Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer - A Review

Edward Bess *swoon* I always swoon and slightly sigh in anticipation when I speak of this brand's name and product's

I only own two Edward Bess items. An eye shadow palette which I recieve compliments on with each use, and this bronzer.
The time has finally come when I can use this little baby - I purchased this a few month's ago and have been waiting to use this with excitement. My bar is set quite high for this products.

Through numerous claims and raves from incredible blogs such as TheBeautyLookBook and CaféMakeup - who both have absolutley incredible taste, if they say this is good, The BeautyLooBook claimed this was even her favorite bronzer, well, then this must be special.

The product is packaged in a complete black plastic casing with the brand's name subtly raised on the surface. It is encased in a black velvet pouch which holds the bronzer very snugly.
I do have difficulty sometimes getting the bronzer out of the pouch, but I am assuming wear over time would stretch it out.

In the most known and beautiful shade : Daydream

Let's open this baby up!


When I first opened the bronzer, I was so happy. Not orange - my biggest bronzer pet poove. I want to look bronzed damn it, not a Willy Wonka employee. Get it straight!

The bronzer is a gorgeous brown. It seems to lean warm - again not orange, just warm, but when swatched against other bronzers, you can notice there seems to be the slightest tinge of pink.
In my opinion this is a warm color, but the pink just adds a "real dimension" to it
When we tan in the summer, you get brown and a bit red/pink.

This product is matte.

The powder is so soft but densly packed, meaning when you swirl in your brush, you dont have powder flying all over the place.

This bronzer seems incredibly ideal for those who run slightly paler to medium. I can see this being worked up to a higher/deeper shade, but even with my NC 23 skin tone, an angled loose contour brush, just does not provide enough color for me to contour to my preference. This must be built up. I have very little fear with this shade.

It blends like an absolute dream, it becomes almost seamless on the skin. It blends gorgeously with the powder on your face, or on top of a liquid product, as I have tried this over foundation, and mere moisturizer.

There is a slight fragrance, it smells like the Benefit Boxed powders. Very light sheer candy. It actually smells like those Nerd Candies!

Laguna - Top, Daydream -Bottom

Laguna to me has always been a quite golden brown, but when swatched with Daydream it looks quite dark, and Edward Bess' item can very much show off it's slight pink hue

Laguna is slightly darker and more pigmented, but Daydream is softer, and both look natural on my light warm skin tone.

Left- Daydream, Right - Laguna

Overall Thoughts

Ive tried this bronzer with a few brushes and have settled on a huge fat sephora brush to give my face an all over light sheer color on the edges of my face.

How much bronzer is adequate for December to look natural?

With a mildly densed kabuki it went on a bit too dark for my me
With an angled contour brush, it think the density of bristles just put it on very straight and I was constantly buffing out edges which I thought was annoying and involved an added step

The pigmentation is light to medium, it's not a scary bronzer to use nor is it so thinly sheer that you have to pack it on.

This is one of those "fool proof" bronzers, go to, and easy. Great color, no shimmer, and just excellent for those who have fair to medium skin tones. No hint of orange ( thank you EB!)

While all this is great, I must admit, I really have no idea what the hype is about this bronzer. YES, it's a beautiful color, YES, it's a great texture and packed well. YES it's easy and foolproof

But that last bit seems to be the winning factor that seems to make this a favorite.
This is a nice bronzer with all the right aspects to make it a staple and go to but this is just not an HG for me.

I have only been using this for about 2 weeks so my feelings may change, but I have truthfully quite neutral feelings towards this product.

Have you tried anything from the Edward Bess line?


  1. hmm drool. it looks beautiful! though fool-proof and easy to use formulas usually mean sheerer than my liking :/ i really want to try out products from the line...though i am not sure what i will try out first! i hope you enjoy using it up...

  2. serious drool but it does make laguna look super darkk and almost dirty in comparison O.o welll i'll just adore it from afar since it won't be in my purchases anytime soon xD

  3. I've never tried anything from Edward Bess but I really wanted to, at one point, try their lipsticks but never got around to them. This bronzer is really nice looking and well made :) I'm sorry you didn't love it as much as you thought you would - hype does crazy things to people. I'd probably feel the same way abt their lipsticks :p

  4. I haven't tried any Edward Bess products but I have a feeling you'll wind up liking this product quite a bit. It's obviously been built up in your expectations so much that its awesomeness would have to be ridiculous ;) Once the "Oooh, it's Edward Bess!" thing wears off you'll be able to view the product for its merits alone. I have this issue whenever I buy Chanel... haha ;)

  5. It looks gorgeous. I get the same way. Something gets talked up endlessly and I get it and I'm all "Is THIS what everyone has been raving about? Am I missing something?!" lol. I was that way with Dior Amber Diamond. It wasn't that I disliked it, it was that it just wasn't as amazing to me as it seemed to be to everyone else. I haven't tried EB yet, but I have an item or two I would like to.

