Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Things...

I think the best blogs are the ones where you know the bloggers on a more personal level. It's not all beauty obsession that consumes me. So for fun, here are 10 random facts about me!

1. My favorite breakfast at the moment is PB and J on toast. I never even liked PB and J until I was about 25... I go into phases and will eat the exact same breakfast non stop for months. Then move on, and repeat. I cannot do this with any other meal but breakfast. Lately I have started to get tired of this and have tried to eat crepes with jam. The moral of the story is I don't tire easily of the same breakfast foods. I also love Jam and really need to quit the stuff in 2012. *Give me strength*

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2. I don't mind clutter. I actually love clutter in a way. I am the kind of person who likes to see everything out and visible to my vision not tucked away in drawers. (It's a Taurus thing)
My bedroom only looks messy because I have out a lifetime of knick knacks which I just cannot throw out.
( I am not a hoarder) I am a "pack rat"

3. I am a an avid gym member, not because I am a health nut, but a huge food loovah!

4. I believe many of life's problems start to show it's solutions once, you sit down, with a cup of tea and some quiet

5. I hate to sleep. I would rather do anything but sleep.

6. I am probably amongst the worst pop culture person on the planet. I've watched about 50 movies my whole life and have had very little interest to expand that number. I also have watched those same 50 movies at least 20x each.
I only know what little I do of celebs because I am now on Twitter, where I follow people who are far more in the know

7. I like things I know. I love repeating songs on my ipod or on Youtube. I can listen to the exact same one song on my ipod for 3 months, and never get tired of it. Through commuting, work, gym, walking, same song, on repeat, never tired. When I like it, I really like it.
This seems like the breakfast thing...hmmm never realized that

8. I have NO IDEA how to drive even though I am in my mid 20's and have no desire, nor do I feel the need to learn. The city's insurance, tolls, lack of parking, fees, and accidents really just turn me off the whole process.

9. Had I not realized early in life that money was needed for comfort, I would have become either an artist or an art historian. I suppose if I won the lottery (which I don't even know how to play, not much of a gambler) that would be my "dream job"
I incredibly envy people who pursuit this field, and find it even more fulfilling when they succeed

10. Even though I love where I live, I would love to live somewhere else for a few years so I can see things from another perspective. I would probably need to learn to drive there...

Tokyo - Japan

Thanks for reading about lil o me!!!


  1. Really interesting facts! Can't believe you don't like to sleep or watch movies! I also don't drive though :P


  2. hahahaha i dont watch movies bc if I miss ANY part of the beginning I think Im just not going to understand and skip the whole thing. Sleep I dont like because I feel like I should be more productive but would prob just end up looking up nonsense online :P

  3. I loved this post! Totally lol-ed about 6, you seem like such a unique, confident and interesting character :) I know what you mean about the artist thing - I had to give up pursuing singing, and it still breaks my heart :(

  4. awww thanks for your kind words, yup, practicality really sucks sometimes!!!

  5. I totally loved this post! I'm soooo like you in 1,2 (I'm Gemini tho) and6! :D


  6. I like these posts too! I don't understand how could you hate sleep....

    I don't think I'm as motivated as you are in the exercising department. I love to eat but can never seem to work out as much!

  7. I love learning more about my favorite bloggers because it's fun to see how we're similar and different :) I have eaten cereal and milk for breakfast on school mornings for pretty much my whole entire life.... It's really sad but it's convenient so I keep doing it. But during breaks I never touch cereal and milk :) I think driving is really troublesome where we live but I'm making it my goal for this upcoming summer to get my license! I'm convinced I'll fail the test though :/ I love eating too (but in the past few years I haven't been able to eat as much as I used to.... probably because my early teenage growing phase stopped) and it would be great if you shared some of your favorite recipes and restaurants around the city because I trying new places :D

  8. That is why we get along so well!!!!! I am so glad you are able to comment again, I love seeing comments from my friends!

  9. hahaha i know everyone in my life kinda goes IRK at that when I say it. I would rather go paint my walls filled with stupid symbols and practice French and play Coldplay in the back ground, all random things than sleep hahaha bc I feel like anything is more productive!! lol

    Exercise is pretty tough... I have an office job so im always feeling kinda... MUSHY hahaha but the more you go, the easier it is, because it becomes a habit. I went tonight! :)

  10. haha that was so funny about the cereal then on vacation u never have it! lol! gluck on the test!!!! i know some ppl who did not pass so don't feel bad! at least u are TRYING lol unlike moi!

