Monday, December 26, 2011

Few OOTD's for December

Emphasis on the word "few"
I'm one of those people who seems to have alot of clothes but wear the same things all the time. In fact most of the clothes I wear everyday were already shown in my November OOTD's so here are a few new ish bits.


The Company Holiday Party

I realized I wore this skirt last year to the company party! what can I say, it's my go to!

You want to try to look festive, and make an effort, but not too crazy as you do have to work in the office before you PAR-TAY!

Necklace: UO, Top: Monki, Skirt: Korea, Tights: DKNY, Shoes: BCBG, JCrew Belt to create a "poof" effect, Watch: MK

Working the next day, you need to not look hung over - which I definitly was not, professional, but comfortable because you are probably tired, and ate alot of party food

Polka dots are a great way to make a black and white suit less boring

Blazer: UO, Polka Dot blouse: Korea, Pants, Express, Watch MK

Prints and Accessories

Dont be afraid to add subtle prints and accessories to bring your work attire to a new level
Pick items that can be inter changable from the office to your personal life
Pick neutral colors for the easiest way to make the transition

Stars and Stripes theme

Starry Blouse: Zara, Necklace: H&M, Watch MK --> All three items are currently available online or in store


Home for the holidays
In the winter warm fabrics, and spring colors can make you feel brighter even when the weather outside is showing the opposite

Thinner materials layered together can be both warm and fashionable with the different textures and colors

I finally got a full length mirror, please ignore the background!

Outfit 1: Jcrew Sweater, BDG T Shirt and Jeans, Uggs (ugly but warm!), MK Watch
Outfit 2: Zara buttondown, HM sweater, BDG jeans, Doc Martens, MK Watch, Stripy socks!
Outfit 3: H&M T from the Boys Section, BDG jeans, Frye Boots, MK Watch, Leather Jacket (not pictured) - sometimes you just got to wear black

Example of how to wear items in different outfits

Same Zara blouse but layered over a black tank. You can see the subtle star pattern and the re use of the necklace which I have been wearing daily!! Need to find the silver version!

You don't need a big wardrobe to dress nicely daily, buy good basics, that can be mixed and matched with ease, and you wont need a closet full of junk

(Which reminds me I need to donate some clothes soon !) -- it's good for you and others!

Hope some of these tips helped for cold weather dressing!


  1. Cute outfits as usual :) I also have an overflowing closet but I only reach for the same 20 pieces daily.... But it's so hard to give up the clothing because I spent good money on them :( Lol.... oh dilemmas dilemmas....

  2. You have such a great taste! :)

  3. I love that H&M necklace! I also love your Zara star blouse, your Doc Martens, and the tan blazer you're wearing in the last two photos!

  4. ur in luck bc every single one of your love items are still currently available in store and online. loved seeing you blogging more on your break, hope you have been enjoying your holiday break!!! happy holidays! xoxo!

  5. thank you so much dear!!! always high compliments from such a known fashion blogger! hope you are having a happy holiday!!

  6. yeah sometimes i feel bad but then i think ive had this since i was like 14, when was the last time i wore it???? and away in the donation bag it goes!

  7. i still love that necklace!! and you own frye boots??!?! i am officially envious of your life lol :P

  8. Where do you donate your clothes to? Usually I just pass them onto my little cousins haha

  9. Your blog is very interesting, I like it very much, you can welcome to have a look uggs sparkle, I hope you will like it

  10. Love the forest green top and the Zara starry shirt...hope you are enjoying the holiday season!

  11. the last outfit ws my fave! The necklace isn't something I'd wear myself but I love it on you! Hope you're having a good holiday, happy new yea!

  12. hahaha really?
    I own 3 well own-ED. I wear this pair the most, 1 pair i destroyed to death, and 1 pair I donated to charity bc they were just KILLING my feet =P

  13. awww thank you so much!!! i am having a great holiday!! i hope u are the same =)

  14. thank you dear!!! yes it's not something I would buy but i just got it on a whim and keep getting compliments! i bought it broken and it seems to be a winner!!! Hope u have a great new yr!

  15. I love your outfit of the day posts! I sometimes facy doing OOTD too after being inspired by your posts, but then I realize that I have incredibly boring outfits :-P I especially like the green blouse for the work party!

  16. love your starry blouse and the blazer you're wearing on the last photo! great post! x

  17. i really love your color palettes for every outfit :D! great inspiration for someone like me who is afraid of color

  18. aw thank you so much for viewing my OOTD's I actually think my out fits are pretty boring haha I used to dress far more interesting but im getting old =P

  19. thanks so much!!!! really appreciate you coming by to see my OOTD's!

  20. Hehehehe incorporate a lil color and you will feel a bit brighter! I actually wore bright yellow today! Maybe I will post it next month!

  21. Salvation army, or those big red bins where u just dump the clothes in

  22. ooh i really like the polka dot blouse! and the star blouse too! and i totally want a oatmeal-ish cardigan xD gah! you're reminding me of more things i wanna buy xD and i like ur fone case! cutee haha just curious are the frye boots comfortable?

  23. thanks!!!! my cardigan is actually more like light peach? I REALLY need to work on the lighting...
    The Frye Boots are OK, i have owned 3 pairs. One was half a size too small and OMG dont EVER do that bc they kept making my feet in constant pain! during the breaking in period and i just ended up donating them! The items that were my actual size took a very very long time to break in, the black ones ive had for about 3 years and theyre still a little tough, one pair i have had for about 5 years are very comfortable! It also dep on how often you wear them, but initally it really really hurts, and you need to invest some time to really break them in, but i would continue to buy them, bc i know they are of quality but they are also quite heavy in my mother's opinion ;P

  24. Love what you wore to the party! Fun, but chic too. I also love that last pic, with the blouse+necklace+blazer....want it ALL!


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