Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Outfits - October and November OOTD's - Office Lady Wardrobe Tips

When I entered the working world, the office and cubicle kind, I didn't really know what to wear. I wore office pants and a button downs just about every single day during all my internships and my 1st year working. By year two I realized, I hated what I wore, I hated that every woman on the floor had the exact same pair of Express pants as myself, and avoided daily, running into some wardrobe twin.
If pants and button downs are your preference, by all means! But I think finding your own work clothing style really helps you grab almost ready to go outfits in the morning.
I hate wearing pants to work now, I nearly never do unless it is dreadfully cold, and even then I would rather double layer stockings and wear knee highs.

Here are the outfits I wore this past October and beginning half of November.

My Fall Office Style

Sweater: Korea, Tank: UO, Sparkle Skirt: Club Monaco, tights, and Steve Madden Shoes

I think every office women needs a black sweater. Some people state you need many shades, I just own several black ones, this being my favorite. It has an asymmetrical abstract flower design, and chiffon sleeves. Offices can be cold, and having a sweater on looks conservative for certain job functions

Wool skirts are staples of mine during the chillier months. Wool skirts don't have to be boring. This one has a subtle silver sparkle design that is not over the top, but adds interest and has a more interesting shape

1. Black Sweater - Korea, American Eagle Tank, H&M Skirt, Steve Madden heels
2. Uniqlo Button Down, Brown Pencil Skirt - Korea, Bandalino Brown Heels
3. Blush colored blouse and Cobalt Blue Skirt - Korea, Good Will Belt, H&M N*de Heels

As you can see, I prefer pencil skirts. I think they are flattering on my body shape, come in an assortment of colors that can still be different yet safe ( I love that Cobalt Blue Skirt)

Outfit Two does have a longer pencil skirt and white button down because it was a day full of meetings.
When you meet new people in the office I think a crisp white shirt can be refreshing ( I did button the sleeves later on) The pencil skirt I wore was only slightly longer than my usual kind, to remain on the safe side of whomever I meet

The AE tank in Outfit 1 is all plain white on the bottom and looks boring, but the design looks interesting when cut in with the pencil skirt's high waist

I enjoy keeping a variety of heel colors at the office. Just change when you arrive. Black, n*de, and brown, should get you through most situations

1. H&M blouse, Gold long Chains from Lorrain Stanick's blog, Cobalt blue skirt - Korea, Steve Madden Heels
2. UO white dress, Sweater- Korea

Don't be afraid of mixing colors like pink and blue in the office. The contrasting colors can be quite complimentary. This blouse has puffy princess shoulders. To show off the design I left my hair in an up do, but to not make me look like a triangle, I added a delicate long necklace vertically going down my body to bring balance
This top is almost as long as a dress but can be too short for the office. I belted the middle and pulled up the remaining material to create a poof effect on the waist, and shorten the length

Sometimes, you run out of work clothes and have to pull from your personal wardrobe to wear to work. The white dress is very low cut for work so I buttoned up all the buttons in my cardigan to keep that area hidden, and left my hair in the front of my body all day.
The skirt looks short because the white dress and black stockings contrast to show their differences. The dress really is knee length but looks shorter.
To make it look like you are wearing something longer, pop on a shorter cardigan, to elongate the length of the dress by the viewer
When buttoned fully, this cardigan reaches about only my belly button which elongates the length of my skirt

Dress- H&M, Sweater - Zara, Heels- Steve Madden

Little surprise in the back! This black dress can be pretty dull and look boring, even for the office. It came with an attached sash. My favorite dress trick is to put on a brighter colored cardigan and tie the sash over the sweater. From the front, everything looks the same, but from the back you have a nice contrast between the two colors for when you walk away as an interesting design

Dress and Shoes-H&M, Blazer- UO

Ah the black blazer. A complete MUST HAVE in my opinion. At the end of summer when the chill barely begins I live in blazers. Work appropriate ones act as cover ups, and you can wear them in or out of the office all day without changing.
If it's too dull, try finding one with structures sleeves or shoulders for a more interesting design

1. Blush Blouse- Korea, Pants- Epress, Belt- unknown
2. Blouse- UO, Pants- Express, Lorrain Stanick Chains

Office pants and me just don't get along. Every pair of pants I purchase regardless of length needs to be tailored, as you can see from the photos, they just don't flatter me! They seem to make me look shorter (with the heels) and bigger.
Dreading winter when I have to wear these more often.

1. UO blazer, Zara Skirt, Unknown Tank, Tights
2. H&M Top, Express Pants

Adding interesting patterns paired with basic colors can bring some interest in your pieces.
This green skirt in the warmer months I pair with white tops only but in the winter I add in the black accent pieces to emphasize the cooler weather, but the green does not look out of place, regardless of how loud the shade is

Tops with different print including subtle animal print I find can be quite nice in the office, and does not look boring

Sweater- Korea, T- Alexander Wang, Skirt- Club Monaco, Belt - Good Will

Playing with texture even with dark colors can look quite different without being obvious. This smooth T shirt, (yes a T shirt, I wear them to work, and hide them) with this sheer chiffon sleeved and asymmetrical flower design sweater along with folded bubble skirt all may seem like too much.
Because the colors are quite dark, and complimentary it looks work appropriate and has interest. The gold in my belt brings some semi brightness

Yes, I wear ALOT of black tights!

When office hours are over---

I realized I had almost no outfits from my off work life. Just outter wear! What can I say, it's been cold!!!

