Saturday, January 7, 2012

MAC Naturally Mineralized Eye Shadows

I was doing so well...staying away from MAC, staying away from Limited Edition, even gave myself a pat on the back at the end of the year. So of course at the start of the New Year, new beginnings, I became a MAC hauler again, yay for me!

This was my first time purchasing MAC Mineralized Eye Shadows, I have only previously tried their mineralized blushes, but when I saw these swirly designs, I just had to see them in person, and walked out with *ahem* a few...

Let me just begin by stating, I don't regret this at all!
I love these eye shadows, I think since they are part of the "Naturally" collection MAC created colors in a beautiful design that are wearable and pleasing to the eye as well as on.
The colors are all wearable, and can be built up. They can also be applied wet for a more intense hue

In The Sun

This looks like a coppery orange with a hint of MAC's Cranberry in the veining. I debated on this shade because I own MAC's Cranberry and have yet to ever use it...but this is the eye shadow I have been reaching for since purchasing. I think it's my favorite of the bunch!
This shade has the biggest chunky particles, it feels almost gritty and I was afraid of fall out but have yet to experience any. This shade looks gorgeous with warm colored clothing, and is my new safe orangey copper shade.

I love this all over the lid, and just under the lash line with liner

Summer Haze

The rest of the shades are far smoother in quality. This is a very safe Champagne shade with a touch of pink when reflected in certain angles. With a heavy swatch it looks like an intense white gold champagne, but when applied less heavily, a nice pink reflection emerges


Described as a dirty peach with blue sheen, I disagree. This comes out quite lavender on my skin with blue silver iridescent, but in some indoor lighting I see peach! very strange! this is interesting indeed, and I think is a shade you can wear all day and reflect a multitude of hues. It will keep whoever you are with all day guessing what you have on your eyes!

Twilight Falls

The darkest shade of the bunch and a strong brown, that seems to be rich, but slightly charred.
I have been using this daily as a liner shade

Indoor lighting: heavy swatches
R to L: Summer Haze, Into the Sun, Daylight, Twilight

Sunlight: heavy swatches

Less heavy swatches in the sun
You see the chunky glitters from "Into The Sun" which is the 2nd to last swatch from below, and you can also see the slight pink reflects in "Summer Haze" as the last shade on the bottom

Overall Impressions:
I like these! I think the pigmentation is very easily built up, but I think they look far better as a wash over the eyes so you can see the multi dimensional shimmers that most of these posses.
I also like the fact that depending on lighting some of these shades look quite different. This can be considered a con to some, but a plus for me as I believe it adds to the shadow's uniqueness. They last all day on my lids with a primer, and as a liner, it does not seem to fade.
Outside "Into the Sun" which has the roughest texture, the remaining shades are smooth and easily to apply.

MAC also promoted in this collection a new eye shadow brush to be used with these eye shadows. I personally tried it and did not think I needed this in my collection, I use a domed fluffy brush for application

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Excellent swatches! I have Daylight and Twilight Falls and don't regret getting them! They are such great quality and the shade choices you selected are A+++

  2. Very pretty! I really like their mineralized eye shadows :) Sunset Haze is gorgeous!

  3. These are so pretty! I love the swatches and the mineralized patterns are gorgeous! It's funny because just today I randomly thought to myself how I don't see you talk about eyeshadows much and here you are hauling 4 new eyeshadows :P

  4. ahh dont tell me you like these or else i will want to go back to mac and swatch them!! i didnt even tempt myself by swatching them when i visited mac this week haha. they look really nice. enjoy them, glad you see you hauling again from LE mac :D

  5. Your post made me alert on what was coming, and I got my wallet ready!!! ;)

  6. i think these are def worth a look the next time u pass by MAC! Sunset Haze is a great staple product that can be used everyday easily

  7. hahaha i actually just try to stick with 1 or 2 palettes in my collection at once and try to finish them before moving on, but LE MAC always seems to butt into my routine, thank goodness!

  8. no swatches? GOOD GIRL! lol I swatched everything!!!! HAHA which was a bad idea!! lol I actually purchased loads of lippies that same day but almost all were perm so I did not post em

  9. They look too pretty in the pan to use... almost lol. Thank you for the swatches. Summer Haze and Into the Sun are really lovely.

  10. Cheers to the new haul for the new year!!! These e/s look gorgeous!! I bet they look every lovelier when applied.

  11. Ohhh their veining combinations are pretty interesting! I agree with you, it's nice to have a makeup product that looks beautiful both in the pan as well as when worn! I love baked eyeshadows, the only ones I own so far are from the Body Shop. It might be just my imagination, but I think they photograph so much nicely than the regular pressed eyeshadows (when worn on the eyes, that is) xx

  12. these are gorgeous! Hopefully by the time I get off my project 10 pan they will have some in the CCO!

  13. theyre quite gorgeous on the lid!

  14. isnt it pretty? perfect powder liner color!

  15. thank you!!! i love make up which is also beautiful to look at! i think it adds to the experience!

  16. AH these look so gorgeous. I am really dying to get something from the collection.

  17. Swatch them while they are still in stores! ;)

  18. All the msfs look so pretty lined up like that! I think you may have converted me more towards MSFs. After reading temptaia's post, I was worried as to the lasting power and gave up. Maybe I'll have to take another look now! I have to say the one shade I did have my eye on was cloudy afternoon, which seems to be the one missing here :P

    Twilight falls and daylight are both beautiful. I like your description of how daylight flashes both peach and purple - how complex and intriguing !

  19. Hello Dovey! With an eye primer i found these to last all day on me. Yeah.... one is missing lol Cloudy in the Afternoon which I tried in the store but not many grey's look very good on me, so I passed on that one ;P

  20. I was very, very tempted by that lilac sort of shade... but I am trying to not buy eyeshadow... or as much anyway!

  21. That is a good goal considering how long it takes to finish one!! i need to get on that...soon... lol

  22. yup i think all the colors are so pretty, just had to get em!!!

  23. MAC's mineralized products always look so pretty in the pan. These look pretty swatched but they look a little too warm for my skintone..

  24. hmm maybe Cloudy in the Afternoon? which is the 1 shade i did not buy bc it was too cool for my warm skin


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