Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo of the Day and Blog Challenges

Happy Leap Year Ladies!!! This day only comes once every four years so might as well say it loud and proud!

Today is the last day of daily blogging, I learned quite a bit! and may try it again in the future, but not March lol!

To recap this month, I have attached my Instagram challenge! Feb Photo of the Day! If you follow me on twitter you would have seen most of these, but they are photos I never posted on my blog before.
For those who have never tried a photo of the day challenge, it's pretty fun! And I am ready to tackle on March's! Tomorrow's theme is "Up!"

Your view today\Words\Hands\A stranger
Front Door\Self portrait\Makes you happy\Inside your closet
Blue\Heart\Phone\Something new
Time\Drink\Something you hate\Handwriting
A fave photo of you\Where you work\Your shoes\Inside your bathroom cabinet
Green\Night\Something you ate\Money
Something you're listening to

Instagram name:Lilladylife

Hope you enjoyed the daily posts!!!
Thanks to all who endured to read every single one!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I think within the last three ish years, roller balls have started to become quite "trendy" in the world of undereyes. Reduce puffiness! Reduce bags! Cover dark circles with ease!

Well, I finally hopped on the train so to speak, and here are the current roller ballers that have been gracing my under eyes.

First up is the Clinique All About Eyes Serum (Gift from the mom in Duty Free) I have been loyal to the "All about Eyes" cream for years but the serum seems to offer slightly different benefits. While the cream is more for hydration and prevention of fine lines, the roller ball was designed to help with puffiness and dark circles, hence this is a AM product.

I forgot where I heard it, but it's all lies. Something about the metal against your skin reacts and semi calms down puffiness due to the temperture?
(This is what I have heard, I have no clue the truth behind it, if you know, please do tell)

I know this comes out a clear serum, and I apply it under my eyes in the morning and I could be dillusional but I do see some puffines go away. I don't have bad dark circles or puffiness in the morning but this really seems to cool the area and help flatten the skin.
I have been using this for about a month and it looks like I have barely used the product. This should last me several months.

Would I repurchase? No, though it's nice to have less puffiness under the eyes, it's not a real problem of mine so my results with this are minimal. If puffiness is an issue of yours, this may be your answer!

Next is the Garnier Roll On. I purchased mine in Asia so of course its "BB" I don't know if this came in a shade range of colors, but the color I have seems to do just fine!

Swatch of the shade on my NC 20 to 25 hand

I previously wrote about my under eye concealer issues here, so I unpacked this Garnier item and decided to give it a "roll" (yes, I am so clever, hard de har har)

I swipe across the under eyes is all your need. A little too much product comes out but really it is workable.

Yup, I look real awake, NOT
This is how much product comes out with 1 roll under each eye (Photo in natural light)

The color is light but does not look fake and blends easily. I actually find that it does not crease
(I set with a powder) outside my eyes natural creases which you see in the photos. I always have to "scrape" that out before I powder but other than that I am set for the day
I blend this product out with my fingers.

Here is a photo with flash photgraphy. As you can see its actually quite brightening! You can also see what I mean by the natural crease below my eyes argh...

Overall I am quite happy with this product. It's readily available (BB version or not), it's somewhat affordable, easy to use, and you know what, it aint half bad. It does not really take place of some of my favorite under eye concealers but considering the ease and results, I would get this again.
This has also now become a gym bag staple to refresh myself after a long workout during the day!

So, have you guys tried any of this roller ball technology?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Searching for the Ultimate: Pencil Eyeliner Edition

Looking, trying, testing, are all parts of the process when looking for the one.
The HG "X", once you find the one, you never look back, you never cheat on it, you tell others and rave whenever asked, and the search is all worth it.

For some, the one comes easily. For beauty bloggers, well, we seem to be pickier.

This will be the first edition to a status on my search for The Perfect Pencil Liner

Pencil liner was one of the first make up products I ever used. I used to line my lower waterline for YEARS. Never the top lash line or tight line but always the lower one

( I don't know when or how I started but that was "the look" I was faithful to for most of my make up youth)

I don't even remember what I used back then. I'm positive whatever I used the packaging changed because I no longer recognize it on drugstore shelves. I think Maybelline??