  6. I own a lip gloss from him and honestly I didn't think it was anything special. Then again, I'm not big on lip gloss at all. I own the Chanel Bronzing Powder in Terre Ambre and I think it's great. There are sparkles in it, but not noticeable on the face. It works great with my skintone. I swatched Laguna once and I was so horrified by how dark it was. Knowing me, my face would just look dirty with it lol. So "foolproof" is in fact an awesome selling point.


  7. Even if the bronzer is getting neutral ratings, at least your pictures are quite day-dreamy! I think you're quite well versed in your bronzers, so I trust your opinion :)

  8. I'm happy to have read this. I've been looking for another bronzer (okay ... I totally don't need one, but that's why I said looking) and I've been torn between this, Bobbi Brown, and Guerlain. Of the three which would you suggest?

    ♥ Jessica

  9. which Guerlain bronzer? the famous terrecotta one, 4 seasons, or terrecotta light? Of the Terrecotta, terrocotta light I have tried ( I own 4 seasons but have yet to use - its GORGEOUS in the pan btw) Bobbi Brown, and this, I think honestly I like this the most of the three.
    Terrecotta leans orange in my opinion, Terrecotta light has no pigmentation I was POUNDING it on and still leaned a bit orange ( ok in summer, but I layered it), Bobbi Brown is nice, I have the shade medium but I really have to buff it out, and the powder seems "heavier" than this. Edward Bess has the lightest powder texture, and I blv this color, Daydream would be really beautiful on your NC 20 skin!
    I choose Edward Bess!!

    Hope this helped!!

  10. aw thanks dear!! i do like this bronzer, im going to use it up! but still trying to see what the hub bub was about lol =P

  11. oh im not a lip gloss girl either *high five* yet own so many @.@ ....

    AHHH Chanel Terre Ambre I own it!!! but have yet to use it... I only use 1 bronzer at a time. I just picked up the new In Style Magazine and Jennifer Anniston used Terre Ambre too!!! When I read that I wanted to bust it out!! cant wait to use it!! The shade looks great, no orange, glad I see another person enjoying it!

  12. Hahaha I know, I feel the same way about Amber Diamond!!! I even own Rose Diamonnd bc I thought I would love it so much! i dont hate them, but i dont see the cult following...EB, I do like this bronzer! lol i hope i dont come across saying i dont, i just think its not HEAVENLY or dripping me in bronzed gold lol
    I have his eye shadow trio in soft smoke, they look boring but everytime i wear it ppl tell me, you look beautiful today! i nv thought my brown eyes would look good in grey, but he did it! I am def going to try more of his shadows! i plan to purchase some singles soon ^^

  13. hehehe Chanel, I used to think it was hyped until I tried their nail polish ( CHIP CITY)
    I actually like this bronzer, but its true, i think i hyped this in my head, i still enjoy using it daily, great color and texture!

  14. i have heard great things abt their lipsticks but still want to try their eye shadows next. I have one of his eye shadow trios and always get compliments! i enjoy using this bronzer everyday, and dont regret purchasing it, just not sure i would repurchase, still looking for that HG!

  15. its sooo drool worthy right? the shade is amazing! when i swatched it with laguna which always seemed golden brown to me i was like WOW it looks DARK and it does look a bit dirty. The EB bronzer is quite a clean bronze, very diff to get a shade this perfect in the brown family. I still will use it everyday, and enjoy it, but its just not my HG

  16. Fool proof is great sometimes! esp late monday mornings!!! i think overall his line is def worth taking a look and trying, many of his products are very well made!! i will def enjoy using this up!! even though i am neutral on the hype, i know this is still a good bronzer =D

  17. Aaah, this more than helped thank you! This is a perfectly comprehensive run down. I'll be at the Edward Bess counter in a couple of weeks so I think I'll pick this up :)

  18. I WISH. I'm headed to Chicago and I thought there was one there but there isn't *grumbles.* Oh well ... I guess I'll be ordering this one!

  19. oh yes, NY has the only counter, and i think they opened one recently in LA i blv??

  20. It looks like a nice, basic bronzer but these things can be so subjective!

    We don't have Edward Bess in Canada, thank god. My wallet would be in a very bad state if it were!

  21. This brand is new to me, and I'm totally out of the loop :P Nice bronzer - i can see it adding enough warmth on the face w/o the orangey-ness! Personally, I'm not a big bronze wear though.

  22. Ah, don't think I've heard of this brand before. The bronzer looks great though! I've been trying to do natural bronzy looks for the winter time but I've yet to find a good method. I then I need a better brush...:3

  23. Thank god is right!!! but his items are indeed splurge worthy!!

  24. Yes it's a bit of a niche brand but has gained attention through the beauty community, the color is a nice shade for all over. When I was in Asia I did not see single bronzer ANYWHERE! it was crazy lol

  25. ah this is a bit of a niche brand. Natural bronze? Try a BIG fluffy brush! I use this big brush!
    It's huge and applies the color sheerly to build up!

  26. Ooh! Thanks for the rec!! May just have to invest in this~ ^^


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