Monday, January 2, 2012

Finished Products of November + December, and the GRAND TOTAL of 2011 !

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! First post of the New Year, will be all the items I finished last!

The last finished products of 2011! November + December installment

Pretty proud of myself for the end of the year!

First up, SKIN CARE

Epiduo Gel: An Rx item that I spread all over my face at night to banish potential pimples. Available via Rx only, so won't go too in depth.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel: I used this as a toner and it lasted me MONTHS. Filled with Vitamin E, very hydrating and natural, and a huge scent improvement over the actual scent of Witch hazel, which if you have never whiffed, be prepared. This does not smell like rose petals to me, more like baby powder, but I enjoy that this is natural and quite cheap for the amount of product you get. This can be found at Whole Foods and I have already repurchased.
I recommend this for hydration, sensitive skin, and minimal spot banishment assistance

Naruko Tee Tree Clay Cleanser: I purchased this because Fuzkittie said this was her HG acne cleanser. HG acne cleanser claim from a person with perfect skin?? NEED TO TRY THIS was all my brain could muster when I brought this to the till.
I have no idea what is in this. All the ingredients are in Chinese, but I don't think this is with the normal ingredients found in acne cleansers like Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. This smelled strongly of mint, which helps oily skin stay more matte. This did really help my spots. It takes some time, and foams well with the Clarasonic. It comes out clay looking but foams easily, and it very gently purifies your skin overall so in the deeper sense you wont develop as many future spots. I think this was great, and would recommend it if you have congested skin, and not a very intense issue with spots. Just random annoying ones. I would repurchase this!

Olay Beauty Fluid for Sensitive Skin: Do I need to go on about this? My HG! Read more about it here!

Origins Ginzing: Really was not a fan, I have a very bad track record with Origins, but I would not repurchase this, just a shimmery cream, but for further details, I have reviewed it here

La Roche Posay Active C Eye cream: I love taking recommendations from other bloggers because they will probably just tell you the straight out truth! This eye cream really helped initially minimize a few fine lines and crows feet which I hate but admittingly have. This helped faded them a bit and is a nice gel texture. Think thinner Vaseline. A con about this unfortunately is as time goes on the packaging, the glue?? I have no idea leaks so it can develop brown sticky gunk...I have no idea if this was a one off thing, but just letting you know. I think I would repurchase this, but I would not stop looking around for something better.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen: I used the same sunscreen for years, and never looked back because I thought nothing was better. I tried LRP Anthelios, my first venture after finding my HG, and I am so happy I did. I now have TWO HG sun screens. This is my HG for the warmer months. This stays matte, is excellent for sensitive skin, is not incredibly over priced, and mixes well with moisturizers.
In the summer I wear it on top of moisturizer to give myself a matte finish, and in a pinch a decent primer. In the cooler months I mix this with my moisturizer to maintain that moisturized skin glow with protection. The consistancy is very runny, not thick, and it is a shake up formula, but I would recommend this to anyone!

La Roche Posay Effec lar Duo: Maybe I should have created a LRP category???
Let's just say I love this. I see this popping up on many blogs and bit the bullet and purchased it. Bloggers did not let me down! I apply this as a thin layer all over my face at night, and it really helps clear out congestion. It has 5 or 5.5% Benzoyl peroxide which may seem daunting to apply all over your face, but I never experienced any dryness nor sensitivity. It apples easily, dries quickly, and this tube lasted me several months. I think I like it just as much as my Rx prescription, so if you would like an all over acne prevention cream, I would definitely recommend this one.
A few items to note on this product. It seems that the formula is different per country, so I can only claim success with the US formula. Also if you wear this both day and night, I recommend a very reliable sunscreen for the day time and a good moisturizer as this can be drying 2x a day depending on your skin type, and would make your skin sensitive to the sun when exposed. I would recommend to only use this at night.

Body and Hand Care

Body Creams: More Bath and Body. I am not obsessed with their lotions I swear, they just have alot of sales, and I work near one! If you are new to Bath and Body I would highly recommend their moisturizers in the tubes for winter, and the bottles for spring and summer. The tube versions are far more hydrating. I also had a mini body butter which I used as a hand cream, because in the winter my hands can get quite chapped.
I would only recommend these on sale.

