Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Sunday Post

Weekly Update!!!!

...Absolutely nothing happened this week....worked late almost everyday, or went to my over priced NON AC-ed gym to sweat and die before commuting home

Here are all the things that happened in between

Veteran's Day (Friday) I was fortunate to see the parade floats before they began their march during set up

Horses! FYI, it was FREEEEEEEEEEZING this day

Work is over! and time to head for the weekend, on the way home

Freezing my toes off while waiting for the bus...
Wow the Tow fine is so high!

On the beauty front, my favorite new winter combo has come via a la Revlon!

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick with Bordeaux Lip gloss

On the health front, I realized I was consuming far too much of this
(This did not even taste good!!! I don't recommend the artichoke and pepperoni pizza from California Pizza Kitchen!! They're Grilled Veggie Salad is a lot tastier!)

And it was time to exchange it for this!

How can this not be good for you?? I am trying to drink one 24oz glass of this kind of mixed drink a day, let's see how this goes!!

Highlights of my weekend

Youtube Favorites of the week!

Favorite Blog of the moment, it's a famous one, but I revisit NON STOP

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I like that Black Cherry lipstick. Maybe I'll check it out next time I'm at Ulta.

  2. That box of goodies makes me smile =)

  3. Ahh.. Your F&F haul? I spy with my little eye, something that looks like a Naked Palette!
    :) I wish that F&F was valid for me... But my wallet is glad that it wasn't.

  4. Ooops. I meant, the UD Naked 24/7 eyeliners! :D

  5. Good eyes!!!!! my wallet is KA PUT! =P

  6. DO IT!!!!!! it looks scary in the stick, but if anything apply it sheerly as a gorgeous stain!

  7. i had cpk this wk too! but i had bbq chicken ^_^ they have terrible eggrolls >:/ is that whole box from sephora? looks droolworthy haha reviews soon? :)

  8. they're bbq chicken pizza is alot better than the one i had!!! they're egg rolls are bad!! we had the guac and it was like half corn! but interesting!!
    yes that is my sephora haul but i also dumped in and Urban Decay's FF sale in the same box
    I will be reviewing some as I use them! I am not the kind of person who opens and swatches all their new stuff... I just put it away until I need to use it and finish my current products!

    So eventually? lol =P

  9. i totally enjoyed the meal except for the avo eggrolls. cheesecake & bj's does it wayyy better. haha i totally hauled from sephora & too! you should do a haul post! i <3 seeing what people buy even if there are no swatches ^^ and I'm totally the same way. I buy it, photograph the prettyness, and put it away until I'm ready to use it ^^


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