Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Favorites

We are now all bundling up with our knitted scarves, chunky boots, and pea coats.
Time to bust out the fall make up and skin care favorites!

For skin care, as the weather gets chillier and drier, more moisture needs to be soaked into the skin for proper hydration, hydrated skin glows, despite weather!

Avéne Gentle Gel Cleanser: For winter I would suggest using a gentle moisturizing cream cleanser in the morning. Nothing too stripping, something basic and simple. The Avéne cleanser I have is a gel, but all my cream cleansers are for oily skin and currently I am more normal skin typed.
This is light, slightly fragranced, and becoming a quick new favorite of mine for the fall

The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner: A hydrating toner would be another great way to get moisture into your skin easily. This is simple, hydrating, refreshing, and easily accessible

Joe Malone Cologne: This scent is not something I wear most of the year, but now is the time of year you can get away with something warmer and deeper.

Origins Vitazing: Skin still looking dull? Try spreading this moisturizer on. Now only do you get added hydration but a glow, with a bit of covering properties. Less coverage than a tinted moisturizer but a definite pep to the skin!
-I wear a thin layer of this over my moisturizer as a base and it looks great under mineral foundation! In the summer this product made me break out, but now that my skin is normal, it seems to tolerate it just fine! - Go figure.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: Switching to a thicker moisturizer for day and night will make all the difference! Seal in all the hydrating products used prior with a lotion you can count on. In the winter I tend to almost over moisturize, I wait about 3 minutes and see it all soak in! Skin is extra thirsty this time of year.

The Body Shop Vitamin E sink in Moisture Mask: When I first saw this I saw a woman in The Body Shop buy TEN of these masks. I thought, "Must be good!" and got one. It's something I use with precaution, it is definetly more suited towards the dry skin type but about once every two weeks I layer on a very thin layer of this, wait a few moments, and tissue off the remnants to give my skin a moisture surge!

Moisture Sheet Masks: They make you look scary when on, but after you peel them off, it's all worth it. Once you peel off the mask, let the mask moisture stay on your skin, rub them in until all absorbed for maximum benefits

Body Butter! Tis the season for the non stop parade of trying Body Butters! Thicker and more hydrating! This is Carried Away by B&BW ( which I am not loving, boo) but will use up! My favorites are Coconut and Vanilla scents for winter!

Other honorable skin mentions include!

Clinique All About Eye Cream - Rich: I just recently purchased a new jar - Jumbo size! I don't know how many of these I have been through, but this is by far my favorite hydrating moisture eye cream
All About Eyes™ Rich

Créme de la Mer: Used during dry skin SOS periods! Review can be found here!
Clinique Mositure Surge for stubburn dry patches that just wont die! Review can be found here!

Nail Colors

My yearly favorites are OPI's Red Cherry Chutney, and Russian Navy. This year Linkin Park After Dark finally made the Rotation!

Make up:

Moistutizing Foundation: or BB cream. My favorite foundations I have realized are mineral, but dry patches which are more likely to occur can really be emphasized with the buffing motion. The most hydrating foundation in my collection for my skin type is my Lancome Teint Miracle, review link!
My second favorite hydrating foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix! Linked.

Blushes: Plums, deeper more sultry colors come start coming out.
Two that I use yearly are MAC's Lady Blush cream blush, I love cream blushes in winter! and gorgeous MAC's Gentle! My favorite plum which leans more raspberry, but is so pretty!

NARS Dolce Vita: My ultimate Fall blush. The perfect berry shade. The next time you are at a NARS counter please see it, please swatch it, and please try it. You won't regret it!
I also love the corresponding lipgloss for night's out, and lipstick for the day time!
Honorable mention goes out to NARS Mounia and Sin!

Blistex! I have tried so many lip balms including Burts Bees, Carmex, and By Terry. This is by far my favorite! The little blue jar!

Gold eye shadow! I usually wear champage to work on the lids I know, it can be a bit of a *yawn* but gorgeous gold shades seem to be enhanced when wearing a berry toned blush. Currently using this Majorlica Majorca shade and My Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill which is linked here!

Swatches! L-R ( Ladyblush (old formula), Gentle, Dolce Vita Blush, Dolce Vita Gloss

Dolce Vita Gloss in Action

What are some of your cold weather Favorites?


  1. I agree the combo of a plummy blush makes a gold eyeshadow look so much more special

  2. Adore your posts (: A few of my fall faves are: Anastasia All Eye Want Palette, Palgantong Theatrical Loose Powder, NARS Oasis Blush, & Issey Miyake L'Eau de Issey Florale

  3. let's rock that look this season! =)

  4. AHHH i own NARS Oasis but have yet to use it yet!!! I have plucked it out from my collection with the complete intention to use it this season!! =D

  5. Linkin Park After Dark is one of the few OPI shadows I actually wanna buy/try. I feel like so many ppl mention it in their fall nails xD and just curious, what's your skintype/color? I really wanna try the bourjois foundation since it seems to be getting such good reviews everywhere but if its for drier skin I might just pass on it, that and it only comes in 2 colors?? maybellines on sale at rite aid so im gonna get the dream matte powder this wk!! :)) And Dolce Vite has always appealed to me but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet xD It's actually one of the few Nars blushes I really want to try. i think red has really been calling out to me this fall. red lips, red blush, red skinny jeans ^^

  6. Hello!
    I actually bought Linkin Park After Dark last yr but never got around to using it, its a black with a plum/purple undertone. I want to also try Essie's Wicked! a deep burgurndy!
    I am an NC 25 in MAC. Bourjois has about 6 shades online but most carries only carry the first 3 shades. For the Healthy Mix i am shade 52 and for the Healthy mix elixer which has more shades i am shade 53! hope that helps!
    Maybelline dream matte powder! def get it on sale! =)
    I want red skinny jeans too!!!! yup DV, it's a winner!

