Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gym Bag Necessities

If you follow me on twitter you will notice, I don't have many interesting tweets :P BUT I always seems to tweet about going to the gym! Why? Because it seems like I'm always going if I am not at work, well, I am making the effort to try to go lol.

I thought today I would share some of my gym bag necessities!

The beauty items I rely on after a sweat session to make myself presentable again to the world, and not beat up and red faced!

Skin Care

I have noticed that in some gyms women wash their face, and in some they don't depending on the branch I attend ( I think that is so strange...) especially since it has the same amount of sinks and counter space. some follower way of my brain I developed two skin care routines for the gym ( I know I know... kinda ridiculous) but so be it.

I know some women can feel self conscious about doing something different from everyone else, of if your gym lacks sinks or counter space I would recommend a cleanser that does not require water. I am currently trying the Clarins Water Purifying One Step Cleanser ( I have the travel size and refill it from the big version) This version is for combo to oily skin and is a bit too strong for my face at the moment, but the basic idea is apply it on a cotton pad and spread it all over your face, follow with moisturizer. You will feel clean and this will get the job done without the use of water.

If I do use a sink, I apply a very mild cleanser, and follow with moisturizer and sun screen if the sun is still out.

I would recommend in general to try to use as many smaller or travel sized items as your can. Your bag is probably already heavy with clothes and equipment and you don't want to bog it down with a industrial sized cleanser!

Also bare minimum items, no serums and potions, just a clean face.

If you shower at the gym I would recommend a body wash that helps with acne as your perspiration and friction of tighter clothing can cause spots in places that may be easily avoided with an acne body wash.

Make up wipes of course!!!!! Use whatever is your favorite. I don't love make up wipes, but going to the gym with make up on which some people do ( People can do whatever they want) but I feel, may be a way of just asking for spots ( at least for my skin). I just remove it all off.

I also HIGHLY recommend you carry around a deodorant. They come in travel sizes, they are usually at the $1.99 mark, and it's just cour testy

Make up

Hmmm I don't always do this. I usually don't wear make up to the gym if I am not coming from work, and I usually don't wear it after because I think skin care is more important and most of the time I am just going home, but if I do have errands to run after and will be staying out a while I will do a little to perk up and open up the face

Again, nothing crazy, and let's look for mini's and travel sizes

After the gym my face is RED, usually the classes I attend have no AC ( in humane) so I am boiling and look like I just got cooked in a steam. If it's really bad, I will wear a moisturizer with a tint release or a normal tinted moisturizer. Current favorite is Vitazing.
If I don't look like a lobster I will just stick to concealer under the eyes and around the face.
Hand sanitizer (always), cream blush because you don't need a brush, and it's more natural, if your cheeks aren't already a bit colored :) Paint pot to brighten tired eyes for early morning classes and no primers needed. Eye brow pencil ( this is optional) but I just like to have them done to look more groomed, preferably one with a spooly. Lash curlers to open up your tired eyes, natural looking mascara, and I apply brown liner on the top lashes because without it my lashes look stupid with mascara ( so much empty space!) and this is also optional but a flesh colored pencil for the waterline to further re open the eyes. I also apply a inner corner highlight, all about the eyes!!! and my Anastasia pencil comes with a brow highlight, you gotta love a good ole 2 in 1. Finish off with spf lipbalm, if you desire color, a tinted one. Recently I have been using the Revlon lip butters for moisture and color.

I think the Garnier roll on which I am going to try next, will also be an excellent and natural looking edition

I don't recommend powder because the locker room is warm, and your body temperature is still high, if you continue to sweat it would look cakey. I would go outside and touch up with powder later if needed.


After the gym my hair just needs to get off my face. I always always always just put it in a top knot, and THESE I HIGHLY recommend. They're from Goody and I prefer them over spin pins which I think are hard to remove...

They're like huge bobby pins, but adding just one of these to your hair is like adding 5 bobby pins! I usually just need 2 to 3 for my bun and it keeps it very secure!


I don't really have too much to say about clothes and shoes for the gym. Wear something comfortable, breathable, I would avoid any grey materials...I would opt for white or black and layering on colored soft T's for after the gym.
I would recommend bringing a spare T shirt to change into for after work outs. These don't have to be expensive. Just soft. Forever 21 and Old Navy have nice soft gym T's

I would recommend if you do go to the gym often to invest in your actual gym clothes, because the higher brands material and quality do make a difference when used indoors and especially outdoors
They will also last longer, and be harder to break down even after continual and extreme use

Bring music, with a customized play lists that make you motivated and keeps you going in case the gym is playing something called crap. Bring your own mini towel if you don't like communal ones. Bring your own empty colorful BPA free water bottle you can refill at the gym to not add in extra weight, and because it is cheaper in the long run.
And if you need motivation, there are about a million health apps out there to help with calorie counts, pedometers, tips and tricks, demos, and record keepers!

I also would recommend Asics if running is something you partake in.
Change your sneakers after about 300 miles, this I don't follow. That would be so expensive...I usually wait about 3 to 4 months, but again, this depends on how much use you get out of them

Also, please remember. The hardest part about going to the gym, is getting there.

With that lovely ladies, I am done, sooo can you guess where I am going now?? :)


  1. Love this! I need you to be my inspiration to get running!

  2. Good tips, I'm gonna keep these in mind when I manage to drag myself to the gym :)

  3. i didn't kno you were supposed to change your sneakers that often but i think its because i don't really get much wear out of them ^^" i remember when i took hot yoga classes i would always shower there even though i do have to lug around a lot of stuff i just carry travel size things and it fit into a small bag. actually even when i went to the gym i would always shower rite after cuz i hate the feeling of sweat drying ~>_<~ i wish i could be as good abt working out as you but it's not too high on my list of priorities rite now xD maybe next year lol

  4. Oh God that is SO true about the hardest part about going to gym is actually to get there.. I'm procrastinating right now and I really should be there already!

  5. This post is awesome! I really need to get this butt to the gym!

  6. wow you are well prepared! I'm going back to the gym again I think.. like tmrw haha but don't I'd be that prepared! I know what you mean about getting there - didn't happen for me to today haha

  7. Yes 300 miles i think sounds VERY FAST!
    Ahh hot yoga i took that ONCE omg hahaha not for me! hope you go back and find something u enjoy! :)

  8. hehehe i have to commute sometimes over 40 min to get to the gym and come back so i have to be there AT LEAST 80 minutes I convince myself! Getting there takes time and costing me subway money so i have added motivation! I hope you are able to get some tips!

  9. hahaha thank you! hopefully it helps motivate!

  10. hahaha we have all been there! I didnt go today!! how are your tennis lessons? Do you still have them?

  11. Tennis is going strong, I actually enjoy it! I find it much more stimulating than gym. Ive decided not to bother with the gym now lol. Got double lesson on Sunday so that will keep me going for now!

  12. Hi,
    I'm loving those Goody hair pins..however I can't seem to find them on the goody website, maybe you could direct me as to where I can find them and what the exact product name is!? I would really appreciate it as I have been looking for something like that for a while now....


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