Thursday, December 15, 2011

Currently on Autopilot

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to change my everyday "look"
For two months my daily face routine has consisted of everything in this basket, nearly everyday
It's not as of I don't want to use different things, I just desperately want to finish a lot of things that are currently in my daily ritual of making myself look presentable for the world.
Let's see what been playing on loop mode for the past two months:

1.Laura Mercier Mineral Primer: on it's last leg, these deluxe sample sizes are honking huge, 1 fl oz!
2.Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: ohhhhhhhhhh this is nice. It's not flashy, not like a chunky MSF this is just subtly divine. You look just a little more other worldly with this. (Not pictured)
3.Maybelline Mineral Concealer: Ive tried a lot of concealers high end and drugstore and I always just seem to go back to drugstore. Preferably with a doe foot. No real preference though I liked Loreal. I get whatever is on sale.
4.Lancome AgeLess Mineral Foundation: My favorite foundation of the moment! Though the air is cooler, I am still able to wear this with no flakiness, a slight glow is apparent after application, nothing like LM or the originals BM but spritzing a finishing spray at the end can give me the last bit of luminosity, I buff this all over sheerly with a MAC 182 kabuki
5.Dior Concealer: Another thing that is on it's last leg. Best under eye concealer I have tried to date. Full coverage, easy to blend, and in a pinch great all over the face. Lack of colors though. Followed by Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder on a fluffy 224, you don't need this but I use it because I have it. Ive had it for about 4 years ( one of my first Sephora purchases) and I'm only half done. This lasts a LONG time.

6.Edward Bess Bronzer: The current bronzer I am using. I apply this all over in a loose "3" motion with a huge Sephora brush, the big fat pink one everyone knows about! Review here!
7. MAC Peaches: Sometimes I layer this over a cream blush but I usually wear this alone. My top blush pick for 2010 and still a continual favorite! Best shade to brighten my face in MAC from the Peach family. Ive tried all the peaches from the MAC perm line. This is the one for me. NC 25-ers go running for it! If you are cooler, this is going to be straight up orange, so I would avoid. Also when using this, I would at all costs not couple this with an orange based bronzer.
Occasionally if I forget the Becca, my plan B highlighter is the Laura Mercier Peach Shimmer Bloc with an ELF fan brush - studio line! lol
8.Shu Brows: My HG, buy it try it! Spooly em out, and add Anastasia brow fix to keep them hairs in place
9.Laura Mercier Eye primer: reviewed here. Followed by Bare Study Paint Pot: I hit pan on this LONG AGO and haven't seen it move since. It's getting dryier and im getting impatient! Also this is starting to dry out my lids.
10. Bobbi Brown Gel Liner: Because my primer is not great I apply this with an angled Sephora brush, then powder over the liner with a random brown shadow from a GWP Lancome Palette. A daily kitten flick to widen up the eyes
11. MAC chromatographic pencil in NC 15/NW20: On my lower waterline to rid myself of red splotched and tired eyes
12. Mascara: This is not an everyday occurrence, actually I wear it about once every other week but right now I am currently enjoying MUFE smokey lash, this stuff really can hold a curl!!
13. Fix +: I always end with this. Make up holy water for me really. I know some people are not fans, but this fixes all make up mistakes for me, smooths everything out, soft focus, slightly dewy, and longer lasting make up?? Sign me up!
14. Last are lips which are an SPF lip balm, followed by a Tarte Lip surgance (surprisingly drying on me!!) in Enchanted, and topped with a random n*de MUFE mini gloss which was Sephora gift, and yes, I am also finishing this up!

Hmm, this looks incredibly long, but anyone who follows a "routine" knows your mind and body go on "autopilot" and this is done pretty quickly. I have always admired people who can apply all their make up in 5 minutes, for some reason, all my routines take 8. LoL
What are your current everyday staple items?
Excuse the poor lighting, make up application now happens pre sun rise - sad!


  1. love your daily staples. i've been wanting a chromagraphic nc15/nw20 pencil foreeeever but they're always sold out at the pro store i visit =(

    my daily products: origins vitazing, shu uemura hard brow pencil in stone grey, urban decay primer potion, nars bali e/s, nars mekong (as liner), tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed, and revlon matte lipstick in fabulous fig.


