face for about a minute, it is not the most comforting sensation to rub oil all over your face.

With Bioderma, it's so .... clean feeling. Before and during application. It feels so light when applied to the face, and it's quite miraculous how much make up it removes! You don't have to go back to an area twice to remove excess, one swipe get's it all. Once completed with the face and neck, your skin looks clean, and feels extremely comfortable and hydrated. I have semi sensitive skin, and I can vouch that it is extremely suitable. There is no hard pressing or rubbing, it's just effortless swipes.

I have tried to use this on my hands instead of a cotton round, like a cleaning oil, and think you get the maximum removal properties via the cotton round.
This does remove waterproof eye make up, but I do prefer to use another cotton round, as I don't want to have potential black marks on the rest of my face, as I swipe away.

In conclusion, if you have access to Bioderma, I would highly recommend you trying a bottle the next time you are in need of a make up remover. If it wasn't for the fact it was so heavy in it's bottle I personally would be scouring the Internet to make this home delivered every time I ran out, but shipping prices stop me.

If this was readily or even only semi readily available to me, I would say this is by far the best make up remover I have ever tried, and would consider this a complete HG in the category.

Bioderma, if you are listening, please do come on over the the United States! Thank you!

Mix and Match Warm OOTD

Yesterday I tried to post an OOTD with a different photographer outside myself and my iphone. I did not like any of the photos!!! Have you ever tried having someone take pictures of your Outfit, agreed, it's a bit odd, but I missed my lobby photos more!

Today was in the 60's! - bizarre, so no jacket needed, I went for a very THICK sweater and was plenty warm and cozy

Checkered Shirt: Gap
Sweater: TopShop
Leggings: H&M
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Over the Knee Boots: Modern Vintage (brand)
Bag: Dorothy Perkins

Checkers, Leopard, Cable knit, and Leather

How do you guys take out OOTD pictures? Does someone take them for you?

Currently on my wish list: A decent full length mirror in my own apartment!

Today's Best Shots

Photos' from my morning run

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Work, stress, holidays, all the typical excuses for my lack of posts
( as I am aware it continues)
While trying to sort out a better posting schedule, a few pictures I took today
Black Friday, and the beautiful things I saw to start my weekend

Hope all my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Current Lust List

Because I need pictures to show me and you all the things I wish for but don't have $ for - Santa?

1st up is the Chanel Quad in Regard Perle
I have actually wanted the Regard Perle Quad for months but have yet to purchase because I kept thinking, I will buy it around Holiday time as it seems very festive for the winter holidays. I am in love with the green shade. To buy or not to buy?!!

(Quad shown in a different color) - could not find a picture online that was not a personal blog photo

*sigh, want*

DiorSnow DNA Reverse Night: For when I'm finally done with my spots and to get rid of the scars ASAP

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink

To use with my non exist ant Chanel Regard Pearl shadows! When I dream, I imagine the whole look. The ivy green is so stunning in the pot! the first time I saw it I wanted to buy it, but walked away

(show in black ink)

Alexander Wang Emile Bag : What I am currently saving my pennies for and failing miserably
Rose Gold hardware please!

Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer: Seems this is creeping up all over the blogs I love to follow and the general vote is, this is a winner!

style #313176601 black patent leather '<span class=
Ferregamo Shoes: Perfect for an office lady!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day Trip over to Bean Town!

AHHHHH how did the week go by, and no other posts??? *shamed* that's me!!

The work week has been hectic, so my boyfriend and I needed to recharge and get out of the city ( it can be suffocating at times) and headed over to Boston for a day trip!

Bright and early!! It's about a 4 hour drive!

Our beautiful hotel

Boston is a large city but keeps a huge amount of it's old world charm. Since most of the buildings are considered historical land marks everything looks more classic and homey, but inside modernization has taken over!

We decided to head over to the famous Quincy Market!

Haha "Chowda" they really say it like that!!

Quincy market was BUSTLING it seemed as if everyone knew everyone. Not surprising since so many Universities are housed in Boston, I'm sure everyone is a face book Friend of everyone else...including the market staff!

In actuality, the place was PACKED because...

To our complete un awareness it was the night of the 27th annual Boston Christmas Tree Lighting! Half the city showed up!

No wonder....we thought! haha

They had great music during the live concert! Confetti was everywhere, and everyone looked happy

We decided to get out of there shortly...we left the city to avoid crowds not be in the hub bub of one!

The city had started to deck themselves out

When in Boston you have to eat certain things, like their famous seafood!

The restaurant was great! Food was good, staff were great, and it was not "too rushy" - which I hate. The restaurant was too dark to show what I ate, I took photo's but you can't see anything, bah! They also had the best beer I ever tried! I usually never have beer, I am not a fan of the taste, when asking what the name was, I was informed it was made specifically for the restaurant, sigh- typical. Enjoyable evening regardless!

Outfit of the evening
-Same o same o

Make up Bag Essentials - This is all I brought with me, along with 1 kabuki brush
Daytime SPF lip balm, night time, vamped up color

The night was over we were pooped, typical vacation requirement is to try to oversleep and order room service for breakfast before the journey home

-Just kidding, the room service is part of the package, usually I never partake, have you seen their prices????
- I also did not oversleep to my boyfriends mis fortune lol

Refreshed and ready to go back to work! (sort of)

How did you all unwind once in a while?

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