The I love brand hand cream: I saw these for months, and the scents they offer seem glorious, unfortunately I thought this hand cream was quite sub par and I am glad I purchased this on sale. I think many other drugstore hand creams at a lower price offer far better results.

Laura Mercier Cremé de Pistache Hand Cream: I am so sad this is done. Of all the Laura Mercier creams the brand offers this was my absolute favorite scent. I would suggest getting this hand cream as a mini treat to yourself. I don't think it is a necessity, but the scent is absolutely divine to me. I would apply this at night, let the scent waif and hope for sweet dreams

Removers and Misc

Sonia Kashuk Eye Make up Remover: Recommended by Ebru ( love her) my new favorite eye make up remover. Found at Target, around 10 dollar mark, and a huge bottle. I don't think you should spend alot of money for eye make up remover, and this is one of the best I tried. Added bonus, it does not leave as much of an oily residue around your eyes. I have already repurchased this!

Lancome Bi Facil Eye Make up Removers (Same sizes): I used to buy the full size, well I bought it once, then I realized it was too expensive to keep repurchasing. Yes, it's good, and if they have a GWP offer, I would happily choose this as one of my items, but I think it does leave an oily film around my eyes, and I don't think it is worth the money. Would not purchase the full size.

Boscia Make Up Break Up Cleansing Oil (Same size) : This sample lasted me months. It did not irritate my sensitive skin, got rid of all my make up ( not so much water proof eye make up) and after I rinsed this off my skin, I felt very clean. Had I not discovered Bioderma, I would have purchased the full size of this. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a natural brand make up removing oil.

Anti Bacterial: I have loads of these!

Finished Make up!!

Very exciting quite a round up this time around!

Bits and Bobs

Garnier Make up Wipes: My favorite, and I always repurchase

MUFE lip gloss (sample GWP): how small is this sample??? Pretty color (shade name rubbed off), not too sticky, subtle shimmer. I don't know how much a full sized MUFE gloss is but I think this is quite an average lip gloss, and any drugstore one like Revlons, is very similar. I would not recommend purchasing this at full value. The color is quite dupable. A huge con of this gloss was, I am not sure if this was because I had a sample but all the text and markings on the tube started wearing away after the first day of use. It would rub off onto the contents of my make up bag and leave black streaks on my other products. This was a little annoying, and for that, I would not repurchase.

Dior Lip Glow: My Go to Lip product this summer. Hydrating, gorgeous color ( which I suggest you try in the store as it differs per person) and semi long lasting on me. A bit over priced ( ok it IS over priced) but I would re purchase this as summer rolls around, as it does contain SPF but did not dry my lips out which is a large con to many SPF lip products. I did notice if I layered this on a bit too thick, my lips would look almost fuscia which was not a color I wanted for the office, so I did have to apply this quite sparingly, but that only made it last longer. I will be repurchasing this next summer!

Boscia Blotting Linens: HG, wouldn't go to any other brand, and have these stock piled all over my apartment!

The Body Shop Bronzer in 03: Full review can be found here. Would not repurchase as I really packed this on eventually and I hate doing that because I have a fear of cakiness. A nice starter bronzer if you never tried one before because it is quite idiot proof but lack of shades for deeper skin tones. Great shade selection for more fair girls.

Physicians Formula Eye Booster in Brown: This really impressed me! Great lid design so the ink does not dry out, great brown color that looks natural, very fine tip, and the best US drugstore felt tip liner I have seen. I think the best felt tip liners are from Japan personally, but I saw on the package, modeled after Japanese felt tipped liners!
If you have trouble finding Japanese felt tipped liners, I would suggest trying this one, which is far more easily accessible! Wait for some PF coupons though! the brand is a little expensive for drugstore! It states not to be used on the water line, but I did =X and had no adverse effects, but this is your personal choice.

MAC Feline Eye Liner: Requested this as a gift and I learned to finally do liquid liner with this product. Really great black shade, nice tip, but I would not purchase this again because it leaves the liner on my eyes to look quite shiny, and I prefer it to be matte. Still quite good! but not a repurchase for me.

Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink: These are nice with SPF, comes in shades of pink or peach, and are smooth. They are pretty hydrating but eh, the lasting power is ok, but I did notice as I was reaching the end of this it was beginning to melt more often ( and it was not hot out ) and started to smear all over the tube. I would repurchase this because it is SPF and affordable but I think it is quite eh now.

Lash Sculpture: I don't show many finished mascaras because I am not a mascara fan. And this mascara really turned me off. I saw a guru use this all the time and claimed it was a favorite. This is a very dry formula and elongated my lashes like crazzzy but omg the removal process was TORTURE and almost no make up remover I owned could get this off without several attempts. This mascara is not done, but I am throwing it out. It has already expired and I only used it a few times because I wished to avoid personal agony when removing it. Would not recommend unless for special occasions where you want crazy length which you can probably find in another mascara.

Chanel Inimitable Intense: My favorite mascara of 2011! Great black color, lengthens, and volumizes for some nice drama. It is semi scented but really made my eye lashes look their best!!! If I wanted to splurge on a mascara, this is one of the ones I would love to repurchase.

Maybelline Lash Discovery: I loved Maybelline Full and Soft for years but never tried it's counter part product. Well, I hated this. The brush was incredibly dinky, think Clinique bottom lash range. The brush also spiraled, and it just did not do much. I think this is supposed to lengthen but I regretted purchasing this over full and soft. Wont be trying this again.

Shisedio Mascara Base: I loved the old formula but this new nourishing formula I suppose just is not the base mascara I remember. This gives my lashes semi length and more of a fluffy feeling ( softer lashes) but far less drama. I keep buying this again because I think it nourishes my lashes, and I cannot find a better mascara base ( The market really needs to work on a GREAT one) but I just buy this again and again as I still look out for my HG. Reluctantly repurchase only because I cannot find anything better at the moment

Blistex in the blue tube: HG, love it, and please try it! I have these all over the house.

Dior Lifting Sculpting concealer: Recommended by Tiffany (who I also love!) because she has GREAT recommendations. This is by far the best under eye concealer I have tried. They lack a shade range, but this is quite full coverage, and in a pinch works well as an overall face concealer. This was the perfect color for my under eyes to look bright, but not too fake, and after I purchased this, everyone always asked me why I never looked sleepy, and how I always looked so awake for work! It's this!!! I would definitely repurchase in the future, once I get through my current concealer stash! Highly recommend! ( Please note I do set this concealer)

Lancome GWP Palette

This does not look impressive but I am the MOST proud to finish this product. Ok yes, I see only 2 of the 4 pans are complete but I am calling this done. I HATE the gold shade (can you tell?) the white shade is a nice highlight but I own many others. I think Lancome gives out incredible GWP eye shadow palettes! I just need to get rid of this because if I don't, I wont ever reach for the shadow palettes which I love but never got to use because I kept thinking I need to finish this!! I don't know, I think it's crazy one of my most used palettes was a GWP but I loved this, and would recommend Lancome shadows!

Finally - Sound the trumpeteers!!! The Grant Total of Finished products for 2011!


When I first saw this number I kinda went @.@

I knew it would be pretty big judging from my past posts and around summer made a descision for 2012.

I use ALOT of stuff. I finish alot of stuff because I USE alot of stuff. Best English really...

For 2012 I have made a resolution, to use far more natural and paraben free products.

I'm not going to just throw away the items in my collection which has parabens and such chemicals but I realized, I am slapping all this stuff on my body, all over Every. Single. Day. Although I will still use paraben prodcuts in my current collection, I will make a more concious effort to minimize these in my life going forward. This will be tough considering many of my favorite brands do not offer paraben free make up/body producs, but I think this would be a good experiment for me for 2012!

Please tell me some of your Beauty Resolutions!!


  1. Good job finishing all those products and thanks for sharing these reviews! Aw sorry to hear about the mediocre mascara base, they changed the formula on my favorite Shiseido one too. Woah 165 products! Good luck on using paraben free products!

  2. Oh my god that is IMPRESSIVE! I probably finished 30 if that! Very cool about the eyeshadow, when I see empty eyeshadow pans I'm just like woooow ;) Well done, I hope to do half as well as you this year! :)

  3. The paraben free will be hard and I may try some non but the internal debate has already begun!!!! I know in the end it's better for me! Thanks so much for reading my blog this yr!!!

