Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Current Favorite Cosmetics

When was the last time I did a favorites?? Eeep, I do lack these, but here is what I am currently applying on my face daily, and have been showing my love

Base Make up

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Oil Free: After going through several sample tubes, and various other primers, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the full size during the Sephora FF sale. Best primer I have found thus far. I really do want to try the Radiance version next!

Origins Vitazing: My skin has been dry, I have a hard time dealing with dry skin because I really only know how to handle myself when I am more of an oil slick. After going through a few bases, and seeing a few too many flakes appear, I have been using this as my "foundation" of choice and think, THIS IS AMAZING. Gives a healthy glow, a tiny hint of tint, and feels weightless (because it is a moisturizer) I cannot wear this in the warmer months (makes me crazzzy oily) but when the air get's chilly, this is my savior! This deluxe sample tube is lasting me forever!

Eyes and Cheeks

MAC Tenderling: A recent purchase. I have to admit I was NERVOUS when I said to ring this up at the register because in the pan this looks ... BLAH. It can even look like a face powder, if you are walking by the blushes fast enough but, wow, this has been my current obsession! Put on top of a bit of a contour, Hellooo! cheekbones! and health! I have been wearing my hair up often recently, just to show off this color!

NYX Eyebrow Cake: A pencil brow fan for years, my first foray into powdered shadow led me down the road to a $5 dollar purchase which I have been litterally digging! In shade 03 Tape/Ash, I only use the Ash shade and it's perfect for my very dark brown hair color! I use the mini brush and spooley it comes with and they do the job. I apply the mini wax with my fingers. This is a keeper!

Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner: Bit of a long name but the word Tattoo should get you. Though this is not as black as my favorite Koji Dollywink this is still a thumbs up product. Great felt nib, decently dark black color, and I recently sat in front of a boiling pot of hot steaming water for 2 hours and this did NOT budge, this was by the way at the end of my day. Kitten flicks in tact, I think tattoo is the appropriate description!

( I just found out this is being discontinued, WHY?)
My current "go to" palette for everyday. Soft brown all over the lid, pink or peach as a highlight and inner corner, and the gorgeous olive black as a liner. This can still be found currently at a few counters still have it in stock, so if you can find it, I would recommend it!


Essie's Topless and Barefoot: My favorite Essie shade. When I don't know what to wear this goes on. It never fails, the perfect opaque n*de that is both work approporate and weekend casual. Looks incredible against the winter dark drabs I have been reaching for in terms of my wardrobe. Bright bit of sunshine.

Powder products

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder in Beige: Dull skin is brightened with this slightly shimmery face powder. Since I own beige, it does have a bit of color to it, some days I just wear this with concealer as my base. I am all about the simple base now a days. This powder does have shimmer but don't worry you won't scare anyone off, it is subtle and slightly brightening.

MAC By Candlelight Highlighting Powder: Forever a favorite. Since Tenderling is matte, this adds a little glow to my cheeks.


Barry M Lip gloss in number 2 Toffee: Something I am dangerously close to finishing. Sweet scent, subtle shimmer, n*dey mauve shade with not too much stickiness, and a doe foot applicator. Probably my favorite lip gloss. Luckily I have a back up, so my heart can rest for a while, but it can be found on ASOS.

For the evening

I have been enjoying the minimal make up look, and the boy is not a fan of too much make up, so on night's out, I a bit of Tarte's Cheek Stain in Flush which adds a natural "youthful love" color, and swiping on an opague lipgloss like Revlon's Bourdeaux certainly seems to do the trick!

What are some of your current favorites?


  1. That Chanel palette looks awesome!! I think I might have to check it out in person now. :)
    Love your faves! I used Candlelight the other day too-forgot how much I loved it!

  2. jealous of your by candlelight. when that is repromoted i am definitely snatching it up since i have seen it in many posts of yours! i feel like there are so many shades like tenderling that mac has that seem so boring in the pan but are probably amazing on the cheek. ive been wanting to try cubic but now that you mention this shade ill have to add it to the list!

  3. That Chanel quad looks seriously sexy! OMG. Why do they discontinue these things? :(

    I love your favourites. I don't think I've ever seen or heard about Tenderling. Must investigate this...

