Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sunday Post

Friday night started off with a a bottle of Sparkling wine, and a dinner with my wonderful boyfriend

We had Italian

Attempted to walk off some pasta and caramel custard while passing through Times Square

Saturday morning I went for a run, and ran into many other early birds

The boyfriend and I went to New Jersey for lunch and had beautiful scenery to go with the superb weather

A walk through the mall led me to see some interesting displays

Purchased this weekend

The food that fueled me this weekend
Spicy fried dumplings, Hoji roasted tea ice cream, Super spicy hot pot

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed a peek at mine :)


  1. Fun weekend, very similar to mine actually. Friday night out with the boy, Saturday just bumming around and today outdoors for a hike! The weather we are having this winter is unbelievable. I am SO grateful!

  2. oh very similar! i saw ur hike photo so pretty!!! today all i did was buy a yankee candle and make guacamole HAHA not as productive

  3. The bird photos are gorgeous. I used to read Vivi! I wish it were easier to get here.

  4. I love the birds! What a nice collage :)

    I could use some of the Italian too... the dessert, mmmm

  5. thanks! that day I was taking so many pictures of birds and kept stopping my jog hehe

  6. i thought you would like the bird photos! :) the collage is just me being more obsessed with iphone pics lol

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Loving all the pics.
    -gasp- there's a peach hi-chew??? I must go find it....!!

  8. ewww birds >___< i hateee birds xDD but the food looks soooo goood!! especially the hi-chew! <3 and i'm actually going to new york this wk and was wondering if u had any must have food place recommendations since u have such amazing food pictures ^^"

  9. Keep uploading such post dear, they're my favourite!!! These photos are amazing. I wish I had a nice park close to my house so I could enjoy it early in the morning! xx

  10. We love this! What a cute post - all the photos look so wonderful!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  11. Your weekend looked relaxing and fun, exactly how weekends should be! I wish I had the determination to get up early and run.... I always say "tomorrow" :P I used to love looking through Japanese magazines like Vivi and I still have a lot of scans on my computer even though I have no idea what anything says XD I think the pictures and photoshoots are a lot more wearable and sometimes more inspiring than Western magazines.

  12. This was the first time I ever saw Peach hi chew too!!! but after chewing it for a while it reminds me of bananas??? haha

  13. u dont like birds? then you are going to hate all our pigeons!! ><
    hmm places i like to eat, prob Shake Shack hamburger, ok I admit its not the best i ever tried but it is supp to one of the best here ( popular choice) but their milk shakes are AMAZING, HARU for sushi, but if you want Japanese hot food I like St Marks Place which is also known as Astor place, just follow the crowd for a lil Japan town, I don't like any of the Korean food in K town except prob Korean BB chicken like Bon Chon, in China town I have tried everything and only go back to Chinatown ice cream factory, for the best hallal cart its in midtown 53rd and 6th?? u can actually wiki that cart but go after 730 pm, the lunch cart is not as tasty ( I think) and I think maybe Serendipity is a touristy hot spot ( i have never been there but want to go soon!) and one of the town's favorite italian places is Carmines in Times Sq, Jr's cheesecake is the best in the city HANDS DOWN, I am not a fan of neither Magnolia or Crumbs bakery (too sweet) but they have a line out the door for some reason. For authentic hot chocolate like the French, City Bakery is the most authentic but it is CRAZY thick and rich, one cup should be split among a FEW ppl, I am not a little italy fan but i have recently discovered restaurant row which is non stop food places past 47th street and 9th ave, oh and I love pommes frites in St Marks!
    Hope this helped and I hope you have an AMAZING time ;)

  14. awww thank you dear!!! i dont know how popular these are but i think they are fun to post!!! so i keep doing them!! haha my friend runs in the same park and saw the pics and says wow that's OUR park? how come it looks better in your photos?? HAHA

  15. Thanks so much u 2!!! hope you guys are doing well!!

  16. love vivi and the japanese mags, soooo many pictures!! hahaha they fill it wall to wall and alot less ads which i prefer!

  17. Bananas as in banana hi-chow? Or...just bananas in general? XD


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