  4. I just read your beauty resolutions post and have to say BRAVA!!!!! Best of luck with your new resolutions and thank you so much for reading my blog!

  5. I'm so proud of you! I'm closer to Yu, I think I finished around 25-20 things (skincare & makeup together). And that number is a bit skewed as my husband and I share some of our skincare/hair products ...

    I need to follow your example in 2012!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Hahaha thanks love, and not a problem, I love your posts! :) I see you have a Rebel T3 - is that the same as the 1100D? I'm getting it as a belated Christmas present - so excited!

  7. IDEA my Rebel T3 was a gift!!!! I am not too good at tech stuff =( but i know my bogging life improved 10fold once I got that camera and would recc to ANYONE!

  8. Thank you!!!!! Eh I never think about the number I just try to not let things pile up! I think I will *try* to post something about how to finish things, well how I do it, but I am having a hard time writing it!! Hopefully 2012 will lead to many more product discoveries and completions!

  9. Awesome empties! It takes FOREVER for me to finish stuff so your grand total is very impressive :D I recently started using the Thayers Witch Hazel in Lavender and I really like it so far. I couldn't find the Rose scented one :( I really want to try all those La Roche Posay items you mentioned because they sound like miracles haha. I'm excited for your upcoming posts as I'm curious about more natural beauty products as well :)

  10. Aw thanks for commenting!!! I re purchased the Rose and I was like WOW should i try another kind??? My bf said NOOO stick to the same one hehehe!! so I got it again! the bottle lasted like 4-5 months??? crazy! Hope you try some LRP this yr! really like them and Avene!

  11. Bravo on finishing up so many products!! I always enjoy looking at all the products I finish too; it gives me such a silly but great sense of achievement! The Blistex lip medex is a favorite of mine too and I also like their DCT for its SPF 20. Happy New Year!

  12. oh my gosh! such a great post, thanks so much for sharing & happy new year :)

  13. I love Laura Mercier creams! I also love Bath & Body Works x

  14. oh i will try the DTC version!!! thanks for the recc!!! Happy NY!

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Have a great 2012!

  16. You finished a lot! I heard about Naruko from Fuzkittie too, I'd love to try their stiff some day! One of my beauty resolutions is that I'm going to try and explore more brands

  17. Great resolution!!!!! I hope you find some amazing things in the coming yr, thanks so much for vising my blog! : )

  18. I love these types of posts. I can't believe you finished so many products! I really want to try the Sonia Kashuk Eye Make up Remover. One of my beauty resolutions is to limited myself on how many nail polishes I purchase. I'm thinking limiting myself to 2 per month so I will stop myself from impulse nail polish purchases.

  19. Great resolution! this yr i threw out or gave away half my collection and after that I found myself buying alot less because I saw the ones I really enjoyed and kept using those! It felt great!

  20. umm totally impressed by the sheer amt of products you went through! i swear i can never finish up products that quickly even if i tried really hard! aww i'm sad you didn't like the lash discovery. i totally want to try it but i think it's more of a layering mascara? i finished my effaclar k and am going to try the duo next! :DD

  21. Lancome Bi-Facil is honestly thee best make-up remover ever!

  22. wow you have so many skincare products! xxx

  23. Thanks so much!!!!! I try pretty hard to use up what I have because I admit tingly have alot more to get through and sometimes it is quite over whelming so I have been shopping less!!!
    Once I finish my Rx perscription (new tube) I will try effeclar K next which I have in a box waiting for me! Can't wait!

  24. I am glad you found something that works for you! : )

  25. Skin care is an addiction!!! well, it's mine anyway hehe!

  26. I love the Lancome Bi Facil Eye Makeup Remover, but I think I'm going to have to stop by Target and try the Sonia Kashuk Eye Make up Remover! I agree, the Lancome one leaves behind a oily residue, which I hate!

