Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Absolutley Avéne!

Trials and tribulations in skin care adventures have recently brought me down the French aisle of my pharmacy. First it was a La Roche Posay affair, but now Avéne has been stealing my heart.

Targeted to be made of simple ingredients for sensitive skin, using their chief ingredient of mineral water from Avéne France, and relying on it's own historical healing properties, the brand has been known and trusted to create a gentle skin care for those who have sensitive skin.

The range of products range for all skin types in all ages. They keep their ingredients simple, where each specific ingredient is of higher quality in their pure form so less fillers are needed.

Packaged in simple pink and white packaging, this is just also calming and lovely to look at in your bath room ( if you like those kinds of things)

I have only tried a few things from the brand, but I will be coming back for more.

Avéne Gentle Gel Cleanser - Normal to Combination/Sensitive Skin

My first product was the Gentle Gel cleanser. The skin type fit what my current condition in the winter. This is scented…reminiscent to a whisp of roses and a good shake of baby powder. It comes out a pink gel and looks like a milkier pink version of Cetaphil.

On the face it feels like Cetaphil, not deep cleansing, just clean and simple feeling. At first when I tried this, it dried out my face! Which was not the reaction I was expecting and I was running to the moisturizer step but that seemed to have only lasted 1 day.

The following day, I did not feel the same drying sensation and I just felt basically clean. I also noticed all my spots that were stubborn and beneath the skin had surfaced…I was so happy. Nothing like a stubborn spot that is stuck! Rather get that sucker out and over with.

I use this in the morning for a gentle cleansing because I don't want my skin to be over whelmed in the morning considering I'm also going to be applying make up.I would recommend this to anyone who has normal/combination sensitive skin because it is non irritating, and seems to get the job done in a higher respect that expected from the initial feeling when cleansing.

They do have an Extremely Gentle Cleanser which is a tissue off formula so you can choose between the two, but I prefer to rinse with water.

No fuss, and gets the job done.
Pump bottle.
This bottle has lasted me months with morning use, 2 pumps a day in the AM.

Avéne Thermal Water
Let's not beat around the bush, this is mineral water in a can. These became trendy a few years ago and now multiple brands have their own version, Avéne being just one of them. I use this in place of toner morning and evening. I read that many women use this to balance out the PH levels of their skin when coming in contact with tap water to cleanse your face. Seems like… a lot of trouble to do that but, I just use it. It is suppose to help calm redness and sensitive skin. For me it comes out in a super fine mist and yes, feels just like water. It doesn't feel extremely hydrating but if you apply moisturizer while it's still damp on your face, it does seem to lock in more of the moisturizers claims. I have used it to set make up and for that it does an adequate job. I would purchase this again, because it causes me no skin irritation but I would not be exclusive to this product as well because this is just picking between waters now.

I have no idea when this is going to be done, hopefully a while, but you can never tell with these aerosol cans...

Avéne Clearance Gel Cleanser
From their acne line. "A very simple acne cleanser" the rep told me in the pharmacy. "Just cleans your spots, simple as that" she stated. Well I like simple ( lately) and picked this up. It is so so with the clarasonic, but seems to foam better with hands, and has the slightest mint scent. It comes out in a clear green gel and does not feel stripping nor drying. It does feel a bit more deep cleaning feeling compared to the Gentle Gel Cleanser. When I first used this, my skin looked like it had been congested after a few days of use. No spots just red bumps all over my pore area and cheekbones. I never get spots on cheekbones so that freaked me out, and I avoided highlighter for a while haha

They all died down quickly in a few days, and I have been SUPER clear ever since! I use this only at night and it seems to be enough to keep my skin calm.

I use it with the clarasonic, but if I feel like the foam action just did not happen, I rewash with my hands, this may seem like over kill but if it does not foam, I feel like only water was swirling around my face...

This product looks like its also going to last me several months

I follow with some La Roche Posay acne products because I have them in my stash, but am curious to try Avéne Clearance K which is their acne all over face cream.

You can see the various dispensers. The Gentle Gel Cleanser (left) has a pump dispenser, the Thermal Water (middle) has a spray nozzle which delivers a very fine mist, and the Clearance (right) has a twist cap

Future adventures with Avéne will continue!!

Who would like Avéne? People with sensitive skin! Skin that may be congested and needs a boost. I don't think this would help people with severe issues but if you feel like you are teetering and need a push in the right direction, I would point you down this aisle!

Have you tried anything from this brand?


  1. oh thanks for sharing your history!!! I will be sure to write it all down and scour my pharmacy!!!

  2. I don't ever want to give up my Effaclar duo now... but I'd love to try that Avene makeup remover I've been hearing about :) Have you tried it?