  2. Great staples!! Yay for Shu!! though I use the shade Seal brown!
    Aww that's too bad about the pencil BOOO hope they get it in stock soon! I love mekong, i will check out bali next time in the store! thanks for sharing!

  3. what shades of concealer do you use? I have trouble finding concealers that match my NC20/25 skin.
    (and are you NC20/25?)

  4. lol at the 8 minute timing. have you actually timed yourself? i had a friend who was obsessed with his chronograph watch and timed everything. i think mine takes less than 5 but i have like a third or ur steps lol how do you like the maybelline mineral concealer? i just bought it on clearance at cvs but i'm trying not to open it til i work on my other bajillion under eye concealers -_- and also your link for the bronzer (brush?) review isn't working xD

  5. I love seeing "everyday" posts :) I have done something different every day for the past month? two months? With exception to two occasions where I repeated a look ::gasp:: I need to quit playing around every morning and use up a few products. I certainly take longer than 8 minutes when I'm busy dreaming up color palettes!

  6. You have a nice variety of products in your daily routine :) No matter how hard I try, I actually can't do all my makeup in under 10 minutes though :( I usually switch up my makeup routine every few weeks to keep me from getting bored but I totally understand what you mean when products are on their last leg and you just want them to go! Sometimes the tube seems like it'll last you until infinity because I have a ton of trouble finishing things up!

  7. haha when I'm at school I feel like I have a standard set of makeup items too - including MAC Faerie Glen lipstick and NARS Orgasm blush! Whenever I don't want to really think about putting on my makeup, I gravitate towards those products.

  8. My eyelashes were straight-up FALLING OUT so I have to take a break on mascara for daily use, too! And I lovvve Fix+(mineral charged water, actually) because my makeup looks sooo much better when I remember to use it :)

  9. Ah, the everyday makeup grind is quite familiar to me--- I'm not sure how long application takes for me. I should really to a timed test!

  10. I've been stuck in the every day grind myself. Especially during the cold months, when all I want is more sleep in the morning, I just grab for the same things again and again. Looks like your daily autopilot routine is comprised of real winners :)

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I love reading posts like these. You know, I actually just started getting into a daily routine, but the main reason was because my bareminerals powder foundation has an "expiration" date for 03/2012 so lately I've been just using that. Even the air has gotten a lot colder and dryer, I finish it off with the Skinfood facial mist (which just might be like the Fix+) to give that dewy finish. :] Oh, and I recently started using my Maybelline concealer again. I thought it was too light at first, but it's perfect~

  12. yup I am btw NC 20-/nc25 in the winter, like NC 23? For the dior concealer I use shade 2, and for the maybelline concealer i use light 4-5! in most maybelline products! powder too!

  13. haha no i did not time myself but i always apply my make up with either VH1 or MTV on and over the years all my routines have lasted less than 2 songs but more than 1 MV so i rounded it out

  14. hehehe when i play with my make up and change the looks that 8 minute time goes out the window!

  15. awwww i used to take about 10 minutes too!!! i dont know what happ i think the more repeat products i use the faster i became?? Yes, I def want to finish some stuff off!!! before i rotate bc i know if i change now i wont fin them and they will prob expire, so im going to keep using it!!! i am addicted to finishing stuff!

  16. ohhhhh nice products!!!! NARS O was my first blush and i used it alot back in the day!!

  17. ohhhhhhhhhh no!!!!!!!! hope ur lashes are alright!!!! maybe use a conditioner or vasaline or olive oil??? Fix + is prob my fave MAC product! HAHAHA

  18. i would love to hear what u use dear!!!

  19. aw thanks so much Jessica!!! i would love to hear what u use ;)

  20. yay!! our routines sound so simmilar!!! when i finish my lancome foundation i still have my korres and bare minerals one to go!!! ahhh the perils of make up hoarding!!!

  21. Thanks for writing back!
    I might try this -- my Lancome Effacernes is going greyish on me. :(
    I wish that I had a CVS near me -- because I hear this is on mega sale at the mo'!

  22. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have Maybelline on sale all the time!!! in my area we only have Duane Reade which is a NY drugstore chain that never has sales, EVER so I have to travel to get em lol

  23. Love seeing what you use on a daily basis.. though that looks like a lot of products to me XD Ah, i've heard many good things about that Maybelline concealer! :O


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