  27. I hope you like the SK one because I think it works just as well, for a far better price!

  28. very proud of you for finishing so many products!!

    my NY beauty resolution is to save money and invest in a few products that i know i will love rather than waste money on so-so products i know i will only use once or twice (i.e. i've never finished a d/s lipstick bc i have so many other ones i already love). and also, reminding myself there are other colours other than PINK blushes and lipsticks =)

    wishing you a happy new year and exciting 2012 x

  29. Ahhh! Congrats on that number! Amazing job finishing things this past year! I agree about the Lancome remover. Mine is just about gone (working on my first empties post!) and I won't be repurchasing, although I think it does a pretty good job and doesn't sting. I am trying to do the same with natural products when it comes to hair/skin. I did really well at not buying a ton of body lotion/body wash/shampoo this year. I was determined to finish all the things I had stored in my closet before they went bad. I didn't have to purchase a single body wash until yesterday (which was the 1st) so I didn't purchase ANY in 2011.... was so happy about that! I did have to purchase shampoo once, but only *after* I ran out of the few I had stored away. Feels good to use them up instead of taking up space or going bad. Plan to do more of that in 2012!

  30. i enjoyed this post so much haha. i read everything. you finished so much! congratulations. i really need to try out that dior concealer. good luck with your 2012 resolution! i like it. i dont have any beauty resolutions...just the normal resolutions that everyone always has (be more fit, eat healthy etc). happy new year!!

  31. Great resolutions!!!!! Each yr passes I hope we all get selective on our m/u purchases!!! This yr all I SAW and could think about was PEACH blusher!! lol NO MORE lol well I will TRY hehe

  32. oh wonderful!!!! I cannot wait to see your first empties post!!!!! The post REALLY help show you what you finish, and help you finish more things bc you never want to post a zero, but if that happens just combine a few months!!! ;)
    OMG I know EXACTLY what you mean about the body wash, I only purchase the one for the gym all year the times I did not attend a gym session I reached into my bathroom for the dozen stocked up BBW washes I purchased over all those sales!!!! Gluck in 2012!! i know you are going to succeed!!

  33. you read everything?? BRAVA bc I was editing it and thinking dang this is loooooooooooooooooooooong hahaha. Love that concealer and WILL be repurchasing once I finish all the other concealers I have half empty :\
    I will try hard with my resolution and I will fail a few times this year but it's a step in the right direction!

  34. WOW, 165 products! J, that's amazing! If you were doing Project 10 Pans, you could treat yourself to 16 new goodies. I hope I'm not enabling! I'm going to try to use more of my products up this year, if only to justify all my purchases. Great post :)

  35. AWww thanks girl!!! My goal was 100 and I am so happy I finished. Hopefully 2012 will yield a higher number, I just don't want all this stuff to go to waste! Thanks for reading!!!! No enabling!!! lol

  36. ohhhh wowww, I wish I could finish that many products. But I keep buying and buying and my stash keeps growing hehe. I also love Lancome shadows.

    I am new and was hoping you would check out my blog when you have a chance

    Thank you! Happy New Year =)

  37. i keep buying and buying too these post push me to finish and finish heheh!

  38. I love Blistex lip balm too..cant live without it!nice post

  39. ?????? Wow 165 finished products, I don't think I finished 5 this year , how rubbish does that sound , pretty embarrassing. lol

  40. you are seriously my hero! i dont know how you get through so many products!!! but i do love your reviews... i've gone out and bought a lot of your recommendations ^_^

  41. Very impressive I'm definitely not the type to keep track!

  42. hahahaha it's not the number, it's that you keep trying to use what you love!

  43. Thank you so much for reading and listening to my reviews!!! i try to be honest, these finished products post is like a review dump ground!

  44. hehehehe i tried it for 2011 to realize how much i actually use from what i purchased. I realized, i spend alot of $on this stuff but it seems i fin a good portion! yay

  45. I am always amazed at how fast you finish your products. Great job at finishing 165 in one year. I have to say, I love your product reviews and I always take your likes and dislikes to heart. The Effaclar Duo that you recommended rid me of my stubborn "mini acne" on my forehead, under the skin that never surfaces. I've lived with them most of my adult like. OMG.... I noticed that most of them were gone after 3 applications (thin layer at night time). You are my hero.

  46. wow! what a compliment!!!!1 I want to thank u for actually reading these incredibly long reviews and put them to your mind if you actually purchase something i recc!!! made my day!


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