  3. You got me interested in the cleansers! I always see Avene at Duane Reade and I've been tempted for so long to try La Roche Posay and Vichy as well. I must remind myself to buy some of their products once my current skincare goodies are used up :D

  4. I use effeclar duo at night after the Clearance wash ;) I have not tried the Avene make up remover, I have heard good things about the Vichy one but I am 100 percent devoted to Bioderma at the moment!

  5. I have tried all three lines. Avene is the most gentle, LRP seems to yield the most results amoung people, and Vichy is just ok. I have repurchased their scrub for acne skin which I use when i am shiny in the summer, and have heard good things about their make up remover, but I think I prefer LRP and Avene over Vichy

  6. hmm interesting. if i saw avene i would try it! i dont think any of the drugstores i am around have it. the brand sounds so appealing. probably not the face mist though since it sounds like it is just water and doesnt really offer anything else.

  7. I LOVE Avène. Love love love. I'm so happy you're enjoying it. Their cold cream is absolutely incredible, and it smells divine!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. i actually think theyre face mist is their most famous cult product for some reason but it was just water to me! the other two i thought were far better lol

  9. Been hearing many reccs on their cold cream, may have to try that!

  10. i think i would consider myself as a person with severe skin issues so maybe i will try it at a later date xD i have heard this is good for people with roscea and was curious abt it but have yet to see it in person o.o

  11. i think it is slowly coming across the country i know every pharmacy i have seen in NY has it and some major cities but we may just be a marketing target group to see if these products sell? I think this does help with redness in skin

  12. I've recently been using Avene as well. I have the thermal water mist, the micellar water (I picked it up when I couldn't get Bioderma locally) and the moisture mask. The mask is amazing on dry skin. So far I'm very happy with the brand.

  13. oh thanks! will look out for that mask!!!

  14. I appreciate your honesty in these reviews! I've only tried the eye makeup remover gel by Avene- which, as the name suggests, is a gel formula which I'm so fond of. It did an ok job at removing eyeshadow and mascara (after I've coated them with this stuff and leave them for half a minute) but it didn't help much with eye pencils :( And I've read that's the case with some other customers, so I'm not the only one experiencing this! The only positive I've found is that it's not irritating my eyes at all- I can literally touch my eyeball with this stuff on my fingers and not experience any stinging! hehe


  15. oh cool thanks for the insight i am currently liking my Sonia Kashuk eye make up remover but may try the Avene one next =)

  16. Hi, i currently use the Avene facial mist after cleansing before moisturisation and absolutely love it! even though it's just water, i find that my skin texture has been much better as its use...

    i have question: i've noticed that you highly recommend bioderma sebium as a makeup remover but i would like to know how it fares in removing bb cream (i alternate between dr g and clinique)? when using bb creams, i rely on dhc cleansing oil to remove it but it does feel quite harsh on the skin... is bioderma effective removing all of the bb cream? i broke out quite a lot when i initially switched to bb creams cos i didnt remove all of it properly... what about japanese mascaras like majolica marjoica lash expander?

    btw, what mac skintone are you and what bb creams would you recommend?


    recently came across your blog, absolutely love it!!!!

  17. omg!!! i love this post!! i have been eyeing these products for months in this asian cosmetic store that sells french brands like this and bioderma, but they aren't too helpful when i ask for their help! i need to go back now... :) do you recommend the mist over the body shop's vitamin e facial mist?

  18. After reading one of your earlier posts saying positive things about the Gel cleanser I ended up getting it and I absolutely love it! Thank you very much for the tip!

  19. oh thats WONDERFUL!!!! im glad you are having success with the cleanser and thank u so much for reading my reviews!

  20. Gad you found this post useful! I still prefer the Body Shop mist over Avene as I feel it has more additive healing properties. The avene one REALLY feels like just a water spray.

  21. hello dear! i currently wear Nanoce BB cream in shade 02 and let me state this is my favorite bb cream and the only one I have tried ( i have not tried super many, only about 4) but this is the best one in my opinion. I should write a review about color, best undertone, looks natural, and no skin issues!
    In MAC i range from NC 23 to NC25, in the summer im about NC30 for about 2 weeks lol
    Bioderma does remove all my BB cream and feels AMAZING, I do use 2 cotton pads one for each side of my face so i dont spread residual make up everywhere which I think also keeps my face make up free. It can remove eye make up, but I still use a sep eye make up remover bc I wear mostly hard to remove mascara's the tube kinds and they are more of a struggle. I do think bioderma can remove MJ mascara EVENTUALLY but it would take a long time and prob alot more product than you would want to use. For MJ mascara i would still use an eye make up remover bc that sucker is strong

    Hope this helped!

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