Saturday, January 28, 2012

OOTD My Painters Shirt

Saturdays means gym, errands, and top knots!

My boyfriend is now working weekends so I feel pretty special when he makes time to see me on weekends because I know he is tired.
Unfortunately I didn't seem to dress for the occasion. I wore my over sized denim shirt. It's over sized because I purchased the wrong size at an outlet and wouldn't bother driving two hours for a return.
I figured if I wore my coat most of the day no one would notice, but I still try to jazz up my what looks like a shirt I would wear if I went to paint a house!

Gold necklace:H&M, Button down: J.Crew, Coat: Korea, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Frye, Bag: A UK website...cannot really recall the name at the moment...I actually considered returning it, but since I have used it twice, I guess I liked it enough to keep!

I have been wearing this H&M necklace so often recently! This shows:

1. You don't need a huge collection of accessories, just some versatile pieces, that can be mixed in with your wardrobe
2. I wear the same thing over and over ( I love a good ole ruts sometimes! )
3. Great pieces don't have to cost a lot of money


  1. The necklace definitely jazzes up the shirt a lot. :)
    Love your iPhone case btw!

  2. with the coat on you can't tell the shirt is too big ^^ i'm dying to buy a chambray shirt but i haven't found one that i really like xD

  3. yes! that is why I wore that coat all day! lol at dinner I took my coat off and my bf asked me what I was wearing??? hahaha

  4. Thanks so much!!! i love this case! I feel like when I do change it, everyone on my blog will know about it! they make quite many appearances!

  5. Great outfit! And I love that bag :D

  6. Love the outfit!! Mixing anything with a blazer can instantly amp up a look~!
    And I agree~ you definitely don't need to pay big bucks for accessories. I say...the more you have, the more options you have!!!

  7. Is that the gold necklace? Because it looks silver in the photo...But anyway, I got the gold one last week because of you :)

  8. I have this gold necklace too! So pretty eh
    I agree, it doesn't have to be an expensive piece to be pretty
    I also love vintage pieces especially for the necklaces (this is random but I felt like saying it )
    Love your boots and bag

  9. Love the outfit!!! Something I would definitely wear!

  10. Thanks! they took forever to break in (3 yrs) I think I FINALLY broke them in this season hahaha

  11. YAY!!!! yes i know it looks silver, my lighting stinks we have no sun here!!!! just clouds! even on a sunny day the photos came out all wrong! im so glad u got it! it looks plain in the store but its great on!

  12. Agreed on everything u said dear!!!!!

  13. Ahh i love vintage too!!! but it is so expensive to buy vintage here, its crazy!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! how u been??

  14. Thank u Kasia!!!! how are u? hope u and ur husband are very well :)

  15. Love your bag and boots!! Adore your masculine touch in your outfit!


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