    Since I go to the gym my appetite is pretty uhh, GIGANTIC lol im constantly eating and my stomach growls every 2 hours and if i pass 2 hrs without eating i start to feel faint which is irritating when i have multiple meetings in a row...
    I did some recipe posts but never posted them... I will work on that and the restaurant idea!

  11. aw i love posts like these. i am noisy haha. i want to do posts like these but im afraid ppl will think they are boring :/ i didnt know you cant drive! but it makes sense...there really is no need for you in NY, public transportation is much handier. i am a foodie too but im not driven enough to work out!! i wish i had your drive :) thanks for sharing about yourself, i loved reading it!

  12. This post is so cool! I took an art history class in high school and I LOVED it! I wish I could have done something with it too!

  13. yes! living here driving is a pain! none of my gf's can drive either which is prob y i have never gone on a road trip with them haha
    I loooove food a bit too much eek! I try to go to the gym 5x a week I used to go 7x HAHAH like a freak.

    I dont love going but im always glad when I finish but sometimes it is DAUNTING. My gym is full of MODELS and NYC marathon runners T.T im just a joe shmo LOL

  14. ahhhhh if only we knew then what we know now!! thanks so much for reading hon!

  15. This kind of post is always fun to read!
    Heh...even though I know money is important, I'm still stuck on what I want to pursue in life =.=
    Where did you get those fish bread/cakes? They look delicious! :D I wish I had the will power to go to the gym as vigorously as you do. I eat and then work off maybe only half (or less =X).
    I agree with your number 10! Do you have any places in mind or just a thought for now?

  16. I love these kind of posts! I agree with you on quite a few things and the same with you on the breakfast front.. Always the same brekkie for months now! Doesn't both me tho! I fret out if I can't have the same! lol


  17. Loved this post, so glad I could learn a little bit more of you! Such more "personal" posts from beauty bloggers are my faves, actually ;)

  18. What a cute post. hahaha
    I do admit that I love clutter too~ :) It got to a point when I cleaned up my whole room, I felt that it was wayyy to clean. lol
    hmmmm never learned how to drive? that's interesting. I dont think that would be possible in Cali. You need to drive everywhere here.
    Strawberry Jam! I always love Nutella on my bread. Although I always feel pretty darn guilty after eating it because im packing on all those unnecessary calories. :P

  19. Gluck on your path of life, but i have read that ppl change careers 5x in their lives, the cakes were sold in my super market, there is a stand and a lady bakes and sells them
    No particular place but prob a city, im not a nature girl! lol

  20. what's your favorite breakfast? id love to know!

  21. oh that's very good to know i think im a lil dull but many ppl think other wise HAHAHA or so i have heard but i find it very hard to blv!

  22. me 2!!! sometimes its just TOO MUCH stuff then i clean my room and i cannot find ANYTHING also its too clean dosent feel as comfy
    I have been to Cali, i felt useless bc i could not drive, and i did not see many walkers! i would def need to learn there!
    Nutella is AWESOME but i have not had it in yrs bc of that calorie reason :(

  23. i loveee breakfast foods. i loveee eating breakfast foods for dinner since i feel like i dont ever get to enjoy breakfast at breakfast xD i had butter bread & jam for dinner xD so unhealthy tho >_< butter & jam sandwiches are amazing if you've never tried them ^^" i love clutter too but i think my clutter merges more or messy >_< and i'm sure if i lived in new york i would not drive ever xD unfortunately i live in a place where driving is necessary x_x

  24. seems like many ppl are in the same breakfast mode! butter and jam? hmm maybe I can try??? I actually dont eat butter lol but I am not against it lol I just try not to eat it much, but if you say it's good, maybe give it a go!
    Hahaha most of my girl friends cannot drive but we should all learn soon!!!!

  25. Loved this post! Thanks for giving us even more insight into the wonderful person you are! :)

  26. Thanks for sharing was nice getting to know you a bit more :) I do think any job in arts involves investing in time and money. I'm definitely a tea person too!

  27. Interesting facts! And yes, I totally agree with you. I do like blogs that give more incite to the blogger's personal style. Perspective is everything. :]

    PB&J ftw! I'm craving some now...lol. Though, I don't think we have any bread. Hmph. I'll use the Hawaiian sweet bread in the morning for breakfast.

  28. awww thank u so much for reading about lil o me! lol

  29. TEA. ALL. THE .WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  30. Hawaiian swt bread? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 1 slice for me plz


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