Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day Trip over to Bean Town!

AHHHHH how did the week go by, and no other posts??? *shamed* that's me!!

The work week has been hectic, so my boyfriend and I needed to recharge and get out of the city ( it can be suffocating at times) and headed over to Boston for a day trip!

Bright and early!! It's about a 4 hour drive!

Our beautiful hotel

Boston is a large city but keeps a huge amount of it's old world charm. Since most of the buildings are considered historical land marks everything looks more classic and homey, but inside modernization has taken over!

We decided to head over to the famous Quincy Market!

Haha "Chowda" they really say it like that!!

Quincy market was BUSTLING it seemed as if everyone knew everyone. Not surprising since so many Universities are housed in Boston, I'm sure everyone is a face book Friend of everyone else...including the market staff!

In actuality, the place was PACKED because...

To our complete un awareness it was the night of the 27th annual Boston Christmas Tree Lighting! Half the city showed up!

No wonder....we thought! haha

They had great music during the live concert! Confetti was everywhere, and everyone looked happy

We decided to get out of there shortly...we left the city to avoid crowds not be in the hub bub of one!

The city had started to deck themselves out

When in Boston you have to eat certain things, like their famous seafood!

The restaurant was great! Food was good, staff were great, and it was not "too rushy" - which I hate. The restaurant was too dark to show what I ate, I took photo's but you can't see anything, bah! They also had the best beer I ever tried! I usually never have beer, I am not a fan of the taste, when asking what the name was, I was informed it was made specifically for the restaurant, sigh- typical. Enjoyable evening regardless!

Outfit of the evening
-Same o same o

Make up Bag Essentials - This is all I brought with me, along with 1 kabuki brush
Daytime SPF lip balm, night time, vamped up color

The night was over we were pooped, typical vacation requirement is to try to oversleep and order room service for breakfast before the journey home

-Just kidding, the room service is part of the package, usually I never partake, have you seen their prices????
- I also did not oversleep to my boyfriends mis fortune lol

Refreshed and ready to go back to work! (sort of)

How did you all unwind once in a while?


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a fun weekend getaway.

  2. wow, which hotel has Fresh products? And what is the MAC nude colored pencil?

  3. Yes, I stayed at "The Hotel Common Wealth" in Boston which used and sold Fresh products for the clients.
    Yup that is an NC15/NW20 Chronographic eye pencil, it was limited edition but I blv you can buy it from the PRO store all year long, it helps makes my eyes look more awake, and I have been loving it lately!

  4. awww thanks for always stopping by =D glad u enjoy the photos!

  5. Aw, it looks like you had fun! When i want to relax at school, I usually just do a mini-spa day :D

  6. that sounds fun too!!! I need to do that next wknd!! =D

  7. Ahh how fun! See, that's why NYC is so perfect, so many other awesome places within driving distance. I guess I can't complain with Chicago being close by either..but still. It looks like you had such a fun time!!!

  8. hahaha 4 hours! well i cant complain!!! *fact about me* i havent the SLIGHTEST clue how to drive!! i asked my bf to pull over so i could buy a magazine bc I was falling asleep!!! i saw all ur twitpics through Chicago!!!! u seemed like you were really enjoying urself!! =D as u should!!

    thanks for looking through my pics!

  9. Your trip looks so relaxing and nice :) Your hotel looks awesome and the food looks super yummy as well! I 100% agree that the city can be suffocating.... Honestly I tend to despise the city about 75% of the day :( I've never been to Boston but I really want to go! I can't drive either actually but I plan on taking lessons and hopefully passing my driver's test this upcoming summer :D Btw, love that you kept your makeup bag really minimalist! That really shows us what you love and "need" haha

  10. thanks for stopping by!! how have you been? how is your no shopping ban going?
    If you learn to drive this coming summer, you would have learned before me! XD

    Yeah.. my m/u bag was light bc my bf from our last trip was dont need all this! u didnt use all this, and he was 100% right!! Im working on living on less!!

  11. yum! i have never been to boston. but seafood is right up my alley so now you have made me plan to visit sometime before i die! what revlon colorburst gloss shade is that? do you like it?

  12. Great seafood and Chowda in bean town! The color is called Bourdeux!! I wear it over Revlon Black Cherry lipstick! the combo is shown in my last post =D for a swatch

  13. Fantastic outfit! Looking very classy!:)

  14. What a fun weekend! Boston certainly has quite a different sort of charm than NYC. I'm getting quite hungry thinking of oysters and chowda right now (not in ther same dish though, of course).

  15. I've been good :D Thanks for asking! My beauty no buy is doing really well actually but I have my eye on a few things from the upcoming Mac Daphne Guinness collection.... :X I'm actually really scared I'll fail my driving test but most of my friends recently got their licenses so it's about time I learn too haha.

  16. aw thanks so much dear, this is just my go to uniform lol but i did add in some heels!

  17. When in Boston, bring an appetite!!

  18. I used to live in Boston before coming back to Brazil (where I'm from). THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this pictures... it brought a huge smile to my face in a super rainy day around here :)

    Fantastic city!

  19. Brazil and Boston? You are lucky to live in such amazing places!!!


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