Moving on…

Since my "Maybelline" days, I have tried quite a *ahem* few pencil liners…yet I have still to find an HG…but the search continues

The reason why my search is taking so long:
My eyes are annoying. My top lid overlaps my lower lids when I blink. I need a very waterproof liner because every time I blink (which is often!) the liner rests on my skin, not on my lower lids.

Also my eye shape. The ends of my eyes on the top lid are longer than the lower (yes, I have had time to think about this) so the outer corners are always becoming racoony

If you experience the same issue: tight line the main and middle portion of your eyes and avoid the corners. You will never see those corner smudges again, but I am on the search for the ultimate liner, not the alternate routine!

*NOTE (My preferences/requirements)* I do not care if a black pencil is not the blackest black black out there, I just need it to be pretty black and stay on my waterlines for the whole day. I also do not like too smudgy liners, I want it to set and stay in place all day!

Liner's in my current collection:

Drugstore Liners

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner: This is very black! This is very smooth, this also smudges within about 2 minutes on being on my eyes and is thus a fail for me.

Milani Liquefy Eyeliners: Super black, super smooth, super pigmented! Yet,the product attaches itself to my contacts and I go blind within 15 minutes. This is not the one.

Middle Range Liners

Sephora Waterproof KEEP Liners: These are actually not bad for the price. When applied to the middle parts of my lids they stay on most of the day but the corner smudges after about 4 hours so this is not the one, but very nice for the price

Sephora NANO liners: These come in nice colors but don't last on my waterline for past 3-4 hours when it begins to fade in patches

Higher end Liners:

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Liner: The black is not very black in my opinion. The sharpener is ok…I am not the biggest fan of retractable. This slightly tugs on my lids, and doesn't seem to last on my waterline for more than about 2 hours. This is not something I would repurchase.

Chanel Eye Khols: The colors are stunning, I only have 1 shade but it's not very smooth. It's very hard. This does not last long on my waterline for more than 2 hours and begins to smudge. Luckily this color is so gorgeous it starts smudging beautifully into a very nice shade. Too bad. Will not be the HG.

Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof Liner: Also not very black, also retractable, also not very waterproof! One of the worst high end liners I ever tried. Smudges and not long lasting at all. A disappointment. Usually I love Lancome!

MAC Eye Khols: I love some of the shades, but these don't last long on my waterline. Fading begins about hour 4.

MAC Waterproof liners: Sorry smudge city! I don't care if they stick on "Waterproof "on the label.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners: WOW, this smudges on me within about 2 minutes of application. Great colors, super smooth, nicely pigmented but ZERO staying power on me.

MUFE Aqua Liners: My current favorite but just not the one. These smudge on my lower outer corners. The rest of the eyes are fine but that damn outer corner! Nice selection of colors and quite pigmented. Not the most waterproof liner I ever tried, but definitely a good pencil.

Bare Minerals Big and Bright Eyeliner: Faded in about 45 seconds one of the worst I ever tried, period.

Clinique Eyeliner (retractable): Not too impressed, just ok, I forgot I even owned it, which states how much I liked it

Liners of my future:
So….the above list shows a list of liners I use but never am fully satisfied with.
Here are some of the liners I have been looking into to see if they can be the one for me!

YSL Eye Pencil
I have heard this is an excellent pencil! We shall see…. I recently have been using their new cream gel liner with great success!

Benefit Bad Gal:
Which I just purchased today. This received so many mixed reviews. I know I tried it last week and it was great on my top waterline I did not try the lower water line, we shall see...
(ack why is the picture blurry!!!)

So tell me ladies, do you continue searching for the ultimate? What is your HG liner or at least favorite if you have one!! Please share!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sunday Post

Re capping the week via instagram!

I always think I lead a pretty dull life but looking back on the week always makes me grateful for the life I have

In the best city in the world! (Personal opinion!)

Let's play tourist

Rockefeller Center (again) I just always wind up here walking...

Best Lego structure of the week

Best Message of the week: Made out of Lego's!
Yes I have many categories!

Walked through Times Square

I've never actually gone in this store...

Inglot Times Square, never purchased anything!

Best portrait of the week, Miss E!

Best wall of week

Best Ceiling of the week

Best dish of the week
Pad Thai, I had it twice!

Biggest tempation of the week, which I walked away from!
Actually after reading the description sounds clawingly sweet...too sweet for me! PASS!

Best snack of the week
I also got new sneakers!!!