  7. I was eyeing up that Body Shop Moisture Mask this weekend, you make me want to go back and get it, I love the Vitamin E products.

  8. oh actually nvm mind xD I mistook Linkin Park After Dark with Linkin Park After Midnight. the names are so similar i never knew it was 2 diff polishes! and ooo you're the same shade as me! this def makes the foundation matching easier xD especially since i cant swatch it in real life. and just curious what shade are you for the dream matte??

  9. actually nvm again. i wanted linkin park after dark matte version which is apparently diff from the regular version and theres a suede version and a LP at midnight version. there's prolly more but i got really confused cuz theres so many diff variations of linkin park x_x

  10. Love your picks! My fave moisturizers are Clinique Dramatically Different and Vitazing, too. Although I've been loving Soap & Glory's Clear Here T-Zone Oil-Control Daily Moisture Lotion (looooong name!!) for day, too.

  11. Love it :) My favourite fall blush is NARS Deep Throat because Dolce Vita is a bit too dark for me as I'm quite pale :(

  12. Loved your recommendations for dry winter skin! My skin is pretty dry year round but gets extremely dry in the winter.

  13. Russian Navy is one of my favorite polishes! I need to try a new eye cream - I think the clinique one will be the next one I try!

  14. Im shade Sand =D in Maybelline Dream Matte! Med 0-1

  15. haha there are so many variations bc that is how popular it is! I have seen the matte version, not for me.

  16. the RICH formula! been through soo many jars! it really helps with dry eyes!

  17. hope it works out for u dear!!! tell me how it goes!

  18. Ahh that is one of my favorites in the winter when I get really pale! bc i love these blushes so much i use a stippling brush in the winter =)

  19. Ahhh my Target dosent sell Soap and Glory even though I know many Target's do!!! the mosturizer sounds good!!

  20. Me 2!!! one of my favorite lines from the whole store! gentle and effective!

  21. Ahhhh, the Dolce Vita blush looks awesome~ That is definitely my definition of a beautiful dusty rose color. Can you take a picture of the Opi polishes on your nails? I really like using BB cream in the winter. But because it is sooo fricking cold, so i just get as lazy as you can get. :D tehehe

  22. Wowza! Look at all of those products. I love all the products/swatches. Also, I definitely agree; Dolce Vita is an awesome blush, especially for Autumn. :) Great post.

  23. Ooh, nice picks! I've got to say, your pictures are so clear and sharp. I really like the look of the body butter, such pretty packaging!

  24. So many gorgeous favorites...I don't know where to begin! Dolce Vita blush ftw! I need to get the gloss too, it looks great on you. Glad you are liking Watt's Up, it's sooo pretty. :) Brrrrr..... sorry. This post reminded me of how close we are to....snow.

  25. I use a handful of these items too during the fall/winter (clinique lotion, nars dolce vita lipgloss). Do you have any recommendations for sheet masks? I've used a few of the My Beauty Diary ones but am thinking of trying out some different brands.

  26. i really need to add dolce vita into my collection! it looks so gorgeous. i will have to try out that body shop skin has really needed some hydration this fall.

  27. Hi, i don't know if this is the best place to post but I have some questions re toners... I usually dont use toners as I always thought that it was an unnecessary step but recently my skin has been in havoc- dry skin because I was in a semi desert environment for nearly a month but now I'm back in the city- it has gone oily like crazy...

    So i've tried cliniques clarifyng lotion in #2- first use tonight and there was a tingly or stingey sort of feeling but then quickly sprayed avene followed by moisturiser later. is this a normal thing when using a toner? sorry silly question but i wasnt sure whether this was allergic reaction or part of the norm when using toners...

    what other toners would you recommend?


  28. Hello dear!
    Hmm what kind of skin type do you normally have? Dry leading to combination? That is what the Clinique lotion 2 is for.
    Oily eh...well first I don't recommend the Clinique toners at all! I have tried about 3 of them and 2 was the gentlest! 3 and 4 are SCARY stripping, their acne version was OK but it was smaller and more $

    Many ppl find toners to be an unnecessary step but I disagree. After washing your face depending on your face wash your skin needs to be re balanced and that is what toner does. Also if you use a toner at night and a cotton pad you are able to remove any residual residue on your face for a more thorough clean.

    If you have oily skin but it seems to be going a bit crazy at the moment and you don't want to further disrupt the balance I would suggest Lush's Tee Tree Toner to help combat the oils. Once the oil has balanced out and your skin has normalized a nice balancing/balencing one is Lush's Roma Water ( I have only heard of the Roma Water I never tried it but I have used several bottles of the Tea Tree Water)

    If you skin is feeling oily and is just SUPER sensitive I would recommend the Avene Mineral Water Spray. It feels like and IS just water but it is very gentle, helps hydrate, and balances the Ph levels of your skin after using tap water to wash.

    If you have some spots and would still like to be gentle and non stripping, I also recommend Thayers Witch Hazel, I like the Rose one!

    I hope this helped!

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