  4. Nice! These all look great. I get so happy when I see something I have being featured in someone else's favourites, lol. (Physician's Formula Happy Booster & Revlon Bordeaux)

    And I think it's a rule that the more awesome a product is, the quickler it gets discontinued. :/

  5. The Chanel Quad is so pretty esp that black olive shade *drool* i saw it in the store and HONED in like I want THIS PLZ! lol
    By Candle light is the only MSF I use, the rest collect dust unfortunately!

  6. Ah I was btw cubic and tenderling but when i read the reviews many raves came from NC25ers on their love for this so i was sold!
    Next re promote! I highly recc!

  7. I know right!!! why are they discontinuing such an incredible set of shades?!!
    Tenderling looks quite BLAH in the pan but on the cheeks its like a peach version of blush baby if that helps!
    Thanks so much for reading girl!

  8. oh you have those 2 also? arent they great? the powder gives a great healthy look and the lipgloss is so opaque! cheap and cheerful!! actually PF is not that cheap hahaha i always look out for the sale and those 3 dollar off stickers!! lol

  9. I know what you mean about the K-Palette eyeliner, it has ridiculous staying power and a great brush but it gets greyish quite easily!

  10. Maybe I'll try the LM primer next. I'm not too impressed with the MUFE HD primer I bought.

  11. I like the look of the NYX eyebrow-- esp the taupe side. I'll have to examine that closely the next time I get to Ulta. The Winter Nights palette looks so versatile (and is reflective of its name too :-P)

  12. You always have the loveliest favorites that make me want to BUY BUY BUY :) Quite a few of these things are on my wishlist like Vitazing and Tenderling so it's nice to hear more raves about them! I have a 1 oz sample of the LM Primer but I always forget to use primer.... What benefits do you exactly notice from using it? Better staying power? Less oiliness? I just want to know so I'll sort of know what to expect to see (even though I know everyone's skin reacts differently).

  13. a great selection of favourites! I've seen Origins popping around blogs, I may look into it when I go back to the UK. I really wished I had picked up a Barry M lip gloss - there was one pink that really caught my eyes! Have you ever tried Heroine Make one? I think you might like..

  14. oh never tried it!!! we have some heroine eye items sold here but i never saw their lip glosses i will try to catch them the next time im in Asia ;)
    Thanks for the tip! hope u find something nice in origins, to be honest it a complete hit miss brand for me, but i keep trying! lol

  15. awww thanks! actually i purchased a full sized vitazing in the summer and hated it so i returned it. The one im using now came free in some set and love it! so i realized in the summer this stuff is a no no!! but in the winter my skin loves it!!
    primer makes my make up last ALL DAY
    i put it on at 7 am and at 7 pm it still looks amazing around 9 pm it starts getting patchier but hey better than nothing! when i wear no primer when my skin is combo i start patching around lunch time.. but now that my skin is normal i have been skipping it, but since vitazing is a moisturizer i have just been wearing that so no primer, but i really do like the LM one for any foundation. Best I have tried so far. Oil free for sensitive skin!

  16. that eyebrow cake is a GREAT 5 dollar investment!!!! and i love that quad so much i have been using it a BIT less since i found out it's no longer around but i always come back to it for it's beautiful shades and ez use

  17. oh really? which one do u have? I nv tried the MUFE primer...LM makes a few but i have oil free for sensitive skin, and my friend who has dry skin likes the normal kind. One for everyone!

  18. RIGHT!!! i wish it was more like KA POW black then it would be love!

  19. Oops that's what I mean - their eye liner :) you should check
    Out the smooth liquid liner! As for lip gloss... Out of the products I see from heroine make, their lip glosses are really uncommon :/

  20. Yay! I love your favorites posts...but then again, after reading them, I'm tempted to try everything. XD Is VitaZing a tinted moisturizer? I've read so many good things about Origins products, but never really tried them for myself.

  21. Thanks so much for reading! it is a moisturizer with a tint release. I am currently about NC 20 to NC 23? but when I wear Vitazing the tint which is self adjusting, they state, makes me look like NC 25 so a bit more colored! It has less coverage than a tinted moisturizer but I don't mind that since it is winter my skin needs a lil more hydration. In the summer I cannot wear it though, makes me crazy oily!!! but in the winter it's just fine

  22. love favorites posts! :D where do they sell Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner? i dun think i've seen it O.o


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