Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show down - Eye Primers - Laura Mercier vs NARS

When I buy an eye primer, it's just kinda... boring. It's not exciting, but man o man are they necessary!

I have only tried a few Urban Decay being one of them. I don't think I will ever go back to that one. Felt like a cross between silly putty, and rubber cement - just my two cents.

I had recently finished the NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, and am currently using the Laura Mercier Eye Basics.

Time for a show down on which I prefer

Sorry for the Internet images, I cant for the life of me find my NARS one - I probably threw it out - whoops! but moving on

Basic Facts:
My lid type (oily)

Laura Mercier Eye Basics

Eye Basics

Variety of shades, including a blue shade which claims to "brighten" these are great when you just want to swipe something on to even out the veins on your lids or any discoloration

Claims to be crease proof - untrue ( whole purpose of an eye primer)
Thicker constancy, harder to spread
Gel liners do not last 8 hours

NARS Smudgeproof Eye shadow Base

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Creases but after about 14 hours (on me)
Easy to blend, gel texture
Clear color to let eye shadow colors show through
Shadows and liners stay on all day with no to minimal touch ups

Clear shade does not cover discoloration

The winner in my opinion is NARS, and here is why:

The Laura Mercier eye primer is just not as good as the NARS in terms of longevity of your shadows or liners. The whole purpose of a primer, is to keep your shadows from creasing and your liners from fading.
With the LM my gel liners, on which I do an almost daily kitten flick disappear at about 3 o clock. The flick is gone. The liner itself on the whole eye is gone by 5pm. I apply my eye make up about 6:45am. To remedy this I now need to powder over my gel liner. This is something I never had to do with the NARS primer, even in the summer. My eye shadows also crease with the LM primer I am currently using. They crease at about 4:30pm, the NARS also creased on me but well into the late night, when I plain stopped caring.
Also when applying this primer in the morning, it's not as tacky nor stiff as the Urban Decay but it is less blend able than the NARS gel consistency primer due to it's more dry formula which rubs against my eyes very slightly!

This is a very short review but really I think the two above points are really all I require from an eye primer and the one I am currently using is falling short. They are both the same price at $24 dollars and if I had the choice I would repurchase NARS in a heart beat.


  1. Please try Too Faced... it is a cream consistency and it's a little drying which really helps with creasing.

  2. I've been using Mac's paintpot primer for years! Its the only one that works with my oily lids and keeps my liquid eyeliner on. When I use eyeshadows on top of it lasts me all day. If you haven't tried them yet I suggest you give it a shoot. The primer comes with a lot in it and never dries out. That's one thing I didn't like about the urban decay one-dried out to quickly or go clumped up to the sides....

  3. I still like UDPP because it works though it is difficult to apply as you noted. But I've been hearing so many good things about the NARS that I will have to cave eventually. (Just want to get through my professional size of UDPP first... sigh. lol)

  4. Thanks for comparisons! The Nars one sounds really good. I'm quite cheap when it comes to primers - the Too- Face one does a good job I guess, even on my oily lids!

  5. I'm surprised you've never tried UDPP! I can't say whether it feels like silly putty because I'm ashamed to say I never had silly putty as a kid o_o. That said, I'm still not sure whether I prefer UDPP or NARS. I think if I put down enough NARS by dipping in the jar for each lid (instead of using one dip twice--- like when I'm lazy) it might have the edge? Well, as long as there's no creasing and shadow running, I'm happy!

  6. Ive never tried anything else but the UDPP - I'm definitely going to check out the NARS!

  7. i use the UDPP and i have been noticing that when i use it for like a week straight my eye lids get sooo dry and start to peel! i will have dry skin on my eye lids and i finally realized its only when i use UDPP... so i need to find a substitute. has anyone else had this problem? usually i just run my foundation and concealer over my lids and that is a good enough primer for light everyday looks but not for darker shadows, they lighten significantly by the end of the day using just concealer. i wish the nars had color in it though to even out my lids... the search continues.

  8. Thank you SO much for comparing the two! I will definitely stick with the NARS one. I am still trying to use up a few UDPP, but after that I am busting out the NARS because I have heard so many good things about it.

  9. i def prefer the NARS over UDPP! i hope you enjoy it!!!!

  10. oh too drying? then i def think you would like the NARS version it's quite a nice gel texture that is not dry feeling. I know what you mean i rem the UDPP feeling a bit.. dry tacky?? wasnt a fan of the texture but it did the job I will admit! I vote NARS!

  11. I have tried UDPP =)
    I wasnt a fan of the texture! it was just a lil too sticky dry for me, after LM which is a bit thick, im going back to the beloved gel of NARS!

  12. I have never tried the TFSI, I have heard good things!!! i may try it next but i do miss my NARS =\

  13. the professional size??? i have seen it! its serious!!! UDPP def does do a good job but i just liked the gel texture of nars better bc it felt much lighter and ezier to blend, luck on your search!!

  14. TFSI is the only primer i have yet to try next, I was waiting for a possible sephora point perk, but i may get that next just to know what it's all about!

  15. Do you have any trouble blending eyeshadows on top of the NARS primer?

  16. nope, none at all the primer is very thin and gel like it was a breeze in comparison to the Urban Decay!

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