Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Current Lust List

Because I need pictures to show me and you all the things I wish for but don't have $ for - Santa?

1st up is the Chanel Quad in Regard Perle
I have actually wanted the Regard Perle Quad for months but have yet to purchase because I kept thinking, I will buy it around Holiday time as it seems very festive for the winter holidays. I am in love with the green shade. To buy or not to buy?!!

(Quad shown in a different color) - could not find a picture online that was not a personal blog photo

*sigh, want*

DiorSnow DNA Reverse Night: For when I'm finally done with my spots and to get rid of the scars ASAP

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink

To use with my non exist ant Chanel Regard Pearl shadows! When I dream, I imagine the whole look. The ivy green is so stunning in the pot! the first time I saw it I wanted to buy it, but walked away

(show in black ink)

Alexander Wang Emile Bag : What I am currently saving my pennies for and failing miserably
Rose Gold hardware please!

Chantecaille Tinted Moisturizer: Seems this is creeping up all over the blogs I love to follow and the general vote is, this is a winner!

style #313176601 black patent leather '<span class=
Ferregamo Shoes: Perfect for an office lady!!


  1. ooooh I love that Alexander Wang bagg....just beautiful!

  2. The Alexander Wang bag is awesome and those Ferragamo shoes are so cute and classic! I wants 'em too!

  3. I hear ya with the Chanel quads. Why must they be priced at such relentless prices?! lol

  4. they're soooo beautiful though!!!! they get me every time!!!!

  5. Those two together would be my ideal work uniform!

  6. Very lovely lust list. I, too, want to eventually pick up a Chanel quad and a Bobbi Brown gel... and who am I kidding, I'd kill for an Alexander Wang Rocco purse in black.

  7. Seems every one love the Rocco purse!!! Who wouldnt mind some Chanel and BB liners in that purse ;)

  8. Wow, that bag is fantastic! I can't speak for Regard Perle, but I have Prelude (the one in the photo) and it is really lovely.

  9. Ahhh! The shoes! The bag! The quad!!! DO want it all!! Dear Santa.... ;)

  10. heh i think it's a good time to make a lust list since black friday sales galore & xmas season coming up ^^love the bag & shoes

  11. the prelude quad would also be an amazing addition!!

  12. Black Friday is a bit scary but if these were on sale, i would be on line!!


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