UO blazer, BDG Jeans, Madewell Combat Boots, A Wang T, Dorothy Perkins Bag

Last warm day of the season! This was the day I bought my Doc Martens. I wore this navy blue blazer which can easily be used in every day life, and work situations

H&M Coats and Scarf , Dorothy Perkins Bag

Buying accessories in neutral and easy to wear colors can mix and match with many colors in your wardrobe with ease

A gorgeous pair of warm, comfortable fall shoes are needed. In dead of winter, big Lumberjack boots come out, but in the fall, when walking through the leaves, I think sturdy leather shoes are timeless

You can see from my last outfit post here, I don't own many clothes (ok I think I do) but I repeat the same 10 pieces. Staples in your closet I believe are all you need. These two posts I hope show the versatility of my wardrobe staples

I hope this helped those of you who like insight to what other's wear to work. Office wear can sometimes be tricky.

Do you have any office wear favorites?


  1. GASP. I LOVE all the outfits. Bookmarking this post for future office wear ideas! Also, pretty sure I bought that exact scarf (or one very close to it) at H&M today. *twins* I was looking to a skirt in a jadey-green color in the style of your Club Monaco skirt. I was unsuccessful but I won't give up! :)

  2. Glad you got to shopping girl!! All day at work i saw ur twit pics i was happy u were enjoying urself but i was like GASP!! she is there now!! im just staring at my computer!!! but you made the day faster!!! i know you work in an office too! sometimes I have NO IDEA what to wear hahaha glad this helped!!
    have a great mini vacation!!

  3. I love your style :) I like your last office outfit the best and I like all your casual outfits! I have been embarrassingly low key about my own wardrobe (especially on the days that I work because we can only wear black). I like seeing what the girls who work at my internship wear because most of them are really trendy yet appropriate. I hate dress pants too by the way; I've never found ones that looked right on me.... So I always wear skirts too :)

  4. I love those two H&M dresses (the black with the sash and light-colored one with the large bow)! I always forget to go to H&M when I need office-appropriate clothes, and clearly they have awesome dresses that are long enough for work! I really found this post useful, thank you :)

  5. love outfit posts! :) i actually think wool skirts are so cute depending on how you wear them and i love love love that blue skirt & the h&m dress. i would never have given those pieces a second glance but now i definitely will want to look for something similar. and i totally agree that pants are extremely hard to wear untailored but i personally prefer them since they're easier to work with, literally and when coordinating outfits.

  6. I love your style!!! All your tips are so informative and helpful; I usually go through such OOTD posts without reading the text that goes with the pics- as most of the times it's either irrelevant or boring. This time I devoured it all ;) xx

  7. I love every outfit, and that Dorothy Perkins bag and Doc Martens are fantastic. <3

  8. All black for work, dang, it's ok! black is the most universal color!!! now u have an excuse to keep buying those items bc u can prob wear them forever! it never goes out of style!
    When u find a flattering pair of dress pants, please tell me!! lol

  9. awww thanks!!! yup H&M has some very nice work dresses, I think their button downs are pretty bad quality though =\ just saying. Some of the dresses can be easily worn in or out of the office, just carry a cardigan. You can find many in the appropriate length for work =)

  10. Thanks Isabella!!!!
    I used to wear pants everyday somewhere I just got over it, I think they make me look shorter, but maybe I just never found the right cut?
    I always seem to wear skirts and dresses because I think it looks very lady like in the office, but I pull out them slacks when the snow hits!!!

  11. awwwww thanks so much for you to say! I usually do the same!!!! Haha when I wrote the post I thought it was lengthy for OOTD but im glad someone found it useful!!! work clothes are hard enough as is! and I always look around for some inspiration!

  12. loved this! i agree, the pencil skirts really flatter you. loved the blue skirt outfit!

  13. Ooh I love the H&M Dress and Cardigan, I like how you're wearing them. I guess really it depends on where you work though, some businesses are more strict, maybe it depends on who you'll be seen by or if you're going to be out and about. I really love the Urban Outfitters shirt with the trousers, it is such a flattering look. But really you look brilliant in all your work outfits, even though I don't work, at Uni I see a lot of girls who wear stylish, smart clothing and casual jeans and tops have been pushed out, so I'm inspired to try it out now.

  14. I love your office dress mantra. It's creative, and much more fun than the button down and dress pants =)

    Speaking of which, I love both your Club Monaco skirts and your blouse from Korea. I guess I can't make it to Korea, but I should browse around CM next time I'm out (if only for window shopping)!

  15. thanks so much!!! i need to buy more thicker pencil skirts now for fall!!! the blue one is my favorite!

  16. Glad to help inspire!! yea we have a business wardrobe but I'm not the "best" at adhearing to it. Since mostly I sit in my cube so no one really sees me. I think it's mostly for the men who have to wear ties and jackets everyday, the women's dress code was less specific i just know Im not allowed to wear capris and open toed shoes?
    But if I have meetings they want a suit attire, I just hang up the jacket immediately after the meeting is over!!

    Hope you create some nice outfits =)

  17. Thanks girl!!! I mostly buy from the CM sale section which to me look like full price prices!!!! Usually im pretty bad at shopping in a clothing sale, but CM is the only place I really try harder in =P
    I need to work on sale shopping!!

  18. Very nice wardrobe! May I ask what you work with? x

  19. Haha at first I thought you meant you weren't allowed to wear capris and open toed shoes at the same time, cause that really is specific! Yeah I get why you wouldn't be allowed to wear them at all.
    I'll try with the outfits, look out for them!

  20. aww great OL outfits! all my work outfits are suited up LOL.

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