Sunday, November 13, 2011

In and Out


Olivia Palermo

The b*tch character on "The City" (which I have never seen) is it still on?? but I gathered as much from the commercials.
She always reminded me of Gossip Girls real life Blair Waldorf type of character

Regardless, her style, her hair, and make up - perfection

The newest additive to my life to try to increase my health

I just bought a new juicer ( not the same as below)

Eager to see if any vi sable benefits to my skin, hair, and body come from it in a few weeks!
Regardless I am getting in my Vitamins!

Avené Gentle Gel Cleanser

My skin has been loving the simplicity of this


Twighlight ( I will not insert a picture, you all know what I am talking about)
What is the new movie, Breaking Dawn? PART ONE, ugh.
I know many of you may be fans, but I personally cannot even insert the picture here...

Crazy weather
In one week we can range from 68-38 degrees here. I am constantly over dressed or under dressed for the weather, and I am quite frankly tired of it

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Chapped Lips

My lips are getting chapped non stop, but luckily I have a savior


  1. I'd love to read your thoughts on this Avene cleanser. Yesterday I got my very first Avene product, their eye makeup remover which is a gel with high percentage of water and very-very gentle cleansers for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Used it just once and I'm so amazed by its efficacy that i might get me some more Avene goodies in the near future! xx

  2. Olivia is such a bitch, but I do love her style. She was always the best-dressed one on that show!

  3. I'll have to try the avenue gentle cleanser, it looks great!
    I have this juicier LOL it's to fantastic, I'm getting myself so many delicious healthy juices :)

  4. Argh she is so beautiful, she has such dainty features and lovely skin! I have seen an episode of the show, I'm not sure how much of a bitch she is, all I know is I'd do pretty much anything to look as good as her and I love her style.
    Juicing is great and probably much cheaper than what I'm doing. It's strange you've posted about this, just yesterday I went out and bought lots of fresh fruit juices, smoothies and vegetable juices. I know though that if you're not making them yourself there's normally a lot of sugar... But still, I'm hoping for a nice glow especially now it's winter, I guess you can't just rely on products, it's what you put in the inside too. I'm having the same problem with chapped lips, I bet everyone is it's really cold here and I can't help licking them cause it's soo sore! I will need to give blistex another try, the last time I used it I found it sort of stingy. :)

  5. I've seen the City a few times, a long time ago... do they still play that show on MTV? I was never a huge fan but she is really pretty. I hope she is not a bitch in real life although probably very snobby :p

    Hope that juicer works. You should blend some kale and spinach in for some intense vitaminization :p They're mild tasting so any fruit can cover the taste ;D

  6. yeah she is pretty, I never saw the show but what I can see she was def the "bad one" lol
    I love kale and spinach in my smoothies and fruit drinks!!! my fridge looks like a farmers market =D

  7. i know she is admittingly GORGEOUS....her bf is also quite good looking! I dont know about her personality but her style is just like, damn....I NEED her closet!!!

    hahha that is so funny about the juices. I actually hate juice like grapfruit juice or orange juice, and apple juice etc. Sometimes I buy mixed fruit smoothies but they were all like 5 dollars each ( so expensive after a while) so I just bought a very expensive juicer and now spend alot of buying whol fruit to juice it! haha maybe its more expensive in the beginning, but the fresh juice is delicious and i like knowing im trying to improve my body

    I swear by the Blistex in the blue tub!

  8. You have this one?? it looked very good online!!! the gel cleanswer the first time i tried it felt stripping!! ( very surprised ) but after that it felt fine, and it made all my congested spots finally come to the surface. Really have been enjoying this!!! its very very simple and mild.

  9. No doubt about both counts!!!!! her wardrobe is to DIE FOR~! and how come her hair is always so does she do that. One of those girls you hate, but want to know, so u can ask such questions!!! =P

  10. I saw pics of them at the beach together in the summer.... :( I think they're there to make us feel depressed.
    You will definitely save money in the long run, the only thing is I want to have like three different kinds of smoothies and veg juices and what not throughout the day and that would mean I'd need to clean the juicer THREE times too so... I'm sure you can see my predicament :P I don't really like orange juice or grapefruit juice but I did buy some mango and passionfruit smoothies and strawberry and banana ones but my absolute FAV is Pomegreat juice just pure 100% pomegranate and it's sooo sweet and yummy. Have you tried pomegranate?

  11. i have tried pomegranate juice! i drink it periodically as they state it helps clean ur stomach! yeah! cleaning the juicer yest was a huge pain in the butt! I bought the juicer, lugged it to the market (walking) bought my veggies, installed the juicer, cut the veggies, inserted a carrot and it exploded everywhere!!!! there was a mini hole i missed (argh) made my juice cleaned the exploded carrot and realized I had like 3 areas to clean in the juicer I was like wow....takes an hour to make juice

  12. I dislike Winter because of chapped lips and dry air/skin.

  13. Haha an hour is tooo long! Maybe you can make big batches though I'm not sure how long they'd last? I'm too lazy to clean the same thing every day I'd be too fed up! Yass I love pomegranate juice I wish I could drink this and only this and no water... :P

  14. Nah the show ended long ago. I used to watch it. :)

  15. oh that does sound rough!!! have you tried blistex for the lips, and moroccan oil for the hair? theyre my life savers!! also a weekly hair moisture mask!

  16. I am so sorry I took so long to respond! The cleanser to me is a more active version (and thicker) of cetaphil. I feel it really just simply cleans my face without leaving some kind of slimey residue on my face. The 1st time i used it, it was VERY drying - surprised I was~!
    But my skin got used it to by day 2 and it really seemed to help bring stubborn spots to the surface!! i dont know if it was supposed to do that but since then I have been hooked, and using it faithfully =)


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