Monday, January 16, 2012

Break Time

It's Monday? how is it Monday?? I usually post these on Sunday but really...nothing happened. I basically went to the gym all weekend, and am going today after I post this. Went to Barnes and Nobles twice, purchased some running books, and had a quick stop at Sephora, had mad moment, purchased Hervanna, and returned it the next day. HA.
Yup, life on the edge. That's me.

I have not even been on the Internet for days, random tweets on the cell phone, all gym related I believe.
Sometimes you just need a break from everything online

The only real thing I did this weekend was a try a new restaurant on Friday.

Hell's Kitchen, in Hell's Kitchen NY

In short, I would not go back, I thought the food was just EH

Not much of a post or weekend I'm afraid.
Last few bits:
I should be coming home from the gym with some sunlight left to take a few blog photos this afternoon, any post recommendations?
Also, do any of you ladies know of good calf slimmer exercises? I am completely failing in that dept!
Random rant: Has it been FREAKING cold or what???
OK, Off to put on 30 layers to go sweat it out on some machine that's telling me I am too slow XD we all get our own kind of high's lol


  1. lol! i didn't get to visit hell's kitchen!! i imagine it would have good food and i totally agree with you that it was FREEZING on sunday at least >_< i'm pretty sure my hands almost froze when i took off my gloves for like 5 min to take pics xD and i find it interesting you go to the gym! i think if i lived in new york i would just walk around everywhere or go run in central park or something xDD

  2. Girrrrls I feel you on the cold! Winter is officially here LOL. Kudos to you for making it to the gym all weekend :D I propose you try doing calf raises to get slimmer more sculpted calves. If anything, it helps burn fat overall.


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