Best sweet treat I did not walk away from

Magnolia Bakery

Best healthy discovery of the week

New thing I tried this week
Tastes like smokey peanut butter

Puchases of the week

Event of the week
Today's is my mom's bday!! Yay to moms!!

Person of the week

Whom I had the incredibly pleasure of meeting this week! She is lovely and adorable in person!
Welcome to NYC :)

Favorite new Youtubers of the week to rewatch over and over

New fashion blog obsession of the week

OK!! WHEW that should be it!!!

This is the last week of February! A few more days of daily blogging, how are you guys liking it so far?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Current Wish List (Non Make up Edition)

Tiffany Bow Earrings
They have a diamond version but I am going for the far more affordable pair
CLEAN Cotton T shirt Perfume
Yes! many people think this can be worn be worn by men, but I love the fresh bright scent!

Cotton T-Shirt

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Purse Twist and Spray
Am I turning into a perfume person???
This purse version is more expensive than the bottle, me still get it, resentful but smelling pretty

Mason Pearson Hair Brush
I have actually wanted one for years but buying a new hair brush seriously skips my mind

Madewell Archival Leather Boots

The Archive Leather Boot

A Wallet
No brand, I saw NOTHING I liked but I need one that is quite good as I am very slow to change on certain things. I keep all my wallets until they are tattered and pitiful looking

<span class=

House of Harlow Pyramid Station Necklace
I think this would look excellent with V neck sweaters and button downs for work!

What are you currently lusting?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Current Favorite Winter Cheek

Routine is actually something I strive for. I don't have a set make up routine but if I do the same thing for 1 week or more I find it quite surprising and time saving.
The current go to cheek combo for my still very pale skin.

I know I apply bronzer everyday, but I actually love having pale skin! I think pink cheeks on pale skin look so innocent and flattering. Winter is just about the only time I am able to use one of my favorite blushes in my collection, that gets no love once spring rolls around.

1st step is also bronzer
Edward Bess' Daydream

I always apply bronzer with the fishy face. Not really to contour because I'm lazy and late and in a rush, but just to apply color down my cheekbones using a massive brush to save time and cover a larger surface area in light speed.

I previously wrote a full review on this bronzer which you can find here. Since that review, I have come to really enjoy this product. Though I did hype this up in my head from what I read, I can completely see how this can be some one's HG and fail safe because it is so easy to apply, natural, and very flattering. It can be built up but looks lovely as a single layer over my face, which is my preferred application.
I make the fishy face and apply it down my cheekbones with a massive brush
*cue in massive brush*

This is the Sephora rounded powder brush 20 and I love it for bronzer. Since it's so big and not too densely packed, it applies a light layer, which is easily built up, but I prefer sheer layers in winter.


It fits perfectly into the bronzer!!! Love that.
I then take the remaining product and apply it on my temples, jawline, and neck. The famous "3" or "E" motion

(Please note that the Daydream bronzer has now been repackaged into a rectangular packaging)

MAC's Well Dressed

An old favorite, and constant in my collection. Though it really only shines to me in the winter, every winter I dig it out and remember why I keep this. This is truly lovely on paler skin. It has a very subtle glow. It is a Satin blush and has mini silver shimmer which does not really show swatched or applied but when standing far away there is definitely a recognizable slight glow to the cheeks.

I always thought this color was a bit too milky and cool toned for my skin, but in the winter, it really brightens my face! Also, many people state this blush is not pigmented. I disagree. I tap off all access and apply this product to my cheeks and I have to be careful because I HAVE gone to work with pepto bismal looking cheeks!!

This is best applied sheerly to let some natural pink and glow come to the face.

Many people do state this looks best when they are tanned, but on me, when I am tanned, this looks quite ashy in my opinion.

If I am feeling a little more bold and want my cheeks to stand out a bit more, I would wear Well Dressed on my cheeks and bring it up to almost my temple, and dust a sheer layer of Nars O on the center of the cheeks for a bit more rosiness.

By Candlelight

Do you guys know I love highlighter? Ha! I bet you do now!

MAC's By Candlelight shows up alot on this really is a favorite and is a peachy pink champagne color so it looks beautiful over pink blushes for a sheen. I love applying this with a Sigma tapered brush

Swatches, heavily swatched
R to L: Daydream, Well Dressed, By Candlelight

I of course wear these far more sheerly than swatched but you can see the color palette.

Do you have a go to cheek combo? Does it vary with season and skin coloring?

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